This year has been a year where incredible numbers of birds, mammals, and fish have died.

Our Creator has sent these signs along with many other signs in the heavens and here on earth that are being sent to point to His Son's soon return.

They are being sent as warning signs.

Many have associated the animals dying with a prophesy that is found in the book of Hosea.

Today I will talk about how one of these events of some cattle dropping dead tie in with a prophesy in Haggai, but first I will start off with Hosea.

Hos 4:1-3

4:1 Hear the word of YEHWEH, for YEHWEH has a controversy with the children of Israel and with the inhabitants of the land because there is NO TRUTH, NOR PIETY, NOR KNOWLEDGE OF ELOHIYM in the land.

2 They perjure and lie and deal falsely and kill and steal and commit adultery and spread abroad and blood touches blood.

3 Therefore the land will bewail and every one that dwells therein will languish and THE BEASTS OF THE FIELD AND THE FOWLS OF HEAVEN AND THE FISHES OF THE SEA WILL ALSO BE REMOVED.

As incredible as some of the events that have happened this past year have been, what we have seen so far is just a foreshadow of this prophesy.

The ole' saying goes, you aint' seen nothing yet.

Our Creator has sent these signs to warn us that His wrath is at the door.

But most have not hearkened to these warning signs.

The important thing is to catch in these verses is why He is sending the coming time of calamity.

He says there is no truth in the land.

Yehshua testified that His Father's word is truth.

He is saying that His wrath is being sent because His word is not being lived.

He says that He is sending it because there is no piety in the land either.

I have spoken about this word in other videos.

It is the Hebrew word kheced.

In this verse and in other places the King James translated it as mercy.

They also translated it as loving kindness or favor or kindness or even goodness in other places.

But Creator is speaking about a certain kind of goodness or favor in this verse.

He is explaining that there is no kindness that is based on His righteousness in the world.

He is saying there is no right thinking towards Him or towards others.

The world is full of giving one another favor in their self-righteousness.

Just look at next week with the pagan festivities associated with christmas; there is all sorts of holiday cheer and giving going on.

But this is not the kheced that our Creator is talking about.

This kind of kindness is an abomination to Him and a stench in His nostrils.

And they certainly are not right in their thoughts towards Him.

They won't listen to anything that He said.

He is saying that there is no love towards Him or towards one another that is based on His righteousness in the land.

And also He says in verse one that He is sending His wrath because there is no knowledge of Him in the land.

In verse 6 He says why there is no knowledge of Him as well.

I'll get to that in a minute.

He says that it is because they have rejected knowledge that He will reject them.

He said that it is because they would not remember His Torah that He would not remember the children.

The religions of the world including christianity do not have a clue who He is because they reject that which would teach them who He is.

They do not have a clue about His righteousness because they rejected that which He gave to us to teach us His righteousness.

Who He is is His righteous character.

The scattered nations of Israel have rejected His word and they have embraced the teachings of the abomination Saul of the tares instead.

Then He goes on in verse two to list some more of the world's abominations.

He says;

They perjure and lie and deal falsely and kill and steal and commit adultery and spread abroad and blood touches blood.

The lies flourish and all of their abominations flourish.

The scattered nations of Israel continue in their whoredom by committing adultery to Him and they could careless because they have no fear.

Instead fearing to not be found in His favor and instead of seeking His righteousness, they trample His Son's blood underfoot and defend and promote their rebellion to Him.

The religious among the scattered nations of Israel have taken their false salvation doctrines to the world and they do their father the devil's work instead of their Elohiym's work.

They help lead one another to the lake of fire by promoting and defending their lawlessness to one another.

There is no truth in them because His word is not in them.

They live lies unto death and feel good with themselves about living their lies.

It is because of these abominations that He is sending His wrath but He is also sending it to plead with a people to return to Him.

And leading up to the time when He is going to let it loose, He has been sending all of these signs to plead with you return to Him before He sends it and to cry out to you to prepare the way for His Son's return.

Just a few days ago scores of apples fell from the sky in the U.K.

They just fell from the sky and halted rush hour traffic with no real plausible or sure explanation.

Some said that it was maybe a mini tornado or something like this because they had no other explanation for it.

It just so happens that this happened on day 220 before our Messiah's return.

I have talked about the 55 and 110 day patterns that are unfolding in these last days.

Just the day before this Happened, I pointed out in a video that I expected that something could happen on this day in order to show its significance.

You tell me, was our Creator sending a sign that His banquet table is being prepared and a bowl of apples fell off of it to be a sign to us?

On this same day, He started revealing to me that Obama was inaugurated exactly 42 months to the day before Yehshua returns.

It has been sign after sign all year long of fish washing up dead around the world and birds falling from the sky along with all sorts of other signs.

And the numbers of these deaths are amazing in how they match up with numbers in the scriptures like 40 or 7 or 12 or 5,000 or other numbers like this.

But today I want to speak of a particular sign.

The first date that was given to me to proclaim was 550 days out before Yehshua returns.

This was January 15th of this year.

At this time, I did not even know that this date was 550 days out or anything about the 110 day patterns.

On January 14 in Wisconsin 212 steers dropped dead at one farm.

They died 12 hours after the first visible signs of their sickness so this happened suddenly.

And they did not respond to the treatment that was given to them.

I do not know for sure at what time they died on the 14th but one news article that I read said that they died overnight.

If they died in the night hours, then it would have been on the 15th according to Jerusalem time since Jerusalem is 8 hours ahead of Wisconsin time.

And the prophesies are unfolding according to Jerusalem time.

Eventually they came up with what they are saying was a likely cause of death.

They said that the cause was likely because they had eaten feed that had moldy sweet potatoes in it.

I am not sure if the feed came from a feed store and if so why other cattle were not affected.

It really does not matter what caused them to die anyway.

They can try and explain these events away all that they want but this is not what matters.

What matters is they are signs that are being given to us.

All that I know is I am told that they died in 12 hours after the onset of the symptoms and that they did not respond to treatment and this was for a reason.

And I was also told that there were 212 of them and this number is a precise number for a reason as well.

In lieu of when they died and what else happened on the 15th, there is significance to these details.

The cause of death is not important because this is not what matters, even if it was some moldy sweet potatoes.

I don't care if it was a mini tornado that our Creator used to sweep up the apples in the U.K.; all I see is sign after sign happening around the world.

And I know the banquet for the first fruits is being prepared anyway.

What matters is that we heed to the signs that He is sending.

There is a message that is accompanying the signs.

Who sends the tornados and the mini tornados anyway?

I am not saying that this is what caused the apples to fall, but if it was, is this the point?

Or should the point be that our Creator's word testifies that He has sent His witness to stand before Him and the world?

His word testifies that He has sent me to cry out to a people to make straight their paths for His Son's return just as it testified that He sent His Son the first time.

But they did not believe His word back then either.

When Yehshua came, He pleaded with them like I have been pleading with you.

He said things like;

John 5:39

39 Search (seek) the scriptures; because you perceive in them that you have eternal life and they are the same scriptures that testify to me.

I have been making the same plea in these videos because the same scriptures that most of you tote around in what you call your bibles testify that He has sent me.

The wildest explanation that I have heard so far for any of the dead animal events is why they said that the 5,000 red wing blackbirds fell out of the sky in Beebe Arkansas.

They claim that it was because they got scared because of something like some New year's eve fireworks going off and they dived into the ground.

They have to come up with an explanation for these events because they don't want to believe that they are signs from above.

If they did, they might just have to consider their meaningless lives.

Actually, even most who even believe that they are signs from above still won't consider that they are deceived.

They are propped up in their false salvation doctrines and they won't consider that their worship to their false images of the Messiah and His Father is an abomination to them.

I heard one of satan's ministers even say that he hates sin.

This man does not even believe the Apostle John's words that sin is transgression of our Creator's Torah.

There is zero evidence that this man obeys anything that is in the Torah yet he says that he hates sin.

How can this be?

Talk about hypocrisy.

Talk about no knowledge in the land.

I said that I would read verse 6 in Hosea;

Hos 4:6

6 The people will be destroyed because of a lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you and you will be no priest to me SEEING THAT YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN THE TORAH OF ELOHIYM, I will also forget the children.

Job 36:12

12 But if they will not obey, then they will perish by the sword and THEY WILL DIE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE.

In verse 7 of Hosea He says that He is going to exchange your glory into shame for sinning against Him and sin is transgressing His Torah.

At least it is according to the measuring rod that He gave us to measure all things with, His word.

It is amazing how the false shepherds will read these verses and use them in their ministries with no fear.

They know that they reject His Torah and do not obey it yet for some reason they do not think that these verses apply to them.

This is being willfully ignorant.

They even use these verses knowing that we are in the time that we are in now with no mention of keeping the Torah in their blasphemous ministries.

They know that we are in the end times.

And the prophesies for the end time are that He would send His servant telling people that they must return to the Torah of Moses with the states and judgments if they are going to be delivered through what is ahead.

The false shepherds say just give you heart to some make believe image of the messiah.

Or, like the false prophet Ron Weinland and others do, they will tell you to return to some perverted traditions of men that came out of Judaism like the Saturday Sabbath.

I mentioned earlier that numbers of these animal kill offs are matching up with significant numbers in the scriptures.

Some of them are also matching up with prophesies.

It was not a coincidence that a field of 212 cattle was picked to die instead of a field of 100 or some other number.

Tomorrow is 212 days out from Yehshua's return.

It is the 20th day of December on man's calendar and this is the 24th day of the 9th month on our Creator's calendar.

Hag 2:10-12

10 In the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month, in the second year of Darius (the name of a Persian king), the word of YEHWEH came to Haggai the prophet, saying,

11 Thus saith YEHWEH of hosts; now ask the priests concerning THE TORAH, saying,

He then goes on to put forth a test that I recently spoke about in the "How Much Longer" video so I'll skip these verses today.

They are about the uncleanliness of the children of Israel in the last days because they made themselves clean with abominations instead of the truth.

They washed in make believe blood because they would not receive the conditions that would have brought them into the covenant that would have caused the true Messiah's blood to be applied on their behalf.

These verses lead up to a prophesy about the end days and His servant Zerubbabel coming forward.

He goes on;

Hag 2:16-18

16 Then it will be that you will come to twenty sheaves of grain and there will only be ten: you will come to a wine press to draw out fifty vessels out of the press and there will only be twenty.

He is saying that there is going to be famines.

17 I will smite them with a blighting and a withering and with hail on all of the produce of your hands BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT TURN TO ME, saith YEHWEH.

18 I beseech you TO SET YOUR HEARTS from this day forward, from the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month, even from the day that the foundation of YEHWEH's temple was laid, SET YOUR HEARTS.

I am telling you that this is a warning for tomorrow, not next year or 7 years from now.

I do not know if this is the last warning you will get or what will happen tomorrow for that matter.

I just know that this verse applies to tomorrow and that time is getting short.

He is saying that you had better set your hearts to returning to Him through His Torah.

You need to set your hearts on His terms to the covenant that He is offering to you.

Soon the warnings will no longer continue.

You need to make straight your paths for the coming of our Messiah.

Back last January 15 when the cattle dropped dead, the last stone of the temple was sealed to be His first fruits.

I was made to be this man and I was given the name of Zerubbabel and I have been sent to cry out to you and to repair the breach and to cry out to you to join in with me in repairing the breach between Elohiym and man.

Hag 2:19-21

19 Is there not more grain in the granary? Have not the vine and the fig tree and the pomegranate and the olive tree brought forth to bless you to this day?

The scattered nations of Israel are so much not without blame.

He has poured forth His abundance on you but nearly all of you would not hearken to Him.

And now His time to recompense you is at hand because most of you will not return to Him without it.

He has been holding it back while He has been sending forth warnings after warnings.

But have you hearkened to them?

At least sadly, most have not.

20 And again the word of YEHWEH came to Haggai in the TWENTY-FOURTH DAY of the month, saying,

21 Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth;

Folks, what is coming is real.

It is going to be wave after wave of calamity.

Do you really want to continue to put your eternal fate in the hands of the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus that our Creator's word testifies against?

Or even other men who pervert the Torah?

Or do you want to put your fate in the hands of the true Messiah that said that we must live by His Father's every word if we are going to enter into His kingdom?

The true Messiah said that those who do not believe into His name will be condemned and His name is the word of Elohiym.

The prophets recorded that we must return to our Elohiym through His Torah.

Why don't you believe them?

His Torah is not a burden, it is a delight.

It teaches us to be as our Creator is.

It is Saul who said that it was against us.

It is not against us, it is for us.

It teaches us our Creator's righteousness.

He wants you to enter into a covenant with Him where He will write it in your hearts and in your inward parts with His seven spirits.

The last two verses in this Haggai prophesy end like this;

Hag 2:22-23

22 And I will overthrow the thrones of kingdoms, and I will destroy the power of the kingdoms of the heathen; and I will overthrow their chariots and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders will fall, each man by the sword of his brother.

23 In that day, saith YEHWEH of hosts, I will bring Zerubbabel my servant, the son of Shealtiel (this name means "I have asked Elohiym"), saith YEHWEH, and will put upon him a signature ring BECAUSE I HAVE CHOSEN HIM, saith YEHWEH of hosts.

I did not make myself this man, nor is this about me.

It is about returning to Him.

I cried out from youth that I am a man of unclean lips but to send me anyway.

But then I stayed in the captivity and lived the lies and did not turn to His Torah.

Then He plucked me out of the fire and gave me a change of raiment.

I keep pleading with those of you who are not hearkening to what our Elohiym is saying through me to search the same scriptures that you say are true.

Search them and see if they do not testify to the work that I have been sent with.

They do, and since they do, this means that our Elohiym has put His word in my mouth.

It is Him that you do not believe just like you have not believed His Son.

He said that we must obey His Father as He obeyed Him.

Why do you remain such a stiff-necked rebellious house?

Why won't you believe the word of Elohiym that you tote around in your bibles?

Why do you say that Saul and his followers Luke and Mark are the word of Elohiym when the true word that His Son testified to testify against them?

It was the mother whore of Babylon that said that Saul's writings were inspired by Elohiym.

Scripture testifies that the Catholic church is the mother whore and christianity is her daughter whores.

YEHWEH Elohiym suggests that you set your hearts on the Him and on the true Messiah and flee from your make believe images of them.

He suggests that you set your hearts on agreeing to the condition of repentance so that you can enter into a renewed covenant with Him to be made in His image.

If you do, He will turn the water that you need to be baptized under into His Son's blood and He will forgive you and heal your backsliding.

Repent, His kingdom is at hand.