When most people think of satan's character they think of the obvious evils like demonic activities such as sacrificing children in a fire or even things like psychopathic killers or axe murderers or actual demon worship which does exist as well.

They do not consider that parents who refuse to teach their children to walk in agreement with our Creator are led by satan and his crew.

They do not consider that they are guilty of murder because they send them out of their homes on a path that leads to the lake of fire.

They do not consider that the false shepherds who teach lies and false doctrines are evil because they are leading the masses away from eternal life and that they are led by satan in doing so as well.

They are evil because they follow and teach the way that came from their father the devil who lies against the truth.

His way is rebellion to our Creator's word.

Satan has been very clever to paint himself in the image of the obvious evils so that he can walk cloaked and undetected to most of the world and lead them away from our Creator's righteousness without them knowing it.

In order to understand his tactics, you have to understand his motives.

His motives are to deceive and he is very clever in his tactics in doing so.

And you have to understand that not only does our Elohiym allow for him to deceive people, He empowered him to do so.

YEHWEH put him here on earth for this reason and this reason is so that he could help Him build His character in those who would hearken to Him in order to become His children.

Learning our Creator's righteousness involves a choice between that which opposes it.

This is why satan and crew are here.

Learning Elohiym's righteousness involves hearkening to Him so that we can learn it in order to choose it.

The original sin of man in the Garden of Eden did not originate with Eve.

It was the original sin of man-kind but it came from satan.

Our Elohiym tells us what this sin is.

He says that it is transgressing against His instructions.

When Adam and Eve chose to not hearken to Him He said;

Gen 3:22

22 And YEHWEH Elohiym said, behold, man has made himself to be as I am, to decide right and wrong for themselves (to choose good versus evil for themselves).

This is how satan thinks as well.

He knows better than his Creator does.

This is what we do whenever we tell Him what we will hearken to and what we won't hearken to.

I have actually witnessed some people who have examined the evidence that our Creator gave to us that proves His lunar based Sabbaths and agree that it is true but they still choose to set aside Saturday or Sunday instead of obeying Him.

How can this be any different than what Adam and Eve did in the garden?

It is not.

Disobedience to Him is disobedience to Him and He clearly says that we are shut off from Him when we disobey Him.

The obvious evils that satan distracts us with are not the heart of the matter, nor are they the heart of his rebellious image.

The heart of the matter is whether we will choose to be molded by our Creator to be made in His righteousness or not.

And the heart of satan's image is that he rebels against our Creator's righteousness.

Satan knows that if he can get us to not obey our Elohiym that we will be shut off from Him.

This is why he and his servants seek to change the appointed times such as the weekly Sabbaths along with the rest of Elohiyms divine laws.

Daniel told us;

Dan 7:25

25 And he will speak of matters concerning the Most High and will afflict the saints of the Most High AND THINK TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS: and they will be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

This reveals his tactics but his motive for changing the way that our Creator gave us to keep track of time and for changing His laws is to get us to not obey Him so that we will be shut off from Him.

He did not do this by parading around like a devil in a red suit with a pitchfork in his hand.

This is the image of himself that he himself gave to mankind of himself.

The reality is, he and his servants most often appear on the scenes cloaked in a pseudo-righteousness.

This false righteousness is painted to look good on the surface.

It comes in the form of a more excellent way like satan's servant Saul of tarsus came with.

The pulpits around the globe on any given Saturday or Sunday morning are full of lying against the truth and blaspheming our Creator's righteousness.

This was all allowed for to test and to prove those who would become His children.

Recently it was revealed what the three unclean spirits that come out of the mouth of the dragon and the beast and the false prophet are.

They are;

•1)    The spirit of LYING AGAINST THE TRUTH


•3)    The spirit of BLASPHEMING OUR ELOHIYM'S CHARACTER, therefore blaspheming His 7 spirits which teach us His character.

I said in the "3 Unclean Spirits" video that Saul has been revealed to be the false prophet that was to arise during the last time and a half of a time that warred with the saints and his false doctrines still cause his followers to war against the saints even to this day.

I have also spoken in previous videos that many false prophets will continue to arise on the scene before our Messiah's return.

And I have said that there is one false prophet that will arise in the limelight riding on the wings of the coming calamity in a big way and that he will prove to be the end-time false prophet and he will deceive many.

This man's name is Ron Weinland.

There are different dimensions to prophesy.

An example of this is John the Baptist was one that was sent in the spirit of Elijah and I have been sent in the spirit of Elijah but neither of us is Elijah.

In the same way Weinland is a type of the false prophet because he bears the same characteristics.

And he certainly is a spitting image of his father the devil and his brother Saul of Tarsus.

They all have these 3 unclean spirits coming out of their mouths.

What satan has set up and positioned through Weinland is someone who is claiming to be our Creator's end time prophet who has come on the scene with an elaborate deception to link Saul's lies with the teachings of the true prophets.

Satan has cloaked him in an advanced set of lies by merging in Saul's doctrines with a perverted form of obeying our Creator.

Make no mistake about it, he does not obey Him, nor does he teach his followers to obey Him and if you simply believe our Creator's word, this is easily proven.

Yet he is poised to deceive many because;

  • 1) He has prophesied some things about the coming destruction and
  • 2) His lies will be more palatable to most of you than the truth.

There are also many others who are arising on the scene who are riding the signs of the time with their blasphemes to the truth but most of them are not claiming to be the two witnesses like Weinland and his wife are.

They all have one thing in common, rebellion to YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

Weinland represents a type of satan just as Saul of Tarsus and the other false shepherds represent a type of their father the devil because they all do the same thing, they twist and pervert our Creator's word.

This is exactly what satan did with Eve and it is exactly what he tried to do with Yehshua in the wilderness.

As more and more understanding is given, satan's character and his method of operation gets more and more exposed.

He has many beds for people to choose from and he has every conceivable doorway but one covered.

This is why the false religion of christianity has tens of thousands of different denominations and beliefs.

The only thing that he is not allowed to duplicate is the truth that sets us free.

He certainly is allowed to steal bits and pieces of the truth to set up his deceptions individually, but he is not allowed accumulate too many of them in any particular false belief.

And the end result of his efforts is thousands of different beliefs and doctrines to choose from.

But going forward things are going to get more refined.

Some people are going to be realizing that their beliefs are wrong and they will have to search out truth.

When things intensify, the false prophet Saul of Tarsus's doctrines will come into question for many because he has been announced to be the abomination of desolation.

I will be proclaiming this along with proclaiming his father's image loud and clear and this news will go out.

But so will the lies from Weinland and other false prophets.

And satan has even set up false Messiahs like a man that goes by the name Raymond Elwood who calls himself lord rael.

This man was set up through the Knights Templar and is poised to continue to deceive many as well.

People are going to have to choose to either hold steadfast to the lies that they have embraced or they can choose to jump to a different frying pan or they can embrace the truth that will set them free.

Since more and more people will question Saul's teachings, Ron Weinland's justifications to his doctrines will appeal to many. 

Many will want to try to find a way to hold onto Saul's teachings and fit them into the instructions to obey our Elohiym as the truth goes out and Weinland's teachings will be a perverted fit for them.

This is all boiling down to a showdown between truth versus lies and good versus evil.

Who will you listen to?

Yehshua said;

John 17:17

17 Father, make them pure through your truth: YOUR WORD IS TRUTH.

I have been sent to testify to the truth and these other servants who serve their father are testifying to alterations of the truth.

This is how satan deceives.

He alters the truth.

But we were given a measuring rod to measure all things with.

Yehshua tells us what the measuring rod is in this verse, it is His Father's word.

Weinland brings forth a message that has bits and pieces of the truth but he lies against it.

He speaks the truth that you must turn to the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

And the instructions that he is telling people to turn to include a couple of easy truths like not eating unclean foods and he is correct in saying that we must turn to the Sabbaths and keep the holy days.

His problem is, he lies against the truth and rebels against our Elohiym's word and blasphemes His righteousness.

He has the 3 unclean sprits flowing out from his mouth just like his rebellious father the dragon.

He comes wielding a Sabbath that is fixed on the pagan roman calendar that came from satan and his servants and he dismisses nearly all of the laws that are found in our Elohiym's word.

Remember, Yehshua gave us the measuring rod.

He said in John 12:48 that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last days.

His Father's word includes His laws with the statutes and judgments.

Folks, this is really simple, the prophets recorded that the end time servant would come restoring the Torah with the statutes and judgments.

Weinland is being sent by his father with lying signs.

Measure the signs that this false prophet and the other false prophets come bearing against YEHWEH Elohiym's word that His Son testified to.

His word tells us what the signs are that He will send His servant with.

He gave us the five point Ezekiel sign that He promised when it comes that it is from Him.

Neither Weinland, nor anyone else besides YEHWEH's true servant have brought this sign or any of the rest of His signs.

No others have turned the water into blood or proclaimed the reed that the temple was measured with.

No others have brought forth the YEHWEH's 7 eyes which are His 7 spirits nor the rest of the work that was recorded that the end-time servant would be sent with.

Instead they bring forth lying signs and like I said, they are and will be riding the calamity that is being sent.

People will believe their lying signs because the false truth that they come bearing will be more palatable to them.

Satan has gone to large efforts to set up his servants.

With Weinland, he has spent years setting him up by setting up a make believe man of sin that he began to set up through Saul of Tarsus nearly 2,000 years ago.

He made this make believe man of sin to be a real man by setting up a man in one of his many spider webs of deception and staging an apostasy.

Setting his servants up in lies and then exposing their lies to another one of his servants is one of many deceptive ways that he works.

He and his cronies set up nets to catch people with as they come out of the other lies that they have set up.

Kind of like giving them another frying pan to jump into.

A good example of this is the false Saturday Sabbath.

He set up Sunday worship up in a way that it could easily be proven to be false to those who started to come to their Elohiym's call.

He did this so that he could really deeply set the hook in their jaw with the Saturday deception.

He has the Saturday trap in place to give those who jump from the Sunday ship a soft landing.

It is so important to understand why this was allowed for.

Satan was sent here and set up by our Creator to test us and to prove our resolve.

The test is whether we would love Him and seek to obey Him with our entire life in order to learn and become His righteousness or would we listen to the voice of the enemy.

With Weinland's man of sin, satan created a very clever reverse deception by reversing the frying pan jump from Sunday to Saturday to Saturday to Sunday.

This so called man of sin that he set up was named Joseph Tkach Sr.

Tkach took over an organization called the world wide church of god when this organization's founder Herbert Armstrong died.

Armstrong was in the Saturday camp.

One of Ron's lying signs that he got from his father is that after Armstrong's death, Tkach announced to his followers that it was now okay to worship on Sunday or any day.

After this announcement, this organization splintered and satan set up thousands of off shuts and paved the way for Weinland to emerge through one of them and turn this event into a false proof that he is the end time servant.

So you see, much of what is coming down the pike hinges on what you choose to believe as to when the weekly Sabbaths really are.

There is overwhelming proof in the scriptures that they are determined by His calendar which is determined by the rotations of His luminaries just like His word says they are.

The truth is not what Weinland says is true nor what I say is true nor what the traditions of Judaism says is true nor what anyone else says is true.

According to our Messiah, the truth is His Father's word.

Just like it defines the work that His end time servant would be sent with so that we could know who He is, it defines everything else to be true or false.

I have spoken about what His word says on this subject in several of these videos and this is not the purpose of this video.

You can go to the Sabbath Day page on the http://www.repairingthebreach.info/ website for videos and texts that discuss this proof.

I suggest that you believe His word on this subject and not the traditions of men.

The proof that is found in His word is irrefutable and you have to be willfully rebellious to deny it.

In regards to Tkach, what satan staged with was simply one of his servants paving the way for another one of his servants and this particular deception went all the way back to his boy Saul.

He does this with the fake healing ministries as well.

His demons love the stage.

They lead those whom they have influence over to cast their cohorts out from others that they influence over to cause the illusions of healings and they delight in their games.

Remember, their motive is to deceive and keep people in their deceptions.

This is what they are here for.

We are here to overcome them and to be made in our Creator's image.

He gave us His word to live in order to accomplish this in us.

If you think that satan and his servants just parade around as the evil beings, you are sadly off the mark.

They certainly manifest themselves as evil beings as well but this is done to create a cloak for their real deceptions.

Their real motive is to get people to rebel against our Elohiym's instructions.

They were placed here and given power to deceive as part of the testing and proving ground.

But we were also given a measuring rod to measure all things with so that we can know what is true and what is false.

This measuring rod is our Elohiym's word.

He is suggesting that you get to measuring what you believe to be true with it.

He is suggesting that you get to measuring who you listen to with it.

And He is suggesting that you start hearkening to it.

If you are not, you are of your father, that old serpent called the devil.