The Son of Elohiym spoke in parables about a day when He would return to harvest the first fruits into His Father’s kingdom.

He used the description of a marriage banquet and referred to Himself as the bridegroom in this symbolism.

The parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25 speaks of those who lived to prepare themselves to meet this bridegroom when He returns.

These are those who became filled with His Father’s seven spirits and lived life preparing for and watching and waiting for His return.

We are also told that He was made to be or that He personified His Father’s word in the flesh.

His Father’s word was given to us to perfect us in His image so that we can be fashioned by Him to be agreement with Him for eternity.

Yehshua described the 144,000 first fruits as virgins.

These 144,000 became chaste virgins to Him and to His Father by leaving the adulterous ways of man.

They left their lives for His Kingdom’s sake.

They did this by entering into and living the betrothal covenant that was placed before them to become their Creator’s children.

This covenant is a contract where we agree to leave our lives in exchange for receiving eternal life in His family.

Both the covenant that was given to Israel after they crossed through the Red Sea and the renewed covenant that Yehshua brought are betrothal covenants to be married into His Father’s eternal family.

They are both prenuptial agreements where we are betrothed to our Creator to become His children.

In Jeremiah 31 He is speaking about the renewed covenant that Yehshua would come with.

He says what it will be;

Jer 31:32

32 It is not the covenant that I made with your fathers in the day that I took them by the hand and brought them out of the land of Egypt.

Which they violated this covenant to be married to me, saith YEHWEH:

The King James translated this last line to read; “they broke my covenant although I was a husband to them.”

The Hebrew word for “married to” is the word that is used in this text.

It is not one of the Hebrew words that are used for husband and the word that would mean although is not in the Hebrew text in this verse so this is a more accurate translation of what He is saying.

Yehshua spoke of the same thing with His use of the symbolism of the marriage banquet and the bridegroom.

This does not mean that we will be married to Him or His Father as man is married to his wife.

It means that we will be married to or joined with Him in His righteousness and we will become one with Him in total agreement with His thoughts.

At this banquet we will be completed in His image.

In order to prepare for this time, while in the flesh, we must cleave to Him as a wife is to cleave unto her husband and vice versa.

Husband and wife are to become one just as we are to grow in oneness with our Maker.

The symbolism that Yehshua uses with the bridegroom is referring to being married to His Father’s character.

Yehshua bears the name that His Father’s word defines and He became His Father’s word.

We are commanded to follow Him and to bear this same name and become His word as well.

His word defines His righteous character.

This life in the flesh is to prepare us for this marriage banquet so the betrothal covenant is agreeing to be molded by the master potter into this oneness with Him.

After the children of Israel passed through the Red Sea, Moses sprinkled blood on them.

Passing through the Red Sea was a symbol of being baptized under the blood into the betrothal covenant.

Entering into this covenant means that we are forgiven from our past trespasses and we receive admission into our Creator’s school to be taught by Him to be as He is.

It is agreeing to leave the bondage of the world that is temporarily under satan’s influence.

It is entering into a covenant to escape the death penalty that all sin leads to by agreeing to walk with our Creator on His path that leads us to eternal life.

In order to teach us the importance of walking with Him and the consequences of not walking with Him, He made the consequences of sin death.

The life that sins shall die.

This is why He uses the blood as a symbol of the covenant.

When the blood departs from us to return to the ground, we die.

Once we are at the marriage banquet, we will no longer be bound by the blood to sustain us because we will be spirit beings in His family.

The covenant is a pledging of our life or pledging our blood to become His children.

The children of Israel in times past were given the sacrificial system to teach them the death penalty for sin and to be a foreshadow of Yehshua’s atonement that would follow.

The shedding of blood was to be a constant reminder of what trespassing against our Maker leads to.

The blood that was sprinkled on them after they passed through the sea was symbolic of Yehshua’s blood that would follow later to atone for them if they continued to walk in the covenant to one day be married into their Creator and His Son’s family.

But most of them went astray from His path as He knew that they would.

He did not draw this test up to bring the masses into His first fruits.

He designed this first 6,000 years so that we had to choose to want to be in His family with all of our being and we had to fight for what He was offering.

The first fruits had to choose to lose their lives for His kingdom’s sake.

Man thinks that He owes us something.

He does not owe us eternal life; He does not owe us anything.

He is building a family.

He put satan and his crew here for a reason.

He gives us over to their influence if we take our eyes off of His path and this is by design in order to help increase His family in a latter harvest.

He protects us from them when we walk with Him; otherwise He turns us over to be sifted by them and to live our own lives apart from Him worshipping false images of Him.

The covenant that He gave to Israel of old was to be set apart to Him in order to be married into His family that He is building.

Being set apart to Him was so that He could teach them His righteousness so that they would become as He is.

He is perfect and He is the master potter.

He is building a kingdom of priests.

Once we become as He is, we love as He loves and all who are married into His family will not only cleave unto Him and His Son, they will cleave unto one another as well.

But most of Israel violated His covenant by choosing to not obey Him.

They rejected His offer to mold them to be as He is.

And this has continued to be the case even since Yehshua renewed the covenant with His blood.

Speaking of this renewed covenant, Jeremiah recorded in the following verse;

Jer 31:33-34

33 And this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; AFTER THOSE DAYS, saith YEHWEH, I WILL PUT MY TORAH IN THEIR INWARD PARTS AND WRITE IT IN THEIR HEARTS AND I WILL BE THEIR ELOHIYM and they will be my people.

34 And men will not continue to teach their neighbor nor will men say to their brother “to know YEHWEH”: BECAUSE THEY WILL ALL KNOW ME from the young unto the old, saith YEHWEH and I will forgive their iniquity and I will no longer remember their sin.

This has not happened yet in its completed form.

All do not know Him today.

Yes, some have entered into this covenant and have received Yehshua’s atonement applied on their behalf.

But the reality is so few have chosen to meet the condition of true repentance that is required in order to enter into this covenant.

And it is still a covenant that is agreeing to be prepared for the marriage banquet anyway.

It does not have a different purpose, nor does is do away with that which was given to perfect us in His image.

Yehshua’s parables taught that this is still a covenant that leads to the marriage banquet just as was the one that Israel was offered when they went under the Red Sea and had blood sprinkled onto them was to lead them to.

His parables taught that we are to become chaste virgins to prepare for this marriage banquet just as the children of past times were to become priests to their Elohiym.

This did not change.

It is why we were created.

Both of the covenants require us to become perfect and both of them teach us to live by our Elohiym’s every word in order to accomplish this.

They are the same marriage covenant that betroths us to be made in our Creator’s image.

There is only the difference in that Yehshua replaced the sacrificial system with His blood and in the renewed covenant, our Elohiym gives us His 7 spirits that write His Torah in our inward parts and teach its spiritual intent to us.

But in no way does the renewed covenant get rid of the Torah.

It does not even get rid of the sacrifices, it just replaces them.

In order to understand why this has not been revealed to all of mankind like it is now being revealed, you have to understand that His first fruits had to be built with not knowing the day and the hour of Yehshua’s return and they had to be fashioned with satan and his crew on the loose.

They had a different set of programming circumstances to overcome than those who will live into the millennium with satan and his cronies bound for a thousand years will have.

The day and the year of Yehshua’s return has been revealed as it was prophesied to be revealed because the last of the 144,000 have been sealed.

But this does not mean that the latter harvest does not need to be betrothed to their Maker and to His Son in like manner as the first fruits were.

The programming circumstances are changing because satan and company will soon be bound, but it is still a covenant of agreeing to become as our Creator is.

Those who will be delivered into this new era of time must still enter into the marriage contract to become His children.

The circumstances for their completion will be different but they will still be groomed through our Elohiym’s word.

Those who live into the millennium will be molded in a time where Jeremiah records here that all will know their Elohiym from the young to the old and His Torah will be written in their hearts and in their inward parts.

His way of life will be lived by all or they will be purged out.

Those of you who think that the new covenant got rid of the Torah have to believe that there is a different Torah that you will have written in your inward parts I guess.

How do you back this up in the scriptures?

You cannot.

You have to use Saul of Tarsus’s blasphemes in order to support such a false doctrine and you have to ignore all of the true prophesies about returning to His Torah in the end days.

The reason that it needs to be returned to and written in our hearts and in our inward parts is because our fathers departed from it and forsook His ways.

They did not want to become a chaste virgin to Him in order to prepare themselves for the marriage banquet.

If you are refusing what I speak and are refusing to return to His Torah, then you are refusing the same offer and you will not be delivered through the coming time of affliction.

He said that He divorced Israel from the covenant for violating His covenant.

Most of them broke His statutes and His ordinances and went to whoring with other versions of Him that are not Him.

They committed adultery to His betrothal contract and did not remain set apart to Him.

As far as returning to Him through the renewed covenant goes, we do not even enter into it unless we sign it with genuine repentance.

We have to pass through the Red Sea which means that we must be baptized under water as a symbol of leaving our life of bondage to sin to walk with Him and His Son in His Torah.

Sin is transgressing His Torah. It is choosing your own way.

It is deciding right from wrong for ourselves.

We are commanded to be baptized into water as a token of our entering into this covenant.

If our repentance is genuine, then YEHWEH turns the water that we are baptized in into His Son’s shed blood and your sins are removed.

The water baptism is symbolic of washing in His blood.

Then we must continue to walk with them living in us until one day we grow to a point that we are in agreement with His righteousness and then we are sealed with a future seat at the marriage banquet.

The marriage banquet is symbolic of being made complete with Him where we are no longer flesh but spirit beings in His family.

Sin or transgressing His Torah separates them from us so seeking to be in His family and seeking His righteousness must be a way of life.

And it is a way of life that we must delight in.

If you believe that there is another way to have a wedding garment that is washed in Yehshua’s blood given to you, you simply do not believe your Maker or His Son because their words testify to this.

Repentance is required.

Our betrothal to Him and to His Son is through living His word.

Living His word is what delivers us out of this flesh and into His family.

If we are betrothed to them, then we are agreeing to be set apart to them.

And we are agreeing to cleave to them to become one with them.

It is a matter of becoming a chaste virgin that is set apart to become His righteousness that causes the wedding garment to be given to us.

The wedding garment is a robe of righteousness that is washed in His Son’s blood.

There is no other entrance pass that will get you a seat at the banquet.

And those without this pass will have weeping and gnashing of teeth.