Yehshua told us who will enter into His Father's kingdom and who will not.

He said that only those who do His Father's will or His desire will be in His kingdom.

And He told us that it is His Father's desire that we live by His every word.

And He told us who the tares are that will be burnt up in the lake of fire.

Much of what Yehshua spoke He spoke in parables because it was not given for everybody to understand.

But some of His parables are made readily available for those who will come to Him and come to His Father for understanding.

Especially since He defined some of them to His disciples that are recorded.

Today I am going to speak about a couple of them that Matthew recorded the meaning that Yehshua gave to us to simply read.

One of them in particular that is easy to understand is the parable of the tares because He explained who the tares are in plain words.

Matt 13:36-43

36 Then the multitude left and Yehshua went into the house and His disciples came to him, saying, explain to us the parable of THE TARES (corrupt offspring) of the field.

37 He answered and said to them, He that sows (plants) the good seed (good offspring) is the Son of man;

And He is His Father's word.

So His Father's word plants the seed that yields the good offspring.

And the parable of the sower shows that the seed is His Father's word as well.

In a minute I will back this up with the interpretation that He gave of the parable of the sower.

38 The field is the world; the good offspring are the children of the kingdom; but THE TARES (the corrupt offspring) are the children of the wicked one;

He is leading up to give us a very straight forward answer as to who the tares that will be burnt up are.

If you want to bury your head in the sand and not believe Him, this is your choice.

If you want to prick your ears forward and hear who the Son of the Most High says that they are, then listen up.

39 The enemy that planted them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the age and the harvesters are the angels.

40 In the same way that the TARES are gathered AND BURNED IN THE FIRE; so will it be at the end of this age.

Here is His answer to who the tares are;

41 The Son of man will send forth His angels and they will gather out from His kingdom all snares or all stumbling blocks and those who do not obey my Father;

The King James says all who offend and all who do iniquity.

The New King James says all that offend and do lawlessness so they got the second part of it correct.

And the NIV says all that causes sin and those who do evil so they got the first part of it correct.

With something as important as this, just maybe we should let our Creator's word define the answer.

Scripture testifies to itself.

This is how we can know without a doubt that Saul of Tarsus and his writings are the abomination of desolation.

Our Creator's word was given to us to measure all things and it is what we must measure all things with.

His Son bore witness to this and He bore witness to His word.

He even bore witness that Saul's writings are false.

The Greek word "scandalon" that Matthew used to record what Yehshua said that the King James translators called offend is easily defined by its uses elsewhere.

The Strong's concordance says that it means a trap-stick or a snare.

The King James even translated it as a stumbling block in Revelation 2:14 which is a far more accurate translation.

Matthew used this word when he recorded Yehshua calling Peter satan and said that Peter was a snare to Him when he was speaking against His Father's will.

This word is Strong's # 4625.

There is another almost identical word that is Strong's # 4624 and it is scandalizo.

Here are some verses where both of these words are used together that define what they mean;

Matt 18:6-8

6 But whoever "scandalizo" one of the "least" that is "BELIEVING INTO ME", it would be better for him that a millstone were hung around his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

He used a child in this illustration to show that if anyone trips up even the least of who is believing into Him, that bad things are coming their way.

And remember, the measuring rod says that He was and is His Father's word.

So He is saying that if anyone causes one to stumble from His Father's word or causes them to not believe into it, woe to them.

He goes on;

7 Woe to the world because of scandalon! It was necessary that scandalon come from it but woe to the man through whom the scandalon comes!

8 Moreover if your hand or your foot scandalizo you, cut them off and cast them from you: it is better for you to enter into life crippled or maimed than to have two hands or two feet and cast into the everlasting fire.

He goes on in the next verse to say the same thing about if our eye causes us to sin to pluck it out for the same reason.

His graphic instructions show the seriousness of sin and we are plainly told that sin is transgression of His Father's law.

Sin is lawlessness.

And line upon line show that His Father's law is His Torah with the statutes and judgements.

Also note here that He is saying that it was necessary in His Father's plan to have snares and stumbling blocks.

But He also says woe to those who chose to bring forth these snares.

Spiros Zodhiates word study says that scandalon is used as a noun in these verses as well as elsewhere and that scandalizo is used actively or as a verb.

This shows that scandalon is the actual snare or the actual stumbling block that trips people up and scandalizo is the act of being tripped up as in verse 8 or the act of tripping another up as in verse 6.

These two uses of scandalizo here have two different grammatical action notations in these two verses but they are both used with action notations.

So going back to the parable of the tares, it is clear that Yehshua was saying that all snares or all that causes another to stumble will be gathered as tares.

And the measuring rod proves that He is saying that this is all that causes another to stumble from His Father's word.

This would be all false shepherds who lead their flocks away from the truth and our Creator's word is truth.

It would be all parents as well who have taught their children lies and don't repent.

It would be all false prophets and even people in bible studies who teach others in their study lies.

It would be everyone who has led another to a path that is different than the path of truth.

Again, the measuring rod and our Messiah said that His Father's word is truth.

And then He adds to the snares by including all that are snared or tripped up by their snares.

He said all that do lawlessness will be gathered as tares as well.

The lawlessness that He was talking about is not obeying His Father.

He is clear that both all who are snares to others and caused them to stumble from His Father's  word and all who do not obey His Father's word will be gathered by the angels and removed from His kingdom.

And in the next verse He says what is going to happen to them;

42 And they will cast them into the fiery furnace and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.


If you do not think that He was referring to not obeying His Father's word in this parable, all that you need to do is go back a few verses.

Right before He gave the parable of the tares, He gave the meaning of the parable of the sower.

Of this parable He said;

Matt 13:18-23

18 Therefore incline your ears to the parable of the sower.

19 Every one that hears the word (logos) of the kingdom and does not consider it (does not seek to comprehend or understand it), then the evil one comes and seizes that which was sown in his heart. This is he of which THE SEED WAS SOWN by the way side.

The seed is the word of Elohiym.

The one that sowed it is the son of man who personified His word.

He testified to His Father's word by bearing witness to it and becoming it.

It is very important to catch that this group that He is referring to heard the word of the kingdom.

They just dismissed it and chose to believe satan's counterfeits of it.

This describes christianity to a "t".

They read Yehshua's words or hear them but they dismiss them and they believe Saul's words or the words of some other imposter instead.

20 Of he that the seed is sown upon stony places, the same is he THAT HEARS THE WORD and straightway receives it with joy;

21 But THE WORD does not take root in him and he endures only for a while: but when affliction or persecution comes THROUGH OR BY THE WORD, straightway he is caused to stumble (scandalizo).

Here we have someone who let the word be their stumbling block.

Not a good choice.

I have witnessed this happening so many times.

People are being called into the truth and they are excited to be able to see some things but then they get a certain truth that they just cannot handle.

Maybe some persecution came from their mate or maybe they felt that they would have affliction because they thought that they might lose their job if they obeyed the Sabbath.

Or maybe they did not want to trust our Creator's provision for obeying Him in His 7th year Sabbath.

Or it could be a whole host of other things that they just could not accept about His instructions.

And they chose to be sent back into the captivity that they were being called out of.

Then we read of the third group;

22 Of he that the seed is sown among the thorns is he that HEARS THE WORD; and the cares (distractions) of this world and the deceitfulness (delusion) of riches strangles THE WORD, and he becomes without fruit.

So you see that all three of these groups that Yehshua spoke of that failed heard His word which was His Father's word.

For those who have not heard His word, a different set of circumstances apply.

But those who did hear, they are without excuse.

If they had desired it and hungered and thirsted for it and embraced it in their hearts and let it take deep root in their hearts and not loved the world but hungered for His kingdom instead, then they would have continued in His word.

This was the case with the fourth group of people who heard His word.

23 Of he that the seed was sown upon the good soil is he THAT HEARS THE WORD, and considers it (seeks to comprehend it); he then bears fruit and brings forth even a hundred-fold, or even sixty-fold, or even thirty-fold.

For those of you that want to contend with what I have spoken, what word do you think that Yehshua talking about?

Do you think that He was talking about a word that would be brought forth nearly 20 years later by an imposter that He testified against?

A word that would come later to replace the word that He bore witness to?

After all, this is when Saul came onto the scene with his blasphemes.

Maybe it was a different word altogether that just disappeared?

Maybe it was the Koran?

Maybe He really did not mean it when He said that He did to come to get rid of one punctuation mark from His Father's law?

Maybe the eyewitnesses Matthew and John who were Yehshua's disciples were the liars instead of Saul who was not an eyewitness, nor a disciple?

Maybe Saul had it right and Moses and the other prophets that Yehshua testified to were wrong, therefore Yehshua's testimony was wrong?

And what law was Yehshua talking about anyway?

Maybe you can explain to me what I am doing on the scene now?

Maybe you can explain to me how the prophets of old testified that I would be sent to you with the message that I have been sent with?

Maybe this is just a coincidence?

If it is a coincidence, then maybe you can explain to me how this work that I have been sent with is a perfect match to these prophesies that were written thousands of years ago?

Maybe you can explain to me why no one else in history has brought forth the Ezekiel 24 sign if it was possible for me to be a forgery or a counterfeit of this sign.

You should marvel that you cannot answer these questions.

You should marvel that you have no explanations but your uncircumcised hearts are like adamant stones and you have no fear of being wrong.

Your hearts are uncircumcised because you would not obey your Creator in order for Him to circumcise them.

Some write me and tell me that I am wrong, but what they are unable to do is back their claim up with scripture.

Oh, they might quote the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus in order to try to make their point, but they cannot quote their Messiah or the other prophets to make their point.

If any of you can argue that the tares are any other group than what I have spoken today, you are liars and the truth is not in you.

The tares that will be gathered are those who have caused others to trip or to stumble or to turn away from the truth that would have set them free.

And they are those who did not obey the truth that would set them free.

And our Messiah testified that the truth that delivers us is His Father's word.

If not, what word was He talking about and what word did He become?

And since His word also testifies that He has sent me, and His word says that He would put His word in my mouth, He suggests that you start taking the July 19th, 2012 date seriously.

And He suggests that you start taking His word seriously.

If you do not, you will soon find out that you are among the tares.