Last night I read an article that said that Iran is preparing another drill in February in the straits of Hormuz.

The code name for this drill is "the great prophet"

As they are preparing for this drill, the Americans are deploying troops to Israel for their own so called drills that they have code named "austere challenge"

I'm not big on big words like austere so I had to look it up.

It means uncompromising or severe in manner or appearance, or strict or forbidding.

So the U.S. and Israel are sending a message to Iran that they are giving them an uncompromising challenge.

And Iran is sending their own message back at them.

Tensions are high and war is at the brink.

Most people know that Iran is building nuclear weapons and may already possess them.

Most people also know that their leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said several times in public that he intends on blowing Israel off of the face of the map.

He believes that he was ordained from birth to usher in the 12th Imam that they call Muhammad al Mahdi and in order to do this, he has to bring chaos to the world to usher him onto the scene.

He believes that he is a direct descendant of a man who Islam calls the great prophet Muhammad.

On top of this, 2011 was an incredible year of Biblical signs that point to the world being at the time of the end.

Almost no one who is in any of the 3 religions that claim that they follow the Elohiym of Abraham thinks any differently than this.

They all believe that we are in the last days because the signs are undeniable.

The signs have been incredible, yet almost no one is turning to the scriptures to find out what they must do because they are already wise in their own understanding.

The scriptures are clear that at the time of the end that one would be sent to cry out to the scattered nations of Israel to return to the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments.

And this has happened and is continuing to happen but almost none are hearkening to this cry.

One of the signs that are upon us is the many false prophets that have intensified their rhetoric.

And another one is a dangerous false messiah has entered onto the scene.

I say dangerous because he will deceive many.

There are others who are already on the scene who say that they are the Messiah, but this man appears to have the big boys behind him which makes him particularly dangerous.

He has the Knights Templar backing him up and they are part of the free mason barrage of evil who intend a new world order.

So as things intensify, this man will be thrown into the limelight in order to deceive many.

Not only this, this man entered onto the scene on the exact same day that they 4th trumpet began to sound so he will prove to be very significant in all of this as it unfolds.

And on top of all of the false prophets that call themselves ministers who are spreading their swill while hijacking the signs of the times, there are also several who are claiming that they are the two end time witnesses.

If a person cannot see the handwriting that is on the wall, they are being willfully blind.

And in the midst of all of this, there is a man that has been sent forth with a work that is a perfect match to the end time prophesies that are recorded for us.

The really amazing thing is, even though this work is an exact match to the prophesies found in the writings of the prophets that Yehshua bore witness to; almost no one is hearkening to what this servant is speaking.

This was prophesied to happen as well, his work was to be a small work, or at least it was to start off that way.

It has been a small work because those who did hear did not hearken and join in with him like they were commanded to, a least all but a few did not.

This is part of the witness against man.

The proof that our Creator gave to us in His word to describe His end time servant is so overwhelming that it is irrefutable.

Yet His word is not good enough proof for most of you because His word has no place in most of your hearts.

You say that it does, but your actions prove differently.

You would rather stay in your rebellion than accept the obvious if the obvious does not fit into what you want to be true or what you believe to be true.

You do not want to hear the message that is being sent forth through me to return to the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments even though it was prophesied that one would be sent at the time of the end with this instruction.

It really has been incredible to witness this.

I have been sent with a 5 point bullet proof sign that was recorded by the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 24.

Ezekiel recorded YEHWEH Elohiym saying that one would escape or be delivered out of the captivity in the last days and He would be sent to the scattered nations of Israel with a sign from Him.

The 5 points of this sign are;

•1)    We are to cover our heads at this time as a sign of coming under the covering of His protective wings and coming under the covering of His Son's blood.

•2)     We are to keep our shoes on are feet which is symbolic of making straight our paths to ready ourselves for the second exodus.

•3)     We are to not mourn or lament over the coming destruction of those who will not return to Him.

•4)     We are to no longer eat of the bread of men which means that we are to let His unleavened bread of life become our sole source for our instructions and stop eating the lies of the false shepherds and the things that are of this world.

•5)     We are to not cover our lips which is symbolic of crying aloud and helping Him sound His trumpets.

# 5 is in direct line with the offering of righteousness that He has commanded for those who will return to Him to lift up to Him in the last days that is recorded in Malachi 3.

It was prophesied in this chapter that His end time servant would bring forth this offering at the time of the end

YEHWEH Elohiym, the eternal, self-existing Creator of all things said that when He delivers His servant out from the captivity and sends him with this sign, you can know that it is from Him.

Since His word is at stake on this issue, this means that He was not going to let satan or his servants bring forth a counterfeit to this sign.

But His word has not been good enough proof for most of you.

This sign is His word and it is His promise.

There is a reason why His sign has not been good enough for most of you.

The reason is, His word has no place in most of your hearts.

You do not want to be told that you have to obey His statutes and judgments.

He also gave us many other proofs as well in His scriptures that He has sent me.

I am going to review some of these proofs again today but not in detail because they are spoken about in several of these videos.

I am going to review them to show you how willfully ignorant most are.

He described His servant to a "t", so that His servant could be identified when He sent him.

He said that the end time servant would be one servant.

The book of revelation describes both of them in chapter 11 but then it goes on with some mistranslations that make it sound like they will both be dead on the streets for 3 ½ days and such.

All you need to do is let the prophesies define themselves.

Zechariah speaks of the two olive trees as well but in regards to the end time servant, he just speaks of Zerubbabel being sent with the plummet and the seven eyes.

Zechariah recorded that this servant would bring forth a plummet and this plummet is the same as the reed that is spoken of in Revelation 11 that the two witnesses would bring forth that the temple was measured with.

It is the same measuring rod that His first witness brought forward when He came and He said that the all would be judged by it in the last days.

This measuring rod is His Father's word that He bore witness to.

Listen to these videos and measure if I have not been sent with the same plummet (reed).

And this measuring rod is what the temple was built with.

Zechariah said that Zerubbabel would be sent with YEHWEH's 7 eyes.

Revelation 5:6 says that the 7 eyes are the 7 spirits.

And Revelation 4:5 says that the 7 spirits are what the golden candlestick next to the throne burns with.

This means that the 7 spirits are the oil that we must have in our lamps.

And both revelation 11 and Zechariah 4 say that the oil flows through the two olive trees.

Zechariah recorded that Zerubbabel would be given the 7 eyes and Revelation 3:1 says that Yehshua possesses them.

And chapter 5:6 says that they flow out through Him.

Zechariah recorded that the 7 spirits would flow out through the two olive trees and Revelation 11 says that the two olive trees are the two witnesses.

If any of you cannot see that Yehshua is the first witness, you are willfully blind at this point.

I'll get to some more proof of this in a minute.

As far as whether or not Zerubbabel is the other witness, these verses prove that he is just like they prove that Yehshua is the 1st witness.

Since he is the 2nd witness, what is the rest of the description of Zerubbabel besides he will come with the same measuring rod that the 1st witness was sent with and that YEHWEH's 7 spirits will flow out through him as with the 1st witness?

Zechariah also recorded that he would be plucked out of the fire and given a change of raiment and that the first witness would enter into him to finish off the temple.

A parable in Jeremiah prophesies that a belt would be part of this change of raiment.

This is discussed in the "Jeremiah's Belt" video.

Even the name Zerubbabel means one who flows out from the captivity.

Daniel recorded this end time servant's name that would stand up at the time of the end for the children of Israel.

He said that his name would be Michael.

This is my birth name.

Malachi not only recorded that this servant would come proclaiming to remember the Torah of Moses with the statutes and judgments, he also recorded that this servant would be sent forth with a command to offer up an offering of righteousness to our Elohiym.

This offering is discussed in the ‘tithes and offerings" video and in the "a cry to arms" video.

And no, it is not send your money to me.

I mentioned it a minute ago with in regards to part of it being #5 of the 5 point sign of not covering our lips by crying out to others.

This is a cry that is backed up in other prophesies as well but so few are willing to offer up this cry to their Elohiym.

Malachi also recorded that this end-time servant would come in the spirit of Elijah and cry out to the children of Israel to return to the hearts of their fore fathers.

I have been crying out in these videos in this same spirit.

Just like with Elijah telling the children of Israel that if Baal be Elohiym, then continue to serve him and continue in your drought, but if YEHWEH be Elohiym, then serve Him and be delivered from it.

I have been crying out for a few years now for people that I have spoken with to return to obeying our Elohiym.

And for over a year now I have been crying out on You Tube and on a web page for people to return to obeying Him.

I have been crying out with the message; if the god of Christianity is who you think the true Elohiym is, then continue to serve this make believe deity and die.

And I have also been crying out, if YEHWEH Elohiym is the true Elohiym of creation, the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, then serve Him on His terms and live.

If you people are so stiff-necked that you cannot see that I have been sent by the Most High in lieu of all of these proofs, it can only be because you do not believe my Father's word.

You don't believe it because you do not want to hearken to it.

Isaiah recorded plainly that the one who comes with the oil and the head covering commandment would proclaim the day and the year of YEHWEH's vengeance.

And he said this servant would begin to build the waste places that were made desolate by the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus.

Our Creator has even turned the water that we must be baptized under into His Son's blood and this was prophesied to happen as well through the two witnesses.

I'll touch on this in minute as well.

People write me and mock me and say why haven't you stopped the rains yet?

It would not have mattered to most of you anyway if I had done this publically.

But even this has even happened between my Father and I to give me a sign in the early stages of this but this is not the point.

Plus, when He puts it in my heart to shut it off, it will happen but what is going to happen to you is you are going to receive a rain of hailstones if you do not repent.

Why do you want such signs anyway?

Why is His word not good enough proof for you.

Why aren't you obeying His word without the signs?

Why can't you simply keep His commandments because He said so and because you love Him and you want His righteousness?

Instead you want to know why is it still raining.

You are a bunch of willfully rebellious, stiff-necked uncircumcised hearts.

Do you really think that I could be making all of these perfect matches to the scriptures up?

The point that you should be focused on is a man walked out of the tomb nearly 2,000 years ago and ascended to be with His Father and a third of the world believes this yet most of you still will not do what He commanded you to do even though you believe that He walked out of the tomb.

Just think about the insanity of this.

He commanded us to keep His Father's commandments if we are going to have eternal life given to us.

So why aren't most of you keeping them?

Instead, you say that you follow the Messiah but the truth is you follow a make believe messiah that came out from the teachings of the abomination of desolation Saul of tarsus.

It is willful rebellion to the word of Elohiym that His Son became and bore witness to.

I have a question for you followers of Saul who reject what I am saying;

Why is it that the writings of the prophets that Yehshua bore witness to expose Saul as being false but they testify to me perfectly?

Please, why doesn't one of you try to answer this?

It is because you cannot.

The writings of the prophets testify to the 1st witness as well as to the 2nd witness.

They prove that Yehshua was the messiah, just like they prove that He is the 1st witness, just like the same writings prove that I have been made to be Zerubbabel and that Zerubbabel is the 2nd witness.

I want to go back to the Ezekiel 24 sign to make a point.

A third of the world calls themselves Christians and there are approximately 7 billion people in the world today.

This would be over 2.3 billion people that claim christianity is their belief.

Let's just say that 10 % of these people study the scriptures.

Is this a fair guess?

If it is a fair guess, this would equate to over 230 million people who study the scriptures.

And if 20 % study them, then 460 million people would be studying them and so on.

Whatever the % is, there are a lot of people who study the scriptures, not to mention the hundreds of millions who have studied them since the king James came into print in the early 1600's.

What are the odds that no one has ever brought forth the Ezekiel 24 sign yet if it is possible for me to be hijacking this sign?

Surely one of these guru scholars could have saw this sign.

It is in plain sight.

Folks, go back and listen to the videos that I posted before it was shown to me that this was to be a sign that Zerubbabel was to bring forth.

All five of these points were being hammered in the early videos; even the command to cover our heads was sent forth earlier on February 28th of last year.

I think it was nearly 4 months later on June 26th in the "signs from heaven's throne" video when I was shown that this was a sign that Zerubbabel would be sent with.

Before this point, I did not see the 5 point sign in these verses because it was not time for me to see it yet.

My Father wanted to establish that I brought forth the sign before I even knew about it.

At least I am pretty sure that the June 26th video was the first time that I had seen this; in any case, it was well after the command went forth to tell people to cover their heads and the other four points.

I used the verses in Ezekiel 24 to support the command to cover out heads, but not as part of a 5 point sign that Zerubbabel would be sent with to prove that I am sent by our Elohiym.

The point is, I did not learn of this sign and then set out to fulfill this prophesy on my own efforts.

The fore-estimated 230 million plus people who are alive today who study the scriptures bear witness that it would not have been possible for me to have figured this sign out anyway.

Plus, if you just believe our Elohiym's word, He said when this sign comes forth, we can "know" it is from Him.

Just examine yourself if any of you need more proof than this one verse alone.

You cannot even believe His promise.

How do you think this pleases Him?

A little bit ago I had a person write me and tell me that the archangels Gabriel and Michael are the two witnesses.

This person said "trust me; you are not one of them."

I will reply to this person in a bit and tell him, trust the word of Elohiym, it says that I am.

I trust my Father's word, do you?

The crazy beliefs that are out there are amazing.

How can Gabriel and Michael be dead for 3.5 days in Jerusalem?

They are angelic beings.

Yehshua already fulfilled His part of this prophesy because He was already dead for 3.5 days in Jerusalem.

He was in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights but He was dead for 3.5 days.

Knowing how the true calendar works proves this.

He was killed about 3 p.m. on the 14th day of the 1st month on our Creator's calendar and He was resurrected 3 ½ days later.

Back to the fore-estimated 230 million plus who study their bibles and the billions who have studied it since the 1600's and even before then.

Surely with all of these scholars who make their livelihood out of their studies, surely just one of them would have seen the simple 1-2-3 of the water baptism being symbolic of Yehshua's blood if it was possible for them to see it.

You would think that even a youngster in their Sunday morning bible class would have been able to see it because as I will show you, it is so simple, just like the Ezekiel 24 sign is so simple.

But they could not see this truth about the blood because it was hidden until a couple of years ago when it was revealed through His servant Zerubbabel.

It was hidden because it was not our Creator's plan to call everyone in the world to Him yet.

Only few have been chosen during this first phase of His building His family.

144,000 in nearly 6,000 years is a very small number.

The great multitude is a later harvest.

During this first phase, He was building His first fruits who have become His temple.

Now His temple is built and He is calling a people to become a part of the later harvest.

And there will be a great resurrection at the end of the millennium and many people who have lived and died in the first 6,000 will be given a chance to become a part of the later harvest as well.

I suggest that you do not scoff at this because if you do, you are scoffing at my Father's word because it proves what I am speaking.

Just because you believe something else to be true does not make it true.

If you think that you are correct and I am the one who is wrong, show me an Ezekiel 24 sign that backs your words up.

Show me a Malachi Prophesy that backs your words up, or an Isaiah prophesy or any other prophesy recorded by the prophets that testifies that my Father has sent you to tell me how it is.

I have only mentioned a few of the prophesies today that back me up, there are others.

And why do you think you are correct if you do not obey the commandments anyway?

Yehshua said that we cannot even receive His Father's 7 spirits to guide us into all truth unless we are obeying His Father.

So if you claim that you have His spirit but you are not even obeying simple commandments like wearing the blue tassels like we are commanded to, do you think that what you believe to be true trumps what Yehshua said is true on this subject or any other subject?

We are told that the saints are those who keep Elohiym's commandments and have the same faith that Yehshua has.

Do you believe this?

If you do, then why do you think that you are a saint if you will not obey His Torah with it statutes and judgments?

Can't you see you hypocrisy?

Is your belief above my Father's word?

Saul of the tares belief certainly was above my Father's word.

Is your belief the same as his or is it the same as our Messiahs who said that we must live by His Father's every word?

Back to the water and the blood, I'll explain the simplicity of it.

Yehshua's first miracle was at the wedding in Canaan and He turned the water into wine.

He told the servants that were there to fill up six pots that the Jewish people of the day used for ritualistic purifying purposes with water.

It is important to catch the vehicle that He used for this miracle and understand that He did nothing unless it was symbolic or for a purpose.

They washed in these purifying pots to call themselves clean from sin.

John the Baptist was sent to teach that we must be submersed under water as a symbol that we are agreeing to be forgiven.

Then the night before Yehshua was killed, He told His disciples to drink the wine as a symbol of His shed blood that would be shed so that our sins could be forgiven.

He was turning the water into blood when He said this and He was the first witness that actually turned the water into blood.

This is explained in greater detail in the "baptized in the blood" video and in others on this site.

But this has not been made public until this time of the end and the second witness has been sent to make it public.

I have had people write me and tell me that they already knew this.

They did not.

Not one has been able to send me one piece of evidence that it has ever been taught or preached before this was sent through me.

It has never been preached to the public before recently when I spoke it.

I have had several set out to research this to prove me wrong but they cannot.

Yes, most all in christianity know that it is His blood that cleanses us.

This is simple because He said so.

This was not hidden.

But the water that we are baptized under being a symbol of His blood has not been taught because it had not been revealed yet.

It was reserved to be a sign for the 2nd witness to bring forth to fulfill the scriptures.

Some might even have taught or learned that once you come out of the water that His blood covers you because this is pretty basic, but this is far from the water being symbolic of His blood.

Yet it is so basic that when we hear it, we think duh, I knew that.

But the reality is, even as simple as it is to see; no one has seen it because it was hidden.

Surely if this was not hidden, the hundreds of millions who have studied the scriptures would have been able to see it.

But this has not been the case.

Even the false shepherds that do teach that we are cleansed by His blood still trample it underfoot by not turning to why He shed it.

I am covering these things again today because it is incredible to witness man's willful ignorance and their willful rebellion.

I am using the example that if hundreds of millions of bible scholars and christian gurus study the scripture like they do, surely they could have seen some of these things if they were not hidden.

And the beautiful thing about much of what I have been sent to reveal is, it is in plain sight.

Why aren't the false witnesses like Ron Weinland or any of the rest of them talking about these signs that would prove that they are the witnesses?

These signs were recorded to be proof of who the two witnesses are.

They were recorded to be a description so we could know who they are.

His word is how we know that Yehshua was the Messiah.

His word was given to us to measure all things with so that we can know what is true and who is true.

The reason why the false prophets do not speak about these signs is because they do not see them because they are not the witnesses.

I was notified today that false prophet Ron Weinland has a new post up.

I skimmed over it and seen that he said that the coming time of calamity was being sent because the people would not obey who he calls god.

This is true but what hypocrisy in him saying this because he himself does not obey hardly anything if anything that the word of the true Elohiym says.

He is a liar and a hypocrite.

The proof of who YEHWEH Elohiym's servant is, is found in His word.

The prophesies of the work that His servant would be sent with is His proof of who His servant is.

He gave us the signs that He would send.

But even with all of this overwhelming proof, nearly all of the people who have come to this channel and to the website have rejected the obvious.

It is obvious that He has sent me because the work that He has sent me to proclaim is a perfect match.

But sadly, even when the destruction intensifies, most of you still will not hearken to my Father's word.

And the reason is because His word has no place with you.

You would rather tell Him how it is instead of obeying His voice.

You can see the signs of the times but you still reject what His word says.

The hand writing is not only on the wall, His hand writing is in His word because it is His word but His handwriting is not good enough for most of you.

So be prepared to meet His indignation, we'll see if you will listen to the sign of His wrath or not.