In the book of Revelations chapter 7 we are given the breakdown of the 144,000 first fruits of our Creator’s family.

Dan is excluded from this list of the original 12 sons of Israel and Joseph’s first born son Manasseh has replaced them.

When Israel blessed his twelve sons, he told them what would befall them in the latter days.

Today I am going to focus on the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Dan.

Of Dan he said;

Gen 49:16-17

16 The people of Dan will contend (strive) with “ONE” of the branches of Israel.

The King James translates this verse to say that Dan will judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel.

Obviously this is an erroneous translation because this tribe is not even mentioned as one of the 12 tribes that will be part of the first fruits.

The word for tribe when properly translated is the Hebrew word metteh.

The word used in this verse is not metteh; it is shebet (Shaybet) which means a branch or a scion.

Both of these words are translated as tribe or tribes in several places, but shebet carries a different meaning in how it is used.

In many of its uses, it is referring to a descendant or a group of descendants but in this case, it is referring to a particular descendant.

It is the same word that the king James translated as scepter 6 verses earlier when describing the scepter that would not depart from Judah.

And the word that they translated “shall judge” in this verse is better translated “to contend with”.

It is the Hebrew word diyn (deen or doon)

The Hebrew word shaphat (shawfat) means to judge.

The next verse adds more understanding to this;

17 Dan will be a serpent “against the way” and an adder in the path that strikes at the horse heels so that his rider falls backward.

This does not sound like a good forecast for the tribe of Dan.

Verse 16 is saying that they will contend with one of the branches of Israel.

In verse 10, the branch that will not depart from Judah is singular, not plural.

Israel is prophesying of a particular branch that would come from Judah, this is why he says that they will content with one of the branches.

And when I get to verses 11 and 12, you will see that he defines and leaves no doubt who this branch is referring to.

It is Judah who was prophesied would have this one branch of Israel at the end.

Of Judah, a few verses earlier we are told what would describe them at the end;

Gen 49:8-12

8 Judah will confess your brethren. Your hand will gape the neck of your enemies; they will bow down before your father’s children.

9 The children of Judah will be a lion's whelp feeding on the prey that rises up and you will crouch your knees like a roaring lion. Who will rise you up?

10 “THE BRANCH” will not depart from Judah, NOR THE GRAVEN DECREES from between your feet until SHILOH COMES TO GATHER HIS PEOPLE.

This is a prophesy that the Messiah would come through the tribe of Judah.

The branch is referring to Him coming from Judah and that He would not depart from them.

And those who come under His covering are confessed by Him as to who Judah’s brethren are.

And all will be their prey when they return with Him.

I have been saying in these videos that those calling themselves Jewish today are not the descendants of Judah.

These verses validate this because those in Israel today who call themselves Jewish reject the Messiah.

Granted, there are those who call themselves messianic Jews but this is just another hypocrisy because they are still of Judaism.

Ps 45:6

Your throne, Elohiym, continues forever: THE BRANCH of your kingdom is a just (straight) BRANCH.

Yehshua is His branch.

He is our Creator’s descendant that came through Judah and this branch was prophesied to not depart from Judah.

And this branch will confess who the 144,000 and the other brethren of Judah are.

So obviously those calling themselves of Judah today are not.

Many people think the descendants of Dan are the Irish people today.

Do the Irish people today have contention with the Messiah?

No, it is those calling themselves Jewish who have contention with Him.

It is the descendants of Dan who were prophesied to have contention with the Messiah.

This prophesy is showing that those calling themselves Jewish today are actually of the tribe of Dan.

And they are not even listed as part of the 144,000.

Dan was erased from being a descendant of Israel for being the first to worship pagan images and set up their own priests.

Our Creator is sending a statement to the scattered nations of Israel by revealing to them at this time that in His disgust for Israel, He returned the descendants of a people that are no longer His people to Israel.

He returned a people who were cut off from being the seed of His first fruits.

Dan is no longer a people to Him because they cut themselves off from being His people.

More is playing out in why He returned them as I will show you.

Israel’s’ prophesy for the last days proves that it is the descendants of Dan that are in the physical nation of Israel at this time.

But there is more proof.

After the song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32, Moses blessed Israel before he departed from them to die.

The blessings that he gave to 11 of the tribes were beautiful but in the midst of his blessings was this statement to Dan;

Deut 33:22

22 And of Dan he said, DAN IS A LION'S WHELP: he will spring out from Bashan.

I read back there in Genesis 49 where Israel prophesied that Judah would be a lion’s whelp.

Dan’s inheritance was north of Judah’s inheritance.

Both of their inheritances were west of the Jordon.

Bashan is east of the Jordon.

Moses’s statement to Dan is a prophesy that they would be driven out of their land but that they would one day spring out from whence they were driven.

It is not a coincidence that the term lion’s whelp was used to describe Judah in the last days in Israel’s prophesy and Moses also used the exact same Hebrew words here in relation to Dan.

But where are the true descendants of Judah today?

They are scattered as are the rest of the descendants of Israel.

The salvation of Israel never departed from Judah.

The true messiah and those who received true salvation through Him did not depart from the graven decrees that were given to them or they returned to them.

Those who became the first fruits washed in His blood.

He is the branch that was raised up from Judah’s number and He has not departed from His small flock.

These are those who are confessed by this branch of Judah.

The prophesy that Israel gave for the last days tells us that the decrees that where given to us would not depart from this branch of Judah.

This is another reason why those calling themselves Jewish today cannot be of this branch.

The decrees have departed from them.

They have blasphemed them by perverting them.

They even have perverted the Sabbath day by fixing it to a day on the pagan Roman calendar.

Back to Israel’s prophesy about Judah in Genesis 49, he goes onto to make it clear that the branch that He was referring to is the Messiah.

Genesis 49

11 You will bind the foal to the vine, the colt of the ass to the vine of choice red grapes and wash your garments in the wine and your clothing in the blood of grapes:

12 His eyes will be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.

These verses tie into Zechariah 9:9 about Yehshua coming into Jerusalem on the colt of an ass and with the fact that He did come into Jerusalem riding on a colt of an ass.

And they tie into the book of revelation speaking about the Son of Elohiym having eyes like flames of fire.

And they tie in with the whole process of washing our robes in Yehshua’s blood.

And they tie in with other verses as well.

Scripture is clear that Yehshua came through the descendants of Judah and we know that they were still in Jerusalem at the time of His first coming.

But most of them rejected Him and were later scattered just as the other tribes were scattered to the four corners of the world.

The verses in Genesis 49 about Dan and Judah show clearly that Dan would have contention with one of the branches or descendants of Judah in the last days.

And these verses about Judah clearly show that Israel was prophesying that the branch that he was referring to is the Messiah.

This all fits like together a custom made glove, especially when you put it together with the third verse that speaks of what would befall the tribe of Dan at the end;

Gen 49:18

18 You will wait for YEHWEH’s salvation (deliverance)

Isn’t this what those calling themselves Jewish today are doing?

They are waiting for the first coming of the Messiah.

The three characteristics that Israel gave to describe the tribe of Dan in the last days are;

1) They will have contention with a branch of Judah which scripture testifies to is the Messiah.

2) They will be like a serpent against “the way” and an adder that strikes at the heels of the path that causes those on the path to stumble.

3) They will wait on YEHWEH’s salvation

In reference to them being a serpent in the way, those calling themselves Jewish today have perverted the true path like a serpent indeed.

Their false doctrines like Saturday worship have led many astray.

The fact that they call themselves Jewish gives them credibility to others so that they are inclined to believe in their false doctrines.

Their venom has struck many who were being called to return to their Elohiym and their venom has made many fall backwards.

Their blasphemes are greatly responsible for making Yehshua’s statement “many are called but few are chosen” come to pass for many.

There have been many who started coming to their Elohiym’s call only to get derailed by the Saturday Sabbath or their other false doctrines.

And now, He is encompassing a people around Dan in these last days to recompense them.

He started bringing them back in 1948 to be a witness of His disgust against Israel because even Dan and her whoredom was not as great of a folly against Him as their trespasses have been to Him.

Yet Dan is still cut off and they will be recompensed for their idolatry just as the other descendants of Israel will be.

They will not be delivered unless they too return.

After the land of Israel is purged, the remnant that will return to their Elohiym will be returned to the land.

This is fascinating how this is all unfolding.

For those of you who doubt this, ask yourself why the Muslim Dome of the Rock is still in Jerusalem.

Do you think that if the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob returned His chosen people to His promised land that this filthy dome would still be standing where the His temple is supposed to be standing?

It is amazing how the three major blasphemous religions are gathered to Jerusalem in these last days.

There are the descendants of Ismael with Islam represented there side by side with the descendants of Dan with their blasphemous religion that they call Judaism.

There are the representations of the mother whore and her daughters whom the scattered nations of Israel are in captivity to represented there.

And we have nations picking sides and alliances growing for a final showdown.

China and Russia are siding with Islam and when push comes to shove the scattered nations of Israel will side with their long lost brother Dan.

And then we have a 150 day period of torment for the scattered nations of Israel thrown in the midst of all of this that could start in just two days.

And who is standing with the truth in the midst of all of this?

Only a very small flock is.

This very small flock and those who will become a part of it in the coming days will be the only group that is left standing when the dust settles.

If you are not standing with the truth that will deliver you, your Creator suggests that you jump from your sinking ship and let Him throw you a life line.

And this lifeline is entering into a contract with Him to become as He is through His Son’s shed blood.

He is not only calling the remnant of Israel to return to Him at this time, He is also calling people from all nations, races and languages to turn to Him.

When Yehshua returns, it is going to be an exciting era of time to be a part of when all evil is purged out and our Creator’s truth becomes a way of life for all.

He is sending you an invitation to be a part of this time so that you can learn to one day become a part of His family forever and ever.

His offer is a good offer, lay siege to it.