One thing that I think that we can all agree with one another on is that a person that is deceived does not know that they are deceived.

A muslim believes that he or she is correct, just like a catholic person thinks that he or she is correct.

You can go right on down the line with the different religious beliefs that are in the world today and this is the case.

If they knew that they were deceived, they would change.

Even within the different major religions such as islam or christianity there are many divisions, each thinking that they have it right.

Especially within christianity.

There are thousands of different denominations and non-denominational groups, each varying in their doctrines.

This is because satan loves confusion.

He loves to have a chair for everyone to sit on in his merry-go-round.

Rev 12:9

9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil and Satan WHICH DECEIVES ALL OF THE WORLD: he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him.

None of us are a match against his deceptive powers on our own.

I have spoken on this in several of these videos so I am not going to go into all of the details on this again today.

But briefly, we must have our Creator's protection from him and his crew if we are to not going to be influenced by his snares.

And there is only one way that our Elohiym gives us protection from him.

We have to be found in His favor and walking in agreement with Him and His Son.

Being found in His favor comes through being atoned for by His Son's blood but this has a price tag.

The price tag is genuine repentance which starts with turning from our sins and sin is transgression of His Torah.

This means that we have to turn to His Torah and obey it.

He gave us a measuring rod to measure all things with so that we can know that we are in agreement with Him.

And He sent His Son to bear witness to this measuring rod.

It is His word and His Son became His word and He told us to follow Him.

His word says that we have to live by every word of it.

I am amazed at the crazy ideas that come from peoples own wisdom that they use to tell me why they think that I am wrong.

One person told me the other day that I am not our Creator's servant because I refer to Him as Elohiym.

This is insanity.

The measuring rod calls Him Elohiym.

Moses recorded that Elohiym created the heavens and the earth.

The measuring rod says that Abraham was not even given the name YEHWEH but that Moses was given it.

This means that for over 2,300 years no one even knew the name YEHWEH Elohiym.

Abraham called Him by ‘El Shaddai.

I have had others write me and tell me the reason why I am not YEHWEH Elohiym's servant is because I call Him YEHWEH and not YAHWEH or YAHVEH or some other pronunciation of His name.

Just today another person wrote me and told me that His name is Yeheveh so he was telling me that I am in error.

They make this claim because they claim that from their studies that they have learned that there was no "w" sound in the Hebrew language.

Where do they get their studies from?

These ideas have to come from somewhere and they do, they come from the teachings of men.

The Hebrew language was an unused language for hundreds of years and it had to be reconstructed and it was reconstructed from what people think the words sounded like with their own reasoning.

For that matter, I have heard of other studies that say that there was no "v" sound in the language.

Yet they will say that I am not the witness because I pronounce His name differently than they do.

Satan has this all muddied up like he has everything else muddied up.

My point today is that people are wise in their understanding because they study without the source of all understanding, our Creator's 7 spirits.

And because of what they know to be true in their minds, they reject the truth when they hear it.

They reject it because the truth is different than what they already think that they know in their minds to be true.

Some people write me and say that I cannot be our Elohiym's witness because they believe that the two witnesses are Enoch and Elijah.

Many believe this.

They make this claim because they believe that these two have never died or some other variation of this like they are waiting in heaven.

In regards to Enoch, they base their widely held belief from the book of Hebrews.

The writer of this book says that Enoch was translated and that he did not know death and he was not found.

I am not sure who wrote the book of Hebrews but in any case, the writer gives us the reason why this event happened.

He said that it was because Enoch pleased Elohiym.

In Genesis we read that Enoch walked with Elohiym and that he was no more because Elohiym took him.

Where did He take him to?

He did not take him to heaven because Yehshua said that no man had ever ascended to heaven except for Him.

In lieu of this, the people that believe that this verse says that he did not die must believe that he is still alive somewhere on earth in the flesh.

But neither the verse in Hebrews nor in Genesis recorded that he did not die.

The book of Hebrews says that he was removed because he found favor with Elohiym and because of this; he did not know or see death.

It says that he did not experience death because he pleased His Elohiym so much that he spared him from this experience.

And the book of Genesis says that he was no more because Elohiym took him because he walked in agreement with Him.

This is easy to understand if you believe the measuring rod because it says that before Yehshua was resurrected, that no one had ascended to heaven.

I do want to add here though that both Enoch and Elijah are in heaven now because they are of the 24 elders that were resurrected at the time of His death.

For those of you that think that Enoch is still alive here on earth somewhere, the book of Hebrews goes on to say that he died.

I am not saying that the book of Hebrews is part of the measuring rod, but it says in the verses that follow the Enoch account that these men all died having not received the promise of eternal life yet.

The writer was speaking of the men that he had just mentioned as men of great faith and he clearly said that they all died, it is just that Enoch did not experience death.

In a minute I will show you who the measuring rod says the two witnesses are in case you believe that Enoch and Elijah are still alive somewhere on the earth.

But first, what about Elijah?

Scripture records that the chariot of fire came to get him and he was carried up into the sky in a whirlwind.

He was removed from where he was never to be seen again that we know of.

But does this mean that he did not die?

No, this is read into it.

He certainly did not go to heaven because, again, according to the measuring rod and the words of the Son of the Most High, not one had ascended to heaven besides His Son before He ascended.

He was removed that day before the face of Elisha and the 50 men that were across the river in a great display of our Creator's majesty.

Was he removed that day to and transformed into a state of death without experiencing it like Enoch was?

Or was he removed far away to a safe place to die a peaceful death at a later time? I do not know.

I expect that it was something like with Enoch and that he did not have to experience death.

And I believe that there have been many others who are of the 144,000 who did not have to experience death as well because they found favor in their Creator's eyes.

They died but they were just translated into it without experiencing it.

And soon they will be resurrected into spirit beings when they are born again into His kingdom.

It is just that the measuring rod says that they did not go to heaven, except for the 24 that ascended after Yehshua did.

And for those of you who want to believe that Elijah and Enoch are still alive here on earth in the flesh, you have read this into it.

This belief certainly is not supported by the measuring rod.

It comes from the doctrines of men who are wise in their own understanding.

You believe this because of pre-conceived ideas that came from the teachings of men.

As far as Malachi 4 saying that Elijah will come before the day of YEHWEH's vengeance, Yehshua clearly taught that this verse means that one would come in the spirit of Elijah.

He taught this by telling us that John the Baptist also came in the spirit of Elijah, yet that Elijah would also come to restore things.

John the Baptist did not restore all things so He was saying that another would come in the same manner in the spirit of Elijah to restore things.

Just look at the work that has been given to me that has been put forth on this site.

If you can say that things are not being restored and that I do not have the same spirit as Elijah had, then you have your head deeply buried in the sand.

Elijah and Enoch, nor Moses as some others believe can be the two witnesses because they do not fit the description of the two witnesses that was given to us in the measuring rod.

The book of Zechariah and Revelation chapter 11 clearly teach that the seven spirits of Elohiym flow out through the two witnesses.

And the measuring rod never mentions Elijah or Enoch or Moses or anyone else who is in possession of the 7 spirits of Elohiym besides Yehshua and Zerubbabel.

Not only that, all of the prophesies about the end time servant being sent speak of one who will be sent, not two.

The reason for this is, one was already sent.

The mistranslations in Revelation 11 say that they will prophesy for 1,260 days and that fire will proceed out from their mouth.

These mistranslations say that they will be killed and that they will lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem and that they will be resurrected after 3 1/2 days.

My bible computer program says that the word that they translated as they and them and their is the Greek word "autos" that is Strong's # 846.

Spiros Zodhiates says that it is Strong's # 848 that is used in these verses which implies more of singular third person.

# 846 can mean more than one person in a 3rd person situation but it is also the same word that is used to describe a single third person such as he or him or her or she or his or her.

The translators did not believe the measuring rod that is found in the writings of the prophets.

The prophets said that one servant would be sent.

Since they did not turn to the measuring rod for their instructions on how to translate these words in Revelation 11, they thought that the verses the followed talking about the two olive trees and the two witnesses were still talking about both of them.

This is why they thought that fire would come out of both of their mouths and they would both be dead, etc.

Yehshua was already dead for 3 ½ days in Jerusalem.

This is another proof that He was the first witness.

He was in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights but He was dead for 3 ½ days.

Knowing our Creator's true calendar shows this.

It took time to go and get audience will Pilate to ask for Him to be removed and it took time to get Him down from the stake and to get him buried in the tomb.

If you believe the false tradition of each day beginning at sundown that came out of Judaism, you won't be able to see this.

This is another one of the many places where people get blinded because of their being wise in their own understanding.

If this false tradition is in your pre-conceived ideas, you are wise in your own eyes because the measuring rod teaches that each day begins at sunrise and not sunset.

I spoke about all of the proof of this that is found in the scriptures in the sundown to sundown 2 part video.

If you think that you are a match for satan without the measuring rod, you are sadly mistaken because Yehshua said that we cannot even know the truth unless we live His Father's word.

Living His word teaches us when a day begins.

The traditions of Judaism twisted things like saying that the instructions that were given for the one day regarding the Day of Atonement applies to all days.

And they also twisted the Genesis account of creation in order to add credibility to their perversion of when a day begins.

This is because they were under the tutelage of their father the deceiver and they were deceived by him.

Regarding who the two witnesses are, I'll make this real simple.

If scripture says that the 7 spirits will flow out from the two witnesses, then you need to let the scripture tell you who they are.

The measuring rod says that Yehshua possesses the 7 spirits and that they flow out through Zerubbabel as well.

And it does not record this of Enoch or Elijah or anyone else.

Scripture bears witness to itself and to what is true.

And it describes who Yehshua is with an irrefutable description as it does with Zerubbabel as well.

Not only that, the water was turned into blood through the two witnesses.

Yehshua shed His blood to replace the water that we are baptized into and this revelation has been brought forward by Zerubbabel at this time.

I am spending some time on this subject again today because it fits perfectly in with the title of today's video "Wise in Our Own Understanding."

I am using the example of the different reasons why people claim that I am not the witness because if you are letting your pre-conceived ideas get in the way of seeing that I am our Elohiym's anointed servant, then you are letting them get in the way of seeing what He is restoring through me.

And if you are doing this, then Yehshua's return will come upon you as thief in the night.

Our Creator has revealed the abomination of desolation.

He has sent out the cry to return to Him through His Torah with its statutes and judgments.

This was prophesied to happen.

Everything that was prophesied that His end time servant would bring forth has happened or is happening or will begin to happen soon.

Much of the major calamity has been held back for the elect's sake as Yehshua prophesied would happen but it is coming.

People write me and tell me things like;

"I have studied god's Word quite diligently myself!"

If they have, I'd like to know simple things like why they call our Creator god when our Elohiym told us not to call Him by the names that the heathen call their deities by.

Even a simple study shows that the word god came from satan's blasphemes.

The same goes with the name that they call His Son by.

But speaking their names wrong is the least of their problems.

Most people who write me and tell me about all of their studies and research and such blaspheme their names by blaspheming who their righteous character.

They brag about their studies or even brag about the men that they follow who they deem as their authority.

One man recently told me that if there is a prophet in the world today, it is a man that he listens to.

I had never heard of this man so I looked up who he is and what he teaches for the purposes of this video and to see where the man who wrote me was coming from.

His statement of faith showed that he believes in the false doctrines that came from the abomination of desolation Saul of the tares because he referenced his writings.

He said that he believes our Creator's word.

This is not true, he is a liar.

If he believed it, he would obey it and he would know that Saul is a wolf and that he needed to be stoned.

The true word of Elohiym says that anyone who comes with another path is false and Saul by his own admission said that he had a more excellent way.

But people follow these men because of their credentials.

The man who wrote me gives the man who he says is a modern day prophet if there is one credibility because of his education.

In bragging on his mentor, he said that he is one of three scholars who were decipherer's of the Dead Sea Scrolls and that he also deciphered the Easter Island tablets and much more!

It is easy to tell who is deceived and who is not by just looking at if they obey our Elohiym or not.

You can look for simple things like if they have an unshaven beard or blue tassels and things like this on a physical plain.

Of course having these physical statutes does not prove that anyone is in the truth either, but they are simple indications that show that they are not if they are not obeying them.

If people cannot even obey simple instructions like these, you can easily know that they do not care about obeying their Creator because these things are in plain sight.

They are not hidden.

Does this man or others know that they are deceived?

No, and there are many who are very sincere.

But we can be very sincere and still be very sincerely wrong.

The man that I am referring to who wrote me said that his teacher says at the beginning of each of his teachings another quote;


This is a true statement that we must not to listen to any man who takes us to a different version of Elohiym.

He changes not.

I posted a video a while back on this subject called "Follow no man"

My question for this man and for the rest of christianity is why are you listening to people who are not themselves hearkening to the word of the Most High?

It is hypocrisy gone wild.

They speak with the same forked tongue that their boy Saul spoke with.

They say obey our Creator but then they teach why they do not have to obey Him.

This is crazy.

The reason why they do this is because they are wise in their own understanding and in their studies so they remain in the captivity.

What is really amazing is how someone can write and tell me that I am wrong and tell me that if there is a prophet in the world it is a man who refuses to obey even the simplest of the commands.

People write me and tell me how they study the scriptures and how they use all of the concordances and the Septuagint and all of these other resources.

This can be good but it is not what produces the hidden manna of life.

Studying 24 hours a day seven days a week will not teach you the truth if you do not obey our Creator.

He does not give us His 7 spirits that guide us into all truth unless we are walking with Him in the covenant and walking with Him includes obeying Him.

This is such a basic reality that Yehshua taught.

This was not hidden.

Going back to the beginning of this video about there being thousands of different beliefs within christianity alone, how do you think that this happened?

It happened because people were wise in their own understanding and they did not enter into the contract with their Creator to receive His 7 spirits that would have guided them into all truth.

People say that they believe the word of Elohiym but they won't even let the His word measure their beliefs.

And it is total hypocrisy to say that you believe him but not obey Him.

The situation with believing that Elijah and Enoch are the two witnesses is a simple example of how being wise in your own understanding can get in the way of seeing the truth.

You actually have to reject the measuring rod just to stay in such a belief.

I discuss with people the irrefutable proof that our Creator has given in His word that Zerubbabel and Yehshua are the two witnesses.

But many are so wise in thinking that they have figured something else out that they refuse the obvious and they refuse the word of Elohiym in doing so.

What they have figured out in their reasoning trumps our Creator's word.

It is amazing that people can be so stiff necked and full of pride just because they think that they already have the truth.

They obviously do not believe that satan could have deceived them so they do not consider that maybe they have been led astray.

This is because they refuse to measure what they believe with the measuring rod.

Instead they measure their beliefs with their own understanding.

The measuring rod would prove to them that they do not have our Elohiym's 7 spirits guiding them but they do not want to believe it with their selective hearing.

And this is willful ignorance.