144,000 VIRGINS

Yehshua will return next July to harvest the summer harvest into His Father’s kingdom.

Our Creator gave us three harvest feasts to observe each year that are associated with showing us His design that He is using to build His family.

All three of these feasts point us to His plan to enlarge His kingdom and all three are symbolic of what we must do in order to be a part of one of His harvests.

Concerning the feast of first fruits which is also called the feast of weeks, we are told;

Lev 23:17

17 You shall bring two wave loaves of two tenth deals of flour from out of your habitations (population): they shall be baked with leaven TO BE THE FIRST FRUITS of the crop to YEHWEH.

These two wave loaves that were to be offered up each year at this summer feast represent the 144,000.

One of these loaves represents the 24 Elders that were resurrected after Yehshua’s murder.

They did not ascend to heaven until after Yehshua was resurrected and after He ascended, but Matthew said that they appeared to many who were alive at that time.

At the time that Yehshua returns next July, there will only be 153 of this number who are still alive in the flesh.

These 153 were represented in scripture when Yehshua appeared to His disciples after His resurrection and they drug in the net with 153 fish in it.

When He returns those who have slept and these 153 saints will be caught up to meet Him.

We are given the description of these saints in Revelations Rev 14:12;


What is Yehshua’s belief?

He believes that we must live by His Father’s every word.

He believes that all will be judged by His Father’s word.

He believes that if we love Him and if we love His Father, then we will keep the commandments.

Otherwise He believes that our love for them is not real love because it shows that we are liars and hypocrites to say that we love them but not obey them.

He believes that we are to show our love for one another by laying down our lives for our friends if need be.

And He believes that His friends are those who do His Father’s will.

He believes that worshipping His Father through the traditions of men is hypocrisy.

He believes that no matter how many good works that anyone does in His name, if they are done apart from keeping His Father’s Torah, they are done in vain.

He believes that we must leave all for His Father’s kingdom’s sake.

He told us that His brothers and His sisters are those who do His Father’s will.

This means that if you are His brother or His Sister that you will deal bread to the needy and give freely to those who ask because this is His Father’s will to do so.

This means that you would obey His Father’s word with the purpose to be made in His image because this is why He sent His word.

Is this what you believe?

He believes that all who believe into Him and He represents His Father’s word, which also means believing into its purpose, will have eternal life.

He represented His Father’s word in the flesh and He believes that we must follow Him if we are to stay on the straight path that leads to the gates of His Father’s kingdom.

He believes that if you do not hear what He is saying in these beliefs, that you are not His sheep.

He believes if you do not hear His belief which is defined by His Father’s word or His logos that He became, then you are of your father the devil.

This is what He spoke.

He believes that being delivered or being saved requires more than just keeping the commandants.

He believes that the intent of the commandments needs to be realized in our hearts and minds as well as obeying them.

He believes that we need to exercise His Father’s righteous judgment in all things and not judge things according to our opinion of right or wrong.

Are these things your belief?

Do you believe that if you are not holding fast to what He and His Father gave us to observe and that if you are not living a life of change that then His return will come upon you as a thief in the night?

You should because He said this.

Do you believe that if your foundation is not built on His Father’s word or His logos that you will be destroyed?

You should, because He said this as well.

Or do you believe in Saul of Tarsus’s false salvation by grace doctrine instead?

If you do, then you have chosen foolishly because Yehshua did not believe such a fable as this.

Do you believe that you have His Father’s 7 spirits guiding you apart from keeping His commandments?

If you do, you believe differently than He does.

He said “if” you keep His commandments, then He will send you His spirits.

Do you believe that He and His Father will make their abode in you apart from abiding in their word or their logos?

If you do, then you certainly do not believe His words.

Do you believe that if you confess His name with your mouth and believe in your heart that He was resurrected from the dead that you are saved or that you will be saved?

If you do, then you have simply chosen to ignore the word of Elohiym and you have chosen to believe Saul’s blasphemous lies so that you can live in rebellion to your Creator and to His Son.

Someone posted a comment this morning on the November 9th, YU 55 video saying that I am not going to “win” any souls by speaking about judgment to people.

I was not sent to “win” souls by getting them to believe in lies.

Saul was the one who was all things to all people so that he could “win them over” to his false doctrines and point them to a path that ends up in the lake of fire.

I have the same belief as our Messiah had when He was here in the flesh and that He still has in His Father’s kingdom.

I have the same belief that the rest of the 144,000 chose to have.

This is saving faith.

Believing in lies will not get you saved; the truth is what delivers us.

I have been sent to cry out to you to turn from the lies that you have been “won over” by and to turn to the truth that will set you free.

If you don’t want to hear about the coming time of judgment and what all are judged by, this is your choice.

Not wanting to hear about it and keeping your head buried in the sand is going to cause you to be the recipient of five months of torment in the very near future.

My Father said that their blood will be required of you if you know that this time is coming and do not warn the people.

And if you do not know that this time approaches, then you do not believe His word because it testifies that He has set me up as His watchman to cry out.

Do you think that not believing His word pleases Him?

I have also been sent with the same message that Yehshua brought when He came the first time.

He told us to repent.

In the last video and in several of these videos our Creator has explained what His scripture says that repentance is.

I am crying out for a people to make straight their paths for the 2nd coming of our Messiah.

He is not returning as a lamb this time.

If you think that by confessing His name you will be whisked away in some rapture, you are delusional and you have a different belief than He has.

The 144,000 who have the same beliefs that Yehshua has and they keep His Father’s commandments as He kept them are the ones who

will be caught up to meet Him when He returns.

If you want to be part of the later harvest, you will need to turn from your ways and let YEHWEH’s 7 spirits change your programming to have hearts like these first fruits have.

In order to do this, you will have to leave your lives for His kingdom’s sake as they did.

Yehshua believed that our eyes must be single on His Father’s kingdom and on His righteousness.

This means that we must become chaste virgins to the truth and not lie in bed with any impurity.

This means that we must stop feeding off of the leavened bread of men.

We are told more of the description of the 144,000 a few verses earlier in Revelation chapter 14;

Rev 14:4-5

4 These are they which were not defiled with women BECAUSE THEY ARE VIRGINS. These are they which follow (are in the same way with or on the same path with) the Lamb WHERESOEVER HE LEADS. These were purchased from among men TO BE THE FIRST FRUITS TO ELOHIYM AND TO THE LAMB.


They are un-blemished because they were atoned for by the lamb of Elohiym.

They washed in His blood.

My Father has explained that there are many who are of the 144,000 who lived before Yehshua shed His blood besides the 24 elders.

The way that this worked is, they met the requirements of repentance that are required for Yehshua’s blood to be applied on their behalf to make them without blemish when they lived here in the flesh.

These same requirements are needed for His blood to be applied on your behalf if you are going to be in the latter harvest.

The good news for each of you is, if you make the choice to turn to Him in order for Him to deliver you into the coming era of time, satan and his cronies will be bound for this 1,000 years.

Truth will be restored and a people will be prepared for satan’s final sifting when he is let loose for a short season to test them.

The millennium will be an awesome time to live with all that opposes our Creator’s will purged out.

And you will not have the same obstacles to overcome as the 144,000 had.

To begin with, not only will you not have to overcome satan and his crew during this time, you will also be taught first hand by the first fruits of the family of Elohiym.

You will still be taught His righteousness through His word, but all will know Him from the young child to the elder.

And all will be filled with His spirit to guide them through His word because all will obey Him.

And if they do not, they will be sent correction and if they do not hearken to it, they will be purged out.

But the seed for those who will live into this millennium still need to turn from their ways with satan and company still on the prowl.

Sadly, few are hearkening to my Father’s invitation so His coming wrath is necessary to prick your ears.

He suggests that you put on the same faith or the same beliefs as His Son and wash yourself in His blood quickly.

Time is running out but His word says that He will call the remnant back and deliver them so He will do whatever it is going to take to humble a people in order to accomplish this.

Does your belief include that you must wash yourself in Yehshua’s blood?

If not, why not?

And if you do believe this, how do you believe that this is accomplished?

Yehshua certainly believes that we must wash in His blood.

And He said how this is accomplished, you must repent.

Some of His last words in His revelations to my Brother the Apostle John who is one of these first fruits was;

Rev 22:14

Blessed are they “THAT WASH” THEIR ROBES so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city.

And He told us earlier what we must wash them in; His blood.

The King James says that this verse says blessed are they that “do” His commandments.

But the word that John used to record Yehshua’s words means to wash as in to launder.

I use the King James as a reference because the concordances that I have are based off of it.

And while back I was inspired to look up the word that they translated as “do” in this verse and found out that it means to wash but I did not look up the word that they translated as commandments in this verse at the time.

Today I was inspired to do so and found out that it is the word for robe and not the word for commandments.

This is awesome to know because all of this ties in with how the water that we are baptized into must be turned into Yehshua’s shed blood.

I will show you how it really means the same thing as washing in His commandments anyway because in order to have Yehshua’s blood wash our robes, we must enter into a contract or a covenant to return to and to keep His Father’s commandments.

This is what repentance is.

The NIV and the American Standard and the New Living and maybe other translations correctly say that this verse says to wash our robes.

But they certainly do not teach the process that this is accomplished through because of their mistranslations and the false texts that they have elsewhere.

This is why we have to be diligent and not trust the translations of men.

I will show you how we must wash in His commandments in order to wash in His Son’s blood.

When we are baptized under the water, we are agreeing to repent.

Repenting means to turn from our ways and turn to our Creator’s path.

If our repentance is real, then He turns the water that we are baptized in into His Son’s shed blood and we are atoned for.

Our repentance is our signature on the contract that makes it valid.

His path that we must agree to turn to in order for our repentance to be real includes His commandments, statutes, judgments, ordinances and precepts.

It is living by His every word and His word proves that the writings of Saul of Tarsus and his followers Luke and Mark are false.

Yes, they contain some truths, this is how satan works, but they mix in lies with it.

Which belief do you have?

Do you have the belief that Saul of Tarsus had?

Or do you have the same beliefs that Yehshua our Messiah has?

I did not read that the saints have the same belief as Saul of tarsus.

The verse that I started with today said that the saints or the 144,000 have the same beliefs as Yehshua.

Do you believe that the ordinances were nailed to the stake like the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus taught?

I can guarantee you that if you do not believe that we must live by every word that His Father gave us to live by, then you do not have the same belief that Yehshua has.

And you do not have the same beliefs as the 144,000 who were sealed to become His first fruits have.

These first fruits chose to become virgins to their Creator by not lying in bed with the enemy.

Their eye became single on the truth and they chose to have no lie or no falsehood in them.

If you do not want this focus, then you are simply choosing to reject Yehshua’s atoning sacrifice and His blood is not washing you.

If you want His blood applied on your behalf, you are going to need to put on a robe of righteousness and turn from all that is false.

You are going to have to sign the new covenant.