There are several prophesies in the scriptures about returning to the paths of old or returning to the Torah in the last days.

If you can understand why our Creator gave us His Torah, then you can understand why He wants us to walk with Him on it.

Malachi recorded that YEHWEH would send forth His servant before the coming day of His wrath to cry out to a people to remember the Torah of His servant Moses.

Mal 4:4

4 Remember the TORAH OF MOSES MY SERVANT WITH THE STATUTES AND JUDGMENTS which I commanded through him in Horeb for all Israel.

He said this so that we could know which Torah that He spoke of to return to.

Most people could care less that He is commanding people to return to His Torah in these last days.

And others are picking and choosing what they will obey of it and what they think they don’t have to obey.

Most people think that the Torah was first given to Moses.

Moses recorded Abraham finding favor in Elohiym’s eyes because guarded and held fast to His Torah and Abraham was hundreds of years before Moses.

The first commandment that He gave to us was given to Adam in the garden and it was to set apart the 7th day.

His Torah is more than His laws; it is a path that He places before us to walk with Him on to mold us in His image.

It is amazing that mankind has dismissed seeking His instructions like they have.

Yesterday I spoke that Yehshua told Pilate that He was sent to bear witness to the truth.

He also told His disciples the night before that His Father’s word is the truth.

He was sent to bear witness to His Father’s word.

He said things like many will come to Him who have done many wonderful works in His name and preached in His name and drove out demons in His name and even call Him their master.

Yet He will tell them to depart from Him because He never knew them because His Father’s Torah had no place in them.

Why did He say that He will tell them that He never knew them?

It is because He and His Father will not know us unless walk in a relationship with them on His Torah.

This is what repentance is.

It is turning from our ways to His way.

And repentance is required in order for Yehshua’s blood to be applied on our behalf.

Christianity wants His blood to cover them apart from repenting and it does not work this way.

It is a blaspheme to say that it does.

In doing so, Christianity is saying that they have His seven spirits without meeting the conditions to have them.

And they are calling the spirit that is guiding them the Holy Spirit.

This means that they are calling the spirit of anti-messiah or the spirit that is against the Messiah that is guiding them their Creator’s spirit and this is blaspheming His spirit.

The spirit of anti-messiah wants to pervert why Yehshua shed His blood.

It is the spirit that wants to rebel against His Father’s Torah.

The Apostle John clearly told us what sin is.

He said that it is transgression of the law or transgression of the Torah.

The Torah is a path made up of signs or markers that direct us to stay on His path.

These markers include our Creator’s statutes, judgments, precepts, ordinances and commandments.

David said;

Ps 19:7

7 YEHWEH’S TORAH IS “PERFECT” (without blemish) at converting our lives: YEHWEH’s testimony is steadfast in making the simple wise.

Walking on His path sets us apart to be taught by Him.

He gave it to us to perfect us in His image.

To most it is considered a burden.

Most think that His Torah is against us.

It is not against us, it is for us in every way.

Most want to leap it together with the sacrifices and say that since the sacrifices are done away with, the rest of the Torah is done away with as well.

There is a problem with this logic.

The sacrifices were not really done away with, they were changed.

Yehshua substituted the sacrifices for those who will enter into the renewed covenant with His Father.

He did not get rid of them, He substituted them.

First, we need to be walking in this covenant in order for His blood to be available to atone for our transgressions.

And if we are, then if we do transgress after we enter into this covenant, we need to bring the transgression under His blood in order to have it atoned for.

He taught this the night before He was killed with the parable of the foot washing.

He also added to this teaching that we are to be our Brother’s keeper.

The sacrifices were given to us to teach us the death penalty for our transgressions.

If we have to bring them to Him to atone for them, we are constantly conscious of and reminded of the price that was paid to redeem us.

And we become ever mindful of what transgressing against our Creator leads to and in this process, we begin to hunger more and more to not transgress against Him.

We hunger to not trample His Son’s blood under our feet.

Since transgressing His Torah is what sin is, in order to not sin we must live every breath in agreement with His path.

When we do this, our minds become focused on living to do what is right in His sight.

Everything from what we eat to how we clothe ourselves becomes about what is right in His sight.

And He and His Son take up residence in us with His seven spirits and we grow in their likeness.

It is a perfecting process.

But most have chosen to decide right from wrong for themselves instead so that they can go their own way and live how they see fit.

There have been so few who have desired to be made in His image.

And now we have reached a point in time where He has finished building His temple from these few and He is moving onto the latter harvest.

He is currently inviting a people to return to His Torah to become part of the seed that will produce many that will be a part of this latter harvest.

He will deliver those who will turn to Him through the coming time of trouble.

Turning to Him means turning from all that is false and turning to Him to be made in His image.

It means turning to His perfecting process.

It means agreeing to live by every word that He gave us to live by and delighting in doing so.

His Torah is not a burden.

It is about losing our life for His kingdom’s sake.

Living it teaches us that sin separates us from Him.

This teaches us to not sin.

If you can understand that you are separated from Him when you sin and that Yehshua’s blood has to atone for your sin when you do, then you will hunger and thirst to not be separated from Him.

And you will hunger and thirst to no longer do that which caused Yehshua to have to suffer for you.

You will hunger and thirst to no longer make light of His Son’s blood.

You will live to not have to bring anything under His blood ever again.

You will live to become perfected to bring glory to why He shed His blood for us.

Walking with Him and His Son is a paradigm shift where our whole life delights in becoming as they are.

This cannot be accomplished by us choosing our own paths.

He gave us the path and His Son shed His blood so that we could be forgiven and return to it.

He shed His blood to teach us the exceeding high price of sin so that we would choose to sin no more.

Instead what has Christianity done with His shed blood?

They have turned it into a license to sin.

They have turned it into a license to transgress His Father’s Torah.

This is hypocrisy gone wild.

And now they will be recompensed for their rebellion.

He has held back His wrath for the Elect’s sake and He has continued to cry out to a people to return to Him during this time.

He has sent His messenger with this cry.

But who is joining in with His servant with His cry?

And who is returning to His path in truth?

The answer is, so few are.

How much longer will He continue to hold back His fury?

He has sent warnings after warnings but the warnings are not being hearkened to.

Sadly, it will take great calamity to get even a small number of people to return to the paths of old.

But blessed will those be who turn to His path without needing this time of calamity to motivate them.

I mentioned a few videos ago how one person told me that they cannot focus on Him all of the time.

I told them that I agree, none of us can on our own.

This is why we need to be on His path walking with Him.

His path is designed to keep our focus on doing what is right in His eyes 24/7.

It is designed to teach us His righteousness.

If we really want His righteousness to become ours, His path becomes our delight because we are walking on it with Him to be found in His favor.

Why would anyone want to get rid of a path that was given to us to help us keep our focus on learning to become as He is?

Yehshua said that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from this path until heaven and earth pass away.

When He said this, He was saying that the Torah would be in place until His Father is done building His family with it.

Isaiah recorded Him saying that His word will not return to Him void and that it would accomplish that which He sent it to accomplish.

Why don’t you believe Him?

It is because you don’t want to.

You would rather believe the liar Saul of Tarsus so that you can live your lives as you see fit, deciding right from wrong for yourselves.

I will finish this video with a plain and direct statement that comes from your Creator;

If you will not choose to turn from your ways and turn to His Torah, He will soon purge you from before His face.

It can’t be put any simpler than this.