Satan knows that his days are numbered so he is "all in" in his efforts to deceive as many as he can in these last days.

He also has his servant's opposing the truth that is being restored any way that they can.

One person wrote me and asked me whether or not I knew that I was on the losing side.

He asked this question because he is aware that there is a huge worldwide push for people to give their hearts to who he believes the Messiah is.

The problem is christianity's messiah is satan's make believe messiah.

Sadly many are coming to satan's call to his many make believe versions of the messiah and they are rejecting YEHWEH Elohiym's call through His Son who was made to be His word.

What this person and the other people in christianity do not understand is my Father is not looking for quantity to be in His family.

He is looking for quality.

He is looking for those who desire His righteousness with all of their being.

This is why Yehshua said;

Matt 6:33

33 Seek first (in priority) the kingdom of Elohiym AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and all of these things will be added unto you.

We must seek our Elohiym's righteousness as our first priority.

I am going to go through some comments in this video that I have received in the last few days from those of you who are following satan's lies.

I am going to do this in order to show you that those of you who speak against the Torah are not interested in seeking our Creator's righteousness.

I will show you that you are indeed following the spirit of rebellion to our Elohiym's word.

This is satan's spirit.

He is your father and he is the father of lies.

Satan and his cronies were put here for a reason.

His servants have been allowed to broadcast their lies for a reason.

The reason is to test us and to prove us whether we will love our Elohiym and love His righteousness with our entire life and with all of our heart and mind.

Some who are helping spread the truth have written to tell me that satan's servants are coming at them with their slander as well.

One of these wrote me and said;

"I am amazed about how many christians write to me every day to tell me that YHWH's Torah is a cursed.

No matter what I say to them they do not listen. I tell them to please explain to me 1 John 3:4 but they do not.

1 John 3:4

4 Whosoever commits sin transgresses also the Torah because SIN IS THE TRANSGRESSION OF THE TORAH.

All they point out is Paul and his lies.

Most talk to me about love but tell me that I will go to hell if I keep defending the commandments.

First of all I know that their make believe hell is a lie, but I don't know why they talk about loving Yehshua if they hate so much His Father's commandments.
(This statement is a good question because Yehshua said that if we love Him, we will keep the commandments as He kept them and I'll share one of the places He said this in a little bit)

They write to me almost every day to accuse me of denying Yehshua because I say that we must obey YHWH's commandments.

(It really is incredible how willfully ignorant these people are because according to the scriptures, it is those who do not keep the commandments who are denying Yehshua and His Father.)

I am not perfect brother, but I do not know why they hate the Torah with all of their hearts.

I did not know this before, because I never hated YHWH's eternal laws.

But now I know that this has something to do with Paul.

Christianity is based on Paul's writings and not Yehshua.

This person is correct; christianity is indeed based on Saul's writings and not on the teachings of our Messiah.

My heart goes out to those of you who are being persecuted by Saul's followers like this but be strong because we have but a short season left to endure.

And soon they will all be purged out if they do not repent from their lawlessness.

Here are some typical comments that have I received from Saul's followers;

"The law is done away with. It no longer applies. All those who confess Yehshua with their mouth are saved"

This same person wrote me in another post about how he studies the scriptures with what he calls sound doctrine.

His belief is not found in the true scriptures that Yehshua testified to.

Here this man is quoting his boy Saul.

What he calls sound doctrine is merely the doctrine of men who have lawless, rebellious uncircumcised hearts.

Our Messiah was asked point blank what we must do in order to enter into eternal life.

Matt 19:17

17 And He said to him, why do you call me good? There is not one good but one, that is, Elohiym: If you desire to enter into eternal life, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS.

I certainly do not see him saying that if you desire to enter into eternal life to confess Him with your mouth in this verse when asked point blank, nor anywhere else.

You would think that maybe this might have been His answer if this was what we must do to have eternal life, especially with such an important question.

But it was not His answer, instead, He said keep the commandments.

As a matter of fact, He never said such a statement about confessing His name with our mouths ever, nor did any of the eye witnesses to what He said even remotely make such a claim.

Leave it to satan's boy Saul to come onto the scene years later with this blaspheme to divert people from the truth.

Another comment was;

"All those who believe that Jesus Christ is who he said he is, will live, and be saved from the day of wrath."

Where does this line of thinking come from?

It comes from the perverted doctrines of men.

It certainly does not come from the teachings of our Messiah according to the eyewitnesses.

Yehshua said in John 3:18 those who do not believe into His name will be condemned and His name, according to the word of Elohiym, is the word of Elohiym.

He was saying that those who do not believe into His Father's word that He became in His flesh will be condemned because this is the name that He was given.

A few verses later in verse 21 He describes that those who believe into His name will be doers of His Father's word in order to back this up.

So this person's comment about believing into who Yehshua said that He is (referring to being the son of Elohiym) and being saved is delusional and this person is being blasphemous to post such a comment.

Even the demons know that He is the Son of Elohiym.

They even called Him the Son of Elohiym as recorded in Matthew 8:29.

And for that matter, the person who made this post probably does not believe that Yehshua is who He said that He is anyway.

They probably believe that he is His father even though He said that He is His Father's Son.

You people who write me with these comments are incredibly full of hypocrisy.

Here is another comment;

"Those who believe are no longer under the Mosaic Law. It is done away with when Jesus died on the cross."

The verse that people like this sometimes quote to attempt to support this belief is Matthew 5:17.

They erroneously say that He said that He fulfilled the Torah.

If this is you, you would think that you might just read the following verse but you do not.

It says;

Matthew 5:18

For this reason, I say to you, truly, until heaven and earth pass away, NOT ONE JOT OR ONE TITTLE WILL PASS FROM THE TORAH until all is brought to pass (accomplished).

Are heaven and earth still here?

Look out the window.

Verse 17 says that He came to do what Isaiah prophesied that He would be sent to do.

Isaiah said that He would be sent to magnify the Torah and to make it glorious and He did.

Just read the following verses where He said that whoever teaches the commandments and does them will be named great in the kingdom.

Then He goes on to say that if a man even lusts after a woman he has committed adultery in his heart and other such magnifications of the Torah.

Is this fulfilling the Torah so that it does not need to be kept?

No, and to say so is blasphemous.

I will show you when Yehshua had His apostle John record when the Torah will no longer be needed.

It agrees with Matthew 5:18.

In His revelations to the Apostle John He said;

Rev 21:6

6 And he said unto me, it is done (it is accomplished).

This verse testifies to Matthew 5:18 to prove what I have spoken.

Just like Matthew recorded, this is when there is a new heaven and a new earth.

This is after the great white throne when all flesh will be no more and whoever is not given eternal life as a spirit being will be burnt up.

Folks, in order for you to believe that Yehshua fulfilled the Torah you have to pervert His Father's word to support your blasphemous belief.

And you have to do this with no regards for the very next verse and this shows your uncircumcised hearts.

And you have to reject everything that Yehshua taught about keeping the commandments and you have to reject the writings of the prophets.

All of the prophesies for the end days are about returning to the Torah with the statutes and judgments and to the paths of old.

How can these prophesies be true if Yehshua fulfilled them?

And if the prophesies are not true, then there is no messiah anyway because it is these same prophets who testified that He exists as the Messiah.

So the twisted logic that He did away with the Torah means that He did away with himself because it is the same writings of the prophets that tell us to return to the torah that also tell us that He is who He is.

Can't you see your hypocrisy?

Here is another comment;

"ALL who believe in Christ, in the virgin birth, that he lived in the flesh and rose WILL be in the rapture. This is sound doctrine"

This is the doctrine of deceived men who serve their father satan.

There is nothing sound, nor scriptural about it.

We have to believe into the Yehshua's name and His name is His Father's word.

His word says so.

This means that we have to believe into His Father's word, period.

The rapture itself is a false doctrine anyway, at least the way that christianity depicts it.

Yehshua will return and the 144,000 first fruits will be caught up to join Him when He returns.

And when this happens, the 7 vials will be poured out on the inhabitants of the earth minus those who have repented who will be delivered into the millennium.

This is what the scriptures plainly teach.

Anything else is from the doctrines of men who do not keep the commandments.

And we are told who the saints are.

These men who have made these false doctrines up are not the saints according to the measuring rod;

Rev 14:12

12 Here is the continuance of the saints: here are they that KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF YEHWEH ELOHIYM AND THE SAME FAITH AS YEHSHUA.

Unlike those of you who write me these comments, Yehshua's faith was He believed the writings of the prophets so much so that He became them in the flesh.

His faith was that we must live by His Father's every word.

You folks who believe that you do not have to keep the Torah have a different faith.

Your faith is in Saul of the tares who my Father's word has defined is the abomination of desolation.

Here is another one;

"Whether you try to keep the carnal commandments or not does not take away that you and others of the circumcision group are still counted as law breakers.

It also does not take away the fact that you are on death row because you are counted as law breakers who break these laws daily.

Now where is your confidence in your after the flesh deeds if you are still facing death.

You have made Christ Jesus to no avail in your life."

I look forward to my Father's wrath being poured out on this person for calling His word carnal if he will not repent.

Yehshua the true Messiah was made to be His Father's word in the flesh and He bears His Father's word as His name.

This is who my Messiah is and this is who I follow.

This is who's blood is atoning for my transgressions and it is real blood.

The blathering person who wrote me these words is bathing in make believe blood from a make believe messiah that he calls jesus christ.

My Messiah said to that we must keep His Father's commandments if we are going to enter into eternal life in His Father's family.

He said that He is the only way and commanded me to follow Him and He is His Father's word.

This means that we must follow His Father's word, the same word that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from it until heaven and earth as we know it pass away and there is a new heaven and a new earth according to His revelation to the Apostle John.

I have a window so I will keep obeying the Torah because when I look out, I do not see the new heaven and new earth yet and I still see people here in the flesh, including myself.

This man has the nerve to calls the commandments carnal.

Did our Messiah or any of the prophets speak such a thing?

This sounds an awful a lot like his boy Saul calling them a curse.

All I read is that those who keep them will be blessed.

Here is what a man who is after my Father's own heart says about the Torah;

Ps 19:7

7 YEHWEH'S TORAH IS PERFECT at converting the soul (circumcising our hearts): the testimony of YEHWEH is sure, making wise the simple.

David delighted in the Torah.

He meditated on it day and night.

I delight in the Torah.

I meditate on it day and night.

The rest of the saints do and did the same.

I wonder why you in christianity do not?

This is a fair question; after all, Jeremiah tells us what will happen to those who enter into the renewed covenant.

He says;

Jer 31:33

33 But this will be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; after those days, says YEHWEH, I WILL PUT MY "TORAH" IN THEIR INWARD PARTS AND WRITE IT IN THEIR HEARTS; and will be their Elohiym, and they will be my people.

This is the reason why Yehshua shed His blood for us.

He shed His blood so that this could happen and we could receive our Elohiym's 7 spirits to accomplish this in our hearts and minds.

For those of you who think that you are in the renewed covenant and you are not meditating on His Torah and delighting in it, you are deceived because you have allowed yourselves to become willfully delusional.

Your belief is a contradiction to the scriptures.

Another person wrote;

"The sacrifice of the lamb of God was a bail bond paid in full as a gift by the Grace of God.

Christ Jesus is the creator who created all life and came in flesh to die so that you can live."

If you believe this, you call both Yehshua and His Father liars.

Yehshua clearly called His Father His Father and His Father clearly said that this is my beloved Son in who I am well pleased.

To say otherwise is to say that they lied.

If you want more proof on this subject, you can watch the "Is Yehshua YEHWEH" 2 part video.

As far as who Yehshua's blood paid the price for He said;

John 15

13 Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.

14 You are my friends "IF" YOU DO WHATSOEVER I COMMAND YOU.

It is impossible to refute that He commanded us to live by His Father's every word just as He did.

We are to follow Him.

Those of you who claim that His blood is being applied on your behalf apart from doing what He commanded are delusional.

According to His own wards, you are not His friends; therefore He did not die for you.

He said this the night before He was killed.

He told us who He was laying His life down for.

You have chosen your friends poorly.

You have chosen to make the rebellious Saul of the tares and his father satan your friends.

Yehshua said;

John 14:21

21 He that has my commandments and keeps them, IT IS HE THAT LOVES ME: and he that loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and will manifest myself to him.

One thing is for sure; none of you saved by grace apart from obeying our Elohiym ever send me verses like these.

They are absent from your theology yet they are the word of the Most High and they are His Son's words as recorded by eye witnesses.

Instead, you quote your boy Saul.

Or at best you will sometimes quote an isolated verse like John 3:16 without quoting the verses that follow it that define it like verse 18 that says you will be condemned for not believing into His name which is His Father's word.

Or, like I said earlier, sometimes some of you quote a mistranslated form of Matthew 5:17 with no regard to the next verse and no regard to the rest of the scriptures that prove what Yehshua was saying in verse 17 about magnifying His Father's Torah.

But for the most part, like the person that wrote me with the letter that I started with said, you just quote your boy Saul.

His writings are your theology with no regard to the rest of the scriptures that Yehshua testified to be true.

You do not quote the writings of the prophets that were recorded for the last days.

You cannot because if you did, they are all about returning to the Torah.

So you just ignore them.

This is willful rebellion to my Father's word.

If you would just step away from your cesspool you would see that by omitting these prophesies, you are erasing the proof that Yehshua is the Messiah.

But you are too willfully ignorant to see this.

Here is another comment;

"by claiming your keeping of the commandments you have rejected the gift from God and His Spirit the lord of the Sabbath who sanctifies you in His rest day by clothing you with the white garment of resurrection."

Where do you guys keep coming up with these delusional blasphemes?

For this one I will just quote the prophet Isaiah concerning returning to the Sabbaths in the the last days;

Isa 58:12-14

12 And from you He will build the vanished places that were made desolate: and He will rise up the foundation of many generations and you will be called THE REPAIRER OF THE BREACH, THE RESTORER OF PATHS TO DWELL IN.

13 IF YOU WILL TURN YOUR FEET TO THE SABBATH AND DO MY DESIRE ON MY SET APART DAY AND CALL THE SABBATH A DELIGHT, the sanctified of YEHWEH, and glorify it; and glorify His path (Torah), and attain His desire by speaking His words:

14 Then you will delight upon YEHWEH; and you will ride upon the high places of the earth and I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father: BECAUSE THE MOUTH OF YEHWEH HAS SPOKEN IT.

Verse 12 shows that He is clearly speaking about returning to the paths of old in the last days and verse 13 separates out the Sabbaths as an example.

If you want to refute this, dying you will die.

How can we return in the last days to that which Yehshua done away with?

If you people want to write me and tell me that the Sabbaths are done away with, you are testifying against yourselves in the court and my Father's word is the judge.

Your belief is willful rebellion to His word and it is the mark of your father the devil and the number of his name.

His Sabbaths are a sign of who are His children forever.

This person when onto add;

"Then you are not a Christian because you rely on human effort for your salvation"

I stopped calling myself by the blasphemous religion of christianity's name years ago when I found out how abominable their beliefs are.

I follow the true Messiah, the one who became His Father's word in the flesh.

And I live my life hungering to become His Father's word in my flesh by following His Son's example.

Another comment was;

"BTW you break the law; I don't think one of the 2 witnesses will be a glutton"

He said this because he ascertained from the videos that I am heavy.

I replied to him with the following scripture;

Matt 11:18-19

18 Because John came neither eating nor drinking and they say he has a devil.

19 The Son of man came eating and drinking and they say, BEHOLD A GLUTTONOUS MAN AND A WINEBIBBER, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.

He wrote me back and said Yehshua was not overweight and not a winebibber.

I have to agree with him on this.

John the Baptist was sent in the spirit of Elijah neither eating as men do nor drinking alcohol.

Yehshua said that Elijah would indeed still come and he would restore all things.

This means that one would be sent in the spirit of Elijah to restore all things.

The prophesy about the offering of righteousness that is found in Malachi 3 being fulfilled through me and other prophesies that are being fulfilled through me proves that I am he that would be sent in the spirit of Elijah.

The phase the Son of man is representative of a prophet throughout the scriptures.

Yehshua was speaking a prophesy for the second one who would be sent in the spirit of Elijah.

I have already been called a wine bibber by some of you in Christianity and now I have been called a glutton as well by one of satan's servants.

Sometimes Yehshua did refer to himself as the Son of man as well because He was also a prophet who was fulfilling prophesy.

The person who wrote this about the glutton also wrote;

 "You also don't wish to debate scriptures with me because you would be exposed for the lies you hold to.

I can quote psalms, Isaiah, john, revelations, etc... that prove you lie."

I can assure that this person cannot do expose anything that I have spoken as lies or he would have tried to.

He cannot because I have spoken my Father's words and He does not lie.

Like all of satan's servant's, this man wants to spar at the truth with Saul's writings and with his doctrines that came from men who are led by their father the devil.

At best he would have twisted and manipulated isolated verses with no regards to the prophesies of the prophets about returning to the Torah in the last days.

And he certainly would not have quoted Yehshua's writings as recorded by the eye witnesses.

There is no point in debating with you followers of Saul.

It is a pointless exercise.

This man exposed his know it all arrogant attitude in this post and in another post when he also boasted about his so-called knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek languages, etc.

What is the point in speaking to any of you if you reject the proof that my Father has given to us in His word that He has sent me?

These people are all riled up because I have spoken against their boy Saul who has led billions into lawlessness.

I have given overwhelming and irrefutable proof in these videos that he was false.

The proof comes from the measuring rod that we must measure all things with.

The same measuring rod offers overwhelming and irrefutable proof that our Creator has plucked me out of the fire to witnesses against you in christianity and against your uncircumcised hearts.

This person went on to tell me;

"you better watch out buddy, if you are leading people astray by twisting scriptures then you will have the greater condemnation.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."

It is a fearful thing indeed to fall into the hands of the living Elohiym and this man and many of you are about ready to find this out if you do not repent.

I certainly do not fear falling into the hands of the god of christianity because it is not a living Elohiym.

He is a make believe deity that does not exist.

You see, I can say this with boldness because I believe my Messiah.

And I believe His Father's prophets.

I do not believe Saul because he had a different path and my Father commended us to stone such a man.

He is the one who twisted the scriptures, not me.

This man quoted Saul saying;

"shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?? GOD FORBID!"      

Saul spoke with a forked tongue like all serpents' do.

Just look at this man's hypocrisy who wrote this.

Out of one corner of his hypocritical mouth he tells me that I am the one who will be condemned because I say that we must live by the Torah and then out of the other corner of his hypocritical mouth he says that his boy Saul tells us to keep the Torah.

By his own standards his boy Saul should be condemned but he is too simple to even see that this is what he is saying.

This is exactly how the snake Saul spoke.

All serpents twist the truth and they lie unto it.

Can't you see the hypocrisy?

They mix in truth with their lies and they say that what they spoke is the truth because it contains some truth.

A part truth is a lie.

This man said that I reject the blood of our Messiah.

No, I reject the make believe blood of a make believe messiah that most of you believe into.

My Messiah has real blood and I embrace Him and I love Him and I live my life to not trample His blood underfoot.

I'll repeat a verse that I had on the screen a few minutes ago;

John 14:21

21 He that has my commandments and keeps them, IT IS HE THAT LOVES ME: and he that loves me shall be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

Well, that is enough comments for today.

The rest are similar anyway.

They all come from Saul's boys and girls or from those caught up in the blasphemous traditions of Judaism.

And they all come in their own name with these comments.

Folks, instead of writing me and telling me that I am wrong, why don't you fear your Elohiym enough to examine the evidence that He had His prophets record that prove that He has sent me?

It is irrefutable proof.

His wrath is at the door so He is suggesting that you quit telling His servant that He is wrong and start hearkening to what He is speaking through His servant.

As I said in the beginning, satan's servants are stirred up and they are looking to lead as many into their false salvation hopes as they can in these last days.

Our Elohiym is not looking for those of you who will believe satan.

He is looking for those of you who will desire His righteousness with all of your being.

He is looking for those of you who want your hearts circumcised by His instructions.

This is who He is looking for to be in His eternal family.

He is looking for quality not quantity.