188 day cycle & 2012

There are a lot of you who are aware of the 188 day earthquake cycle that started in 2010.

Today I am going to show you how our Creator sent these earthquakes as a sign that His wrath is coming this year.

It was prophesied that the two witnesses would bring forth a prophesy of 1,260 days.

Rev 11:3-4

3 And I will give the two witnesses my prophesy and they will prophesy of a thousand-two hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth (brokenness).

4 These are the two olive trees and the two candlesticks that stand before the Elohiym of the earth.

Verse 3 does not say that the two witnesses would prophesy for 1,260 days like the translators claim that it does.

It is a prophesy like most of the book of Revelation is.

The prophesy of the 1,260 days has already been revealed.

It is a prophesy of 1,260 year periods.

It was revealed last year that there are 3 ½, 1,260 year periods of time between the time when Noah started building the ark in the year 1590 and the year 6,000.

As with most prophesy, there are dual and sometimes even tertiary applications to them.

It is now being revealed that there is another application to the 1,260 years.

First, I will begin with reviewing the earthquakes for those of you who do not know about them.

8.8- Concepcion Chile, February 27th, 2010

This was the 6th largest earthquake ever recorded by a seismograph.

I could do a separate video on each of these quakes showing all of the different symbolic numbers associated with the statistics of them like this quake killed 525 people and 25 went missing that were not found.

This number totals 550 and for those of you following the numbers that I have been revealing, you know how this fits in.

7.0- Christchurch New Zealand, September 4th, 2010

9.0- Sendai Japan, March 11th, 2011.

The destruction that resulted from these quakes put a stamp on them as very significant quakes.

There are other dynamics to the timings of these quakes like the time zones that they occurred in.

Our Creator does not measure the beginning of a day the way that the roman system determines them, nor the way that Judaism determines them.

Some suggest that the cycle is still alive because 188 days after the Japan earthquake there was a 7.3 in the south pacific.

There was no major damage associated with this quake like the other 3 earthquakes, at least not which made world news like these other three, however there is another signature that ties it in with the number 188.

This quake happened off of the Lau Ridge near the Lau Islands.

The Lau Islands are a chain of about 100 Islands that cover an area of 188 square miles of land mass.

Could the 188 square miles be a coincidence in lieu of happening 188 days after the Japan quake?

The next 188 day break is approximately on March 21st depending on the area of the globe that it takes place.

March 21st is just 11 days away.

And for those of you following the past videos, the number 11 has proven to be a stamp that Our Elohiym has been using as well.

We have been in our Creator's 7th year Sabbath this past year.

This annual was restored at this time to be part of the witness against man of his or her rebellion to His word.

It will end for most of the areas where the scattered nations of Israel are scattered on March 23rd, making the 24th the first day of the new year.

On this day we will be 10 days away from the day that the Passover Lamb or goat is to be set aside for these areas and this is the day that the 5 days of torment are prophesied to begin.

This will be on April 2nd on man's calendar in these areas.

I'll talk about a prophesy that could very well apply to the 10 days leading up to this day in a little bit.

As far as the stamp that He used for the three quakes on the screen, not only was the damage or the loss of human life significant for them, the names of the cities that they were nearest to put a stamp on them as well.

The 9.0 Japan earthquake happened off of the coast of Sendai Japan.

Sendai means "a thousand generations".

Deut 7:9

9 Know therefore that YEHWEH Elohiym, He is Elohiym, the faithful Elohiym who keeps covenant and mercy with them that LOVE HIM AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS TO A THOUSAND GENERATIONS;

He went on to say that He will destroy them who do not.

188 days before this earthquake was the 7.0 in Christchurch New Zealand on September 4th, 2010.

Even the number 7 is significant and obviously the name Christchurch is a not a coincidence any more than the name "a thousand generations" is a coincidence.

Yehshua said that upon this rock, referring to Himself, He would build His Father's church.

The word that is translated into the English word church means the called out ones.

He said to Peter, Peter, you are a small stone, but on this boulder the called out ones would be built.

People want to claim that He was talking about building the called out ones on Peter.

He was not.

He was speaking of Himself and His word testifies that He was and is His Father's word.

His Father's word is the name that He bears.

In other words, He was saying I will build the called out ones upon my Father's word.

He spoke in parables so that those who were not given eyes to see and ears to hear from His Father could not understand.

The fact that this quake occurred at a location that calls itself by the English translation of our Messiah's called out ones is not a coincidence.

This New Zealand quake was 188 days after the 8.8 that happened in Conception Chile on February 27th 2010.

Could the name Concepcion be a coincidence in lieu of it meaning Immaculate Conception?

You can certainly think so if you would like.

These earthquakes have signatures from our Elohiym that He has stamped upon them in order to establish something.

And the last 188 day earth quake on the Lau ridge certainly had a stamp as well.

The fact that it happened near these islands that have 188 square miles of land mass cannot be a coincidence in lieu of these other quakes.

I did not know about this earthquake when it occurred but I did know that our Elohiym had stamped the September 15th date that it occurred on.

His stamp of 55 days to the beginning of the 5 months of torment that was reduced to 5 days was discussed in the November 9th & YU 55 video.

And the November 9th date carried with it the 40 day stamp from the Memorial of Acclamations that people erroneously call the feast of trumpets as well as other stamps.

Part of the prophesy that I have been sent with is to proclaim that our Messiah will return on July 19th.

Previously I had been shown that He was born in the year 3760 on our Elohiym's calendar and this 188 year stamp even validates this.

I am aware of all of the so-called bible and historical scholar's arguments that He was born in the year 4 B.C. or 6 B.C. or other ideas that are theories that they have.

He was not.

He was born in what is now referred to by man as the first year A.D. which was the 3,760th year since man was put on the earth.

20 times 188 years equals 3,760.

Isaac and Rebekah were married for 20 years before Jacob who become Israel was born with his brother.

Now pay close attention;

12 times 188 years is the year 2256.

The number 12 is very symbolic throughout scriptures with the twelve tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples and other things like this.

Everything has symbolism to point us to events that either have happened or will happen.

Adding the years that were given to us in the scriptures, Israel or Jacob was born in the year 2108.

He lived for 147 years which means that He would have died in the year 2255.

This would have been the year before 2256.

There is much more to all of this but I am trying to make it simple.

Israel dying before the 12th, 188 year cycle is symbolic of YEHWEH's messenger reporting back to Him that the earth is at rest on February 17th right before the year of His wrath was let loose that is also stamped by the 188 year cycle.

February 17th was the 24th day of the 11th month that is associated with the red horse prophesy of Zechariah 1.

There are other significant details in this like Israel being born to Isaac and Rebekah after 20 years of marriage or that Isaac was 60 years old at the time that he was born.

The 60 years is symbolic of the 6,000 years of man.

Also, there are 24 elders and the use of the number 24 is very significant in scripture as well.

It is not the purpose of this video to go into all of the details on how these numbers are used but rather today I am discussing how the 188 day cycle ties in with the year 2012.

24 times 188 equals the year 4512.

The year 4512 equates to the year 752 A.D. on the pagan calendar than man uses.

Add 1,260 years to this year and you land in 2012.

Yehshua will return on the Feast of First Fruits in this year to harvest His Father's first Fruits.

This day will be July 19th.

The 1,260 year prophesy that I have been given puts our Creator's stamp on this but there are other stamps He has given that pin point 2012 as well such as the other 1,260 year time, times and dividing of time that have already been revealed.

A half of a 1,260 year time is 630 years.

This half of a time was shortened by 228 years or 12, 19 year cycles of the lunar rotations.

This half of a time is 402 years and is mirrored in these dates as well, and is even manifested in the 402 days associated with the blowing of the 6th trumpet.

I'll share one more set of numbers with you today.

Half of the 2,256 or half of the 12, 188's is 1,128.

24- 188's or 4,512 plus 1,128 is the year 5640.

The year 5640 equates to the year 1880 or 1-8-8-0 on man's calendar which is 1,880 years after Yehshua's birth.

This gets really cool.

2012 - 1880 equals 132 years.

132 years plus the 1,128 years equals 1,260 years.

It is incredible how these dates and how these numbers line up with one another.

And I have only shared a few of them with you in these videos because it is not about these numbers.

I just share some of them with you because it is exciting to see how He has this all timed out perfectly.

But it is about obeying our Elohiym in order to be His clay in order to become as He is.

If you will not believe the water being turned into blood and the Ezekiel 24 sign that He has sent me with that proves that He has sent me to you, then none of this will matter to you anyway.

If you do not believe the work that He has sent me with, then it will not matter how incredible His signs are because His word has no place in you.

I would not be as worried about a large earthquake around March 21st as I would be what could begin to happen 3 or 3.5 days later when the 7th year Sabbath comes to an end.

Yes, there certainly could be and probably will be a large precursor in the form of an earthquake, but this is the least of man's problems with what is coming.

Depending on the location in the globe, this earthquake could even happen on the 20th instead of the 21st if it happens depending on the time zone that it occurs in.

But today I want to add another dimension to how this is unfolding.

Yehshua said;

Rev 2:8-10

8 And to the angel of the called out ones in Smyrna write; these things saith the first and the last, which was dead and is alive;

9 I know your affliction and poverty (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan.

10 Fear none of these things which you shall suffer: behold, the devil will cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried; AND YOU WILL HAVE AFFLICTION TEN DAYS: be faithful to death and I will give you a crown of life.

This is a prophesy about ten particular days of affliction.

I have spoken in other videos how the prophesies that Yehshua gave concerning the seven groups of called out ones are representative of different dynamics in time.

And they prophesy of the different conditions of the hearts and minds that those who are being called out of the world can experience.

He explains the different trials and tests that we go through that as we are called out from the world that we must overcome.

He gave credit to them where credit is due and He gave admonition to what we must overcome.

He used some of the current conditions of the called out ones in Asia to add in prophesies for the then and for the future.

I know of no other fit for this 10 day prophesy in history or for the future besides the 10 day period between the 1st day of the new year that is about upon us and the 10th day of the 1st month.

Remember, this 10th day is to be the day that we are commanded to set the lamb or goat apart for the Passover and it is the day that I have spoken that the five days will begin.

The question is what will happen during this time?

The timing of this prophecy is incredible.

It is referring to a ten day period before the five days begins.

And it is given to be warning for a group of people who are going to be given this affliction to get them to overcome during this time.

And if they do, they will be given the mark of their Elohiym in their forehead and in their right hand and they will avert the coming five days.

This is fascinating how this is unfolding and He is giving yet a final warning before the torment begins.

What will this affliction be?

I do not know.

I just know that we are fast approaching the time that you are going to want to be bearing our Elohiym's mark and not the mark of the devil.

And satan's mark is rebellion to our Creator's word and to His righteousness.

It is way past time to make straight your paths but you still have a window of time to do so.

Use this time wisely and flee to the hills and prepare for the Passover and for the second Exodus.

Make straight your path and return to Him so that He will deliver you.