The religion of christianity knows that our Creator would one day send His judgment to the world.

Most who are in this religion believe that one day all who do not confess a Messiah's name that they call Jesus with their mouth and believe that He was resurrected from the dead by His Father will be destroyed in this judgment.

With this in mind, since a third of the planet has this belief, it should not be any marvel for those of you in christianity that this day could be upon us.

After all, you believe that it would one day happen.

For those of you who do not obey our Creator, the part that you are not going to like is you are about ready to find out that you have trampled the true Messiah's shed blood under your feet and you are not covered by His blood.

And you are facing the death penalty for transgressing against your maker unless you repent.

Ezek 18:20

20 The life that sins, the same will die

Folks, this is so simple.

1 John 3:4

4 And whosoever transgresses the Torah commits sin because SIN IS THE TRANSGRESSION OF THE TORAH.

It does not matter what you have been taught to be true or what you think or believe is true.

What matters is what is true.

The words on the screen are our Elohiym's words that were spoken by His servants.

And His Son told us that His word is the truth.

The event in the garden with Adam and Eve explains that if we do not obey our Creator's instructions we are cut off from Him and dying we will die.

Yehshua said in John 3:18 that whosoever does not believe into the name of the Son of Elohiym will be condemned.

His name is His Father's word.

He spoke in parables.

He was saying that if you do not believe into His Father's word, then you will be condemned.

Yesterday I spoke about Abraham and when he offered up Isaac.

Many people have a little bit of understanding that this event was a foreshadow that Elohiym would provide a replacement sacrifice for our sins by sending His only begotten Son in the manner that Isaac was Abraham's only begotten son out of Sarah.

But what most people fail to understand is that this event also proves that we must trust and obey our Elohiym in order for Him to provide a replacement sacrifice for our sins.

Abraham was told to offer up Isaac and he had to be willing to do it in order to receive the substitution.

The crazy thing about the religion of Christianity is they live like they can rebel against our Elohiym's commandments or alter them and still have Him provide the replacement sacrifice.

It does not work this way.

After Abraham raised the knife the angel called out to him;

Genesis 22

11 ... Abraham, Abraham and he said, behold.

12 And YEHWEH's Angel said; do not stretch forth your hand upon the young man and do not do anything to him: because NOW ELOHIYM KNOWS THAT YOU FEAR HIM, seeing that you have not spared your only son from Him.

Do different rules apply for you and me than for Abraham?

Did Elohiym change?

Most of you cannot even hearken to His Sabbaths and He said that these are a sign of who are His children forever.

Of course there are some of you who do hearken to His Sabbaths and even keep other commandments who are not His children because you reject what His commandments were sent to teach us.

You reject the righteous judgment that His commandments call for and you reject His righteousness in your hearts in doing so.

The scribes and the Pharisees were a good example of this when Yehshua was sent the first time and this is being witnessed all over again now.

He told them that they had kept the commandments to a "t" and he complimented them for doing so.

But told them that they had rejected the weightier matters of the Torah which are His Father's righteous judgments, brokenness over all of the abominations done in their midst and true faith which is unyielding belief in the word which includes complete belief in His promises like Abraham had.

The King James translated the second part of this as mercy but the word used in the text means brokenness over sin.

The point of today's video is transgressing our Elohiym's instructions carries the death penalty and this penalty is about ready to be realized by most of the world if they will not change.

This penalty has not always been eminent like it is now because man was allowed to go their own way and choose right from wrong for themselves.

But now His judgment is at the door because He has accomplished His purpose in putting man here for this first nearly 6,000 years with satan and crew loosed.

He has finished building His temple and He is moving onto to the next phase in building His family.

On July 19th, all who continue to oppose our Elohiym's righteousness will be purged out.

This day is the feast of first fruits when our Messiah will harvest the 144,000 first fruits into His Father's kingdom.

The witness against man is that nearly all who live will not hearken to His word that would teach them His righteousness.

Nearly all who are alive want to decide right from wrong for themselves and have no interest in becoming His righteousness.

Most actually scoff at His righteousness.

This is why He is sending the time of calamity.

This time is being sent to humble a people who will turn to hearkening to Him.

If they will, then He will deliver them into a thousand year period of time to mold and fashion them in His image with satan and crew bound.

During the coming time of affliction He will plead with man to come down off of their high horses.

The walls of their false worship houses will come tumbling down and their alters will be destroyed.

This time of trouble will be a time of de-leavening the inhabitants of the world and purging them out if they will not agree to change from their ways.

Scripture plainly records that the bulk of this purging out process will occur on that last great day; however there will also be wave after wave of calamity sent upon man-kind before this day.

Our Creator has been holding back His wrath for the elect's sake like His Son said that He would but we are fast approaching the time when it will be let loose.

The last day of the Sabbath year that we have been in comes to an end on March 23rd in most of the time zones that the scattered tribes of Israel have been drawn to (referring to the United States and Europe/other areas will be defined on the repairingthebreach.info site).

This means that the 24th day of March is the 1st day of the 1st month in these areas.

This day will begin a 10 day period of time that will serve as a final plea to you to repent and to prepare for the Passover and the coming 2nd Exodus.

On the 10th day of this 1st month you are to set aside a male lamb or goat of the 1st year that is without blemish.

This will be on April 2nd in these areas.

This day will begin a 5 day period of torment for those who do not have our Elohiym's mark in their foreheads that will lead up to the night of the 2nd Exodus.

Then on the 14th day of this 1st month which will be on April 6th in these areas, we are to kill the lamb or goat in the afternoon and follow the instructions for the 1st Passover that night.

These instructions are discussed in more detail in the Passover video that was posted last April on this site.

The Passover is not our sacrifice to Elohiym, it represents His sacrifice to us and we are commanded to perform it each year as a memorial of His sacrifice to us.

I was asked today if all of the 1st born males will be killed on this night in those houses without the blood and I do not know the answer to this.

But I do know that in what is ahead there will be duplications of the plagues that came upon Egypt during the coming time of affliction, plus world war three will be emerging.

Some have scoffed at what our Creator has revealed about needing to have the water that we must be baptized into turned into His Son's blood in order to enter into the renewed covenant.

Some have scoffed about this being the spiritual intent of what the water being turned into blood by the two witnesses represents.

You want to physically see water turned into blood instead.

Well, now you will see many waters turned into blood and a third part of the sea will be turned to blood.

Our Elohiym has been sending signs that this was coming as well and now it will soon happen on a grand scale since this is what you require.

And now it might just happen to the glass of water that you are drinking out of to choke you in lieu of your rebellion and your unbelief.

A third of the trees are going to be dying and the grass will die.

A third part of the sea will die and a third part of the ships will soon be destroyed.

The waters will become bitter and will kill many.

And all of this and more will lead up to July 19th when the 7 vials of judgment will be poured out on the inhabitants of the world.

As far as the 2nd Exodus goes, this will be the night of the 15th day of the 1st month which will be on the night of April 7th on man's calendar for the areas that I have used for the example today.

This is the 1st day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

You are going to want to obey the terms of this feast as well and learn what it represents.

You are going to need to flee to the hills and the mountains on this night if you had not already done so.

You certainly had better not be fleeing holding onto the leavened bread of men. You need to flee from all that is false.

This night will begin a 103 day time of refining and purifying.

And if you will turn to your Elohiym and trust and obey Him in the manner that the saints have done, He will deliver you into the millennium.

If not, you will be purged out.

It has been asked of me what if I am wrong.

I will ask you the question what if I am correct?

After all, this time was prophesied to happen.

And our Messiah bore witness to these prophesies and our Elohiym's word testifies that He has sent me to you with this proclamation.

So if you want to set back and wait and see the evidence besides His word that He has given to us that proves that He has sent me, this is your choice to do so.

And the question that I have asked before in these videos remains; why do you need to have Him send destruction upon you just to get you to obey Him anyway?         

Like the title of this video says, we are fast approaching the death penalty for all who will not turn from their rebellion to our Creator.

And this day was prophesied to one day come.

Not believing that this judgment is upon us will not make it go away.