The seven days of the Feast of Temporary Dwellings and the seven days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread represent the time that our Creator has set aside in His eternal plain to build His family.

This period of time covers an allotted time of 7,000 years plus there is a 100 year period of time at the end of it where all who have ever lived that were not of the first fruits will be resurrected to a period of judgment and /or final trying depending on the individual situation.

The first 6 days of these two feasts represent man’s time of self-rule here on earth with satan and his cronies placed here.

During this allotted time of 6,000 years, our Creator called out and groomed 144,000 individuals who became chaste virgins to Him to become His bride.

Now the last of this number has been sealed by Him to become His temple and He will send His son to harvest them into His family next July.

Right on His schedule, He has finished His temple ahead of schedule and these 6,000 years are being cut short as He said that He would do.

And now He is calling the remnant of the scattered nations of Israel to return to Him to become the seed for a part of His latter harvest that will occur in the last 100 years.

His seven spirits have also been sent out to the whole world at this time and made available to them so that they too can turn to Him to become the seed for part of this latter harvest.

But sadly the witness against man is that most who have heard His offer have proven that it is going to take much calamity in order to spur even a small number from either of these groups to hearken to His call.

He explained why Israel was dispersed and scattered and why He is going to send a double portion of the affliction during this time of trouble upon them in Jeremiah 16;

Jeremiah 16

9 Because thus saith YEHWEH of hosts, the Elohiym of Israel; Behold, in this day I will cause to cease from out of your presence the voice of gladness and the voice of rejoicing the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride.

10 Therefore you will stand boldly to this people with all of these words and they will say to you, why has YEHWEH pronounced all of this great evil against us? What is our iniquity? What is our sin that we have committed against YEHWEH Elohiym?

The time of Jacob’s trouble has not even exploded yet but I already hear this theme resounding from those in Christianity in lieu of the warnings that I have been send to pronounce upon them.

They cannot see their error because most of them are buried in Saul’s blasphemous saved by grace doctrines apart from the obeying their Creator.

Most of you who are in this group cannot see why I am speaking against you and you do not believe that these prophesies are against you.

I will show you how these verses prove that they are speaking about Christianity.

Our Creator goes on to tell us why He is sending the time of trouble;

11 Then say to them, “IN THE SAME MANNER THAT” your fathers forsook me, saith YEHWEH, and walked after other (versions of) elohiyms and served them and worshipped them and forsook me AND DID NOT KEEP (HEDGE ABOUT OR GUARD) MY TORAH;


Today the descendants of Israel are for worse than your forefathers.

You have not only perverted His Torah, most of you have rejected it all together and you even go so far as to claim His Son’s shed blood on your behalf even though you reject His direct instructions to live by His Father’s every word.

In the last few years that I have been crying out His words and especially in the last almost a year that I have been crying them out on you tube, I have been amazed at the willful rebellion that people have in their hearts towards His instructions by not even wanting to consider them.

Most all of you truly do decide right from wrong for yourselves and you simply flat out reject His word altogether even though you tote it around with you in what you call the bible.

You will not hearken to His word.

And you deny the prophesies about returning to His Torah in order to return to Him that are associated with the last days.

If these prophesies to not apply to Christianity, then who do they apply to?

It really is amazing to witness the stiff-necked nature of Israel and man in general.

It is willful rebellion gone wild.

He goes onto to explain what your rebellion caused;

13 Therefore I cast you out of the land into a land that you and your fathers did not know and there you served other elohiyms day and night WHERE I DID NOT GIVE YOU FAVOR.

He is saying that He cast your fathers out and you remained cast out because you continued in your rebellion to His word.

And He did not give you His favor that was promised through His Son.

Obviously Christianity is not embracing this message with glee.

You in Christianity are being told that you do not have your Elohiym’s grace that you think that you are saved by.

This verse is clear on this.

Even the Greek word that is translated as grace really means favor.

You claim Elohiym’s favor through His Son’s blood but you trample His blood under your feet.

You are a bunch of liars and hypocrites and these verses that I am reading here along with many others prove what I am speaking to be true.

Not only that, Yehshua’s very own words prove what I am speaking.

But there is good news.

You can turn from your evil blasphemes that you call Christianity and return to the paths of old that were given to mold us in our Creator’s image.

The final 1,000 years in His plan to build His family is still yet to come so you can still choose to be delivered by Him so that you can be a part of this time so that you can one day be in His family.

And there is the 100 years that follows this millennium that you can choose to live for.

This time represents a time when all who have ever lived will either be made clean or they will be purged out from existence for ever and ever.

This time is what the 8th day following the Feast of Temporary Dwellings is to point to.

This time is also what circumcising the male child on the 8th day points to.

The male children are circumcised on the 8th day to point to a time when all who have ever lived who have not committed the unpardonable sin will be resurrected to have the opportunity to have their hearts circumcised.

This 8th day is also symbolized in the woman’s monthly cycle where she is pronounced clean on the 8th day.

Our Creator has already shown us how the 7 days of her impurity is meant to be symbolism of the consequences of the original sin which all sin flows out from.

The original sin is deciding right from wrong for ourselves instead of hearkening to our Creator and it results in the death penalty if not atoned for.

And having it atoned for is conditional on our turning from our sins.

This is what repentance is.

Yehshua’s blood does not cover unrepentant sin.

This is why the Apostle John said that sin is transgression of the Torah.

He knew that the Torah is the set of instructions that tell us and teach us what is right and what is wrong from our Creator’s righteous view.

This 8th day represents a period that is the great white throne of judgment.

Isaiah recorded that this is a 100 year period of time.

I do not know all of the details of how this will work but we are told that satan will be let loose for a short season after the millennium so the time that he is let loose will play into all of this as well.

But for now, the key thing is for you to live so that you can be a part of this final harvest that this 8th day represents by choosing to live to be found in our Creator’s favor so that He will deliver you through the time of trouble that is fast approaching.

This is all that matters.

If you are delivered into the millennium, you and your families will be prepared for this time of judgment.

You will be taught first hand by Yehshua and the 144,000 and you will have the seven spirits of Elohiym teaching you our Creator’s character and how to overcome satan and his crew when they are let loose.

What a beautiful time the millennium will be with evil being purged out and our Creator’s love being a way of life with satan and his crew bound.

Back to Jeremiah, the last verse led up to the days that we live in now.

He continues;

Jer 16:14-17:1

14 After this, behold, the days will come, saith YEHWEH, when it will no longer continue to be said that YEHWEH lives who brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt;


Folks, these are exciting times.

He is going to return His people to their lands and He is calling those of you in Christianity to be of this number because you are the descendants of the scattered nations of Israel.

And He is also calling the rest of the world as well.

But you have to return to Him in order to be delivered by Him.

You have to want to be delivered and seek after Him.

If you think that Yehshua’s blood was applied on your behalf apart from turning from your ways to His path, you are sorely deceived.

I have read to you where it says otherwise yet again today.

There are so many prophesies that prove this.

Why won’t you believe them?

He said that you were sent into captivity to worship other elohiyms.

He recorded elsewhere that He would be sent into captivity to do this if you turned from His Torah and your ancestors did turn from it.

He said that they were sent to do this because they did not guard or hedge about His Torah.

And you continued to follow the same suit, but only worse than them.

He said that it was because you would not hearken to His word when He called and you went after the imaginations or the obstinacy of your own hearts.

Can you not simply believe Him?

What is it going to get you stiff-necked people to just believe your Maker?

Do you really think that He set you free even though you remained in rebellion to Him?

Did He set you free even though you continued to reject His word that His Son bore witness to as the truth that sets us free?

You not only don’t believe your Creator but you also don’t believe Yehshua either because He plainly said this.

Which word was He talking about that He said was truth?

His Father said through Moses that He would not remove His word from you even after you rebelled and were sent into captivity.

He said that it would not be in heaven that you would need to have someone go fetch it for you or across the sea so that you would need to have someone cross the ocean in order to fetch it for you.

He made sure that it remained with you for the last days so that you could return to Him.

His word that Yehshua testified to as the truth that sets us free is in what you call your bibles.

He did not remove it from you because He said that He would not.

This in itself proves what I am speaking to you because there is no other such a match anywhere else in any other people or any other religion in the world.

But your fathers also added in the blasphemes of the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus right alongside of His words and you chose to let Saul’s wittings continue to desolate the truth that would have set you free.

You chose to believe the words of Saul and his followers instead of believing Elohiym’s prophets and His Son’s speech that was recorded by the eyewitnesses that recorded what He spoke.

You did this so that you could continue to rebel against your Maker because you wanted to go your own way and not obey Him.

You chose to not lose your life for His kingdom’s sake.

And now you will be recompensed if you will not return to Him.

Saul and his writings are the abomination that desolated the truth from what became Christianity.

YEHWEH says in the following verses (and elsewhere) that you will be recompensed a double portion for you obstinacy.

But He is calling you to return to Him before He sends His correction.

16 Behold, I will send forth many fishermen, saith YEHWEH, AND THEY WILL FISH FOR YOU; and after this, I will send forth many hunters, AND THEY WILL HUNT FOR YOU upon every mountain and upon every hill and in the clefts of the rocks.

17 BECAUSE MY EYES ARE UPON ALL OF YOUR WAYS, they are not hid from my face, neither is your iniquity hid from my eyes.

This does not sound good.

Why does He have to send His correction upon you anyway?

It is because you will not hearken to His call to you to return to Him without it and this is sad.

You will not be able to hide from Him and He says that your iniquities are not hid from Him.

Especially not your trampling His Son’s blood under your feet like you have.

He is shortening the days of His calamity for those who will turn to Him.

And He will choose these who do return to Him to deliver them for doing so, but why not choose to return to Him before His calamity is sent to you?

18 First I will recompense your iniquity and your sin double because you have defiled my land; you have filled my inheritance with the carcasses of idolatrous abominations.

He says elsewhere that you will seek death because of the torment that He is sending but it will escape from you.

You will not even be able to end your own life during this time.

Why won’t you just listen to Him?

The next verse He says that you will cry out to your false images of Him;

19 YEHWEH be my strength and be my fortress and my refuge in the day of affliction. The Gentiles will come to you from the ends of the earth and will say; surely your fathers inherited lies, THERE IS NO PROFIT IN YOUR VANITY.

They will look upon you in disgust knowing that the Elohiym that you put your hope in is not delivering you therefor he does not exist.

And they will be correct, your make believe image of Him does not exist.

He also says elsewhere that you will cry out to Him and He will not hear you because you would not hear Him.

Continuing on;

20 Will a man make elohiyms to himself that are not Elohiyms?

Answer; yes, and this is what Christianity has done.

21 After this, behold, I will once again acknowledge you, and you will know my hand and my might and you will know that my name is YEHWEH.

He is going to deliver a people on the other end of this time of affliction and these people will be the seed of part of those who will be brought into His family through the 8th day.

The entire word that He gave us to live by points to His three harvests into His family and how we can become a part of them.

I have been sent to tell you how to become a part of the final harvest into His family.

The first two harvests are finished although the summer harvest has not yet been harvested.

The last harvest is what He is growing now and He is calling you to return to Him in order to be a part of it.

If you want continue in your lawlessness, Yehshua said that He will tell you that day, depart from me, I never knew you.

It won’t matter what you claim that you did in His name.