We are fast approaching the time when all of man's false worship houses that they call churches and synagogues and temples and such will come tumbling down.

By the end of the day on July 19th there will not be one of these false worship houses that remains standing.

But there will be many that come tumbling down before then so our Creator is suggesting that you stay out of them.

It was recently announced that the Christchurch New Zealand cathedral has to be destroyed because of damage that resulted from last February's earthquake.

The delay in this building coming down will not be the case in the days ahead for the buildings that will fall.

This quake was one of many warnings that has been sent to man-kind but ignored by most.

One of the things that our Creator has been revealing is that events in the past that were recorded in the scriptures will be having duplicate applications in these last days.

This will hold true of the 7 day march around Jericho as well but I do not yet know where these 7 days will fit into this.

It might very well be the events that begin 7 days prior to July 19th but it also might begin at the same timing that the children of Israel began their march.

They began their march on the 1st day of the second month which will be on April 23rd or 24th depending on the new moon sighting for this month.

This will place the 7th day of the march on April 29th or 30th.

We'll have to wait and see if this plays into the church buildings tumbling down or not.

In the meantime though, I will tell you that none of these false worship houses are a safe place to be in because I am crying out for them to come down.

And if you are praying for our Elohiym's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, you will join in with me in this petition to our Maker.

Maybe the 7th day of the march will be the day when the Islamic shrine of the Dome of the Rock will come tumbling down because it will come tumbling down in the days ahead of us as well.

Or, like I said, maybe this 7th day will represent July 19th when all of the walls of darkness will finally come down.

We also have the 188 day earthquake pattern that our Elohiym has given to us the might strike in just a few days from today that could cause the walls of many of the false worship houses to fall.

And just 7 days from today we have the first day of the New Year that has already been revealed to be the beginning of a 10 day period to cry out to a people to repent before the five days of torment begins.

This 1st day of the year of our Messiah's return is March 24th for most of the areas that the scattered nations of Israel are.

How many church buildings or other buildings will escape a 9.0 earthquake in South Carolina or some other bible belt state?

How about an unheard of 10.0 or 11.0 or a 12.0?

Will such a quake cause the inhabitants to repent and start hearkening to their Creator?

Sadly events like hurricane Katrina or the Japan tsunami proved to be not enough.

I have posted that a tsunami will hit the west coast in the days leading up to our Messiah's return.

Will this cause the inhabitants that survive these areas to change from their ways?

How about when Yellowstone erupts which I have also spoken will happen? Or when other volcanoes erupt that will be erupting around the globe?

Will this be enough to cause those of you who survive them to hearken to our Elohiym?

How about when the cities are split open, will this be enough?

Or when you are overtaken by the enemy and put in prison camps, will this be enough?

Or maybe you will have boils covering your skin or other plagues and pestilences.

Will your children being stripped from you or not having food to give them be enough?

What will it take to simply get you to obey our Maker?

And what I keep asking is why does He have to send this time of calamity upon you anyway?

Why won't you simply obey Him because you love Him?

I will tell you why, it is because you do not love Him.

Instead, you love your made up images of Him and His Son that you worship in their place.

If you do not change from your ways and flee from your false worship to our Creator, then dying you will die.

The mouth of YEHWEH Elohiym has spoken this since the He first spoke to Adam and Eve in the garden.

It is just that now the sentence is a little more eminent because the day of His wrath is at hand.

And the walls of darkness will come tumbling down.