I want to do a short segment on why I use the name Yehweh and Yehshua.

In the process of growing into the truth and leaving the lies, I reached a point in understanding how hollow and shallow the words God and Jesus Christ have become in the world today.

As I grew and continued to be fed more and more truth, the understanding of what their names represent has become more and more clear.

With this understanding, I felt drawn to call them by their Hebrew pronunciation. But what is that pronunciation?

In just a short study of the matter I became more and more confused because there were several ideas out there of how the YHWH or YHVH would be pronounced in the Hebrew. The most popular being YAW-WAY with a variety of spellings.

And the name for YEHSHUA has a variety of ideas floating around out there as well ranging from Yaw-ho-shua to Yaw-shua.

I certainly am not a Hebrew scholar. And, as with all things, I wanted to be right on this so I simply went to the source and believe with all of my heart that I have been given the understanding of the pronunciations.

Now the spelling is a whole other matter, I simply write them as the pronunciations sound to me. I suppose I could write YEE
or YIH-shua, maybe that would be closer to the sound, I don’t know.

I am not much of an English language scholar either.

In any case, I began to feel less comfortable using the words of Jesus and God that have become so profaned in the world today.

There is a self-proclaiming prophet who claims he and his wife are the two end-time witnesses that says if anyone wants to be in his church that he calls “God’s church” and they use any other names besides God or Jesus, that he will show them the door.

Interesting to have this thought process; he bases his reasoning on the idea that people using other names simply want to be seen as more religious.

This certainly might be the case with some, however I am convinced that most simply want to flee from words that have been so perverted by society as they have treaded over their very character that their names are supposed to represent.

Others want to leave out the vowels. I have read that some people believe it is blasphemous to assume that His name should be written out like any mortal's name. Or, they say that they do this as some kind of an act of respect or something.

I have heard another reason for leaving out the vowels is to make His name unpronounceable.

From what I have read, this was implemented by the Jewish people in the 3rd century based on their understanding of not taking His name in vain which is the 3rd commandment.

No, His name is His character, what He represents; it is not the pronunciation of it. I have a two part series posted on bearing His name that goes into this subject deeper.

This is precisely the commandment that they and the rest of the world breaks by claiming to be His while perverting His instructions, they take His name in vain.

Originally, Hebrew had no written vowels. The language was out of use for many centuries and brought back a couple of hundred years ago.

With this the pronunciation of His name was lost as well. Many that call themselves the Jews of today use the name Ha Shem which means His name. If that is the name they are referring to Him by, they are inadvertently giving Him that name as a name because that is what they call Him, at least outside of prayer.

As far as the pronunciation of Yehshua or Yaw-shua verses putting a ho or a hu sound in the middle is another question. I understand completely the reasoning for people doing this because of the apparent pronunciation of Joshua in the Hebrew which Strong’s has it as

Yehowshuwa` (yeh-ho-shoo'-ah); or Yehowshu` a (yeh-ho-shoo'-ah)

The meaning is translated as YEHWEH Saves or Saved. There were a couple of people who had this name in the old testament, the well-known son of Nun being the main one of these but there is also prophesy pointing to the Messiah using this name as well.

It is a description of a character as all Hebrew names are, they have meaning.

The Greek translation for the English word Jesus is Iesous (ee-ay-sooce').

Again, I am not an expert with either of these two languages nor the English language for that matter so I simply went to the source.

I believe that they have put the pronunciation on my tongue so I call them by the names that I believe they have given me.

The most important thing for any of us is that we are living the word so that our requests be heard.

We are told we can ask for anything in His character and it will be given.

We must be walking in the truth in order to be heard. One thing that I do know for sure is I have learned to avoid any council on any matter from anyone who is not walking in the truth by living out the commandments that bring us into their character which is what their name is.

Please do not misunderstand, none of us will have their character completely while in the flesh, this is clear. But we can be made white by His blood if we are in a true conversion process. Being made white is a matter of being forgiven.

If we tread underfoot His blood that cleanses us, there is no sacrifice that can cleanse us.

With that, I trust in the names that were given to me to use but it is much more than the pronunciation or what the spelling is.