Satan and his servants who are like unto the prophets of BAAL are riding the signs of the end time big time.

A while back I posted a video called “Great Signs and Wonders” where I spoke that his servants are hijacking the signs of the time in order to add credibility to their false ministries.

They do the same thing with the truth.

They grab a truth here and a truth there from our Creator and they mix in their lies with it to form their own religious slants.

There are many of satan’s servants who see the signs of the coming time of affliction and they are speaking about them openly and they are incorporating them into their different false ministries.

And they are using these signs to magnify their voices.

The problem is, they are crying aloud for people to turn to what they believe is true instead of crying aloud for them to turn to what is true.

Folks, this is not complicated.

It is the truth that sets us free and no lie is of the truth.

No counterfeit to the truth is going to deliver anyone.

Yehshua told us what the truth is, He said;

John 17:17

17 Sanctify them (or set them apart to be purified) through your truth: your word is truth.

What word was He talking about?

Was He talking about just give your heart to some make believe image of Him as your personal lord and savior in order to be made pure?

Was He talking about living the blasphemous traditions of Judaism like their false Saturday Sabbath doctrine in order to be made pure?

Or was He talking about setting us apart to become pure through the writings of the His Father’s prophets that He backed up?

He was sent by His Father to bear witness to these writings as truth.

The false prophets and the false messiahs and the false teachers are laying siege to the signs of the times to help them spread their false gospels and their lies.

The world is becoming entrenched with those who are riding these signs.

Even you tube is covered with them.

Maybe they are speaking that the signs are upon us but that we still have at least 7 years left because some antichrist must first arise on the scene.

This is a blasphemous lie. And it is easy to prove that this is a blasphemous lie with the scriptures.

In seven years we will be over six years into the millennial reign with Yehshua and the first fruits governing here on earth.

Maybe they are speaking something like the tribulation is being shortened to five months therefore you should make sure that you have five months of supplies.

Granted, the time of affliction is being shortened, but five months of supplies is not the answer.

Yehshua said to anoint your eyes with eye salve so that you can see.

He also counseled you to go buy gold from Him that is tried with the fire so that you will be clothed in a white robe so that you are not found bearing the shame of your nakedness when He returns.

There is nothing wrong with storing up some supplies, but your supplies will not deliver you.

Only standing with and walking in the truth will cause you to be delivered through what is ahead.

What truth are these people who are riding these signs pointing you to stand with and to walk in anyway?

Are they pointing you to the doctrines of Christianity that scriptures prove is of the whore of Babylon?

Or are they telling you to return to the Torah of Moses like we are commanded to do?

Scriptures record that the servant that our Creator would send at the end times will be telling you to return to His Torah.

And satan even has this covered with a counterfeit.

He has at least one duo that I have heard of that he has set up in the world that are calling themselves the two witnesses that are telling people to return to the Torah but it is a different Torah that they are telling them to return to.

It is one that includes many of the blasphemous doctrines that came forth from Judaism.

And he also has many of his servants set up that are crying out that the signs of the end times are upon us but that you “just have to give your heart to some make believe messiah that they call jesus and then you will be saved.”

They are riding the waves of the warnings that are being sent but they are not pointing people to the truth that will set them free.

They are pointing people to their distractions and to their counterfeits to the truth and they are serving their father the devil in doing so.

Maybe they are talking about a false mark of the beast such as some verichip that will emerge or some forced day of Sunday worship or some other mark.

These false marks distract people by getting them to watch for these signs to emerge instead of pointing them to the truth that will deliver them.

They can see that world war III is building on the horizon.

They see the warnings that are being sent from the heavens.

They see the coming global financial collapse that is upon us.

They see all of the weather anomalies happening in throughout the world that are intensifying.

And these are all signs of the end of man’s self-rule under satan’s tutelage indeed.

But are they themselves hearkening to these signs by returning to our Creator’s Torah that we are commanded to return to, less more telling others to do so?

No, they are using these signs in order to magnify their lies instead just as they use pieces of the truth to magnify their lies.

Are any of these who are riding the signs of the times speaking that the abomination of desolation has been identified?

Are they speaking that the five point Ezekiel sign that our Creator gave us to know that the end is upon has been given because He has sent forth this sign?

He said that He would send His servant forth with this sign before the end of man’s rule came.

He said that this sign would identify the one whom He would raise up from the captivity and put His word into his mouth.

Are these preachers and teachers of the end time events speaking of this sign?

Why not?

After all, it is a pretty big sign since our Creator says that when this sign comes, you can know that it is from Him.

Are they speaking that the water has been turned into Yehshua’s blood and that people need to be baptized into this blood to be cleansed?

Are they speaking that our Creator has sent forth His servant to declare the day of His Son’s return?

Are they speaking that the six trumpets have already began to sound but that the major calamity that is associated with them is being held back for the Elect’s sake just like Yehshua prophesied they would be?

Or are they lulling people into complacency with the false antichrist doctrines or the 7 year tribulation doctrine or with satan’s other smoke screens like the counterfeit marks of the beast that he has set up?

Who are each of you standing with?

Are you standing with your Creator’s prophet that His word bears witness to in warning people that they either must turn to the truth or they will soon be purged out?

Are you crying out against all of satan’s counterfeits to the truth and against his smokescreens?

Or are you still winking your eyes at these lies and maybe even helping satan and his servants spread them?

There is only one truth and it is not divided.

What truth are you listening to?

What truth are you standing with?

Are you standing with one of satan’s many counterfeit truths or are you standing with YEHWEH Elohiym’s truth that is truth?

His word is truth.

Yehshua plainly testified to this. I don’t know how anyone that says that they believe Him can deny this.

I am amazed at how the lies continue to flourish in the world even though our Creator has raised up His servant to bear witness to His truth.

It is an instant replay of the days of old when He sent His servants in time past.

His warning signs and His word are not good enough for most of you.

Almost no one wants to hear the truth because they do not want to hearken to it even though they will acknowledge the signs that He is sending.

This shows that they really have no fear.

I mentioned Yehshua counseling that we must anoint our eyes with eye salve.

This eye salve comes from fearing to be wrong in what we believe.

It is fearing to not be found in our Creator’s favor.

It is a one of His seven spirits that He gives us to help Him call us into all truth.

We must earnestly seek this spirit because it is the beginning of wisdom and understanding.

It is necessary to have in order to even receive His other six spirits that guide us into the truth.

And these seven spirits are the gold that is tried in the fire you must purchase from Him.

Are satan’s servants talking about these seven spirits?

Why not?

Our Creator says that His seven spirits will flow out through His two witnesses.

And He tells us by name who these two witnesses are so that we do not need to guess.

His word describes who they are.

Surely if any of the false witnesses that are out there were true, then they would be speaking about these seven spirits don’t you think?

Surely the you tube blowhards that are on you tube and/or some other ministry who are riding the signs of the times would be speaking of returning to the Torah if they were of the truth, don’t you think?

After all, scripture clearly explains that this is one of the signs of the time of the end as well.

It is not only one of the signs, it is a big one because it is discussed throughout the prophesies for the end times.

Why do they ignore these scriptures?

It is because their false beliefs do not have room for them.

The truth does not fit into their erroneous doctrines.

Returning to the Torah of Moses does not fit with the “just give your heart to Jesus right now and be saved” doctrines.

The truth about the mark of the beast being rebellion to our Creator does not fit with their beliefs that there is going to be some magic visa card like the chip that is going to emerge.

Just think about this one false belief alone for a second.

Is our Creator going to punish those who receive a chip so that they can buy and sell by throwing them in the lake of fire?

How does this make since?

The people who believe this nonsense say that it is because they are buying into the beast system by receiving this mark.

Come on folks, you cannot believe such nonsense.

Do you believe that those who don’t receive this chip are going to be good to go with Him for eternity just because they rebelled against some system of man even though they live in rebellion to their Creator?

What about all of those who have gone before us who have made their livings neck deep in the systems of man?

Are they going to be thrown into the lake of fire if they earned a living in the system yet lived a life of obeying their Creator and loving Him and seeking to be found in His favor?

You have to be totally willfully delusional to belief such a thing as this.

How does it even remotely fit into why we were created?

How does it fit into obeying Him and returning to the Torah as we are commanded to?

For that matter, why do these false teachers say that we are here in the first place?

Why do they say that we were created?

You would think that this might be an important subject to talk about don’t you think?

But it is missing from their teachings because their false beliefs do not have room to accommodate the purpose why we were created because it does not fit into their beliefs.

Do they say that we were created to become perfected in our Creator’s likeness?

Why not?

His word certainly says so.

And what word do they say that we must live by every word of like Yehshua said that we must do of His Father’s word?

Where is this word that both He and Moses said we must live by?

Our Creator said that He would not remove His word from the scattered nations of Israel even after He was to scatter them.

He said this and did this so that they would know how to return to Him.

His truth had to be available for them to return to if He was going to call them back to return to Him through it like His word records.

He said that it would not be in heaven so that someone would have to go fetch it, nor across the ocean that someone would have to go get it.

He said it would remain near to them.

This proves that Christianity is the scattered nations of Israel because they carry His word with them in what they call the bible.

There is no other such match found in the world today in any other religion or with any other writings.

Instead of hearkening to His word that they carry with them, most in Christianity confess a different word that they say is from Elohiym.

They added to His word by adding in lies so that they did not need to continue to obey their Creator.

Most of satan’s servants base their doctrines on the writings of Saul of Tarsus that they added to His word.

But the true servants that Yehshua bore witness to recorded instructions that prove to us that Saul is false.

Their writings prove that Saul and his writings are the abomination that desolated the truth.

Yehshua’s own words that were recorded by the eyewitnesses John and Matthew also testify that Saul was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The scriptures testify to this.

People have chosen to believe lies just so that they do not have to hearken to their Creator’s word even though they confess that it is His word.

This is hypocrisy and vanity gone wild.

The signs of the times will increase as we move forward and satan’s servants will continue to ride them out until they are no more when they will be removed.

But there is a difference between those who serve satan and those who serve the Most High.

The difference is they are riding the signs to help spread satan’s lies and spread his smokescreens and those who serve the Most High are riding them to warn them in order to turn them to the truth that will set them free.

And we have a measuring rod that was given to us so that we could prove who is on the side of truth and who is on the side of their father the devil.

The measuring rod is the word of Elohiym.

It is the truth that will set you free.

Just because someone sees and talks about the signs of the times does not make them from Elohiym.

This should be obvious to any of you.

Even those in Islam and Judaism see the signs of where we are at in time.

For those of you listening to this, if you want to gamble your eternity by standing with the abomination of desolation or standing with any of the countless false ministries in the world today, this is your choice.

As for me, I will stand with my Father’s word.

The difference between those of you who have chosen to stand with satan and his servants and me and those who have also chosen to stand with our Creator’s word is, we will be found standing when the dust settles.

And you will not.

Truth is not divided.

Only the truth and those standing with it will be left standing when the signs of the times finish and come to pass.

If you believe differently, then you simply have a different measuring rod than the one that was given to us.

It is the same measuring rod that our Creator told us that He would not remove from His scattered children.