Today I will explain how washing in Yehshua's blood is a matter of washing in His Father's Torah.

Yehshua said that it is His Father's word that delivers us.

Our Creator has already explained that the water that we must be submersed under in order to enter into the renewed covenant with Him is symbolic of being baptized into Yehshua's blood.

If our repentance is genuine, meaning if we truly agree to give up our lives and to let our Creator become our Master Potter, He turns the water that we are baptized under into His Son's blood.

And our transgressions are removed from us.

But this is only the first step of the atoning process.

And our repentance must be genuine in order for this step to happen.

Our repentance is not genuine if we do not turn to living by His every word; therefore, if you were baptized under the water but you did not turn to living by His word, you were simply baptized in some water.

And water does not cleanse us from anything.

Sin carries the death penalty so it needs blood to atone for it.

He set it up this way to teach this to us.

If your repentance is genuine, then after this step you must continue in the covenant by not committing adultery with Him and His Son.

Allowing Him to be our Master Potter means that we must do as He says.

We must obey Him in order to be molded by Him to become as He is.

And this is a process of learning and growing and changing as we learn and grow.

If we rebel by not changing, we break the contract and He and His Son depart from us.

It is because we continue to learn deeper understanding of our Creator's righteousness and deeper understanding of His word that the atoning process of Yehshua's blood needs to be an ongoing process that requires our ongoing repentance.

We must continue to change and continue to have our transgressions atoned for as we learn of them.

We must continue in the contract in order for His blood to continue to be applied on our behalf.

The contract requires our obedience to our Creator because agreeing to obey Him is part of the conditions of repentance in the first place.

Obeying Him is the continuance of those who become His saints.

After supper the night before He was killed, Yehshua took off His robe and girded himself with a linen apron and cleaned His disciples' feet in water.

John 13:5-10

5 After that he poured water into a basin and began to clean the disciples' feet and to wipe them with the linen apron that He was girded with.

6 When He came to Simon Peter, Peter said to Him, Master, why do you cleanse my feet?

7 Yehshua answered and said to him, this day you do not know what I do BUT YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THIS LATER.

He is explaining to Peter that he would not understand what He was doing that night but that he would understand at a later time because it would be given to Him to understand.

All things are revealed in our Creator's time.

This information was not given to the public at this time because it was not time for it to be given to them.

Yehshua was giving them and us a parable that night and the understanding of His parables is given through His Father's 7 spirits as we walk with them and as we grow.

The 144,000 first fruits were molded and fashioned with many things like this hidden.

And as they grew in oneness with their Maker and His Son, they understood more and more because more understanding was given to them as they grew.

But now the last of the 144,000 has been sealed and things are being revealed in a public format, including this parable.

Things are being revealed at this time because our Creator is entering into a new phase of His plan to build His family with satan and company bound for a thousand years.

Most people think that salvation is a onetime event.

Christianity has some crazy doctrines like just give your heart to some make believe messiah that they call jesus and you will be saved.

Or just confess his name with your mouth and believe that he was resurrected from the dead in your heart and you will be saved like the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus taught.

It does not work this way.

We have to wash our robes in His blood in order to be prepared for His Father's kingdom and this is a process.

It is a process of growing and changing to be in agreement with our Maker so that we can walk with Him and the rest of His family in harmony for eternity.

8 Peter said to him, you do not ever have to cleanse my feet.

Yehshua answered him, if I do not cleanse you in this age, you have no portion (inheritance) with me.

9 Simon Peter said to him, Master, then not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.

10 Yehshua said to him, but it is not necessary (required) for he that is washed already to be cleansed except for his feet to be clean throughout and you are clean, but not every one of you.

He is giving a parable that they were already clean because their repentance was genuine when they were baptized and their sins were forgiven.

And His blood was applied on their behalf.

He is saying that it is not necessary to get baptized again.

But He was also showing them that the atoning process must continue.

We continue to be shown our transgressions as we grow in our Creator's word so we still need to be cleansed from them as we learn of them and repent of them.

This means that we continue to transgress after we initially enter into the covenant because we have much to learn.

But we still need to bring these transgressions before Him in order for them to be atoned for by His blood.

We had not repented of them when we were baptized because we had not made the change from them yet because we did not know of them yet.

But when we do learn of them, we make the change and we take them before Him and His Father to have them covered by His blood.

Not only is the water that we are baptized into a symbol of His blood, He was washing their feet with water that night as a symbol of His blood as well.

And He told Peter that he would understand this later when it would be given to him.

That same night He also told them that the wine was a symbol of His blood.

But they did not understand this yet either.

He was tying in His first miracle at the wedding banquet in Canaan.

That day He told the servants at the banquet to fill up some pots that were there with water.

The Jewish people of that day used the pots that He chose for ritualistic cleansing.

He then turned the water that was in them into wine.

And then later, during the night before He was killed, He said that the wine is a symbol of His blood.

It is very important to understand why He chose the vehicle that He did that day in Canaan for this miracle.

The reason was because this vehicle was to be symbolic of His Father's purification process.

It is not a coincidence that the pots that He used that day were the same pots that they used for their purifying themselves.

This was done in order to tie in at a later time that the process of baptism into the water is symbolic of being baptized into His blood.

And our Creator reserved revealing this until these last days for a purpose.

He is calling the world into the renewed covenant at this time in order to deliver a people into the next phase of His family building process.

Yehshua gave this information to them that night in the form of parable to be revealed in our Creator's perfect timing.

The foot washing is symbolic of the second and ongoing phase of the atonement process that purifies our minds to be in agreement with our Maker.

The Day of Atonement represents this two part atonement process.

I spoke on how this works in part 3 of the "7th Month High Days" video.

The two goats that were brought before the High Priest on the Day of Atonement represent this two-step process.

It is a matter of continuing to walk with our Messiah and His Father in the covenant so that the water that we wash any future transgressions with is also turned into His blood to cleanse us.

As we reflect on this process, we learn to hunger to have all of our transgressions atoned for.

It is a perfecting process where we hunger to be perfected in our Creator's image so that we will have no reason for His Son's blood to have to be poured out on our behalf any longer.

Here in verse 10 Yehshua said that not every one of them in the room that night was clean.

Judas Iscariot had earlier been baptized in the water as well, but he had not continued with a repentant heart.

He had been given over to satan because he was not right in his thoughts.

Yehshua even washed his feet that night but it was just water that he was cleaning his feet with.

The water was not being turned into His blood.

He went on in the following verses to tie this foot washing in with serving one another as well.

This part of the event was not hidden in the parable.

And included in the parable of washing one another's feet is that we are to be our brother's keeper.

We are to help one another stay focused on the straight path.

We are to encourage each other to continue in the way so that His blood keeps being applied on our behalf.

This means that we must continue in repentance as we learn and grow and we must help one another to continue in repentance and help one another grow in the truth.

The foot washing is symbolic that as we grow, we learn that we have transgressed in something that we did not yet know, so we make the change and His blood covers us.

But if we do not make the change, we are not repenting, therefore our transgression is not atoned for and we have violated the covenant and are shut off.

The change is required in order for our feet to be washed with His blood.

And then one day we reach a point where we are sealed into His family because we reach the point that no matter what, we will hearken to Him.

This is the point where we have fully washed our robes in His blood.

If you are not walking in His Torah, you are not even in the covenant with Him because agreeing to walk in it is part of the initial repentance that is required to enter into the covenant.

And once you are in it, He writes His Torah in our hearts and inward parts as part of the renewed covenant.

The condition of receiving His 7 spirits to write it in us is conditional to turning to His Torah.

And His Torah is His perfecting process.

Believing into Yehshua means believing into who He was and He was made to be His Father's word in the flesh.

And after He was resurrected, He was given the name of His Father's word.

His Father's Torah is not only in His word, it is His word.

It is His path that leads to the pearly gates.

Yehshua said that He is the way and He is His Father's word.

This means that the way is His Father's word.

And we are to follow Him.

This means that we are to follow His Father's word.

It is the same word that Yehshua said that we must live by every word of it in order to be made clean.

It is the same word that sets us free or delivers us.

Walking in it turns the water into blood when we do and we become as He is, step by step.

So you see, washing in Yehshua's blood really is a matter of washing in His Father's Torah.