Today I am going to talk about a prophesy that is found in the book of Ezekiel that explains that all who do not bear our Creator's mark in their foreheads will be slain in the last days that are upon us.

The religion of christianity believes that they bear His mark in their foreheads because they have chosen to believe in the doctrines of men instead of believing their Creator and His Son and His prophets.

Their doctrines came out from the mother whore and out from the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus.

Their religion is a contradiction to our Creator's word and it is a contradiction to His righteousness and it is a contradiction to why He created us.

It is a contradiction to what He sent His Son to speak and it is a contradiction to the writings of the prophets.

Yehshua told us to pray for His Father's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10

May your kingdom come, may your desire or your will be done on the earth as it is in heaven.

His will is that all would choose to obey Him and that all would seek His righteousness so that He could mold and fashion them in His image to become His children.

Is this what you pray for?

Do you pray for the world to hear His voice and to hearken to His Torah with the statutes and judgments?

Do you pray for His wrath to come upon all of those who will not hearken to Him in order to humble them so that they might choose to hearken to Him so that they can one day have eternal life in His family?

Do you pray for them to be destroyed if they will not hearken to Him so that their rebellion does not cause others to stumble and loose eternal life?

Better yet, do you yourself even hearken to His word so that He can mold you in His image to become as He is?

This is why He gave us life in the flesh but most of you profane His righteous image instead.

His righteousness is who He is.

By profaning His righteousness, you are profaning His name and He says that He will not hold him or her guiltless whom bear His name in a desolating way.

This is the 3rd commandment in case you did not know.

Most of you could care less about His righteousness or His commandments.

You could care less that His word says that your prayers are an abomination to Him if you turn your ears from hearing His Torah.

You lift up your prayers to Him in vain because you reject that which would cause Him to hear them.

You would rather worship your make believe images of Him instead of worshipping His true identity because His true identity has no place in your hearts.

This is breaking the first commandment in case you did not know this.

When it gets right down to it, which commandments do you keep?

The religion of Christianity certainly does not keep the first four, this is for sure.

And lying runs wild in your midst.

You rob from Elohiym in your tithes and offerings because you did away with that which He said to bring your tithes and your offerings to.

You commit adultery with Him because you play the whore to Him by worshipping your false images of Him.

And many of you commit adultery with your spouses as well by lusting after others in your wicked hearts if not actually physically committing adultery with them.

For many of you your hearts are covetous and your materialistic lives are your belly.

You murder one another by patting one another on the back as you merrily skip along your path to the lake of fire.

You murder your children by not teaching them to obey their Creator like we are commanded to; therefore you send them out from your nests bound for the lake of fire worshipping false images of our Elohiym.

How is this any different than offering them up to the fire to Moloch?

It is just a slower process; the end result is the same.

You certainly do not obey the Sabbath if you are worshipping Him on a fixed day of the week on satan's calendar like Saturday or Sunday.

He gave us life here in the flesh to test us and to prove us whether we would love Him and cleave unto Him or not.

Loving Him and cleaving unto Him is loving and cleaving unto who He is.

Yehshua said plainly that if we love Him we will keep His commandments.

John said that if you say that you know Him but you do not obey His commandments that you are a liar and the truth is not in you.

And it is more than just the 10 commandments anyway.

They are just the outline that was given on the tablets.

He says that we must live by every word that He spoke.

His Son said the same thing.

And His word is not grievous.

It is a delight to walk with our Creator but most of you have chosen to walk on a different path and you have chosen to go your own way.

Loving Him is not loving and cleaving unto a make believe image of who He is. Doing so is likened unto adultery to Him.

He is His righteousness.

His word defines His righteousness

Loving Him is loving and cleaving to His righteousness.

The religion of christianity rejects His righteous judgments.

They reject His Torah that He gave to us to teach us His righteousness.

I have read in the news where the last couple of days there have been some strong storms with tornados in the United States and some people have lost their lives and such.

Who do you think sends the storms?

Who do you think sends the tornados and the earthquakes and the Tsunamis and the hurricanes and the other natural disasters?

Who do you think sends the famines and the pestilences and the diseases and the plagues?

Who calls the wars into place by placing a hook in the mouths of who He chooses to and drawing them into battle?

Why isn't there peace on the earth?

Why is there all of the suffering that there is?

After all, He is all-powerful and He could put an end to it all instantaneously.

The reason that He has not is because He has been building His family from this testing and proving ground that He set up.

This is His show and He has allowed for us to go our own way.

But He has also sent warning after warning to man-kind to show us how temporal we are.

And He has forewarned us that His wrath would one day be sent to the inhabitants of the world and He told us why He would send it.

Did Yehshua say to pray for the world?

No, He said that He prays for those who have received or have seized His Father's word and that He does not pray for the world;

John 17:8-9

8 Because I have given to them the words which you gave to me; AND THEY HAVE RECEIVED (SEIZED) THEM, and they know that indeed I came out from you and they believe that you sent me.

9 I pray on behalf of (these whom you have given to me "WHO HAVE SEIZED YOUR WORD" that I have given to them): I DO NOT PRAY ON BEHALF OF THE WORLD, but for them which you have given to me because they are yours.

All of you people out there who are praying that He stay the tornados or that He stop the coming war, are you praying for His will?

He is the one who is bringing the coming war upon the scattered nations of Israel.

He sends the tornados.

If you want to pray for something that is His will, then pray for the destruction of all who oppose His will so that the earth will be finally be healed and so that His desire will finally be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Pray for His kingdom to come which means that you are praying for Him to send His Son to purge out that which opposes His righteousness.

And incline your ears to His Torah so that your prayers are a sweet fragrance to Him instead of a putrid abomination to Him.

Yehshua said clearly who He prays for in this verse.

It is clearly those who seize His Father's word and His Father's Torah is His word.

He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father's Torah until heaven and earth pass away.

Have you seized His Father's Torah like Yehshua did?

Why not?

He bears the name of His Father's word and like I said His Torah is His word.

He spoke it and He gave it to us to circumcise our hearts with it.

Yehshua told us to follow Him and following Him means following the same path that He walked on.

He obeyed His Father and lived by His every word, therefore He lived by His Torah.

The religion of Christianity perverts nearly everything that He taught and they trample His shed blood underfoot.

He did not do away with any of His Father's commandments, He said so.

He magnified them and made them glorious like Isaiah prophesied that He would.

If you are not seizing His Father's word, He said that He is not praying for you and you will not be exempt from being purged out in the coming time of purging.

If you will not turn from you rebellion, then you will need to have tornados and volcanoes and other disasters heaped upon you in order to hopefully humble you to get you to hearken to His word so that He can mold you in His image and give you eternal life.

It is sad that you simply will not believe Him and hearken to Him without needing to be rebuked into listening to Him.

Yehshua was asked straight up what we must do to have eternal life and He gave a straight up answer.

He answered; keep the commandments.

He did not say to keep some of them.

He told us that we must become perfect in the same manner that His Father is perfect.

And if you refuse to be humbled by the coming calamity and if you refuse to call upon the true image of our Elohiym and His Son, you will need to be purged out.

You will need to be purged out so that you do not carry your rebellion into the millennium to poison others who do repent and cause them to stumble.

This is what was prophesied to happen.

Ezek 9:4-6

4 And YEHWEH said to him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, AND SET A MARK upon the foreheads of the men THAT SIGH AND CRY FOR ALL THE ABOMINATIONS that are done in the midst thereof.

5 And I heard Him say REGARDING THE OTHERS, go after them through the city AND SMITE: let not your eye spare, neither have you pity nor have compassion on them:

6 SLAY UTTERLY THE OLD AND THE YOUNG, BOTH VIRGINS AND WOMEN WITH THEIR FAMILIES: but do not come near all men whom have "THE MARK" and begin at my sanctuary. Begin with the men who are elders that stand before the house (of Israel).

You will need to have His mark in your forehead in order to escape the coming time of torture and to escape the final purging.

There are only two marks that people can have.

You either have chosen to bear the image of YEHWEH Elohiym; therefore you bear the mark of His name.

Or you have chosen to rebel against His image and you bear the mark of the beast and you bear the image of his name.

I have spoken about these marks in more detail in other videos.

It is very easy to determine which mark you bear.

Here Ezekiel records that those who bear Elohiym's mark cry and sigh for the abominations done in our midst.

Are you sickened over how the world does not obey our Elohiym's statutes and judgments?

Do you loathe rebellion to His word?

Do you loathe things like the false worship to the make believe images of our Elohiym that the world worships?

Do you loathe that which opposes His righteousness?

Do you love His righteousness and do you want for those who will not choose to desire to become as He is to be purged out from our midst so that evil will not continue to flourish?

What about these verses here in Ezekiel about slaying all who do not bear His mark, are you in agreement with this coming judgment?

These are the traits of those who bear His mark in their foreheads.

I started today with the verse about praying for His kingdom to come.

Do you desire for that which opposes His righteousness to be purged out so that they will not infiltrate His kingdom and continue to cause hurt to others?

His word teaches us perfect love because His word teaches us to purge out that which causes hurt to others.

The mark of the beast has been revealed to be rebellion to our Elohiym's word and therefore rebellion to His righteousness that His word testifies to.

Do you think that keeping His Sabbaths when He says to keep them and keeping them how He says to keep them is not that important?

Maybe you think that stoning the Sabbath breaker or the adulterer is just too harsh of a punishment because you know better and your righteousness trumps our Creator's righteousness.

You think this because you do not have love for others whom the Sabbath breaker might teach to break the Sabbath like he did.

The reason that breaking the Sabbath is no big deal for you is because none of His word is a big deal for you.

You yourselves have no regard for obeying Him so of course you think that it is too harsh to purge out such an offender.

This is because you do not believe that transgressing against His word is sin and that sin carries the death penalty.

All of this is because you did not fear Him enough to consider why we must obey Him.

You did exactly what we were commanded not to and you made other unrighteous images of Him to worship so that you did not have to learn His righteousness and obey Him.

And you bear the mark of the beast for having such a rebellious heart to tell your maker how it is like you do.

You bear this mark if you think that you do not need to obey the least of His commandments like wearing blue tassels on the corners of our garments.

You bear this mark if you think that it is okay to observe the traditions of men like christmas and easter and that it is okay to reject our Elohiym's appointed times like the Passover and His set apart Feasts?

Do you think that we do not need to set His new moon days aside to come before Him like we are instructed to?

Do you think that we do not need to purge out evil from our midst like He commanded us to do?

I could go on and on with this list because there is no end to the abominations that prevail in your midst.

If you are not crying and sighing over these abominations, then you bear the mark of your father the devil and the image of his name.

And this verse in Ezekiel and several other passages say that you are about ready to be slain if you will not turn from your abominations.

Rev 19:21

21 And those who remained (those without our Elohiym's mark) WERE SLAIN WITH THE SWORD WHICH PROCEEDED OUT OF HIS MOUTH OF HIM THAT SAT UPON THE HORSE and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

Yehshua said that all will be judged by His Father's word in the last day.

It is written;

Deut 27:26


It is recorded that when Yehshua returns this coming July that the sword that He will come with will be coming out of His mouth.

The sword is His Father's word.

It will smite all who bear the image of rebellion to His word.

He will smite all who reject His Father's righteousness.

We are told over and over again in the scriptures why YEHWEH would send the time of great affliction to the world.

One of these places that also tells us that I would be raised up and sent to you with this warning is;

Jer 6:17-19

17 I have raised a watchman unto you to tell you to give heed to the sound of the trumpet. But you say; WE WILL NOT GIVE HEED.

18 Therefore hear you nations, and know, O congregation (of Israel) who is among you.

19 Hear, O earth: behold, I WILL BRING CALAMITY upon this people because of the fruit of their imaginations (Lawlessness). THEY HAVE NOT HEARKENED TO MY WORD, NOR TO MY TORAH AND THEY REJECTED IT.

Most of you not only reject it, you scoff at it and even despise it.

Your boy Saul taught you that the Torah was a curse.

You chose to believe him instead of believing our Creator's Son because your hearts were rebellious.

You did not want to hearken to the voice of the Most High because you did not want to obey Him.

He gave us His Torah not only to teach us His righteousness but also to test us and to prove us and to refine us like gold and silver.

He created evil and put it here to give us a contradicting choice to His righteousness to choose between.

This is why He allowed for Saul of Tarsus to stand alongside of His word.

He not only allowed for it, He purposed for it to happen in order to help Him build His temple.

He used Saul just like He used Saul's father satan to test and refine those who became His first fruits.

And He used them to keep those who would listen to the voice of an imposter in captivity.

This was prophesied to happen to show that this whole process was all in His power.

Those who became His saints chose to hedge about His word and when they did, they saw the contradictions like Saul's writings and they fled from the voice of wolves.

This was part of the overcoming that they had to accomplish to become of this first harvest.

They chose to come to their Elohiym's call and they sought after His righteousness and sold out for His kingdom.

As they did this, He gave them eyes to see and ears to hear His voice by giving them His 7 spirits to guide them.

And they became His temple.

Now His temple is built and He is calling forth a people to become part of a later harvest into His family.

All who reject this call will be destroyed in the coming 140 days and most of this number will be destroyed on that last great day on July 19th.

And if you want to scoff and say that no man knows the day or the hour, you are simply scoffing at my Father's word because He and His Son said that the wise would know and that meat would be given in due season.

Isaiah 61 says that I would be sent to declare the day and the year of His vengeance.

But sadly this day will come upon most of you like a thief because you will scoff to your death, just like you scoff at the rest of His word.

But you sure don't scoff at your boy Saul's words do you?

You love his saved by grace apart from the works of the law doctrines don't you?

The problem for you is, if you would pull your head out of the sand, your beliefs call the Most High and His prophets and His Son liars.

Your beliefs proclaim that all of the prophesies for the last days and why the calamity is being sent are lies.

You say that our Messiah lied when He said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father's Torah.

You say that our Creator lied when He said over and over again why He would send His wrath.

So within your false beliefs, everyone in what you call your bibles are liars except for your boy Saul and his followers Luke and Mark.

And you are so in love with your uncircumcised hearts that you cannot even see your hypocrisy.

Well, all I can say for you is the sword is coming no matter how stiff-necked you want to remain.

It is coming in spite of what you believe.

And I am in agreement with my Father; slay them all who will not hearken to His word and choose to bear His name.

Are you in agreement with Him on this?

Which mark to you bear?