We are told in Revelation;

Rev 6:6

6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures say; a measure of wheat for a day's wages and three measures of barley for a day's wages and DO NOT HURT THE OIL AND THE WINE.

This verse is saying that food is about ready to become very sparse.

The grocery shelves will soon become desolate and man's gold and silver will do them no good.

Yet this verse is also saying that there will be a group of people who will be shielded from the affliction and cared for and nursed.

This is those who have the oil and the wine.

Those who have the oil are those who have our Creator's seven spirits given to them to guide them.

And in order to have His seven spirits given to us we have to have the wine.

The wine is symbolic of those who have been baptized into our Messiah's blood.

Being baptized into His blood requires us entering into a renewed covenant with His Father were we turn from our ways and agree to hearken to Him in order to be made in His image.

This is what true repentance is.

If we lose our lives for His kingdom's sake and stand with and walk in agreement with His righteousness, then He will apply His Son's blood to our transgressions.

There are over two billion people or a third of the world's population that claims that they have His blood being applied on their behalf without meeting the conditions to have it applied to them.

This group is about ready to receive a double portion of our Elohiym's indignation because they have trampled His Son's shed blood under their feet.

This group also claims that they have the oil which is our Elohiym's 7 spirits.

Granted, most of you who are in this group do not make the claim that you have His 7 spirits because you do not even know what they are, but you do claim to have His spirit and this is saying the same thing.

You make this claim even though Yehshua plainly said that His Father would send His spirit to us "IF" we keep His commandments.

The hypocrisy of the religion of christianity runs ramped in their midst.

If a person has the oil and the wine they bear our Creator's mark in their foreheads and in their right hands.

They bear His name.

They cry and sigh over all of the abominations done in our midst and they understand that it is abominable to not obey our Elohiym.

Therefore they cry and sigh that man rejects our Elohiym.

They are dismayed by the world's rebellion to their Creator.

They long for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

They hunger and thirst for His righteousness to become their righteousness.

They want to be as He is.

They desire for that which opposes His righteousness to be purged out from the face of this earth so that their rebellion will not be around to continue to poison others.

They recognize that rebellion to the self-existing Creator's instructions is evil.

They call evil evil and they call good good.

They desire to bear His name and His name is His righteousness.

These are they who are the oil and the wine spoken of in this verse.

If this is not you and you scoff at or speak against our Elohiym's word, then you are speaking against His name because you are speaking against His righteousness that His word bears witness to.

If you think that stoning the adulterer or stoning the pastor who seeks to lead others to a make believe image of our Creator is too harsh, then you have simply lifted yourself up above His righteousness.

And His word has no place in you.

You have a choice being given to you; you need to repent and seek His righteousness or you will die.

If you think that this is unfair, just consider what rebellion to Him leads to.

It leads to eternal death.

Consider that all of the false shepherds who are leading others to a make believe image of our Creator are stealing their eternal lives from them.

Just think of how all of the parents who do not teach their children His righteousness are sending them out of their nests on a path to the lake of fire.

These things are murder in slow motion.

Rebellion to Him was allowed for as He built the first fruits of His family because it had to be in order for Him to accomplish what He accomplished in building His temple.

But now that His temple is built, should rebellion to Him continue to be allowed for?

Shouldn't it be purged out so that a greater harvest into His family can be accomplished?

Should the false shepherd or the homosexual or the liar or the adulterer be allowed to live into the millennium so that they could bring their abominations into it to cause others to stumble and lose out on eternal life?

If you think so your way of thinking is not fit for the kingdom because you think that you are more righteous than your maker.

Let me give you a practical application to make this real simple.

Let's say that you are a family who has the oil and the wine and you love your Elohiym and you seek after His righteousness and you have children that you are trying to teach the same to.

And next door you have a household that also has children and this family has no respect for our Elohiym or for His righteousness or for obeying Him.

Do you want their children bending your children's ears trying to lead them away from the truth that would give them eternal life?

Don't you love your children enough to protect them from evil so that they will live for eternity?

How about your wife having tea with this other mother from time to time and having her slowly undermine your wife's faith so that she ends up straying from the path and losing her eternal life?

Or how about the husband going off to work and being seduced by the flirtatious adulterer and therefore being thrown off the course that leads to eternal life?

Or maybe because of this adultery we just have another broken home with fatherless children who learn to grow up to commit adultery to their spouses.

This is what man's type of righteousness in not purging out evil leads to.

If you cannot see the reason why evil needs to be purged out from our midst, then you are refusing to see why our Creator created us and why we are here in the flesh.

You are refusing to give heed to why He created these evils.

And dying you will die because His righteousness has no place in your rebellious hearts.

He put us here to become as He is.

He gave us the choice between light and dark because desiring His righteousness had to be a choice.

He will be sending the coming calamity upon you to humble you if you do not have the oil and the wine.

It has been established through His two witnesses against man that that which remains that is without the oil and the wine will not hearken to Him any other way except for Him sending this time of trouble to prick their ears.

But the time of tribulation is being sent because some of you will be humbled and His family will be increased through it.

I hope that this is each of you listening to this.

We have reached a point in time where resistance to our Creator will prove to be futile.

If you do not want His righteousness, this is your choice, you will be purged out.

What you will be giving up is eternal in an eternal family that refuses to hurt one another and desires to serve and enjoy one another for eternity.

And you will be giving this up all because you could not call evil evil.