Some in the religion of christianity believe in a doctrine that is referred to as predestination.

They get this belief from the writings of the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus.

People who believe this doctrine believe that those who will be in the kingdom of heaven were predestined to be there from birth.

This belief is not true; at least it is not true for the majority.

There are some exceptions where our Creator set some things up with certain people from birth or even from their mother's womb.

This certainly was the case with people like His Son and David and Jeremiah and Moses and some others.

But even these had obstacles to overcome and they still had free will.

He just purposed to make Himself available to them on a different scale for a specific purpose to aid in the process of building His family.

The clearest examples of this are with His Son and with Moses.

From Moses's birth his life was ordained that he would deliver Israel from Egypt years later.

He did not know this until a certain time; nevertheless, our Elohiym knew it and purposed it.

And He groomed and prepared Moses's mind to a point where He would one day appear before him in the burning bush.

But even then Moses was not totally ready to receive what his Elohiym had for him to do.

Looking back, this has certainly been the case with me as well but this is another subject.

He even told me in my youth that one day He was going to call me and send me forward to serve Him but He did not tell me how or when.

Even though His spirit has been preparing me for this job, I still do not feel ready for what is ahead.

Nor do I feel worthy to be given this opportunity to serve Him.

Yet through His spirit, what He has preordained to happen will happen.

And He has predestined others to serve His purpose along the way as well.

But this was not the case with all of the 144,000.

The number was preordained, but all of the individuals who became of this number were not.

Yehshua said plainly;

Matt 22:14

14 Because many are called, but few are chosen.

He said what He said and He meant what He said.

We have free will.

Few were chosen because few came to the call.

Just consider the situation in regards to when our Messiah came the first time.

He was sent with a purpose but most rejected what He was sent to tell them and they killed Him.

The religious people of the day had the scriptures available to them that prophesied of the work that He was sent with.

The work that He came with was a perfect match yet nearly all of them still rejected Him.

The reason why they rejected Him is because He told them that they had some error in their beliefs.

And what He spoke did not line up with their error and they did not want to be told that they were wrong.

They let their preconceived ideas and what they believed to be true get in the way of seeing the obvious.

The same is true today.

People still do not want to be told they are wrong, even by the word of their Creator.

And what happened with the first witness is happening all over again with the second witness.

The word that testified that Yehshua was the Messiah and made to be His Father's word is the same word that testifies that I have been plucked out of the fire and made to be Zerubbabel and given His word.

But the reality is, almost none of you believe that this is true.

The reason why you do not believe this is because you do not believe my Father's word.

You say that you do, but you do not.

If you did, you would believe what I have spoken because His word bears witness to what I have spoken.

But what I have spoken convicts you of your sin and you do not want to be convicted, just as the religious of the day did not want to be convicted by the words of the 1st witness.

Most of you do not want to hear that you must live by the Torah.

You do not want to hear this, even though the prophesies of the prophets testify that I would be sent to tell you to return to it.

Others of you are saying, yes, we believe that we need to keep the Torah, but you are letting the traditions of men define it instead of just believing it and obeying it.

His commands are not hidden that you need the traditions of man to define them.

My Father gave us His Torah to teach us His righteousness but also to test us and to prove us whether we would love Him with all of our heart and mind and with our entire life or not.

But you chose to chase after and worship vain images of Him so that you did not have to obey Him or so that you could pick and choose how to obey Him on your own terms.

You would not come to His call through obeying Him so you did not become part of His first fruits.

But there is good news.

He is not finished building His family.

He is calling a people to return to Him through His Torah and through His Son's shed blood to become part of the latter harvest into His family.

But only a few are hearkening to His call and the cry is not going out.

I have had people write me and tell me that I cannot be the witness because I am just on YouTube and almost no one is even listening to me.

This is such ridiculous reasoning.

He said to despise not the day of small things in regards to the end times and His servant Zerubbabel being sent.

He also said to rejoice when you see measuring rod in the hands of Zerubbabel with His 7 spirits but so few are rejoicing in this.

This is actually part of my witness that man loves the darkness rather than the light.

 I have been posting these videos for over a year now and if the people who have heard them had believed my Father's word that has been spoken through me and acted on it, the world would have heard the good news by now.

They would have heard in days or maybe weeks with the technology that is in the world today and how things explode on YouTube.

YouTube was a perfect media to send forth a small cry to reach out to the world.

But my witness is, it would not have mattered if I had gone directly before the kings of the earth and was on national news, most of you still would not have hearkened.

Most did not hearken to Yehshua even though He walked out of the tomb after being dead for 3 ½ days and in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights.

Instead the third of the world that claims His blood tramples it under their feet.

The first video that I posted on this site announced that the water had been turned into Yehshua's blood.

And this has been explained throughout these videos.

But this good news was not the kind of news that the world wants to hear.

They want to hear about wars and rumors of wars.

They want to hear about earthquakes in diverse places.

They want to hear about the signs in the heavens.

They want to hear about everything but the truth that would set them free.

They certainly do not want to hear that we must obey our Creator in order to be made in His image.

They might accept some things like to not eat unclean foods so that they can think that that are religious and feel good about themselves for making a change or doing something that most others do not do, therefore thinking that they are more righteous than others.

Maybe they will even accept a couple of things like His true calendar or even put on some blue tassels or even obeying some perverted form of the appointed times.

But so few have chosen to sell out for His kingdom and hunger and thirst for His righteousness.

Even now with imminent calamity on the horizon, people want to return to Him on their terms and not hearken to His word.

I am amazed at how people can see that Yehshua is soon to return yet still refuse to hearken to His words.

They have no fear of being wrong.

He came the first time teaching the Torah.

He came magnifying it.

Isaiah recorded that He would;

Isa 42:21

21 YEHWEH is delighted in Him because of His righteousness; HE WILL MAGNIFY THE TORAH AND MAKE IT SUPERIOR.

And this is what He came doing.

And now He is going to return with His Father's word as a sword coming out of His mouth because most would not hearken to His Father's word that He bore witness to.

He was not only chosen from the womb for this job, He was put in the womb for this job.

He was put in Mary's womb to be the first born Son of the Most High.

His Father taught Him about His righteousness from His youth.

He even took Him up to His throne as we read in John 3:13.

And then when He was 23 years old, His Father entered into Him through His 7 spirits.

John the Baptist bore witness to this event when he said that the spirit descended upon Him like a dove.

Then He was sent forth to the world with a job that He was pre-ordained to do.

His job was to bear witness to the truth.

He told Pilate that this was the reason why He was sent into the world.

He taught things like we commit adultery if we even look at another woman with desire in our hearts.

He said that we should not divorce one another except for the reason of fornication.

He said this because He knows that His Father hates divorce.

He expanded on the Torah by magnifying it.

Everything that He taught was magnifying His Father's Torah.

In doing so, He was showing and explaining its superior purpose to teach us His Father's righteousness.

But what happened? How did this truth get derailed in the hearts of most?

Exactly what He said would happen happened.

He said that wolves would come after Him in sheep's clothing and lawlessness would abound and they would deceive many.

Most chose to believe and to follow the wolves instead just like He said they would.

They chose the broad path instead of choosing the narrow path of His Father's word that He bore witness to and magnified.

When Isaiah prophesied that He would make the Torah superior, this also meant that He would provide a way for it to be written in our hearts and in our inward parts.

He brought the renewed covenant of repentance and entering into a renewed contract with His Father to become His children.

And He shed His blood to atone for those who would repent and return to His Father through His Torah.

But most have refused this covenant by refusing the terms to it.

In doing so, they have refused His shed blood.

The Jewish people of the day were living a perversion of the Torah.

They perverted it with their traditions.

This is why Yehshua said that unless our righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees, we cannot enter into His Father's kingdom.

Even this verse proves that all who will enter into the kingdom are not predestined to do so.

We have a choice.

We have to choose to overcome.

Some were predestined for a certain job, but they still had to choose to overcome as well.

It is just that they were prepared from the womb, or set aside from the womb to be prepared later for their job.

I have had some write me and tell me that He has showed Himself to them at different times since their youth so they think that they are part of the 144,000.

They think this yet they still won't even obey Him in simple things like obeying His Sabbaths.

This idea contradicts the scriptures.

It contradicts why we are here in the flesh.

We are here to be made in His image, not to just exist and one day be delivered into His kingdom.

If this is you, He shows Himself strong to many to call them, even from our youth.

He even spares many from death or heals them along the way to try to call them to Him.

This does not mean that you are chosen.

Maybe He saw something in your heart so He chose to start working with you to become part of His latter harvest, or maybe He was even trying to call you to become one of His first fruits but you would not come to His call.

Even though He calls us, we still have to choose to hearken to Him to become His.

This is why we are here in the flesh.

He did not put us here so that we can go our own way and still end up in His family.

He put us here to overcome a whole host of obstacles to help make us in His image.

He sent His Son here to show us the way.

The way is through His word and His Son bore witness to this.

He made His Son to be His word and He told us to follow Him.

If you have not followed His word, you have followed a different Messiah.

You have followed a make believe Messiah that came from Saul of the Tares or from some other lie.

Yehshua came teaching His Father's word and magnifying it.

He did not nail it to the stake like Saul taught.

If you cannot accept this and agree to become His Father's word as He became it, you are going to be purged out.

I have been sent to bear witness to the same word that Yehshua was sent to bear witness to.

And for the last few years that I have been speaking the truth that He has been restoring through me, my witness has been that most hate the light.

They would rather continue in the darkness.

I have only been posting these videos for just over a year now, but as He was dragging me out of the captivity, I was trying to drag others with me.

But they would not come.

They love their lies and their false salvation hopes and they have chosen to hold onto them.

They love their false images of our Messiah and His Father.

They love their own righteousness and they hate my Father's righteousness that His word personifies.

Yehshua personified His Father's word in the flesh as He was born to.

But the world did not love this Messiah.

So they painted a different version of Him in their hearts.

If this is you, repent, our Father's kingdom is at hand.

If you do not believe that the days could be shortened and that these end-time events can all come to pass in just the 204 days that are left before Yehshua returns, this is your choice to believe this.

They will come to pass whether you believe that they can and will or not.

What you believe to be true does not matter to our Elohiym.

He is telling you what is true.

Yehshua will return next July 19th and the day will come upon you as a thief in the night unless you repent from your ways and return to our Creator on His terms.

Let me ask you this, what grounds do any of you have for not obeying my Father's Torah?

Can you show me where the eye witnesses Matthew or John recorded Yehshua saying that we do not have to obey His Father's Torah?

No, you cannot.

Can you show me where the prophets said that His servant would be sent with any other message in the last days than telling you to return to the Torah and to the paths of old?

No, you cannot.

His word said the places that were made waste by the abomination would be restored and that one stone would be sent forth to restore all things.

You have to go to the abomination of desolation Saul's writings that desolated the truth to begin with to uphold your false beliefs if you believe that we do not need to keep my Father's Torah.

And any attempt that you put forth to make this claim proves that you are of your father the devil because my Father's word has no place in you.

Your ancestors killed our Messiah because they could not handle that He told them that they were worshipping His Father in vain.

You will seek to kill me for the same reason.

But you will not be able to until it is time.

I have 200 days left to cry out to you to repent.

Until this time, I will call you what you are and cry out to you to repent and to make straight your paths.

If you refuse to live by my Father's word yet you say that you know Him and love Him, you are liars and hypocrites and the truth is not in you.

And you are of your father the devil.

You bear his name in your forehead and in your right hand instead of my Father's name.

You bear the name of rebellion to the word of Elohiym.

But you can repent and He is pleading with you to do so.

You can turn from your stiff-necked, rebellion to His word and let His word circumcise your hearts.

Sadly, most of you will not make this choice without being humbled.

You will not hear His word through a small voice on YouTube.

You have despised the day of small things.

You want great signs and wonders.

You want to focus on the earthquakes and the wars and rumors of wars and the birds and the fish and the animals dying and things like this and comets flying by instead of why these things are happening.

Now my Father will soon plead with you through these events that your minds are hungering and thirsting after.

You certainly have not hungered and thirsted for His righteousness and His kingdom like He sent His son to tell you to do.

You certainly have not hungered and thirsted after his Torah like His Son told us to.

Yehshua told us that unless we eat of His flesh and drink of His blood we will not be in His Father's kingdom.

But most of you could care less about these instructions or any of His instructions.

You want to help lead others down satan's paths instead by crying out to others to just give their heart to some make believe messiah that has make believe blood.

Now prepare to be recompensed for your folly if you will not repent.

The angel is about ready to report back to my Father.

He will tell Him that the whole world is at rest and there are no more who will return to Him on His terms without letting loose the calamity.

And He will say, so be it.