Have you ever wondered what kind of heart that Abraham had that would cause YEHWEH Elohiym to build His temple from his loins?

It is such hearts as Abraham's that He has been building His family with.

Abraham was not perfect, nor was David perfect nor was there anyone who was perfect except for Elohiym's only begotten Son.

However they had the desire in their hearts for our His righteousness and they had a desire to be perfected by Him.

They had this desire because He commanded us to become perfect in the same manner that He is perfect and they desired to obey Him.

I have spoken about this desire before as the electricity that allows for our Creator to program His perfect character in us.

Gen 12:1-3

12:1 YEHWEH said to Abram; DEPART FROM OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY and from your family and from your father's house to a land that I will show you:

2 And I will make a great nation of and I will bless you and magnify your name and you will be a blessing:

3 And I will bless them that bless you and curse him that curses you and you will be blessed among all families of the earth.

What would your response to this instruction be if He told you to leave your house and your countrymen like this?

Yehshua commanded all of us to flee to the hills or to the mountains when we perceive the abomination of desolation that was prophesied by the prophet Daniel stand among that which His Father set apart (the holy place).

If any of you have examined the evidence that our Elohiym has given to us that Saul of Tarsus is this man, you have three choices;

  • 1) You can deny this evidence. Doing so will not make it not true but you certainly have this choice.
  • 2) You can perceive the evidence but refuse to do what Yehshua commanded us to do by not fleeing.
  • 3) You can perceive the evidence and choose to have a heart like Abraham and depart and trust and obey your Elohiym.

What did Abram do?

The next verse says;

Gen 12:4

4 So ABRAM DEPARTED and did that which YEHWEH told him to do;

He did not gravel.

He did not ask what am I going to do for food and water or worry about his provision.

Granted, he undoubtedly asked which direction to go but then he hearkened to his Elohiym's bidding and trusted Him.

I have been sent forth to declare the abomination of desolation and to proclaim the day of YEHWEH's vengeance.

He is telling you to examine the evidence that He has given to us that proves that Saul is the abomination and make a choice of what you are going to do and do so quickly.

His wrath is at the door and we are approaching the timing of the 2nd Exodus.

The evidence that Saul is the abomination is found in "the Abomination of Desolation" video that is found on this site.

I have not been sent in my own authority to make this claim.

Our Elohiym's word testifies that He has sent me to make this proclamation.

If His word has not been good enough proof for you, He will soon send you a different kind of proof.

One thing about the proof that He has sent me with is that not one of you has attempted to refute the resume' that He has sent me with using His word to do so.

Some have certainly tried to discredit what I have spoken but they have not used the measuring rod which is His word to do so.

The proof that He has sent me with is rock solid because the truth is rock solid. The truth is His word and His word is rock solid.

The reality is none have been able to use the measuring rod that we were given to discredit the work that I have been sent with because the measuring rod testifies to what I have been sent to speak.

The critics and the scoffers use other tactics.

I will share with you an example of how the critics bring forth their accusations to why they say that I am false.

I speak of this example because a person has recently sent out what he calls evidence that I am false to some people who are walking in the truth and maybe even to some others who are being called into the truth.

Because I am my brother's keeper and I do not know who else has received this person's misrepresented evidence, I have the responsibility to expose his false accusation in order to thwart his attempt to cause others to stumble at the word.

And yes, sending out something that is a false accusation that lies against the truth in order to try to discredit the work that our Elohiym is sending forth is attempting to cause others to stumble at His word.

I have spoken in several of these videos that the water that we are baptized in is symbolic of Yehshua's blood.

I have spoken of this as being the prophesy of the two witnesses having the authority to turn the water into blood.

I have spoken extensively about what is required of us in order for the water that we are baptized into to be turned into His blood.

And I have said that no one has ever spoken about this process in this manner.

I have shown how Yehshua gave us a parable about drinking of the wine being symbolic of being baptized into His blood and I have tied in His first miracle where He turned the water into wine in with the baptism process.

My latest accuser has produced evidence of where he has found that some other person has previously spoken about the water being turned into wine as being symbolic of Yehshua's blood.

However in bringing forth this evidence, he has lied against the truth.

The man who wrote the article that this other man is sending out to others to discredit me never once spoke about tying this in with being baptized into Yehshua's blood and this is the key point to the miracle.

And this key point is the whole meaning of the prophesy that I have been sent with that the water that we are baptized under must be turned into Yehshua's blood.

Instead, the man who wrote the article tied the water being a symbol of Yehshua's blood into the pagan ritual that is called communion.

Even the whore of Babylon knows that the wine is a symbol of His blood because this is not hidden.

It is because of this understanding and the teachings of Saul of Tarsus that they have their false rituals of communion with its sacraments.

All that the man who wrote the article did was use the truth about the wine that day being a symbol of Yehshua's blood to support his false belief about communion.

Satan servant's are allowed to duplicate some things but his servants were not allowed to bring forth this sign of the water that we are baptized under needing to be turned into Yehshua's blood and the process that this is accomplished.

Again, this article had with no tie in with turning the water that we are baptized into blood in one way whatsoever.

Yet this is the evidence that this man is producing to prove that I am false.

It has been over a month now since this man became disgruntled with me so obviously he has set out to dig deep for something to disprove me.

I wonder how much time he has actually spent trying to dig up this evidence.

The really cool thing is this evidence actually further proves that I am sent from our Elohiym because even though the man who wrote the article could see some of this, he still could not put the simplest of things together concerning the water baptism being symbolic of the blood.

And if the person sending this article out really thought about it, why would he want to discredit a person whose whole purpose in life is to tell the world that they must either turn to obeying their Elohiym or be purged out?

Also, why didn't he use our Elohiym's word to try to prove me to be false?

Our Elohiym told us who is false.

He said that it is anyone who seeks to lead another to a different path than He gave is false.

Why don't my accusers try to show where I have done this?

Yehshua said;

Matthew 13:41

The Son of man will send forth His angels and they will gather out from His kingdom all who CAUSE OTHERS TO STUMBLE FROM MY FATHER'S WORD and THOSE WHO DO NOT OBEY MY FATHER'S WORD.

The parables leading up to this verse and what He taught elsewhere easily prove that this is what He was saying.

YEHWEH Elohiym said that He was going to put His word in His end time servant's mouth.

Woe to anyone who causes or seeks to cause another to stumble at His word.

Why don't my accusers speak against the work that I have been sent with by showing me where the measuring rod says something different than I have spoken?

It is because they do not have anything to stand on to do so besides Saul's writings because the work that I have been sent with is a perfect match to what was recorded by the prophets.

This person and the rest of my accusers need to ask themselves why they seek to discredit me in the first place.

What is in their hearts for doing so?

Is it a personal grudge?

What is the work that is put forth through the repairingthebreach site that any of you condemn me for?

Why would any of you seek to lead anyone away from the one person who has the work that is a perfect match to the prophesies for the Elijah to come?

Who do you think you are working for by lying against the truth to discredit His servant?

Yehshua said that we are either with Him or we are against Him.

Matt 12:30

30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that does not gather with me scatters.

There is no middle ground.

If you want to represent an article that uses a piece of the truth to attempts to give credibility to the pagan practice of communion that came from Saul and the mother whore to speak against the water baptism being a symbol of being baptized into Yehshua's blood, go for it.

We will see whose lot you are standing with on July 19th.

If you cannot see how this accusation is lying against the truth, this just shows that the blinders are fast in place.

Like I said, I just needed to speak on this subject today because I know this man has sent out this article to try to convince others that I am false.

To how many of you, I do not know.

And this has happened because he is trying to justify himself and the proof that my Father has given in His word that He has sent me is no longer good enough proof for him so he is looking elsewhere to try to discredit me in other ways.

This certainly is not personal between this man and I, yet he certainly is making it personal between him and his maker by standing against the work that He has sent forth.

Anyway, it was important for me to include this today because I do not know how many of you received this article.

Okay, back to Abraham.

When Abram was told to go, he went.

He obeyed His Creator.

When he was ninety years old, YEHWEH came to him and said;

Gen 17:1-2

17:1 ...I am El' Shaddai; walk before my face and be without blemish (be perfect).

2 And I will give my covenant between me and you and will multiply you exceedingly.

It was at this time when He changed Abram's name to Abraham and gave him the outward sign of circumcision as a token of the covenant.

The circumcision ties in with the meaning of walking before His face in the covenant to be made in His perfect image which is the process of having our heart's circumcised.

This event is also when He promised to bring forth Abraham's seed through Sarai and He gave her the name Sarah at this time.

On the same day that Abraham received this covenant, he took his 13 year old son Ishmael and all of the males born in his house and his servants and circumcised them.

He even had himself circumcised on this day.

Abraham was serious about walking in agreement with his maker before His presence.

And Elohiym favored him because of this.

He told Isaac why He made this covenant with Abraham.

He said;

Gen 26:5

5 Because that Abraham OBEYED MY VOICE and GUARDED AND HELD FAST TO my commandments and statutes and my Torah.

Each of us needs to ask ourselves if this is our character and our hearts desire because this is the character and the kind of heart that our Elohiym chooses to give His covenant to in order to bring them into His family.

One reason why some of you might want to prove me to be false would be so that you can justify that Saul of Tarsus is not the abomination of desolation.

The reason that you might try to do this is so that you can continue to justify your rebelling against our Elohiym's torah with the statutes and judgments.

Or, another reason might be if you can convince yourself that Saul of Tarsus is not the abomination, then you can choose to believe that you are not commanded to flee at this time in order to justify not fleeing.

This would be fine logic to have, except for it is not just me who testifies that Saul is this man.

Saul's own fruit bears witness to his abomination because one third of the world does not obey their Elohiym because they follow his writings and they reject the writings of the eye witnesses and the prophets because of his writings.

And the fact that Saul's' writings are standing right alongside of our Elohiym's true word in the same book as His word bears witness to who he is as well.

The reality is that his writings trump our Elohiym's word in the hearts of those in the religion of christianity bears witness that He has desolated the truth in the hearts of the children of Israel.

We are told that christianity is primarily the scattered children of Israel.

YEHWEH's word proves this to be true.

Here is a prophesy about returning to Him in the last days after Israel was to depart from hearkening to His word;

Deut 30:10-14

10 If you will hearken to the voice of YEHWEH Elohiym, and guard and hold fast to His commandments and His statutes WHICH ARE WRITTEN IN THIS SCROLL OF THE TORAH and if you will turn to YEHWEH Elohiym with all of your heart and with your entire life.

11 For these commandments which I command you this day are not wondrous works (they are not too difficult), NEITHER ARE THEY REMOVED FROM YOU.

He is saying that He is promising that the Children of Israel would have His commandments and statutes available to them at the time of the end so that they could return to Him through them.

Christianity carries them around with them in their bibles.

What other group of people could you say this of besides partially the false religion of Judaism?

But it is not referring to Judaism because they do not accept the writings of the eye witnesses to the Messiah so they only have part of our Elohiym's word that they need in order to enter into the renewed covenant with.

He goes on to say;

12 They (the Torah with the commandments and statutes) are not in heaven that you will have to say, who will go up to heaven for us and bring them to us so that we can hear them and do them?

13 Neither are they across the sea that you will have to say, who will go over the sea for us and bring them to us so that we can hear them and do them?


He is talking about the group who would have the new covenant available to them through being baptized into His Son's shed blood.

The religion of christianity are primarily the descendants of Israel.

These verses prove this.

And the children of Israel are the set apart people whom Elohiym promised Abraham that He would build His temple through.

The holy place or the set apart place that Saul stands in is twofold.

  • 1) He is standing in that which our Elohiym gave to us to set us apart to Him with which is His word.
  • 2) He is standing in our Elohiym's people that He set apart through Abraham to become His first fruits.

Saul's abominations have desolated both of these and this is irrefutable.

Yet in spite of his abomination our Elohiym accomplished His purpose and His first fruits have been sealed into His family and this has brought us to where we are at in time.

This coming Passover it a very important Passover because it is the last one before Yehshua returns in power to purge out all who oppose His Father's righteousness.

Observing the Passover commandment never went away.

It was never to be our sacrifice to Elohiym in the first place; it is to be a memorial of His sacrifice to us.

His Son became this sacrifice but we are still commanded to hold fast to and to keep the Passover with it statutes and ordinances forever as a memorial of His sacrifice of His Son.

We are fast approaching this year's Passover and you are going to want to make sure that you have the blood on your doorposts in lieu of the 2nd Exodus that is ahead.

Abraham reached a point in His walk with Elohiym where he was told to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice.

This event was a foreshadow of Elohiym giving us a substitution for the sacrifices that we are commanded to offer up to Him for sin.

The key thing to catch in this event is Abraham's trust and obedience.

Without it there is no substitution.

Isaac wanted to know where the sacrifice was so he asked his dad.

Gen 22:8

8 And Abraham said, my son, Elohiym will SHOW UNTO US A LAMB for a burnt offering: so they both went up together.

This whole event is incredible.

He commanded Abraham to offer up his Son and Abraham's response was obedience.

And his confidence is in his Elohiym is complete trust.

He knew that YEHWEH promised to increase him though Isaac.

So he knew no matter what that Elohiym had this all covered and worked out, even if he had to slay Isaac.

And he had taught Isaac to have this same principle of trust and obey.

When he got there he had to tie Isaac up.

Isaac was already 36 years old and Abraham was 136 years old.

This shows that there was either a knock down drag out fight in which the much older man prevailed against a young man in his prime.

Or, Abraham explained the whole thing to Isaac and Isaac agreed to the terms and this is what happened.

Gen 22:10-13

10 And Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son.

11 And YEHWEH's angel called to him out of heaven and said, Abraham, Abraham and he said, behold.

12 And he said; do not stretch forth your hand upon the young man and do not do anything to him: because NOW I KNOW THAT YOU FEAR ELOHIYM, seeing that you have not spared your only son from me.

13 And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold behind him there was a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram and offered him up for a burnt offering instead of his son.

Abraham had total awe and reverence for his Elohiym and he feared not obeying Him and he had complete trust in Him.

This whole event explains that if we trust and obey our Elohiym, He will provide for everything.

The key thing is we have to move forward in obedience to Him in order to receive His provision.

It is not a matter of simply setting back and trusting Him.

Abraham still had to raise the knife and he had to be willing to do what he was told to do.

Like I said, this event was also a fore shadow that YEHWEH would send His own Son to atone for those who do put their trust in Him and obey Him.

This shows us that His Son's blood carries the price of trusting and obeying His Father.

The price includes hearkening to Him in order to become His righteousness losing our lives for His kingdom's sake.

This is the essence of genuine repentance.

People want His blood to be applied on their behalf without repenting from their rebellion to Him.

If this is you, why do you think that Abraham had to be willing to offer up his son but this same obedience does not apply to you?

I was saying how important this coming Passover is because of where we are at in time in lieu of the 2nd Exodus.

He commanded us to perform the Passover each year to remind us of His sacrifice of His Son to us.

This is spoken about in the Passover video that was posted in April of 2011 on this site.

If you think that this commandment does not apply to you, ask yourself why not.

Whatever your justification is, you are soon going to find out that your reasoning is false.

I just looked at the calendar before I started this video and it just so happens that this year satan's pagan festival of easter falls on the day after the night of the memorial of the Exodus in the U.S. and Europe and other places in the world.

This cannot be a coincidence.

Also, the pagan tradition of good Friday will actually fall on the day that we are supposed to be killing the Passover lamb or goat.

The timing of satan's calendar and our Creator's calendar lining up this way does not happen very often.

If you are planning an easter egg hunt or some easter ham instead of preparing for the Passover, I don't think that you are not going to like the near future very much.

Our Creator is telling you that you had better turn to having a heart like His servant Abraham and the rest of the patriarchs had and turn from your rebellion to Him and hearken to His word because the mouth of YEHWEH Elohiym has spoken it.