I have been having more and more people write me and ask me which books that are in what we call the bible are inspired scriptures and therefor part of the measuring rod that He gave to us to measure all things with.

And some ask about whether there are any other books that should be included.

We certainly cannot trust a list that is put together by man.

And especially not a list of books that was put together by satan's servant whom the true word of YEHWEH Elohiym describes as the mother whore of Babylon, referring to the roman catholic church.

So how do we know what is His true word?

The answer is, this starts with identifying which word that His Son bore witness to.

Our Creator promised that His word would be available to the scattered nations of Israel in the last days so that we could return to Him through it.

Moses recorded this in Deuteronomy chapter 30. 

What He did not promise is that it would be available to us in one infallible book that is without error.

To the contrary, His Son said that there is only one way that we could know the truth and this is through obeying His Father.

And He testified to that which we must obey.

He gave credibility to the basics and told us what would guide us into the rest of the truth

He bore witness to the truth.

He told Pilate;

John 18:37

You ask how I am a king. Into this cause I was born and into this cause I came into the world in order TO BE A WITNESS TO THE TRUTH. ALL WHO ARE OF THE TRUTH HEAR MY VOICE.

And He said that His Father's word is truth and He spoke the same word as His Father.

He became His word.

So this means that all we need to do is find out which books record His Father's word.

He testified to the writings of Moses and the prophets.

He did not list all of the prophets by name, however He gave us the instructions on how we can know if something is true or not.

It is a process of being guided by His Father's 7 spirits.

The first thing to realize is being guided by His Father's spirit is conditional.

It is conditional on obeying Him.

The night before He was killed, He told His disciples;

John 14:15-17


16 And I will pray to the Father and He will give you another intercessor so that He can dwell with you in this age;

17 THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH which is not possible for the world to receive it because they do not discern it, neither do they know it: but you will know it because it will dwell with you and will be in you.

He and His Father dwell in us through His 7 spirits if we are walking in the covenant with them.

And they teach us the hidden manna that His word contains.

But having His 7 spirits given to us is conditional.

He said so in this verse and elsewhere.

The word that became flesh said that it is conditional on loving Him and He said that if we do not hold fast to His commandments, that we do no love Him.

And He said that His commandments and His word are not His, but they are His Father's word and commandments who sent Him.

He is saying that unless we obey the commandments, we will not be given His Father's 7 spirits to teach us the unleavened manna of life that was hidden from man-kind.

At least it was hidden from all except those who were being given eyes to see.

If you think that you have our Elohiym's 7 spirits living in you guiding you and you do not hold fast to the commandments, you lie to yourself.

They might be giving you advice to call you into the covenant, but they have not taken up their residence in you if you are not walking in the statutes and judgments.

The measuring rod says this.

Or maybe they were giving you advice to call you to Him at some point but they were recalled from you because you stopped coming to His call.

In John chapter 8 Yehshua said that we have to live His Father's word in order to know the truth;

John 8:31-32

31b....IF YOU LIVE IN MY WORD, then you are truly my disciples;

32 And (then) you can know (perceive) the truth and THE TRUTH WILL DELIVER YOU.

This really is quite simple.

He is saying that if we live the unhidden manna, then we can be able to know or perceive the hidden manna.

This is because living the unhidden manna yields us receiving His Father's 7 spirits that teach us all things.

And they teach us which words are our Creator's and which are the words of the wolves that seek to destroy the truth.

Yehshua's sheep hear His voice and they follow Him.

YEHWEH Elohiym puts the responsibility to know the truth in our court because He wants us hungering for it.

We have to hunger for it on His terms because He is the source of it.

We have to follow His Son because He said so.

He only gave us one path to the truth.

He only gave us one path so that we have to be taught by Him and flee from any teaching that is not from Him.

There is no other pathway to the truth and His Son became this pathway and dwelt among us to teach it to us.

He lived this path in His flesh to be an example to us to follow.

YEHWEH makes being taught by Him conditional on our desire to want to be in His kingdom.

We have to want for everything that enters into our minds to come from Him.

This means that we have to guard against that which is false and not from Him.

We will not even obey Him with the correct motives unless we want His righteousness to become ours.

Otherwise, we are just obeying Him to give Him lip service.

We have to want to be as He is.

His whole plan to build His family is brilliant.

When we do want His righteousness and to be His and nothing else, He gives us a healthy fear of not being found in His favor.

He anoints our eyes with this eye salve and then He gives us His other 6 spirits to teach us His word so that we know which voice to follow.

He set this testing and proving ground up this way to harvest a people who have a mindset that want to be as He is.

This whole process required giving us free will and putting the bad guy here for us to overcome and giving us the instructions of how to overcome him.

The bad guy and his crew are here by design.

And He gave them power to rule over us if we forbear His plan.

If we forebear His plan, then we forebear His protection.

He then lets the bad guy have a voice as well so that we have to choose to not listen to his voice.

This is why he let him infiltrate His word.

This has been part of the test on whether we would pursue after His spirit and His protection on His terms so that we could know what is true in order to be found in His favor.

He made it so that there is only one way to know which voice is which and this is through being guided by His 7 spirits and this starts with obeying His instructions.

He is the master potter.

This means that we must be His clay and yield to Him if we are going to be taught by Him.

He is not looking for students who talk back to Him and rebel against His instructions.

But how do we know which instructions to obey to start with?

How do we know that Matthew and John are inspired books?

The answer is, it is a matter of letting His creation testify to His righteousness and then His righteousness testifies to His word.

We can look at His creation and see that He created good and evil.

So we have to consider why and search after the answers from Him and not from our own understanding.

We can see that things like homosexuality and adultery are evil.

So why did He put them here?

He says that He put them here for us to purge them out.

It is part of His training program.

He put evil here so that those who would become His would loathe it and desire only that which brings joy and happiness to all.

That which is wrong destroys relationships and happiness.

If we really look into the recesses of things, we can see that even things like lying cause hurt and destroy relationships.

We can see that man is a broken vessel in the flesh and that we are temporal.

Yet He also wrote a desire to live in our hearts.

But even this can be reprogrammed by that which is wrong, this is why people kill themselves or have no concern for their lives for different reasons.

We start with a basic desire to want to live

This desire that is given to us is so powerful that we will even believe in lies to give ourselves a false hope in eternal life.

And this is exactly what happens to those who have no fear of being wrong.

But if we really feared not having eternal life, we would seek our Creator's righteousness on His terms which means that we would seek what His terms are.

Surely a Creator who put both good and evil here by design has terms?

Otherwise He would have just put good here.

If we believe that He is almighty and that He is in control of everything, this means that He put us here for a purpose.

There is no other explanation.

This means that He had to make instructions available to us if we really wanted to know.

From there, it is just a matter of finding an instruction manual that testifies to His righteousness.

And there is only one match.

Once we find this match, we must obey that which is not hidden in it and then let it define itself and grow in understanding.

Our Messiah was sent to bear witness to this match.

There is a catch though and the catch is the adversary was allowed to infiltrate the word.

This was allowed for to make those who would fight to overcome all error dependent on receiving and possessing the 7 spirits.

Although satan was not allowed to remove the word of Elohiym that endures forever, he was allowed to add to it and twist the translations of it.

If the self-existing Creator promised that His word would be available to the scattered nations of Israel to return to Him through it, He meant it.

So we need to start with examining what might have been added by comparing it to the measuring rod that Yehshua bore witness to.

He bore witness to the writings of Moses and to Isaiah the prophet.

And these writings bear witness to the writings of the other prophets and to the writings of John and Matthew.

The measuring rod that we know of bears witness to the rest of the measuring rod.

This does not mean that there are not translation errors in these writings and even additions because there are, but the core of these writings are true.

We need our Elohiym's 7 spirits to guide us through the translation errors and the additions.

The writings of Saul and his followers Luke and Mark are obviously erroneous because they lead to a different path.

Moses recorded plainly that anyone who seeks to lead us to a different path needs to be removed from us.

This includes the book of Acts since Luke wrote it and it has much error in it that helped set up the false religion of christianity that obeys not the voice of YEHWEH Elohiym.

Satan is always clever though.

He mixed truth in with the error to give it credibility.

This is how he works and this is how so effective at deceiving.

1 John 2:21 says;


This is why we have to be very careful and very diligent and fight for and guard the truth will all of our being.

A part of a truth that is mixed in with a lie does not make the lie a truth.

But a translation error that is a lie does not make a whole document false either.

It is just that the translation error or the addition is the lie and not the whole text itself.

Sometimes things are added just to make the translation into the English language read more smoothly and this is fine.

But often things were added that changed the text altogether.

The King James Version typically identified their additions with putting them in italics.

But not always.

Sometimes the texts were altered in the early copies that they translated them from and they did not mention these on purpose.

An example of this is found in John chapter 8 in the story that is found with the woman caught committing adultery.

Every time that I have talked about the righteous judgment that our Creator put forth with stoning people for certain crimes, I have had to explain the possible reasons why Yehshua would have pardoned the woman who was brought before Him in this story.

Yet I always felt a check in my spirit as to why the text was even there.

It made no sense that it was where it was.

It turns out that this story was added to the copies that were being made of the book of John around 1,000 A.D.

This is nearly a millennium after John wrote the book.

They added this story at this time to give their new version of the messiah credibility in the book of John.

This addition does not make the entire book of John error, but the addition certainly is an error.

I knew this in my heart because my Father's 7 spirits were trying to tell me this, but I was under the false presumption that the entire book was from the original text and it is not.

I believe the same thing is true with other passages but this is not the purpose of this video.

I'll give you another example.

A while back someone sent me a text that they called the little book of Barnabas.

This one page document contained a story of Yehshua quoting a story of Elijah to the Pharisees.

I read it and found no fault in its message.

And I took the word of the person that sent it to me that it was the whole book and it was not.

It was one page of another document.

It came up in a conversation I recently had with two different people.

One of them looked into it and found a book called the Gospel of Barnabas that had a Muslim influence.

For this reason, I did some research on it as well.

I found that what I had received from the other person was just a clip from this very false book called the gospel of Barnabas.

This book was written in the 1600's.

I found that there was originally another book circulating called the gospel of Barnabas in the earlier years but all copies of it are now missing.

The book that is in circulation today has much proof that it was written in the 1600's with an Islamic slant.

There is also another book that dates back much earlier called the epistle of Barnabas that I have no clue about because I have not read it.

Nor do I feel any desire to look into it for reasons that I will go on to explain.

My point that I want to make today is, even though one page of something might contain truth in it, it does not make an entire writing true.

Since the time that I was plucked out of the fire, I have not had time, nor have I been led to review the books of the Apocrypha or the other ancient writings in detail.

A couple of very brief studies showed me that some of them that I looked into on the surface were false.

An example of this is the book of Jasher.

Joshua quoted the book so I thought it could be true and I am sure that it originally was.

But the copies that are in the world today have been altered to lend credibility to at least one false tradition that one of the Jewish sects embraces.

It speaks that the law was given to Moses on the 6th day of the 3rd month and the writings of Moses clearly refute this.

I spoke on this in the Feast of First fruits 2 part video.

So I stopped researching the book because the measuring rod proved to me that the copies that we have available today were altered along the way to uphold a false doctrine.

I have had several ask me about the book of Enoch so I thought that I would look into it last year but every time that I picked it up to read it, the spirit that is guiding me told me to set it down and to stay focused on what is at hand.

I do not know everything that is in the book because I only started reading it, but I do know that the fruit that has resulted from it is a cesspool of false ideas.

This should certainly be a red flag.

There are so many who are caught up in so many wild goose chases from this book and other books that show that satan had his hands in putting the copies that are available of them together.

In just over 200 days our Messiah will be here to purge out that which is false so we do not have to sort through these things.

There is not time to be chasing rabbit trails.

Our eyes need to be focused on the truth that our Elohiym is restoring and not worry about these things.

Our eyes must be single.

There is not time to go through all of these books, nor is it necessary because He is telling us what He is restoring.

In these videos, I have not quoted several of the books that are not found in the pre-messiah writings because I have not had time to study them since I was given my Father's 7 spirits.

But an example of one that I was led to look at recently in more detail is the book of Judges.

He had me examine some passages in it to show me the importance of being diligent.

I have quoted the story of Gideon in these videos because His spirit has let me know that this is a true event.

But there are other stories in the book of Judges that I had His spirit give me a check in my heart when I read them.

This check told me that the stories did not happen the way that they were recorded, at least in a couple of instances like with the account of Samson.

For this reason, I have been led to stay out of the book since then.

There certainly can be historical value in some of the writings, but this does not make them the measuring rod.

We must be very careful.

The errors were made available to us to make us very careful and fearful of not having our Elohiym's 7 spirits to protect us from them.

This was all by design to keep us watching and hungering to be guided by the only source of all truth.

I believe that the writings of Jude and James were written by people who were being guided by My Father's spirit but I do not typically use them as the measuring rod because I have not been led to dig into their complete text.

There are certainly true statements in them like when James said friendship with the world is enmity towards Elohiym or like when Jude said that certain men had crept in exchanged the favor of Elohiym for a license to transgress His Torah.

So at least on the surface, these writings appear to be true and they probably are. I just have not gone through them in detail since being plucked out of the fire.

Where we are at in time, we have our hands full with learning His Torah and returning to it.

For this same reason, I have not been led to spend time in the book of Hebrews to see if it is all true or not.

It is a book that contains some truths but they are not relevant to where we are at in time.

Some claim that Saul wrote it and this is certainly not true.

It was not written with Saul's motive, nor did it contain his typical signature of I, the apostle paul, the super apostle, look at me, listen to me type of thing.

In any case, whoever wrote it; it is not the focus of what our Creator is giving to us to focus on.

He is restoring His truth and repairing the breach between Him and man.

One thing to always keep in mind is even Saul's writings contain some truth.

He said things like we must love our neighbors as ourselves and other truths.

But containing some truths do not make his writings true.

The fruit of his writings proves that he taught lawlessness.

He cloaked his teachings like all serpents do by speaking with a forked tongue.

His fruit shows that there are over 2 billion people alive today who claim that they are following the Messiah but they are following Saul's teachings instead and they reject YEHWEH's Torah because of his teachings.

The real messiah told us to live by every word of it.

If I did not know that Yehshua was returning next July and that His Father is telling us to make straight our paths for His return, then maybe time would allow me to go through each of the books in the pre-Messiah writings that I have not dove into yet and even the books of Hebrews and Jude and James.

But time is not allowing for this up until now.

Also, I want to add that I stay out of 1st and 2nd Peter just because our Messiah prophesied to Peter that he would be led astray.

I spoke about this in the II Peter video.

So here is the answer to the question of which books are the measuring rod.

So far from what I have been shown, they are the writings contained in the following pre-Messiah books;

The five books that Moses wrote are the bulk of the instructions for the statutes, judgments and ordinances.

They are; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Much additional understanding and prophesies and precepts are contained in the books of Joshua, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Zechariah, Malachi, Haggai, Ezra, Nehemiah, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Zephaniah and even Ruth.

Some of these I have not studied completely yet but all indications are they contain truth.

I do believe that the other books like 1st and 2nd Kings and 1st and 2nd Chronicles were inspired and there is much wisdom and truth in them but I have not gone through them in a deep enough way yet to know if they are completely accurate since being sent to repair the breach.

The only pre-Messiah book that is in what we call the bible that I have been led by the spirit to show me is error, apart from the many translation errors that are in the other books, is the book of Judges.

But as I said, even within this book it contains the true story of Gideon and other truths, it is just that it also contains error so since being shown this, I stay away from it and do not use it for the measuring rod.

With the post Messiah writings I have been led to stick with Matthew, John, I John, II John, III John and the book of Revelation.

The entire plan of Elohiym and everything that we need to inherit eternal life is hidden in these books.

Are there other books that are out there that were written by men who were inspired by Elohiym's 7 spirits?

I am sure that there are.

It is just that so far what is being restored is found in the books that I have mentioned today.

And everything that He has shown so far is there is no reason to go outside of these books.

If you think that you already have everything in these books mastered and you are living in agreement with everything that is taught in them, then you are further ahead than I am.

I will stay focused on what our Creator has put before us to be focused on and this is returning to Him through His Son's blood.

And His word is clear that the water is only turned into His Son's blood if are returning to His statutes and judgments that are found in His Torah.

He has shown me that this is truth and it is the truth that sets us free.

And His measuring rod that His Son testified to backs this up.

I would definitely advise you to stay out of the 13 books that were written by the Abomination of Desolation Saul of Tarsus and the 3 books that were written by his followers Luke and Mark.

The most important thing is that we are walking with our Creator in agreement with Him and in His covenant so that we have His 7 spirits guiding us through the translation errors and the additions that were added to change the text.

Most of the additions are found in the books of Matthew and John.

One of the major ones of these is in I John 5 where they added the Father and the word and the Holy Spirit in heaven bearing witness.

They added this to give credibility to their false trinity doctrine.

So be fearful of not having His 7 spirits to guide you.

This is why Yehshua said to fear His Father who can take away our eternal life.

We must fear not having Him give us eyes to see and ears to hear the truth.

This fear keeps us hungering to be found in His favor so that we will not be led away from His truth.

The third of the world that is in christianity believes that they have His spirit guiding them but the measuring testifies that they are of their father the devil and are guided by His spirit instead.

His spirit is the spirit of rebellion to our Creator's word.

But this third of the world does not know that they are guided by the wrong spirit.

I say this to show that satan obviously makes his lying spirit look and feel like the real thing.

For this reason, we have to hold fast to and hedge about the word that was given to us.

We have to guard it and make it our life.

It exposes the wolves and it guides us into our Elohiym's fold.

And His fold is going to be a good place to end up when the dust settles.