Our Creator created us for the purpose of continuing to build His eternal family.

He gave us His word to instruct those who would desire Him how to come into His favor.

His word instructs us how to become as He is.

He is building His family from those who desire to be made in His image.

I have spoken in several of these videos that His image is His righteous character.

It is the identifying marks of His character that His name represents.

A small example of this is the temporary name that He has given to me.

He has given me the name Zerubbabel which means one who flows out from Babylon.

And Babylon represents the captivity that we are in when we are sent to live a life that is separated from Him.

He has given me this name to represent to world that He plucked me out of the captivity to become the last stone in His temple.

His word describes this identification just as His word describes the identification of His image.

Our names that we go by are merely a verbal manifestation or a written manifestation that link us or match us to our characteristics or to our image that we bear.

For instance, there can be many Jim Smiths in the world.

But there is only one Jim Smith that lives at 2323 N. Turtle Dove Blvd. in Any Town U.S.A.

The factitious Jim Smith that I will speak of might be identified as a 40 year old father of 2 boys and 3 girls who is on his 3rd marriage who embraces the beliefs of the southern Baptist.

Part of this Jim Smith's character might be that he spends his time absorbed in professional sports but that he still takes time out of his life to go worship his false image of his Creator each Saturday or Sunday morning.

Maybe he is even a respected business man who is involved in other hobbies as well and maybe he and his current wife even spend time with their children going to their events, etc.

My point is, however we identify another person, whether it is by a written or a spoken name or even by a picture or an identification number, it is to point us to who that individual is and a certain characteristics accompany this person.

If you know that every Jim Smith that there is in the world tolerates lies except this particular Jim Smith, then when you are referring to this particular Jim Smith, you know that he is the exception.

Therefore if someone tells you that Jim Smith tolerates lies, you can say to them that they are talking about a different Jim Smith than the one that you know.

If they are talking about the Jim Smith that you know, and they say that he tolerates lies, they either have a wrong image of him or you really do not know his image after all like you thought that you did.

The same is true with our Creator and His Son.

We can even call them by their correct names and still have a wrong image of them.

And if we are worshipping the wrong image of them, we are worshipping a make believe image of them.

This is what the religions of the world have done.

They do not like the perfect righteous image of YEHWEH Elohiym that His word defines so they have made up other versions of Him to worship.

And they worship Him in vain in doing so.

They have done this because they do not love nor desire His righteousness that His word defines.

They have done the same with His Son, therefore their salvation hopes are founded on make believe blood.

Yehshua said;

Matt 6:33

33 But SEEK THE KINGDOM OF ELOHIYM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS as your foremost priority and all of these things will be added to you.

There is so much said in this one verse when coupled with everything else that He taught.

He told us that we have to lose our lives in order to find eternal life.

His teachings tell us that if we do not lose our lives for His Father's kingdom's sake, we are not worthy to be in His kingdom and we will die.

When He instructed us in this verse that we must seek His Father's righteousness, He was telling us that we must seek to bear His name.

The 3rd commandment is to not bear His name in a desolating way.

He says that if we do, He will not hold us guiltless.

The image of Him and His Son that christianity embraces is just sick.

Most of them have an image of them as tolerating all sorts of evil.

This is why the abominations like adultery, homosexuality, lying, perverting the Sabbaths, ignoring His other appointed times, celebrating their pagan festivals like easter and christmas, or eating unclean foods and many, many other abominations prevail among them.

Their lives and their false worship of Him is one abomination after another.

Just look at simple ones like christmas and easter, Yehshua clearly taught that we worship in vain by celebrating the traditions of men.

Even a basic study of these blasphemous celebrations shows their pagan origins.

They are a rotten stench in our Creator's nostrils but most of you could careless so you keep putting up your pagan trees and blaspheming the name of YEHWEH Elohiym.

His word is sometimes very detailed.

An example of this is He told us that the pagans cut down and decorated trees.

And He condemns doing so.

Jer 10:2-4

2 Thus saith YEHWEH; do not learn THE COURSE OF THE HEATHEN, nor be dismayed by the signs of heaven; because they dismay the heathen.

He is including things like astrology and mysticism that comes from the constellations and such that He also condemns elsewhere.

3 Because the CUSTOMS OF THE PEOPLE ARE EMPTINESS (MEANINGLESS): For they cut down a tree out of the forest with the work of the hands of a workman with an axe.

4 And they deck it with silver and with gold and they fasten it with nails and with hammers so that it does not move.

Is this not what people do during the pagan season of christmas when they cut down and decorate their trees?

Yet even though He condemns doing this it does not matter to most of you because you don't really care what His word says or what He condemns.

You desire your pagan celebrations and you do not desire His righteousness.

And you wonder why His wrath is coming?

Actually, most of you do not wonder why His wrath is coming.

You could care less why He is sending it or who He is going to purge out through it.

Instead, you believe in vanities like He is going to whisk you away even though you have lived your lives blaspheming His word and blaspheming His Son's shed blood.

You have not only not sought after and desired His righteousness; you have gone even further by making your own righteousness superior to His in your hearts.

I will give you an example;

When told when His weekly Sabbaths are, most of you say things like "I don't think that it really matters what day we set aside, after all, He wants us worshipping Him every day."

Of course He wants us worshipping Him every day, His word says so, but He set one day aside in particular after every six days of work.

He set it aside and He commanded us to set it aside in order to help set us apart to Him to mold us in His righteousness.

He said;

Ex 31:15-17

15 You shall do your work for six days; but the seventh is the Sabbath of rest. It is set apart (holy) to YEHWEH: whosoever does any work in the Sabbath day, DYING HE WILL DIE.

16 The children of Israel shall guard (hedge about) the Sabbath and "SHALL DO THE SABBATH" throughout their generations for a CONTINUAL COVENANT.

17 It is a "CONTINUAL SIGN" between Elohiym and the children of Israel: because in six days YEHWEH made heaven and the earth and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.

The King James Version says that it is a sign between Him and His children forever.

And you think that it does not matter when it is?

This just proves that your righteousness has replaced His in your hearts.

His righteousness says that if you do not guard His Sabbaths and do them, that you will die.

Why don't you believe Him?

Your righteousness says that it does not matter which day.

Not only that, in your righteousness you tell Him how you will do His Sabbaths.

Not only do you tell Him which day you will come before Him, maybe you think that it is okay that you work or that you do your own pleasure on His Sabbath days.

If you desired His righteousness, then His Sabbaths would be your delight;

He says;

Isa 58:13-14

13 IF YOU WILL TURN YOUR FEET TO THE SABBATH, AND DO "MY DESIRE" ON MY SET APART DAY; AND CALL THE SABBATH A DELIGHT, the sanctified of YEHWEH, and glorify it and glorify my path (my Torah) and attain my desire by speaking my words:

14 Then you will delight upon YEHWEH; and you will ride upon the high places of the earth and I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father: BECAUSE THE MOUTH OF YEHWEH HAS SPOKEN IT.

These two verses are found in a prophesy for the end days.

If you do not believe this, all that you need to do is go back to the preceding verse.

It says;

12 And from you (speaking of those who will return to Him in the last days) I will build the vanished places that were made desolate: and I will rise up the foundation of many generations; and you will be called THE REPAIRER OF THE BREACH, THE RESTORER OF PATHS TO DWELL IN.

His Appointed times are so important to Him and to His plan that He put the luminaries in the sky for us to use to determine when they are.

His word says so.

He did this so that even when the correct timing of them was lost by our ancestors (like He knew that they would be) that we could use His word to determine when they are supposed to be.

He knew that they would fall away from when they are supposed to be.

Isaiah prophesied that satan would set out to set on the mountain of the appointed times and YEHWEH's word says that His 7th day Sabbaths are also His appointed times.

And Daniel prophesied that satan's servants would change time and laws.

This is not rocket science; it is just a matter of believing our Creator's word and not men and not the traditions of men.

Yehshua testified to His Father's word so that we can know that it is true.

Our Creator knew satan would change the calendar and when the appointed times like the weekly Sabbath are.

Changing the timing of the 7th day Sabbath was his number one goal since it was a sign between Elohiym and those who would be His children.

Is not this what you would do if you were the adversary that would deceive the whole world?

So knowing that this was going to happen, our Elohiym had to give us a way to determine when His appointed times are so that we could know when they are so that we could return to the correct timing of them.

And He did.

He set up the rotations of the sun and the moon for a clock.

And His word identifies and testifies to His clock.

For those of you who want to remain in your rebellious stiff-necked state of deciding right from wrong for yourselves, He has no place for you in His family.

The sin of Adam and Eve that got them kicked out of the garden and away from the tree of life was not hearkening to His instructions.

And they decided what was right in their own eyes.

What make you so different than them that you do not have to obey your Creator?

Do you think that He changed?

If you think that His Son shed His blood so that you do not have to obey His Father, you are delusional.

And you are calling His Son a liar because He said that we have to live by His Father's every word.

Yehshua said that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter into His Father's kingdom.

He said this because we must seek after His Father's righteousness and not our own.

We must desire that His righteousness becomes our righteousness.

This must be our hunger and our thirst.

If it is not your hunger and your thirst, dying you will die.

It is just that now your death is a little more imminent at this time than it has been because His wrath is at the door.

If you truly desired His righteousness, you would enter into His covenant on His terms so that He would teach it to you.

If you think that you can learn His righteousness apart from His terms, you are delusional.

His terms start with anointing our eyes with His eye salve.

His eye salve is His 7th spirit, the fear of YEHWEH.

If you desire His righteousness, you will desire this spirit.

Isaiah recorded that Yehshua was given a quick understanding of this spirit and we are to follow Him.

From there, you must enter into a covenant with Him through His Son's blood and through His word.

Yehshua became His Father's word and He told us that He is the way and the truth and the life and that no one comes to His Father except through Him.

This means that we must come into His Father's kingdom through His blood and His Father's word that He became.

We have to drink of His blood and eat of His flesh.

His flesh is the unleavened bread of life, His Father's word.

In order to enter into this covenant, you have to repent and be baptized under water as a token or a sign of your leaving your life for His kingdom's sake.

Repentance is our signature on the contract.

The contract is not valid without the signature.

Repentance is turning from our ways or turning from deciding right from wrong for ourselves.

It is turning to His straight path of obeying His word and not turning from it to the right nor to the left.

If your repentance is genuine as proven by what your actions confess because you are living your life by His word, then He turns the water that you were submersed under into His Son's blood and your transgressions are forgiven.

In this process, it is important to understand that sinning against Him is transgressing His Torah.

His Torah is in His word because it is His word.

It is a path that leads to His righteousness.

So if you are agreeing to not sin, you are agreeing to not transgress His Torah.

This means that you have to obey His Torah and let it become your delight.

Once in this covenant, He and His Son abide in us through His seven spirits and they teach us His righteousness.

Is becoming His righteousness your heart's desire?

If it is not, you have the choice to either repent or be purged out in the coming weeks and months.

He is sending forth His final call in this era of time.

He is sending His Son to harvest the first fruits into His kingdom who have chosen to desire His righteousness.

If you want to be a part of the latter harvest, this is going to have to become your desire as well.

And it is a very good desire to have.

What could be better than being made into the image of our Creator and His Son?

What more could anyone want?