The only thing that will be left standing after Yehshua returns and purges the world will be the truth and those standing with it.

It is the truth that delivers us and Yehshua plainly said that His Father’s word is the truth.

The Apostle John said that no lie is of the truth and he also recorded Yehshua’s descriptions of the saints.

One of the descriptions that He gave is;

Rev 14:5

5 In their mouth was found NO LIE (NOTHING THAT IS FALSE) and they are unblemished.

Pilate asked Yehshua if He was a king.

He responded to him;

John 18:37

You ask how I am a king. Into this cause I was born and into this cause I came into the world in order TO BE A WITNESS OF THE TRUTH. All who are of the truth hear my voice.

And He said elsewhere, all who hear His voice follow Him.

And He lived by His Father’s every word and told us to do the same.

Pilate then asked the question what is truth and he departed to the crowd.

So many ask this question, yet so many formulate their own truth instead of believing their Creator.

The proof was given to us in His word that Yehshua is the first witness of the two witnesses that are spoken of in the book of Revelation.

Here He says that bearing witness to the truth is one of the reasons why He was sent to the world.

And He told us what is true and what we must do to inherit eternal life.

But His word is not proof enough for most of you.

Our Creator also gave us the proof in His word that He has raised me up to be His second witness.

But His word is not proof enough for most of you with this either.

Now you will soon get the signs that you require and you are not going to like them.

My Father has made it clear that this is about believing Him and acting on believing Him by doing His word.

His word is truth.

Yehshua shed His blood so that each of us could enter into a covenant with His Father to have His truth written in our inward parts and in our minds.

But most of you do not want the truth that would set you free.

You would rather believe in lies so that you can live your life how you see fit.

You want to decide right from wrong for yourself.

Why can’t those of you who are in this camp believe that this was the original sin of Adam and Eve?

His word says that it was.

It is easy to prove what is true.

All you need to do is prove what the word of Elohiym is and then believe it and act on it by doing it.

His word proves that Saul of Tarsus’s writings and his followers Luke and Mark’s writings are false.

Our actions must be according to His word.

We are commanded to be doers of His word.

Why does Christianity even have the writings of the Old Testament in what they call the bible if they won’t listen to what it says?

I received an e-mail this morning from a person who said that I reminded him of “the adversary” and the accuser of the brethren.

He actually added quotation marks to the adversary.

He told me that “he highly suggests that I cease from accusing the brethren”

I am not sure which brethren he was talking about but I expect that it was Christianity since he used the expression accuser of the brethren that is used in the book of Revelation.

I have not accused Christianity; my Father’s word accuses them.

I have just spoken what His word says.

It condemns them; I’m just standing with His word, I am standing with His truth.

I certainly have not condemned Yehshua’s brothers and Sisters.

He told us who they are.

He said;

Matt 12:50

50 Because WHOSOEVER DOES MY FATHER IN HEAVEN’S WILL (His desire), they are my brother and sister and mother.

I would like to know how this man or any of you can say that Christianity is doing His Father’s will.

Is blaspheming His Sabbaths doing His will?

Is ignoring His commandments, statutes, judgments and ordinances doing His will?

Is trampling His Son’s shed blood under your feet doing His will?

No, I won’t cease from crying out my Father’s word that condemns Christianity and Judaism and Islam and any of the other false beliefs of the world.

I will continue to stand with the truth.

I will continue until my last breathe to cry out His desire for us to obey Him in order to be molded in His image.

And in the end, I will be found standing in my lot in His family.

The question is, will you stand with me in standing with my Father’s truth so that He can become your Father as well?

He said;

Mal 3:1-3

3:1 Behold, I will send MY MESSENGER TO PREPARE THE WAY BEFORE MY FACE: and YEHWEH will seek you and will suddenly come to His temple. The messenger of the covenant whom I delight will come to you, says YEHWEH of hosts.

2 Who will receive (sustain) him the day of his coming? AND WHO WILL STAND WHEN HE APPEARS? Because he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

3 And he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he will purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver so that they may offer to YEHWEH AN OFFERING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

What this man and others perceive as me judging Christianity is actually me exposing the lies and what I am speaking includes a petition from our Creator for His people to come out of her.

He has sent me to refine those who will return to Him to be purified by His truth.

He has sent me to bear witness to His truth and to cry out to a people to come out from their lies and come to His truth.

The battle cry to you is to either come stand with His truth or forbear and be purged out.

No lie is of the truth and all lies will be purged out.

If you do not believe that I am His messenger that He has sent, then you simply do not believe His word because it testifies that He has sent me, just as it testified that He sent Yehshua.

This man who wrote me “highly suggesting that I cease” wrote me in his own name.

I have not spoken in my own name.

And I have spoken for each of you to come stand with the truth.

Christianity is not my brethren no more than Buddhism is my brethren.

But my desire is for them to become my brethren.

And my desire is for them to be wiped off of the face of the earth if they will not.

Is not this what Yehshua told us to pray for?

He told us to pray that His Father’s desire would be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

If any of you want to remain standing in Christianity, you will soon receive a double portion of my Father’s indignation and you will be purged out if you will not repent.

If you are standing with other lies other than those found in Christianity and you want to remain standing with them, you will be purged out as well.

One thing that no one has done yet is offer me any scriptures that show that I am in error.

Why is this?

I certainly have offered ample proof in His word to back up what I have spoken.

Instead, people just want to tell me that I am wrong.

Granted, a couple of them have spoken an isolated verse by itself against what I have spoken.

They have come at me with “no man knows the day or the hour.”

It is easy to prove that they misquote this verse with the proof that is given elsewhere in His word that proves what Yehshua was saying when He spoke this.

It is easy to prove with His word that the day would be brought forth by His servant when it was time to.

This man that wrote me today used an individual verse like this when he said that I am an accuser of the brethren.

He failed to say how I have accused Yehshua’s brethren sense I am sure that this is who he was referring to.

He did not even try to; instead he simply accused me of accusing the brethren.

I have given ample scriptures to prove that Christianity is not Yehshua’s brethren.

I have given ample scriptures to prove that satan is their father.

My Father’s word proves that they stand with lies. They do not stand with the truth.

In verse 3 here in Malachi 3 He speaks to those who will return to Him to lift up to Him an offering of righteousness.

He has declared what this offering of righteousness is but so few are choosing to stand with His truth to offer it up to Him.

So He will send His wrath and He will plead with you with other measures.

His word has not been good enough for most of you.

You would not believe His first witness and now you will not believe His second witness.

His court only requires two witnesses for judgment to be rendered.

Who will you be found standing with?

Will you be found standing with what you believe to be true or will you be found standing with what His word says is true?

Only one group will be left standing.