I have been receiving more and more letters from people telling me why they think it is okay to use the "j" name for our Messiah or the "g" name for His Father.

First, it is important to understand that we are commanded to not use these names and I will explain.

Secondly, why would any of you want to call the Most High and His Son by the names that a religion that blasphemes their names calls them by?

Christianity blasphemes their names by speaking against the righteous character that their names represent.

I am not going to go into all of the details of this today because I have spoken about this exhaustively throughout these videos.

But suffice it to say christianity's images of our Creator and His Son are images that defile His sanctuary.

Their images of them defile why we were created.

We were created to be made in our Elohiym's image by becoming as He is like His Son did.

Yehshua told Phillip, if you have seen me, you have seen my Father.

And He commanded us to walk as He walked in the flesh, therefore we must walk in the same image as He walked.

He lived by His Father's every word and He told us to do the same thing.

Following Him means following the correct image of Him and not following a make believe image of Him.

Is His Father's word with the statutes and judgments the image of our Messiah that you lift up your hands in praise to and follow?

What is the image of His Father that you say that you love and worship?

Is it an image of Him that says that everyone who does not hearken to His Torah will die?

If not, you love a make believe image of our Creator because the real Creator Elohiym spoke that this is what will happen to those of you who continue to transgress against His instructions.

The problem for those of you who worship these false images of them is a make believe Messiah has make believe blood and a make believe Elohiym does not have ears to hear your cry.

And you are about ready to find this out when you cry out to your make believe image of Him and there is no answer to your cry.

Exodus 23:13


If any of you think that the elohiym of christianity even remotely matches the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, you are strongly delusional.

And His Son bears His name Elohiym now as well.

If any of you think that the image of the messiah of christianity matches the image of the Messiah that is recorded by the prophets and by the apostles Matthew and John who were eye witnesses, you are delusional as well.

The word for circumspect in this verse means to guard or to hedge about and it is the word that is used to speak about what we are commanded to do with His Torah with the commandments, statutes, judgments, ordinances and precepts.

In this verse He commanded us to hedge about all things that He spoke.

Does christianity hedge about and guard what He spoke?

Why not, we are told that His wrath will be sent in the last days to those of you who don't do this.

The truth is most of you do not hedge about any of His instructions including His Sabbaths that He gave to us to be a sign of who are His.

I had one person write to me that thought that I was just referring to the graven images of them when I speak of their images.

Granted, in the second commandment we are certainly commanded not to have these things either and christianity is certainly full of their engraved pagan images of them as well.

But when I speak of the false images of them, I am most often speaking about the false images of their character.

Having these false images of their character is a violation of the first commandment.

Ex 20:3

3 You shall have no other elohiyms before my face.

This is a commandment to have no other versions of Him before His face.

The covenant that He gave to Abraham was for us to walk perfectly before His face.

This was to be an everlasting covenant that He has made with those who will become His children.

His Son brought a way to re-enter into this covenant through the conditions of repentance and being atoned for through His blood.

In this renewed covenant, the true Elohiym writes His Torah with His statutes and judgments in our hearts and in our inward parts to teach us to become as He is.

Is this the image of Elohiym that you serve and worship?

If it is, then why would you call him by the name that the pagan religion of christianity calls their make believe image of Him by?

One person wrote to me and told me that he knows firsthand that calling on the name of the "j" guy or the "g" guy really works.

He said that he knows that they respond to these names therefore it is okay to use them.

I will tell you right now on the authority of EL' Shadai, the Almighty Elohiym of Creation, that there are only two possibilities in lieu of what he experienced or what he thinks that he experienced or has heard that others have experienced.

One, it was Elohiym that answered them because He was calling the person to Him even though they do not know His name yet or He was still calling them to Him to get them to continue to come out of the lies.

Or two, satan was stepping forward in His place with signs and wonders to keep them deceived.

I say this because I believe Exodus 23:13 and I believe Exodus 20:3.

Therefore I know that He does not want us calling Him or His Son by the names that the blasphemous religion of christianity calls them by.

And I believe His word that testifies against the religion of christianity.

I will tell you from my own personal experiences though that they answered my cry several times when I cried out to the name of the "g" guy and to the name of the "j" guy as my Elohiym called me to them before I knew their names.

I kept coming to their call and they kept answering.

He even answered me when I had other huge things wrong like when His Sabbaths are but I was still coming to His voice so He kept calling and kept showing me things until He eventually showed me their names and then I repented of calling them the wrong names.

And now He has sent me to restore all things and things that were hidden are not hidden anymore.

This day was prophesied to happen and I was prophesied to be plucked out of the fire and sent to you to cry out to you these things.

His name has been revealed in this as well.

His name is YEHWEH.

And He is telling you to come out of the abominations including coming out of the false names that you call Him and His Son by.

Of course the most important thing in this calling Him by His righteous character that His name represents.

One person told me that I was out of line for telling people they are wrong to use these names and that I would be condemned for doing so.

Is YEHWEH's word wrong?

Exodus 23:13 is pretty clear on this.

Am I wrong for agreeing with His word?

Another person told me that they know that we should not use these names but they use them so that others will know who they are talking about was the reasoning that they gave.

This kind of logic is insanity if you think about it.

It is literally telling the Most High that you know what His name is but that you are going to break His commandment here in Exodus just so that the others feel comfortable.

Why not tell them that you refuse to use such names because the images that they represent are an abomination to our Elohiym and that He commanded us not to use them?

And tell them why the images these names represent are an abomination to Him.

Why walk alongside of their evil just to make them comfortable, especially at the expense of disobeying our Elohiym to do so?

We have to put a difference between the clean and the unclean and the image of our Creator that christianity worships is false.

It is an unclean image of Him.

I am using image as singular but actually they have thousands of different images of His character that they worship in vain.

And the same is true of His Son.

The true Elohiym's image is pure righteousness and so is His Son's image who bears His image because He bears His word.

One person reasoned that they use the "g" name to help bring others to Him.

Why do you think that you have to use this name in order to bring others to Him?

This is not even logical.

How are they supposed to know that He is not the image of the "g" guy that the world has of Him as they depart from you and try to sort out what you told them from all of the swill that uses this name?

How are they to separate out the differences if He goes by the same name as the abominable images of Him use for Him?

And the same is true about His Son.

Christianity's images of their "j" guy are make believe messiahs with make believe blood.

I have been sent to tell you that you had better start putting a difference between the clean and the unclean.

And the different images of the "g" guy and the "j" guy that the world has are unclean.

The true Messiah did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father's Torah.

He magnified it like Isaiah prophesied that He would.

If Elohiym truly answered any of you when you called out to Him in the name of the "g" guy, and it was not satan fooling you, this was because He was showing Himself strong to you to call you out of the world.

If He showed Himself strong by answering you or delivering you from a trial or by providing for you or things like this, He was showing Himself to you in order to call you to hearken to Him.

And hearkening to Him includes hearkening His instruction to not call Him by the names of the make believe images of Him.

His word says that we are not to use these names.

If you do not want to hearken to His word by not hearkening to this instruction, this is your choice.

You have simply chosen to not come to His call out of the deception now that His name has been revealed.

But even more important than calling Him by His name in an audible way, you must take His righteous image that His name represents with the package.

And you must bear this image in your flesh.

Ultimately His name is His righteous image and this is the name that you must bear and this is the name that He is calling you to bear.

Yehshua said many are called but few are chosen.

This is because few have come all of the way to His call by bearing His name in a non-desolating way.

His third commandment said that He will not hold him guiltless that bears His name in a desolating way.

If you have been worshipping the images of the "g" guy, you have been bearing His name in a desolating way because you claimed this "g" guy was the Elohiym of Abraham.

And if you do not repent, He will not hold you guiltless for doing so.

His word says so.