Our Creator wants us to set our lives apart from the world and He wants us to set our lives apart to Him.

He wants us focused on setting ourselves apart from anything that would separate us from Him.

He wants to separate our hearts and minds from the unclean and make them clean.

He uses His word to accomplish this in us.

His clean and unclean statutes are beautiful in design to help us keep our focus on living to be found in His favor by doing what He has bid us to do.

But there is also more hidden understanding in them.

An example of this is found in His regulations of clean and unclean foods.

He wants us to learn to only feed our minds with that which is good for us.

Combined with His other statutes, they point us to feeding off of His unleavened bread that leads to eternal life in His family.

He wants us living our life to not be defiled by the world by setting our lives apart to Him to become His.

The other day He led me to speak on why a woman is to be set apart during her monthly menstruation cycle and how this time is to point us to eternal life leaving us if we decide right from wrong for ourselves.

This is the the original sin that all sins come from and it causes Yehshua’s blood to not be applied on our behalf to atone for us.

Or, if we have entered into a contract by agreeing to no longer decide right from wrong for ourselves but we fall back to deciding right from wrong for ourselves this causes His blood to depart from covering us.

This original sin was and is deciding right from wrong for ourselves.

It is deciding to not listen to our Creator’s instructions because we think that we know better than He does.

It is the mark of the beast which is rebellion to our Creator.

It comes from having an unclean attitude which comes from having an unclean spirit guiding us.

The entire event in the garden explains the exceeding wickedness of rebellion to our Creator’s instructions.

Doing so cuts us off from Him and from His seven spirits that guide us into having clean hearts and minds.

Saul was removed from being king of Israel for rebellion and Samuel explained just how bad it is to rebel against YEHWEH’s word.

He said;

1 Sam 15:22-23

Does YEHWEH delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as He does in obeying His voice? Behold, TO HEARKEN TO YEHWEH AND OBEY HIM is better than the sacrifice of the choice of rams.

23 BECAUSE REBELLION TO HIM IS LIKE THE SIN OF WITCHCRAFT (divination) and TO PRESS AGAINST HIM is wicked and idolatrous. Because you have rejected YEHWEH’s word, He has rejected you from being king.

What did Saul do to rebel anyway?

He was told to go and destroy all of the Amalekites and even all of their animals but he decided to not destroy the choice of the animals.

He said that he wanted to return with them in order to offer them up to YEHWEH.

He decided what he thought was right to do and he did not follow the instructions that were given to him from His Creator.

He had the ugly attitude of deciding right from wrong for himself.

In yesterday’s video I spoke about how one of the three things that Micah recorded that are required of us is to do what is right before Elohiym’s eyes.

He wants us to desire to be found in His favor.

He wants us to love doing what is right before Him.

It is an attitude of wanting to be righteous before Him that He is looking for in us.

King David replaced Saul and he had this attitude.

He was a man after Elohiym’s heart.

He made mistakes but he was broken for making them.

He wanted to please His maker and to be found in His favor.

He did not gravel over His Creator’s instructions, he delighted in them.

He hungered for them.

They were not a burden to him.

Is this your attitude?

Or do you think that His statutes and commandments and judgments and ordinances are a burden?

I mentioned the 7 days that a woman is to be separated as an example.

Have you ever looked at this instruction or at His other instructions as a test of whether we will delight in obeying Him or not even if they inconvenience us?

And if they are an inconvenience to you, why is this in your heart?

Have you ever looked at His instructions as a test to see if our heart’s desire is to be found in His favor or not?

They test our resolve and they test us to see if we really want to lose our life for His kingdom or not.

They really are simple commandments and they separate us to evaluate what is clean and what is unclean and why they are so.

They teach us to set our life completely apart to Him to be programmed by Him.

They teach us that the world as it is in this era of time with man deciding right from wrong for themselves defiles us.

He requires us to seek His righteousness if we are going to be His.

Do we know better than He does?

Is your righteousness superior to His?

If it is, then you have an unclean attitude towards Him.

He is looking for pure hearts to be in His family.

Apart from Him, our hearts are wicked.

And if we reject His instructions, we are separated from Him and we are apart from Him.

So we must walk with Him and to let Him purify and make our hearts and minds clean.

Setting ourselves apart to Him is necessary in order to become pure to Him.

The example of the 7 days of separation of a woman is beautiful in design because the instructions that accompany this time actually teach the whole family to be separated from the world.

And this time teaches us what deciding right from wrong for ourselves causes.

Knowing that the rest of the world does not obey these instructions means that it is extremely difficult for any of us who do love His statutes and want to obey them to interact with the outside world.

I say this because where would we even find a place to sit in the world today because we would not know if an unclean woman has set there before us.

So those who want to obey their Creator do not fit in the world in the state that it is in.

Is this a bad thing?

The more that I learn about hearkening to His instructions, I realize that I do not belong to this world as it is.

I do not want to interact with it.

I certainly long for it to be different than it is.

I long for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven so that I can delight in fellowship with the world.

And I certainly look for every opportunity to share the truth with others.

But the reality is, so few want the truth.

So few will even listen to it, less more hearken to it.

This you tube channel is a witness to this.

The world is far removed from desiring our Creator’s righteousness.

It is an unclean world because it is full of unclean attitudes.

His instructions expose this to be true.

If His instructions are a burden to any of you, I ask you to examine your attitude.

If His instructions are a burden to you, do you genuinely desire with all of your being to do that which is right before His eyes?

Do you love and desire to be found in His favor?

Is this your heart’s desire? It certainly was David’s heart desire and the rest of the saint’s heart’s desires.

Do you want to obey His every instruction because you trust Him that they lead to His righteousness and because you want to learn His righteousness?

I can guarantee you in His authority that the rebellious attitude that decides right from wrong for themselves is not being found in His favor and will not be in His family.

Many of His instructions carry the dual purpose of testing us and proving us to show whether we will love Him with our entire life or not.

This classroom that we call life is not about living for the here and the now.

The true abundance is living to become as our Maker is and delighting in Him as we show up for His class each day.

True abundance is found in having a clean and a pure attitude before His eyes so that He does not separate Himself from us.

It is all about being clean indeed and it starts with not having an unclean attitude before His eyes.

Unclean attitudes come from having an unclean spirit guiding the one who has them.

Our Creator’s seven spirits are clean, and the attitudes that flow from those who possess them are clean.

This is why He wants our focus on knowing the difference of what is clean and what is unclean.

Rebellion or bad attitudes to His word expose the unclean rebellious attitude of not delighting in His instructions.

And rebellion is not only like unto witchcraft, it is the mark of the beast.

It separates us from our Maker and it will separate those who continue in rebellion to Him for eternity.

Rebellion is the fruit of an unclean spirit.

And unclean spirits defile us.

His Torah just exposes the unclean spirits that are in us if this is what our attitudes reflect.

A bad attitude towards obedience presses against His word.

And this was the case with both the Saul of the Old Covenant and the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus.

And its fruit is rebellion, even if only in one’s heart.

To obey without letting Him circumcision your heart is meaningless as well.

So we must obey Him because of a hunger to be as He wants us to be.

We must love and desire to be found in His favor.

This is why He created us.