Our Creator told Israel that if they did not continue in His commandments, statutes and judgments that He would turn them over to serve other Elohiyms.

He was telling them that if they did not obey His instructions, that He would turn them over to be sifted by satan to serve his false versions of Him.

They did not hearken to His warning and He removed His protection from them and they were given over to satan as He said.

When this happened, satan was able to deceive them and cause them to worship false versions of Elohiym.

He made it clear that the only way that we could return to Him was through His Torah which includes His commandments, statutes and judgments.

He sent His Son with a renewed covenant with the same conditions.

The conditions were, if we are to enter into this covenant and have His Torah written in our hearts and in our inward parts, we have to repent.

Repentance is turning from our ways and agreeing to walk on our Creator's path in agreement with Him.

It is required in order for His Son's blood to be applied on our behalf so that we can enter into the renewed covenant.

It is leaving our lives for His kingdom's sake.

But most of Israel refused the offer that Yehshua brought and they remained in captivity to satan's influence.

But there was a catch for satan and his crew.

Our Creator also said that He would not remove His word from Israel in the last days so that they would have the instructions available to them to return to Him though them.

And after Yehshua came, the truth that the Messiah had come entered onto the scene so satan had to devise a counterfeit to this as well.

This was not difficult for him to accomplish because most of those in the scattered nations of Israel had refused to repent, so they were still subjective to his influence.

So he set up a make believe image of Elohiym's Son just as He did with Elohiym.

And he used the writings of Saul of Tarsus and his followers Luke and Mark to accomplish this.

Actually, with the diversity of their writings, satan was able to set up many false images of them.

This is why there are thousands of different beliefs within Christianity.

When YEHWEH warned Israel what would happen to them if they would not hearken to His words, here is what He said to them;

Deut 28:64

64 YEHWEH will scatter you among all people, from the one end of the earth to the other; AND THERE YOU WILL SERVE OTHER ELOHIYMS which neither you nor your fathers have known, even wood and stone.

Note that He says other Elohiyms in this example as well as using this terminology in the rest of the scriptures.

This shows that they still would think that they are serving Him.

They did not think they were serving satan, nor do their descendants today.

But if it is a make believe image of Him that you are serving, it does not matter what you call Him.

You can even call Him by His name YEHWEH Elohiym and still be worshiping satan if you are deceived by satan to worship a different image of Him.

He commanded us to not call Him by the names that the pagans call their deities by.

But He is saying that this is more than just the physical names that they used for their deities.

His name is also His character, it is who He is.

I said that satan has deceived Christianity into worshipping a false image or false images of YEHWEH's Son.

The name Jesus came from pagan origins but this is not the biggest atrocity that Christianity embraces.

Yes, it is big, but it is just the tip the iceberg of their blasphemous abominations in their worship of their make believe images of our Messiah.

They claim the covering of His blood, yet they blaspheme the true Messiah by blaspheming His true character and why He shed His blood for us.

John tells us;

John 1:14

And the Word (Logos) "WAS MADE TO BE" flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory as the glory of the only begotten of the Father, FULL OF FAVOR AND TRUTH.

Christianity wants to impart to themselves His favor that they call grace without meeting the conditions of having it applied to them.

They reject the truth that He represented in the flesh.

I read the other day where YEHWEH made it clear in His word that they do not have His favor that they call grace because they did not return to Him through His Torah.

Instead, He says that they went after the imagination or the obstinacy of their own hearts.

Therefore He said plainly that He did not give them His favor.

And, which word was John talking about in this verse that Yehshua personified anyway?

He was talking about YEHWEH Elohiym's word.

His word defines His righteousness and it defines His character.

Yehshua was made to be His Father's righteousness in the flesh.

He was sent to bear witness to the truth.

And He said that His Father's word is truth.

Which word was He talking about?

He said that the truth is what delivers us into His Father's kingdom so this clearly means that His Father's word is what deliverers us into His kingdom.

In the videos on this site our Creator has shown you irrefutable proof that Christianity worships a different image of both Him and His Son.

If you are in this religion, your abominations are much deeper than just calling them god or jesus.

Your elohiym and your messiah are just satan's images of them.

Therefore you are praising satan no matter how you want to look at it.

If you say that you love jesus and you do not keep the commandments, you are correct.

You simply love satan's make believe image of the messiah and his name is jesus.

You certainly do not love YEHWEH Elohiym's Son Yehshua who was given the name the word of Elohiym.

If you did, you would love His word because He became His word.

Just believe the true Messiah.

He said;

John 14:15

15 If you love me, keep (HOLD FAST TO) my commandments.

Did He have different commandments than His Father?

No, He taught plainly that we must live by every word that His Father spoke as He did.

Eight verses later He says;

John 14:23-24

23 Yehshua answered and said to him, IF A MAN LOVES ME, HE WILL HOLD FAST TO MY WORDS (LOGOS): and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him.


Did you hear Him?

He said it is not a different word, it is His Father's word that He bore witness to.

He bore witness to the writings of the prophets of old.

He was in total agreement with His Father because two cannot walk together in harmony unless they are in agreement.

Christianity holds fast to the word or the logos of Saul of Tarsus instead.

My Father who is Yehshua's Father's word proves that Saul was the abomination that desolated our Father's word in the hearts of those in Christianity.

Our Father's word proves that Saul served his father satan.

And His word proves that Saul's false version of the true messiah came from satan.

The messiah of Christianity bears satan's name.

Satan represents rebellion to the word of Elohiym and the true Messiah represents obedience to the word of Elohiym.

It is the name that He bears.

The make believe jesus of Christianity bears his father the devil's name, rebellion.

The real Messiah continued on to His disciples a few verses later by hitting this home again and adding to it so there would be no confusion what He was talking about.

He said;

John 15:8-10

8 Herein is my Father glorified; you were made to be my disciples in order that you bear much fruit.

He told us in Matthew 7 that the good fruit is keeping His Father's law or His Torah and it is not just doing good works in His name or preaching or driving out demons in His name by itself.

These things are a by-product of obeying the Torah anyway.

He said that the bad fruit or the corrupt fruit is lawlessness.

The law that He was speaking of is His Father's Torah.

The scriptures prove this.

It is impossible to refute this line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.

It is the same law that He magnified and said that not one punctuation mark would depart from it until heaven and earth pas away.

I looked out the window a little bit ago and it looks like heaven and earth are still here.

He is the vine and He is His Father's word.

This makes His Father's word the vine,

Therefore, we are to be branches of His Father's word.

If you think that Saul's word replaced His word, you are delusional.

Saul's word only replaced our Creator and His Son's word in the rebellious hearts of satan's servants.

9 As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you: dwell in my love.


Some have written me and said that He replaced His Father's commandments with the two commandments to Love YEHWEH Elohiym with all of our hearts, soul and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

He did not say this.

He said that the entire Torah hangs from these two commandments because it does.

But talk about hypocrisy anyway, how can you say that you love YEHWEH and not even seek to be as He is?

No, it is a rebellious, uncircumcised heart that believes such nonsense as this.

He created us to be made in His image and He gave us His Torah to accomplish this in us just like He said that He did.

John said that if you say that you know Elohiym but you do not keep His commandments, he said that you are a liar and the truth is not in you.

I am telling you in the authority that has been given to me from my Father YEHWEH Elohiym, the eternal self-existing Creator and His Son, that if you say that you love Him or His Son but you do not hedge about and hold fast to every word that they gave us, that you lie to yourself.

I am telling you in the authority that they have given to me that their word backs up that you are serving satan's images of them, therefore you are serving your father satan because my Father's word has no place in you.

So keep clapping your hands to satan and lifting up your praise to him if you want in your pagan houses of worship that you built with wood and stone.

If you do, you will soon be purged out because my Father is not going to continue to hold back His indignation forever.

Your wood and stone houses will fall.

We are only 236 days before He sends His Son to purge out all who will continue to oppose His Father's righteousness that He became.

He became the same righteousness that we were created to become.

We are commanded to follow Him and He is His Father's word.

Most even scoff that the day and the year of His return have been proclaimed as well because they want keep their heads buried in the sand.

They twist Yehshua's teaching that no man knows the day or the hour in order to remain oblivious so that they can feel comfortable in their lies that they live in.

Scripture plainly teaches that He was not saying that no man would know at the time of the end because scripture teaches that it was sealed until the time of the end.

Yehshua also said that those not holding fast to the truth would not know the day and that it would overtake them like a thief in the night.

He said those not repenting would be the ones that would not know because they would not believe when the day was brought forth.

Scriptures says that His servant would be sent to proclaim the day and the year of His vengeance.

And Scripture proves that He has raised me up to be this man.

And this proclamation will be a further witness against your stiff-necked, rebellious hearts and the day will come upon you as a thief in the night because you do not believe His word.

My Father has driven home what I have spoken today in what He has spoken through me throughout these videos.

His word has testified that He has put His word in my mouth.

He has given scripture after scripture in these videos that prove that His Torah would not pass away until He was finished building His family with it.

And His Son backed this up throughout His teachings as well.

Believing into Him means believing who He is and He personifies His Father's word, not a different word.

This is what John 3:16 says when accompanied with the verses that follow it.

But most of you want to believe your boy Saul instead.

In doing so, you believe your father the devil instead of believing our Creator and His Son.

And you are worshipping his make believe image of the true messiah that you call jesus.

Repent, or the day will come upon you like a thief in the night!