One of the many abominations in the religion of christianity is their prayers for our Creator to hold back His wrath or praying for Him to spare people from His wrath who are not living according to His will.

Yehshua taught us to pray, "Father in Heaven, pure is your name.

May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

He is instructing us to pray for His Father's kingdom to come to this earth so that they will purge out all that opposes His Father's will so that His will will finally be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This means that we should be praying for His wrath to come to this earth and not to stay it.

I posed the question the other day; who sends the tornados, the tsunamis, the earthquakes and the other natural disasters?

Who sends the pestilences and the plagues?

Who put sickness and disease here and who allows for war and even can put a hook in one army's mouth to lead them into battle against another?

All of you who are praying for those in the world or to avert the coming war, are you praying for the same thing that Yehshua prays for?

He said;

John 17:8-9

8-9 I pray (beseech you) on behalf of these whom you have given to me "WHO HAVE SEIZED YOUR WORD" that I have given to them that you gave to me. They know that I came out from you and they believe that you have sent me: I DO NOT PRAY (beseech you) ON BEHALF OF THE WORLD, but for them which you have given to me because they are yours.

Our petitions must be for those who have seized our Elohiym's word.

These are those who are His children.

If He is sending tornados or some other calamity to humble a people, why would you pray for Him to not send them?

Instead, why not pray that they would be humbled so that they would turn to Him and to hearken to Him so that He would give them eternal life in His family one day?

If you think that it was not Him who sent the tornados that recently hit the United States, then who was it that sent them?

And if you think that they were just a byproduct of nature, then couldn't He have stopped them if His children were in their paths?

He knows who His children are and where they are.

He knows every hair on our heads.

And if He knows who they are, then don't you think that He can protect them?

Yet those who have seized His word should certainly be praying for others who have seized His word.

Our prayers for others should be that they would either be humbled to a point where they would seize His word or be purged out so that they would not be able to continue to cause others to stumble at His word.

What you should be asking yourself is, if christianity is the true religion and therefore they are in our Elohiym's favor, then why did all of these tornadoes just ratchet through their bible belt?

America and other parts of the world where the scattered nations of Israel have been drawn together have been blessed because of promises that our Elohiym made to Abraham about building His family through his descendants.

And these areas have experienced abundance as a result of His promise to Abraham as He called out and fashioned His first fruits from their midst.

But they have also experienced calamities to warn them and to humble them.

In any case, He has finished building His first fruits who have become His temple and He will now send affliction to the world in order to humble them or to purge them out if they will not be humbled.

These areas that have been so blessed will now experience a double portion of His wrath because not only did they reject His word that He made available to them to return to Him through, they have also trampled His Son's shed blood under their feet.

Yesterday I spoke about the coming Passover next month in relation to the approaching time of torment and the 103 day period of exile before those who do repent will be delivered back to their lands.

He is telling you take these warnings seriously and to act on them by losing your lives for His kingdom's sake and selling out for His righteousness.

The reason that I am all in in making this declaration to you is because I have His word proving to me that He has sent me that gives me this confidence.

You should be letting His word do the same for you because this is why He gave us the resume' that He did.

He had His prophets record His end time servant's resume' in order for us to be able to identify this servant when He was to send him.

If you are sitting on the fence and waiting for a sign, the question that you should ask yourself is why His word isn't good enough proof for you.

If you can honestly answer this question to yourself, then you would understand why there have only been 144,000 who have hearkened to His word before now.

And you would understand why it is necessary for Him to send the calamity upon you.

It is because you have not believed His word and you have not believed what His Son spoke.

It is because you have chosen to believe into lies so that you could justify your rebellion to our Creator's word in your hearts.

The 144,000 became His first fruits because seeking His righteousness just for the sake of seeking His righteousness was a good enough motivator for them.

And because of this, they believed His word because it testified to His righteousness so they believed into His word.

They came to His call because they desired to be as He is.

And now that His temple is built, the road is being paved for the latter harvest to come to Him.

Our Creator has sent me to restore all things and the hidden manna is being revealed.

Yehshua's parables are no longer hidden.

The water has been turned into His blood.

You are being called to repent and lay siege to what He is restoring and revealing.

If you do, He will deliver you though the coming affliction.

Yehshua said;

Matt 8:22

Follow me and let the dead bury their dead.

Following Him means following who He is.

He was made to be His Father's word in the flesh.

Following Him means that we must follow the same path that He walked on.

If we are following a different path, then we are following a make believe messiah and a make believe messiah has make believe blood.

Not only is He a representative of His Father's word who bears His Father's word as His name, He also lived by every word that His Father gave to us to live by.

Following Him is walking in the same manner that He walked.

He tells us what to do with those who do not make this choice.

He said that they are spiritually dead so let them bury their own dead.

It is going to be pretty hard for them to keep up with the burials in the near future because most of the inhabitants of the world will soon be dead.

He said to follow Him so that you are not of this number.

When the destruction intensifies, will you be praying for people to be delivered through the trouble if they will not repent?

If you did, you would be praying that they would be able to bring their rebellion into the millennium.

Why would you do this?

Do you want them to bring their rebellious poison into the 1,000 reign so that they can poison those who do repent?

Do you want them to be there so that they can poison the children's minds who are born during this time?

Satan and his crew will be bound so they will not be there to poison the minds of those who live into this time.

Do you want our Elohiym to deliver a people that want to continue to follow satan's lies therefore be able to continue to propagate his rebellion?

Or do you desire that our Elohiym's will will finally be done on earth and those who oppose His righteousness will finally be purged out so that they cannot continue to cause others to stumble at His word?

If you are praying for the world to be delivered without turning from their rebellion to our Elohiym then you are praying outside of His will.

If you are beseeching our Creator on behalf of individuals who have not seized His word to be delivered through the coming time of trouble apart from repenting, then you are praying outside of His will.

Someone pounced on me yesterday calling me a satanist and the worst kind of evil for posting the video "Slay Them All"

If this person would just read the scriptures they would see that it is our Elohiym's intent to slay all who do not bear His mark in their foreheads.

It is just that I am in agreement with His will and His word.

And His word defines what His mark and what the mark of the enemy are.

The world truly does call good evil and they call evil good.

The world's righteousness is like filthy rags to our Elohiym.

They have rejected His righteousness because they have rejected His word that would have taught them knowledge of His righteousness.

And for this reason, He is going to reject all who continue to reject His path.

As far as those of you who do turn to Him in the coming time of affliction, you are going to have to let the dead bury their dead.

Yehshua put urgency on our fleeing at this time.

He said to not even go back into our houses to retrieve that which is in them.

You are going to have to flee from all that is false and flee from all who hold onto that which is false.

This is just a reality of where we are at in time.

If what I speak is false, then the writings of the prophets are false.

It just so happens that Yehshua testified to these writings so if what I speak is false, then He is false.

Plus, as I keep saying in these videos; that which proves that He is the Messiah is these writings so if they are not our Creator's word, then there is no messiah anyway.

Some people have written me and told me that they believe everything or nearly everything that I have spoken except the date.

They say this because they have verified that which I have spoken with our Elohiym's word.

My response to them is how is it possible that what I have spoken could be a perfect match to the work that the prophesies foretold of yet for me to have the date wrong?

These prophesies say that He would put His word in my mouth.

Did He put everything but the date in my mouth?

I keep pleading with you to let our Elohiym's word be proof enough because this is why He gave it to us.

There is no way that He was going to let an imposter bring forth His sign that He had Ezekiel record.

He promised us that when this sign comes from one that He delivered out of the captivity that we could know that it is from Him.

If it were possible for satan to counterfeit this sign, he would have done so before now.

If it were possible for satan's servants to be able to turn the water into blood in the manner that this has happened, then he would have sent someone to do so before now.

But these things were not possible because they were to be signs that our Elohiym gave to us so that we can know that this work is from Him.

His Son pleaded with the religious of the day the same way.

He pleaded with them to believe Him for the sake of the work that He had been sent with.

He explained to them that the same word that they said that they believed in was the same word that bore witness to Him.

Yet His Father's word was not good enough proof for them, neither were the works that He did even though the prophesies bore witness to the works.

Bringing forth the Ezekiel 24 sign and turning the water into blood is not good enough for most of you.

Repairing the breach and restoring the paths of old is not good enough proof for you.

The offering of righteousness and the being clothed in white linen and the rest of the exact matches to the prophesies are not good enough proof for you.

The reason that these things are not good enough is because you do not want to hearken to what I have spoken.

I keep saying that this is not about me and that it has nothing to do with me because it does not.

Ezek 3:4-7

4 And He said to me, Son of man, go, get you to the house of Israel and speak my words to them.

5 For you are not sent to a people of a strange speech and of a hard language but to the house of Israel;

6 Not to a large number of people who have a strange speech and a hard language whose words you cannot understand. 

If I had not sent you to them they would have hearkened to you.

7 But the house of Israel will not hearken to you because they will not hearken to me because all of the house of Israel is impudent and hardhearted.

He is saying that the reason why you have not hearkened to what He sent me to speak to you is because it came from Him and you do not want to hear what He has to say to you.

You do not want to hear what His Son or any of His other prophets had to say either.

I have spoken the very same instructions about obeying our Elohiym as they spoke.

You do not want to be told, even by our Creator, that your beliefs are wrong.

Well, since you will not listen to His words and you refuse to hear Him, He is going to prick your ears in a different way.

But even then most of you will not hearken to Him.

You are so full of pride and stiff-necked that you will die in your rebellion to Him.

This is sad but it is what it is.

But the good news is some of you will repent and His family will be increased through the coming time of calamity.

And this is the reason why He is sending it instead of just destroying the inhabitants of the world like He did with the flood.

This is just where we are at in time.

It is a matter of repenting or dying in your rebellion.

And part of repenting is losing your life for His kingdom's sake so you will need to let the dead bury their dead and follow our Messiah.

His name is the word of Elohiym and this is who you must follow.

He is returning to purge out all who will not repent with His Father's word coming out of His mouth like a sword.

You are going to want to be found walking in agreement with His Father's word when He returns, this I know.