Speaking against our Creator can have many different dimensions that most of you do not even think about.

Most people automatically think speaking against Him means outright cursing Him.

This certainly would be speaking against Him but most of you are guilty of speaking against Him in a more subtle way.

You speak against Him by speaking against His righteous character.

This is an important subject because in the days ahead you are going to need to cry out to the true Elohiym for deliverance and not blaspheme His name in order to be delivered through the calamity.

Sadly many of you will continue to blaspheme His name by crying out to your make believe images of Him instead of being humble before His face and acknowledging your transgressions against Him.

This will be especially true on the last great day when His 7 vials of wrath will be poured out on the inhabitants of the earth that have not repented at that point.

The scriptures say;

Rev 16:8-11

8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and it was given to him to scorch men with fire.

9 And men were scorched with great heat AND THEY BLASPHEMED ELOHIYM'S NAME who has the authority over these plagues: and they repented not to give Him glory.

10 And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast and his kingdom was full of darkness and they gnawed their tongues from the pain,

11 And they BLASPHEMED THE ELOHIYM OF HEAVEN because of their pains and their sores AND THEY DID NOT REPENT OF THEIR DEEDS.

Verse 21 goes on to say more of the same thing in lieu of the hail stones.

Notice in verse 9 that it says they blasphemed the name of the Most High.

Understanding who His name is is going to prove to be very important because you will have to know who to cry out to.

His name is His righteousness.

You are going to have to cry out to His righteous image and not to your make believe images of Him.

Yes, it is also important to not call Him by the names that the false religions like christianity call Him by because He has told us not to.

This means that we must not call Him the "g guy" nor call His Son the "j guy"

These names are blasphemous because the images they represent are blasphemous and their origins are blasphemous as well.

However these things are not the major blasphemes.

Yes, they are important, but the major blaspheme is to speak against His righteousness that His name represents.

This is what all of the false religions who say that they worship the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel do.

Most of you lift up your hands and sing praises to make believe images of who He is.

You have forsaken His righteousness and perverted His image and you worship these abominations in your uncircumcised hearts.

You have done this because you have forsaken His word that testifies to His righteousness therefore you do not know what His righteousness is.

Here is what He says about bearing His name in a desolating way;

Ex 20:7

7 You shall not bear the name of YEHWEH Elohiym falsely or in a desolating way; because YEHWEH WILL NOT HOLD HIM GUILTLESS THAT BEARS HIS NAME FALSELY.

Folks, His wrath is coming to the world because nearly all of man-kind has blasphemed His righteousness.

The scattered nations of Israel are particularly without excuse because they had His word available to them but the rest of the world is not without blame either.

They too had choices between good and evil available to them.

It is just that He made His word available to the scattered nations of Israel because He promised that He would.

This proves that the scattered nations of Israel are primarily those of you who are in christianity today.

At least if you believe His word it proves this.

And because most of you have rejected His word and perverted it, you will receive a double portion of His indignation if you do not repent from your abominations.

He told us why His judgment would be sent after He finished building His temple and it is finished.

He said that is it because there is no truth and there is no knowledge of YEHWEH Elohiym in the land.

He said that this is because you have rejected knowledge of His righteousness and you have hungered and thirsted after your blasphemous images of Him to go a whoring with.

For this reason He says that He is going to reject you.

You have hungered after images of Him like Saul of Tarsus's blasphemous image of Him.

Saul is the one who gave the false shepherds like Billy Graham their make believe images to go a whoring after.

Their just as I am without one plea nonsense and their just confess the name of some make believe messiah that they call the "j guy" with your mouth and believe that he was resurrected and you are good to go for eternity is totally blasphemous.

And these blasphemous doctrines blaspheme our Elohiym's righteousness and they cause those of you who adhere to them to trample His Son's blood under your feet.

He created us to be made in His image.

He gave us His word in order to accomplish this in us.

If you have rejected obeying His word, you have rejected the reason why you were created.

The false doctrines of man defile why we were created.

We were put here to either hearken to the Master Potter to become as He is, or to go our own way and be sent into exile to live our lives out apart from Him guiding us.

His Son said we cannot even have His Father's spirit to guide us into who He is unless we are keeping His commandments.

Christianity confesses that they have His spirit without meeting this condition of keeping the commandments.

This is calling the Most High's Son a liar and it shows your hypocrisy if you are one of those who make the claim that you have His spirit without obeying Him.

Of course the rest of your beliefs call Him and His Father liars as well but you could care less.

All you care about is feeling good with yourself so you have chosen to sew yourself padded cushions to set in instead of being broken over your sins and serving the Most High to become as He is.

You have omitted His righteous judgments and you have no brokenness over your transgressions and you do not believe our Elohiym's word nor trusted and obeyed Him because you believe His word.

You say things like the Torah was nailed to the cross even though the Son of the Most High, who said nothing unless His Father gave it to Him to say, said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from it.

Your beliefs and your traditions of men that you chase after are blasphemous.

And you are about ready to be recompensed for your actions if you do not come out of them.

But He is calling you to come out of them in order to not be partakers of His wrath.

Your false shepherds line their pockets with gold and silver from the collection plates all in the name of the Most High while helping satan keep the flock scattered.

This is blasphemous.

But you cannot even see this because YEHWEH Elohiym's word has no place in your rebellious uncircumcised hearts therefore He has not given you eyes to see and ears to hear.

You need to repent and enter into the renewed covenant through hearkening to the conditions to have His Son's blood applied to your transgressions.

But oh how you love your saved by grace apart from the works of the law doctrines that you got from the abomination of desolation instead.

This doctrine blasphemes the name of YEHWEH Elohiym and it tramples His Son's blood under your feet.

What will you do when the calamity is upon you?

Will you cry out to YEHWEH Elohiym; I have sinned against you?

Will you beseech Him to deliver you and promise Him that you will turn from your abominations and tell Him that you will hearken to His words in order to be made in His image?

Will you cry out to Him that you want to change and that you want to become His righteousness and cry out to Him in brokenness because you have rejected Him?

Or will you say, oh "g guy" why are you doing this us?

Why are you doing this when I went to church to sing on to you on Saturday or Sunday morning and I felt so good about doing so?

Why are you doing this to me because I said that I gave my heart to the "j guy"?

Why does it matter that I never did what you or your Son told me to do? What's the big deal about keeping your commandments?

Will you tell Him that this is just unfair punishment because you were a good person compared to your next door neighbor?

Will you tell Him that you did not want to purge out evil from your midst like He told us to do because none of us our perfect?

Will you try to justify your rebellion to His word by trying to reason with Him why you did not obey Him?

And so on...

People try to justify their rebellion in all sorts of ways.

They say crazy things like; no one can keep the commandments perfectly so we don't have to keep them.

This reasoning is insanity.

I can't tell you how many people have told me that they keep the 10 commandments even though they cannot even name most of them.

And most of you do not even have a clue what they are even if you can name them.

I still have commandment number 3 on the screen.

How many of you can honestly make the claim that you obey this commandment?

How about the next one, number four about keeping the Sabbath?

Do you even care that He said that His Sabbaths are His appointed times and that He gave us a method to determine when they are?

Do you even care about His righteous instructions on how to observe them?

Most of you scoff when they hear that the cycles of His moon determine when His Sabbaths are.

Well guess what, His word says that He put the moon there in order for us to use it to determine when His Sabbaths are but most of you could care less what His word says.

You could care less that you are scoffing at His word.

I am not going to go through all 10 of the basic commandments that provide an outline for the rest of them.

I will just mention a couple of them that nearly all you think that you have not broken.

Thou shall not murder.

If you did not obey our Creator by teaching your children to live by His every word like He commanded us to do, therefore you sent them out of your nest on a false path that leads to the lake of fire; do you think that this is not murder?

How about you shall have no other Elohiym's before me?

If you have worshipped a make believe image of Him that you call the "g guy", isn't this a violation of this commandment?

I could go through all 10 like this and show you how most of you have not only broken all of them, but you have actually blasphemed them by lying against them.

And what about the commandment that our Messiah said was the greatest commandment of them all, to love YEHWEH Elohiym with all of our heart and with all of our thoughts and with our entire lives?

Are you doing this if you will not even obey the simplest of His commandments, less more the bigger ones like obeying His appointed times when He said to obey them and how He said to obey them?

So what will you do when the calamity is upon you for your rebellion to Him?

Most of you will actually curse His righteous judgment by calling His correction evil because you are too full of pride to even acknowledge that you have sinned against Him.

This is because you have chosen to continue to blaspheme His name.

But some of you will repent.

Which group will you chose to be found in?