Approximately one third of the world confesses with their mouth that the man who walked out of the tomb in Jerusalem just about 1,982 years ago was the Messiah spoken of in the writings of the prophets.

Most of these people call Him a name that came from pagan origins.

They call Him Jesus Christ.

Others call Him other perversions of His name.

But the name that they call Him by in an audible way is not their biggest abomination.

Their biggest abomination is nearly all have a false image of who His character is and what His name represents.

Others even audible His name correctly but still confess a totally false image of Him and they do the same with His Father.

He was made to be His Father's word in the flesh and He was given the name the word of Elohiym.

It is His Father's word that will be proceeding out of His mouth as a sword when He returns.

It is His Father's word that will consume all who oppose it.

Yehshua said;

John 12:48

48 He that sets me aside (and His name is His Father's word), and does not seize my sayings has one that judges him: THE WORD (His Father's word that testifies to His righteousness) that I have spoken, THE SAME WILL JUDGE HIM IN THE LAST DAY.

The word that Yehshua is speaking of is His Father's word and it is what will judge every one.

It is His word that testifies to His righteous character that Yehshua became in the flesh.

We are commanded to become His word in our flesh as well.

It is His word that measured and built those who became His first fruits that are His temple.

For those of you who live apart from His word and you think that you are going to be given eternal life in His family, you simple have your head buried in the sand.

Most all of you do not obey anything that Yehshua said yet you think that His blood is atoning for you.

How is it possible for you to believe this?

The night before He was killed, Yehshua said that He was going to lay down His life for His friends and in the next verse He told us who His friends are.

He said that they are those who obey the commandments.

Why do you think that His blood is atoning for you if you are refusing to obey the commandments?

The sword that will be proceeding out of His mouth when He returns is His Father's word.

We must be confessing His word in our flesh or we will be condemned for not doing so.

His word says so.

Yehshua said;

Matthew 13:41

The Son of man will send forth His angels and they will gather out from His kingdom all who CAUSE OTHERS TO STUMBLE FROM MY FATHER'S WORD and THOSE WHO DO NOT OBEY MY FATHER'S WORD;

Why do most of you refuse to believe Him?

Can't you folks see that you are following a make believe image of our Messiah?

If you do not believe that this is what He said in this verse, you simply do not have His Father's 7 spirits guiding you because this is what the accompanying parables taught.

The false apostle Saul of Tarsus said that all anyone needs to do is confess the messiah's name with their mouth and believe in their hearts that His Father resurrected Him form the dead and they will be saved.

This is such an obvious lie it is not even funny yet most believe this.

Even the demons confess that Yehshua is the messiah with their mouths and they know in their hearts that Elohiym resurrected Him.

They saw the event first hand.

A couple of them said to Him in Matthew chapter 8:29; Son of Elohiym, have you come to torment us before the time?

They knew that He was the son of Elohiym and they knew that He was resurrected by Him.

Are they going to have eternal life in the kingdom?

Of course not.

But according to your boy Saul's definition they are.

Folks, why do you want to follow a liar like Saul who came with a different path to the kingdom?

I will tell you why;

It is because you are a rebellious, stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts.

My Father's word has no place in your hearts.

His word testifies that Saul's and his writings are the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet.

His word says that anyone who comes with a different path must be put to death.

Saul came with a different path by His own admission.

His fruit proves this.

Yehshua told us that the fruit of the wolves would be lawlessness.

There are over 2 billion people alive today who follow Saul's teachings who do not live by our Elohiym's word because of his teachings.

If this is not proof enough for you, you are being willfully ignorant.

The scriptures say that anyone who leads one other person to a different path than keeping the commandments needs to be put to death.

And Saul has led billions astray for the last 1,900 plus years with his blasphemes.

We must confess who Yehshua was and is in our flesh, not just with our mouths.

And He was and is His Father's word.

I have gone over the verses in 1 John 4 several times in these videos because it is such an important topic to have correct.

They are about confessing Yehshua in our flesh.

Our eternal life depends on having this right.

John said;

1 John 4:2-3

2 Hereby you can know the SPIRIT of Elohiym: EVERY SPIRIT WHOSE WORD (LOGOS or CHARACTER) IS IN AGREEMENT WITH THE WORD (LOGOS) OF Yehshua the Messiah AND HIS WORD (CHARACTER) IS APPEARING IN THEIR FLESH (meaning is evidenced by their actions) is of Elohiym:

3 and every SPIRIT WHOSE WORD (LOGOS or CHARACTER) IS NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH Yehshua's "WORD" (LOGOS OR CHARACTER) IS NOT of Elohiym: and this is that SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST, whereof you have heard that it should come; AND EVEN NOW IS ALREADY IN THE WORLD.

John is saying that anyone who is not walking in a covenant relationship in their flesh or in their actions with the same word that Yehshua was in a covenant relationship with in His flesh is of the spirit of Anti-messiah.

If you do not believe that this is what John was saying in these verses, you simply have a different spirit guiding you than Elohiym's 7 spirits.

If you think that it is me that has it wrong and all you need to do is confess Yehshua's name with your mouth, you will die in your sins.

And this will happen soon because my Father's wrath is at the door.

His word backs this up.

The Greek word that is translated as confess in these verses and elsewhere is the word homologeo.

Here is the Strong's definition of the word;


homologeo (hom-ol-og-eh'-o); from a compound of the base of NT:3056 and NT:3674; to assent to, i.e. to COVENANT with

#3056 is the Greek word logos and #3674 means at the same place or together or in one accord.


Anyone who is of the spirit of Elohiym is anyone who is in a covenant with the same word that Yehshua became in the flesh.

This is because with the renewed covenant, His word is written in our hearts and in our inward parts and we are living it in our flesh.

And this covenant is manifested by the same word Yehshua became in the flesh being manifested in our flesh.

If not, you are in opposition to Yehshua and why He shed His blood therefore you are anti-messiah.

Some of you might be thinking what about John 3:16.

Most of you base your entire belief structure on John 3:16 by itself along with the teachings of the abomination of desolation.

If you would just read the verses that follow John 3:16 He tells us what believing into Yehshua the Messiah means.

Just two verses later He says;

John 3:18

18 He that believes "INTO" the word of Elohiym is not condemned: but he that does not believe "INTO" the word of Elohiym IS CONDEMNED ALREADY, because he has not believed "INTO" "THE NAME" OF THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF ELOHIYM.

His name is His Father's word.

Folks, this is just two verses after John 3:16 that most of you love to quote.

Most of you live like Saul's writings and an isolated verse here or an isolated verse there trump the rest of the word.

It does not work this way.

Living His word is living it line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little.

The word of Elohiym is the name that the Son of the Most High was given;

Revelation 19:13;

13 And He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood and HIS NAME IS CALLED THE WORD OF ELOHIYM.

Our Elohiym's word was made to be flesh and dwelt among us.

Believing into Him is believing into His Father's word.                                                       

Confessing His name is confessing His Father's word.

Most of you in christianity confess with your mouths that His Father's word is true but you do not live it.

Can't you see your hypocrisy?

John 3:18 says that you will be condemned if you do not believe into His word.

Do you really think that your confession of the Messiah's name is real if you are not living what His name is in your flesh?

Your confession in your flesh proves that you do not believe our Creator's word.

You are not in agreement with His word.

Most of you do not believe that He has sent me.

This proves that you do not believe His word because it gives us irrefutable proof that He has sent me.

Most of you do not even believe simple things like what sin is.

Sin is transgression of His Torah.

His word says so and this cannot be refuted.

But your actions do not confess that you believe this.

If they did, you would be fighting to not transgress against His Torah.

You would be fighting to learn it and obey it.

If you believed Yehshua then you would live by His Father's every word because He commanded us to.

If you believe Him, you would acknowledge that you do not have His Father's 7 spirits because He said that His Father will give us His spirit to guide us if we keep His commandments.

I could go on and on with examples like these to prove that most of you do not believe Him.

You do not believe His Father or His prophets.

You say that you do but your actions in your flesh confess that you are in agreement or in a covenant with the wolves in sheep's clothing like Saul of the tares instead.

Your covenant is that you do not need to keep the commandments in order to have eternal life.

This is in direct opposition to what Yehshua taught.

He was asked point blank what we must do to have eternal life and He answered point blank.

He said; keep the commandments.

I have people who write me and tell me but I do keep the commandments.

In just a short dialog with most of them you will find out that they pick and choose what to obey at best.

Most ignore all of them altogether.

How is this confessing Elohiym's word in your flesh?

His word says woe to the one who bears His name falsely or a desolating way.

This is the 3rd commandment that was written on the tablets of stone.

He says that He will not hold the one who does this guiltless.

This means that we are commanded to bear His name in our flesh as His Son bears His name.

His word defines His name.

His word defines His righteousness that His name represents.

Whose name do you think you are bearing if you are rebelling against His word?

I will tell you;

You are bearing the name of your father the devil.

You can deny this all that you want to.

Denying this will not make this not true.

My Father's word testifies that you are of your father the devil if you are rebelling against His word.

You are bearing the mark of the beast and His word witnesses to this.

It is the spirit of rebellion that is telling you that the commandments were done away with or that you do not need to obey the Torah with the statutes and judgments.

For those of you who lie to yourselves and say that you are obeying His commandments; which ones are you obeying?

Are you attempting to worship Him on a fixed day of the week on man's calendar such as Saturday or Sunday?

If you are, you have no regard for His word because His word defines when His weekly and annual appointed times are.

His word testifies that they are based on His calendar and not on man's calendar that satan inspired them to use.

Be careful telling me that I am wrong because as I said, His word testifies that He has raised me up to be His prophet.

His word says that He has put His word in my mouth.

If you are telling me that I am wrong, you are telling Him that He is wrong.

He is suggesting that you give heed to what He has given to me to speak.

If you do not give heed, His wrath is coming your way;

Jer 6:17-19

17 I have raised a watchman unto you to tell you to give heed to the sound of the trumpet. But they said; WE WILL NOT GIVE HEED.

18 Therefore hear you nations, and know, O congregation (of Israel) who is among you.

19 Hear, O earth: behold, I WILL BRING CALAMITY upon this people because of the fruit of their imaginations. THEY HAVE NOT HEARKENED TO MY WORD, NOR TO MY TORAH, BUT REJECTED (despised) IT.

The other prophets recorded the same thing thus testifying to these words in Jeremiah.

He is sending His wrath because man-kind rejected His Torah.

If I am false in saying this, then not only is Jeremiah false because he recorded this in these verses and elsewhere, but the other prophets are false as well.

And if they are false, then there is no such thing as a messiah and your salvation hopes are false anyway.

If the writings of the prophets are false, then there is no messiah.

Can't you get this through your thick heads?

Can't you understand that you cannot pick and choose what to believe?

The truth testifies to itself.

It is the most willfully ignorant thing you can do to say that you believe that the writings of the prophets are true but then not believe what they said.

The prophesies for the end days are about our Elohiym sending me to tell you to return to His Torah.

The writings of the prophets were about not departing from the Torah in the first place but they also recorded that it would happen and that someone would be sent telling you to return to it.

Even Yehshua said that one would come in the spirit of Elijah to restore all things.

What "all things" was He talking about restoring?

Folks, if you cannot accept that you had better start confessing YEHWEH Elohiym's word in your flesh, you will soon be purged out.

This warning was prophesied to be sent to you.

Not only in these verses in Jeremiah but elsewhere.

There was a whole song that we were commanded to know and to teach our children.

This song is in Deuteronomy 32 and it was given to each of us be a testimony against us in the last days if we turned from His Torah.

But you ignored His commandment to know this song just as you ignored most all of His commandments and now His judgment is at the door.

But you can repent and choose life.

What is it going to be?

Life or death?

Blessings or cursings?

Deut 27:26


Did YEHWEH Elohiym who changes not change His instructions?

Did He all of the sudden not require us to become as He is through living His word?

Did His word that endures forever go away?

Yehshua said that His Father's Torah would not go away until heaven and earth are no more.

YEHWEH Elohiym said that He would send a renewed covenant through His Son's blood where He would write His Torah in our hearts and in our inward parts.

He did not say that it was going to go away.

It is perfect at circumcising our hearts.

He is telling you through me that the time of man's self-rule under satan's tutelage is coming to an end.

If you want to be delivered into the millennium rule of His Son and His first fruits, repent, because the time is at hand.

If you want to cleave unto your false doctrines and continue to follow your boy Saul and his father satan, this is your choice, prepare to die in your sins.