Folks, this really is so simple.

Our Creator's word proves itself.

I have spoken in times past about how His creation testifies to His word and how His word proves who His two witnesses are.

Today I am going to reverse this and speak about how His two witnesses prove that the writings of the prophets are His word.

Yehshua said;

John 18:37

You ask how I am a king. Into this cause I was born and into this cause I came into the world in order TO BE A WITNESS TO THE TRUTH. ALL WHO ARE OF THE TRUTH HEAR MY VOICE.

And He told His disciples the night before that the truth is His Father's word.

This is recorded in John 17:17.

He says here in this verse that all who are of the truth hear His voice.

And He says elsewhere that those who hear His voice follow Him.

This means that all who are of His Father's word hear the truth and they follow Him and He was made to be His Father's word in the flesh.

For those of you who think that He replaced the need for us to have to live by His Father's every word, you are willfully delusional.

Yesterday I received yet another e-mail from someone who claims to be the other witness and today I received another email from a follower of another self-proclaiming prophet for the end time.

One thing that all of the false witnesses and false prophets have in common is they all come in their own name with their own works.

Our Creator's word does not bear witness of them, it testifies against them.

Yet these false prophets will pick up steam in the coming days because people are going to be searching for answers as things intensify.

And they are poised to deceive many.

Many will want to hear their false messages about their false paths to be delivered because their messages are more palatable to the masses than the truth is.

Most will not turn to our Elohiym's righteousness because they will not want it.

The history of man proves this.

People ask me why will people believe this guy that calls himself lord ra-el when he is such an obvious fraud.

The reason is simple.

It is because if they follow what he is saying, they can continue in their sin and think that they will still be given salvation.

He teaches things like homosexuality is okay and sex outside of marriage is okay as long as it is consentual.

And people are going to want to accept this much more than accepting the truth that the unrepentant homosexual and the unrepentant adulterer must be put to death.

People do not want this truth.

All of these false servants will be riding on the shirt tail of the coming time of affliction because they are poised to do so and they will lead many to the lake of fire.

False prophet Ron Weinland has resumed his radio interviews and he will grow in world recognition as well as we move forward.

The other day he had a new post on his website where he actually had the nerve to say that the reason why our Creator is sending His wrath is because man has rebelled against His ways.

He is correct, but Ron himself does not obey our Elohiym's word.

Since I will be quoting him today, I'll use the word god that he calls our Creator by since this is the word that he uses and I am just quoting him.

Even his use of such a word is an abomination.

His exact words were;

"Mankind is filled with pride and finds it easy to either slant and twist God's truth to fit his own ways (as in Judaism, Islam, and traditional Christianity) or to create his own religion (or none at all) that fully rejects any connection to the God of Abraham."

He is certainly correct but talk about hypocrisy gone wild.

I do not know of one thing that he practices correctly from the Torah except maybe the clean and unclean food laws.

I know what Ron believes.

He certainly cannot say that he is not an adulterer, for an example, because his fornication with our maker is off the charts.

As I was being called out of the captivity, my Father drug me through his camp to see the depths of satan's snares.

I fell into satan's Saturday net for a short season and I believed one of Ron's signs instead of measuring all things with the measuring rod.

Ron has some clever arguments that he claims are signs that he is the end-time prophet, the problem is, they are not from the measuring rod that was given to us.

It is important to understand that satan and his servants like Ron and Saul of Tarsus and all of the other false shepherds are actually serving our Creator.

They are here and allowed to put forth their abominations by design.

They are helping Him build His family.

He not only allows for them to exist, He allows for them to put forth their lies to test and to prove those who will become His saints.

The test is, will we believe Him or will we believe satan's servants and who will we follow.

He demands that we follow His Son and His son represents and became His word.

This means that we must become His word as well.

His word bears witness to His righteousness.

This means that we must follow His word in order to become and bear witness to His righteousness.

Ron hangs his hat on a fact that a man named Joseph Tkach Sr. died exactly 40 weeks after he gave a sermon allowing for Sunday worship instead of Saturday worship in his organization.

This is his primary sign because he says that this sign testifies that this man was the man of sin that Saul spoke of.

Our Creator does use the number 40 to stamp His involvement in things and He certainly gives and takes away life.

But Satan can take away life as well if our Elohiym allows for him to.

We read this in the book of Job.

Satan was commanded to not take Job's life.

Satan uses our Creator's signs in his counterfeits.

He is sometimes allowed to because he is serving our Elohiym.

It is just that he perverts His signs or rides them to set up his snares.

Satan the slickster has gone to much effort to set up all of his nets and he has some very clever traps set up for these last days.

But when you believe the measuring rod, they are not clever at all.

They are easy to identify.

However, those of you who do not want our Creator's righteousness will be swept into these snares.

And this is why he was allowed to set them up.

Our Elohiym does not want those who will not hearken to His voice and obey Him in His family.

We have to let Him tell us who is from Him and who is from their father the devil.

Satan and his servants were put here to help separate out the tares.

Ron also has other signs and wonders besides Tkach's death that his father satan has led him to set up.

One of these is he says that the 1,335 days that Daniel speaks of is the time between the 2008 Memorial of Acclamations that he erroneously calls the feast of trumpets and the day that he claims that our Messiah will return.

There are major problem with his figuring once again with this sign because he has let satan teach him how our Creator's appointed times our determined.

He does not hearken to the instructions that are found in the scriptures for these dates because he does not use our Creator's calendar.

He is actually 53 days off for the Feast of First Fruits that he calls pentecost.

He calls the Feast of First Fruits pentecost because his boy Saul of tarsus's follower Luke called it this.

He uses the teachings of Satan's servants to teach him how to obey our Creator; therefore he himself is satan's servant.

All of these false teachings and snares have all been allowed for to test those who would fight to become our Elohiym's children and to prove us.

Ron also said in his post;

"Indeed, Babylon describes every way mankind has chosen, while fully rejecting God's true ways."

His hypocrisy makes me want to vomit.

Come on Ron, send me an e-mail and tell me what you do obey besides the clean and unclean food laws.

You certainly cannot say that you do not lie because nearly everything that comes out of your filthy mouth is a lie.

If you say that you obey the Sabbath, you are a flat out lying here as well.

My Father's word proves that His Sabbaths are based on His cycles of the moon yet you threaten to throw out anyone in your organization that even mentions the lunar cycle.

The proof that He gave us of true calendar is irrefutable yet you reject His word on this subject along with nearly everything else that does not fit your pre-conceived beliefs that you got from your deceived mentor H. W. Armstrong.

You are in captivity in Babylon yourself because you do indeed reject His ways.

Ron, if you obeyed the command to set aside the New Moons each month and to worship on them as we are commanded to, you would realize that the weekly Sabbaths cannot be on a fixed day on the pagan calendar.

But you do not obey this command so you cannot see this.

Ron, where is your beard anyway?

And where are you blue tassels?

These are Elohiym's ways Ron, He said so

He also said;

"Throughout this period (referring to the 6,000 years of man), God's ways have continually been resisted, misrepresented, mocked, slandered, and disobeyed."

Right again Ron, but you yourself are on the top of the pile of manure in this category.

Ron, I have heard you mock my Father's ways.

I have even heard you mock people for putting up the commands on their door posts and things like this.

I have heard you and your elders mock head coverings.

Ron, it just so happens that my Father's word says that His end-time prophet would be sent forward with the command for people to cover their heads in the last days if they are going to return to Him.

And you have the nerve to mock His ways like this yet still tell others that they are mocking His ways.

You are the king of hypocrisy.

Shame on you Ronnie boy for running your mouth against my Father's word like this.

The command for us to cover our heads at this time is a sign that His true servant was to be sent with in the last days as one of the proofs that He has sent them.

Ron, why didn't you come forward with this sign instead of mocking it?

He has sent this sign forward Ron and it did not come from you.

He said that when this sign comes forth, we can know that it is Him that sent it.

And you have the nerve to write a post that tells people that His wrath is coming because they have disobeyed and misrepresented His word.

Can't you see your hypocrisy?

Ron, it turns out that you are proving to be the biggest hypocrite on the planet.

The vomit that spews out of your mouth is incredible.

At least most of the rest of the world who resist, misrepresent, mock, slander, and disobey His word are not claiming to be His prophet like you are.

Ron said in his post;

"God has repeatedly declared how He has sent His prophets and servants into the world, but that none will listen."

Yes Ron, He has and when I came to you to tell you that He had sent me, you would not listen either.

Nor do you listen to any of the rest of His prophets including His first born Son.

Your blasphemes makes me sick and they make my Father sick.

Ron, your Saturday Sabbath is just as much of an abomination and just as much of a part of the mark of the beast as Sunday worship is.

I am calling for you to repent and to stop leading your flock to the slaughter.

This subject fits into the topic of this video because like I said earlier, the two witnesses prove that the words of the prophets are our Creator's word.

Yehshua testified to the writings of the prophets and not only that, He proved them to be true.

Just the fact that He fulfilled all of the prophesies that were written about Him proves His Father's word to be true.

The same goes with the second witness.

He has sent me to do the same.

Yehshua said;

John 10:37-38

37 IF I DON'T DO THE WORKS OF MY FATHER, then don't believe me.

38 But if I do, even though you do not believe me, BELIEVE THE WORKS SO THAT YOU MAY KNOW AND BELIEVE that the Father is in me, and I am in Him.

His works proved that He was sent by His Father.

The works that He came with were pre-recorded by the prophets.

The people back then who did not believe that He was the Messiah agreed that they believed the writings of the prophets, yet they did not believe that Yehshua was the Messiah even though these works proved that He was.

This is happening all over again with the 2nd witness and it only takes two in our Elohiym's court.

This is all about believing His word and obeying His word.

The works that both Yehshua and I were sent with prove that the writings of the prophets are true because no man could have fulfilled them if they were not sent by our Elohiym.

The guy who wrote to me yesterday saying that he is one of the witnesses is just like Ron and just like all of the rest of satan's servants.

Their works do not match the works that were recorded that the 2nd witness would be sent with.

Our Elohiym's prophets were very detailed in their description of both of the two witnesses so we could know who they are when they were sent.

They did not leave any of this up to guess work and the description of the two prophets that they pre-recorded not only proves who they are, the description of their works is so detailed that they prove that the writings of the prophets are our Creator's words as well.

They bear witness to each other.

It really is fascinating because it was all set up were the works could not be counterfeited.

Satan could and did counterfeit things like the use of numbers and symbolism like pyramids and such.

He does this in order to make his deceptions effective.

He is the deceiver and he is good at it.

He didn't deceive the whole world by not being a slickster.

But he was not allowed to produce a counterfeit of the works that the two witnesses were to be sent with.

He has been allowed to produce many counterfeits of the two witnesses though, but he could not duplicate the works that were pre-recorded that they would bring.

For this reason, their works testify to our Creator's word.

The two witnesses have been sent to bear witness to the truth and to stand before YEHWEH Elohiym and the whole earth.

The other prophets were sent with prophesies and many of their prophesies describe the two witnesses.

And many of their prophesies point to these last days.

My question for Ronnie boy and the rest of you false prophets is, why don't your works match these prophesies?

Why is it that none of you have brought forth the 5 point sign that Ezekiel prophesied that the one who was to be delivered out of the captivity was to be sent with?

And just the fact that no one has ever brought forth this sign and one has now testifies that the writings of the prophets are true.

Otherwise someone else would have brought forth this sign and the other signs as a counterfeit but they could not because it was not allowed.

This proves His word.

Why is it that none of you have come forward with the offering of righteousness that Malachi recorded that the end time servant would be sent with?

The same thing goes, this has not been hidden, yet no counterfeit has existed to this sign either, thus again proving my Father's word.

Why is it that none of you have turned the water into blood when this too is so simple and foundational and this proves the writings of John to be true?

Why is it that none of you are telling your flocks and the scattered nations of Israel to return to the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments?

After all, Malachi said the end time servant would come with this message.

Why are you not telling people to return to the paths of old and why aren't you building up the waste places and restoring all things as was recorded?

Why not when this is what the prophets of old said would happen in the last days?

John 8:45-47


46 Which of you convicts me of sin? AND IF I SAY THE TRUTH, WHY DO YOU NOT BELIEVE ME?

47 He that is of Elohiym HEARS ELOHIYM'S WORDS: you therefore do not hear them because YOU ARE NOT OF ELOHIYM.

You are a bunch of snakes and vipers and the truth is not in you.

You come in your own name and my Father's word condemns you.

For those of you who want to follow after these blind guides, you will perish with them if you continue with them.

If my Father's word has no place in you, you will soon be purged out from before His face.

Living His word is what will cause His Son's blood to be applied on your behalf and He has sent me to testify to His word just like He sent His Son to do the same.

Turning to His word is what repentance is and it means fleeing from the bread of men.

The choice is yours to make.

You want to tell me that I am wrong, well, I have not been sent in my own name.

If you want to reject prophesies that were written nearly 3,000 years ago that prove that He has sent me, this is your choice but it is willful ignorance to do so.

These same prophets recorded the prophesies that prove that Yehshua was and is the Messiah.

Of course most of you do not believe what He spoke about obeying His Father either.

Instead you want to believe snakes and wolves in sheep's clothing like Saul of Tarsus and his followers.

For you followers of Ron Weinland or Raymond Elwood or any of the rest of the false prophets or messiahs, why not ask why the writings of the prophets do not testify to them?

Why not ask why these prophesies do not match their works?

You might want to ask why they actually testify that they are false.

The measuring rod says that anyone who seeks to lead you to a different path is false.

Are any of these self-proclaiming prophets or messiahs telling you to obey the torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments?

Why not?

Actually there is one who is saying to obey the torah but the torah that he is telling his followers to obey is full of the false traditions of Judaism like the Saturday Sabbath.

If you do not believe me, why not try to figure out why no one else has ever brought forth the signs that I have been sent with?

Why are they a perfect match if no one else has been allowed to bring them forward?

They are a little more impressive than some man dying 40 weeks after he switched his flock from worshipping on one of satan's false days of worship to another one of his false days.

How is this a sign?

Satan plays his own false signs back and forth between his flock to keep people confused and focused on his lies.

Do you want to believe these signs instead of believing Isaiah and Ezekiel and the other prophets that Yehshua bore witness to?

Don't you think that just maybe their signs are a little more impressive because they came from our Elohiym and from thousands of years ago?

Don't you think that it is incredible that satan was not allowed to counterfeit them?

If the signs that our Creator had recorded in His word thousands of years ago do not impress you, then our His word does not impress you and you have no place with Him.