We are about ready to enter into some very troublous times for humanity.

Our Creator is sending this time of affliction to humble a people to leave their lives for His kingdom's sake.

The witness against man is most will not hearken to Him or call out to Him in truth without it.

In order to be delivered by Him through this time, people are going to have to call upon His name in spirit and in truth.

Calling upon a made up image of Him is not going to deliver any one.

He is not going to hear your cry if you cry out to a different version of Him.

It will not even matter if you call out or cry out to His correct name as far as what you audible with your mouth.

There is more to it than this.

Calling out to Him means more than just audibly speaking His name aloud even if you have it correct.

You have to call out to who He is and agree to come to who He is.

So it is a very important subject to have His name or who He is correct so that you know who to come to.

Otherwise you are just calling out to and coming to a false image of Him that does not exist and a make believe Elohiym is not going to be able to deliver you.

His name is who He is.

It is His character.

It is His righteousness and His righteousness is taught to us and it is defined by His word.

This is why He said that we must return to Him through His Torah.

His prophesies and His instructions for the end time explain clearly that we have to return to Him through His Torah.

It is impossible to deny or refute this.

His Son was given His name to bear, and this name was told to us to be the word of Elohiym or His Father's word.

And the 3rd commandment is that each of us must not bear His name falsely if we are to be His children.

This means that we are to bear the same name that His Son was given to bear, the word of Elohiym.

Yehshua taught this in His parables of becoming one with Him and His Father as they are one with each other.

YEHWEH's righteousness is His family name that we must all seek to bear if we are to become His children.

If you want to be delivered though what is ahead, you are going to have to call on His name and agree to bear it.

You are going to have to cry out for His righteousness to become yours.

And in order for this to come to pass, you are going to have to enter into a covenant with Him to transform your heart and mind to be in agreement with His righteousness.

Coming into agreement with Him and His Son is what He means by circumcising our hearts.

He has revealed to us in His word that it was not His intention to call everyone who He gave life to into His family in the first phase of His family building process.

Up until now, He was just working on building the first fruits to become His temple.

Some might think that this is not fair.

This line of thinking shows that they think that He owes us something.

He does not owe us anything.

Yehshua said;

Matt 22:14


He had to call many in order to build His temple.

There is a reason why few were chosen.

The reason is, only a few came to His call.

The tares were weeded out by the testing and molding process that He laid before them because along the way, as He called them to Him, they rejected His way of learning His righteousness.

The path was just too much for them.

But those who became His first fruits chose to delight in His path and chose to embrace it.

He created everything and He created this testing and proving and refining system here on earth.

He gave us life here in the flesh on this planet in order to build His eternal family.

This is His show.

Those who have become His children have had to show up to His class in order to learn to become as He is.

And His text book is His word.

It is what He gave to us to accomplish molding us in His image.

The latter harvest that He is calling now will need to agree to enter into His classroom as well.

This is what He means by calling on His name at this time.

But the programing process is changing for this second harvest.

Satan and his followers will be bound for the majority of this time and our Creator's temple will rule here on earth with His Son and His 7 spirits will be poured out on all flesh.

I'll read to you in a bit where it says this about calling out to His name at the time of the end in the book of Joel.

During the first 6,000 years of His family building process, our Elohiym went to great effort and detail to set up the proving ground that He used to build His temple.

He created the angels in His kingdom and He gave them free will and He gave them a role in helping Him continue to build His kingdom.

And those who have become His first fruits have also joined in with Him in helping Him continue to build His family.

And this will continue into the millennium.

He gave satan great power yet He also knew that with the type of authority that He gave to him that he would fall.

Some of you might think that this was not fair that He gave satan the power that could cause him to fall.

It is a wrong way of thinking that invokes this kind of thought process.

It is the kind of thinking that thinks that our Creator owes us something just because He created us.

I am sure that satan thinks this way as well and I am sure that he is even bitter over it.

He just does not get it.

The truth is, he has chosen to not get it by choosing wrong thinking.

If he had sought after understanding right thinking through understanding our Creator's righteousness, then he would have got it.

He had the ability to choose differently given to him.

He chose wrong thinking because he chose his own thinking.

He chose to decide right from wrong for himself.

He chose to usurp authority that was not given to him because he wanted something different than what His Creator was doing.

He chose to not want our Creator's righteousness.

I do not know for sure but I suppose that he was even warned not to do this in the instructions that were given to him.

Yet our Creator knew that he would falter and He knew that he would also lead a mob with him because He knew that they would falter.

He is all-knowing.

Failure is a by-product of free will but we do not have to fail.

He gave us a sure fire way not to fail.

We will not fail if we hearken to Him and obey Him.

We choose to fail when we choose right from wrong for ourselves just as satan and his followers did.

Who are we to tell an all-powerful, self-existing Creator who created us how it is?

In His plan to build His temple, He knew that He was going to cast satan and company down to the earth and give them a limited domain here.

He knew that it was going to take nearly 6,000 years to build His temple with the testing and proving circumstances that He put in place.

He knew that most would reject His righteousness.

Yet He also knew that He was going to successfully call out and groom 144,000 who would choose to want His righteousness.

In this process, He wired us to know that He exists and His gave us our senses to see and feel the magnificence of part of His creation in order to testify to Him.

Sure there are the blind and other inhibiting factors but these have resulted from a fallen world that has rejected Him anyway.

Even the fallen state of man and the by-products of their fallen state are all part of His plan to build His family and He will use all of this to help Him increase His family in the future.

I have been told that even those who call themself an atheist know that He exists.

I have been told that if you hook them up to a polygraph or a lie detector's machine and ask them if they believe in a creator, that when they say no, the machine shows that they are lying.

Maybe they have convinced their consciousness that there is no Elohiym, but in their subconscious, they know that He exists.

This is because He wired us to know that He is.

These people have chosen to not believe that He exists by deliberately crisscrossing their wiring.

Their beliefs are a result of their false programing that they chose.

They chose to take for granted or reject that which testifies to Him that was given to help call us to Him.

False programming is also why there are so many different religions in the world today.

We are wired to know that He exists unless we corrupt the wiring by short circuiting it with lies.

All of this is by design because He had to give us free will to accomplish making us in His image.

His design is to cause those who really want Him to seek after Him on His terms.

We have to seek Him.

People misunderstand what Yehshua said when He said;

John 6:44

44 No man can come to me unless the Father which has sent me DRAWS HIM: and I will raise him up at the last day.

The word that John used here that is translated as draw means to reel in like pulling in a net of fish.

I spoke will speak more on this subject in the following video that will be called "Lead Me Not Into Temptation"

He draws a certain group to Him and it is those who seek to be found in His favor.

This group is who He gives understanding to.

2nd Chronicles 16:9 says that;

9 Because the eyes of YEHWEH run to and fro throughout the whole earth, TO SHOW HIMSELF STRONG IN THE BEHALF OF THEM WHOSE HEARTS ARE PERFECT TOWARD HIM. HEREIN YOU HAVE DONE FOOLISHLY: therefore from henceforth you will have wars (battles).

What we can see and even what we can't see of His creation testifies to His infinite power.

How could man-kind not choose to have perfect hearts towards Him?

It is because we can ignore His infinite glory and choose to go our own way.

And when we do, He gives us over to the influence of the adversary who leads us to chase after and worship lies.

Satan takes the wiring that we have in us that there is a Creator and he pollutes it.

This is why the false religions have been led by him to make up other images of their Creator to seek after.

It all starts with wanting our lives instead of wanting our Creator's righteousness that His creation testifies to.

I speak of this today because it is important to understand why there have been so few chosen.

You have to understand how you have chosen to be deceived if you are going to understand that you are deceived.

He set up the circumstances for satan (and his cronies that followed his rebellion to fall) in order to help Him build His family.

Satan and his crew chose to become pawns to help Him build His family when they chose to go their own way.

So they are not without blame because they had the choice.

Our Elohiym even created evil to help Him build His family.

But it has been our choice to stay in the captivity just as it was our ancestor's choice to be sent into the captivity.

He drug those out from the captivity who wanted to have perfect hearts towards Him.

He drug out those who became humble before His face who stopped choosing right from wrong for themselves.

Do you think that it was not fair for Him to give us free will and then give us the choice to obey Him or not?

Do you think that it was not fair for Him to create circumstances that could cause us to fall?

To say that this not fair would be like the car thief saying to the judge; it's not fair that I go to jail because the car owner left left their keys in their car.

As sad as it is, this is how many people think.

Criminals get off of their punishment because their defense reasons like this.

They even have words that they use to describe these circumstances like entrapment.

Their reasoning goes something like this; the law enforcement agency bated their defendant into breaking the law by putting the temptation in front of them.

The question is, did they know that there was a law in place or not.

This is the bottom line.

If they knew that there was a law against it, and the temptation was put in front of them, then they simply chose to fail the test by choosing break the law.

It is no different with our Creator's laws and our choices.

And if a person does not want to know His laws, then they simply did not stand in awe of Him enough to desire to search after them and to learn them.

Our Creator set up the circumstances so that we could choose Him and His righteousness or choose to fail.

He had to give us the choice in order to mold those who chose be molded by Him to be made into His image.

They had to choose His path.

All of this has been by design to accomplish His purpose of increasing His kingdom.

He had to incorporate free will within the molding process.

And He had to create evil and the forces of evil for us to overcome in order to build His temple.

Satan actually is so arrogant and has become so warped in his thinking that he thinks that the world is his system and that he is winning.

But the reality is that he is just the by-product of his choices and that he has merely been allowed to be by our Creator's design for His purpose of building His family.

The same has been true for nearly all who have ever lived.

They have been allowed to continue to exist by design while our Creator drew out and groomed those who did fear Him and seek Him.

The right kind of fear is a very good thing.

The right kind of fear is fearing to lose out on our Creator's purpose for giving us life.

It is fearing to not be found in His favor.

Now we have about reached the end of this first phase of our Elohiym's family building process, at least as far as man-kind goes.

His temple that is made up of His first fruits has been built and He is revealing a change of the guards.

Much has been hidden until now because it had to be sought after by the first fruits with a different set of circumstances prevailing in the testing and proving grounds.

Our Creator is preparing to send His Son to harvest these first fruits into His kingdom and satan and his company of rebellious fallen angelic beings will be bound.

And He will continue to build His family here on earth for a thousand, one hundred year period of time.

The first thousand years of which satan and crew will remain bound.

And we have now reached a time that was prophesied about where He has sent forth His seven spirits and made them available to the world to all who will call upon His name.

This time is upon us but the witness against man is that nearly all who are alive will not hearken to His call to call upon His name without first being humbled.

The prophet Joel spoke of this time of humbling.

In chapter one he spoke of wave after wave of destruction.

This destruction that he spoke of is being held back at this time for the elect's sake as Yehshua prophesied would be the case.

In chapter two he said;

Joel 2:1

2:1 Blow the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: because the day of YEHWEH comes because it is nigh at hand;

He is talking about warning the people because the 7th trumpet will soon blow and the day of YEHWEH's vengeance will be upon the world.

It will blow at the beginning of next July 19th next year as the 18th comes to an end.

He goes on to continue to speak about the very terrific time that will foreshadow this day.

During this time there is a cry that is going out.

I have been sent forth as His watchman with this cry.

He says;

Joel 2:12-13

12 Also at this time, saith YEHWEH, TURN BACK TO ME WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART and fast and weep and lament:

I want to add here that He also told us in Ezekiel 24 to not lament or mourn for those who will not return to Him.

But He said that we should be weeping and mourning for our own transgressions.

He goes on;

13 And rend your heart and not your garments AND TURN BACK TO YEHWEH ELOHIYM because He is gracious and full of compassion and He is slow to anger and HE HAS GREAT FAVOR to those who are remorseful over their evil.

One thing that people in their false religious beliefs do not want to hear is that they are not found in His favor when they are not obeying Him.

Repenting, or turning back is turning from our ways to His way.

It is losing our lives for His kingdom's sake.

His word instructs us that we must turn back to Him through His Torah.

This is by design and there is no other way.

His Son bore witness to this.

He said that we had to believe into Him and He bears the name of His Father's word.

His teachings show that if we turn back to His Father, then His shed blood will atone for our transgressions.

If you are hung up on the false salvation doctrines that came out from the abomination of desolation Saul of the tares, you are going to face some difficult times ahead of you if you will not flee from them.

The writings of the prophets and the eyewitnesses Matthew and John prove what I am saying.

Yehshua bore witness to the writings of the prophets.

His Torah was given to perfect us and Yehshua did not come to get rid of any of it, He said this.

Joel goes on to say what will happen if you will turn back to Him;

Joel 2:18-19

18 Then YEHWEH will be jealous for His land and SPARE HIS PEOPLE.

19 YEHWEH will answer and say to His people, behold, I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, AND HENCEFORTH YOU WILL BE SATISFIED: and I will no longer cause you to be a shame to the heathen.

Those from the scattered tribes of Israel who return to Him will be delivered and He will restore the land to them.

And in the next verse Joel records that He will turn back those whom He is going to send to rebuke you.

He is going to rise up a people and empower them to come against you to humble you because you would not heed to His warnings that He has sent.

But you can turn back to Him now ahead of time and He will protect you as individuals.

If not, His correction will come upon you and you will find out to that He has sent me to you to cry out to you to return to Him.

But most of you will not hearken so He will send the coming time of calamity upon you in order to plead with you to return to Him.

Those who do return to Him will be delivered and He will bring back the remnant of Israel and He will restore the land.

Joel adds more to this a few verses later that shows that His 7 spirits would be sent out ahead of time before the calamity begins.

And they have already have been sent out and made available to all who will call upon His name.

They were sent out on June 12th of this year;

Joel 2:28-31

28 So it will be that after I pour out my spirit upon all flesh; your sons and your daughters will prophesy (speak by inspiration), the elders will dream dreams and the young will see visions:

29 In those days I will also pour out my spirit upon the servants and upon the handmaids.

Just reading these two verses do not prove that they would be sent out ahead of the calamity but the following two verses do.

They have been sent out and made available to the whole world but only a few have hearkened and called upon His name by entering into the contract so that they could receive them.

Repentance is required.

He goes on;

30 And I will give wonders of blood and fire and pillars of smoke in the heavens and in the earth,

31 The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and the terrible day of YEHWEH comes.

So you see, He planned to pour out His 7 spirits before the major calamity began and He has.

But they are not being sought after; therefore they are not being received.

He has sent forth warning sign after warning sign and people are seeing the warning signs but they still will not turn to Him and call upon His name.

I look at the popularity of the media sources and the false teachers that speak of the signs and it is incredible to see how people can see what is coming yet still not believe their Elohiym and turn to Him on His terms.

The world hungers to look at the signs but they will not hearken to why they are being sent.

Many are scared of what they see coming on a physical plain but they still will not fear their maker.

The point of today's video is found in the following verse;

Joel 2:32

32 And it will be THAT WHOSOEVER WILL CALL ON THE NAME OF YEHWEH will be rescued: because in mount Zion and in Jerusalem will be deliverance, as YEHWEH has said and the remnant (or those who will remain) are those whom YEHWEH is calling.

This is saying that all who will call on His name will be rescued.

Like I said, it might be an important thing to know what His name is so you know who to call out to and who to return to and how to return to Him.

If you have His name wrong, you will end up purged out.

As I said, His name is who He is.

It is His character.

It is His righteousness that is defined by His word.

If you want to be delivered though what is ahead, you are going to have to call on the correct image of Him.

You are going to have to cry out for His righteousness to become yours and agree to enter into a covenant to cause this transformation to come to pass.

There is no other way.

Yehshua said that it is the truth that sets us free.

He is saying that only living the truth will cause you to be delivered.

He also said that His Father's word is truth.

If you cannot accept that it is living His Fathers' word that will cause Him to deliver you, then you simply do not believe our Messiah's words.

He said to follow Him and He bears His Father's word as His name.

If you want to continue to follow some other name and call on some other name, this is your choice.

John 3:18

18 He that believes "INTO" Him is not condemned: but he that does not believe (into Him) is condemned already, because he has not believed "INTO" "THE NAME" OF THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF ELOHIYM.

Rev 19:13

13 And He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood: AND HIS "NAME" IS CALLED THE WORD OF ELOHIYM.

Whosoever will believe into His name will be saved.

And they will be given the water of life.

I have explained this in several of these videos.

Receiving the water of life is entering into the covenant with our Maker and His Son to be made to be as they are.

When we enter into this covenant, the water that we are baptized under is turned into Yehshua's blood and we are forgiven.

From there, we must walk with them and when we do, they abide in us and mold us in their image.

If you call out to His name in sprit and in truth, you are calling out to enter into this covenant.

And He will pour out His 7 spirits in you and write His Torah in your hearts and in your inward parts and He will be unto you your Elohiym and you will be unto Him His people.

This is who will be delivered and this is the Elohiym who you must call out to in order to be of this number.