Today I am going to talk about how abiding in lies and how flirting with distractions is committing adultery with our Creator.

We are either “all in” to becoming His or we are “none in”

This is why Yehshua said that His Father will vomit out the lukewarm.

This is also why He said that we are either for Him or we are against Him.

There is no middle ground.

Being lukewarm is not going to find you in His favor.

You can’t say that you are in bed with your Creator’s truth, eating, sleeping and drinking it as your sole source of food and drink and still flirt with the world and abide in the distractions or in the lies.

If you are still flirting with the world, you will remain in bed with it or you will end up back in bed with it.

Yehshua said;

Matt 5:28

28 But I say to you that whosoever looks on a woman to desire (covet) her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.

This instruction has a dual meaning in the form of a parable.

Our Creator knows that what our eyes want to look at or what our ears want to hear show where our heart’s desires truly are.

This is because our eyes and our ears reflect what we eat and drink.

He wants our heart’s desires becoming the same as His desires and His desire is that we learn to love as He loves and become as He is.

If you are lending your ear to hearing what the enemy is saying, this shows that you are interested in what he has to say.

This is true even if you also want to hear what your Creator is saying.

Fence sitting will not be a place to be found in the coming days.

He wants us to be set apart to Him to be instructed by Him and only by Him.

He wants us set apart from all that defiles us or distracts us from learning His righteousness.

He wants us focused on what He is doing and He is building a family.

He wants us focused on becoming His family and helping others become part of His family.

This morning I was reflecting on the large Christian organization called Focus on the Family.

I was thinking about the works that they do that they claim to do in our Creator’s name.

It is good that they oppose abortion and homosexuality and things like this but they seek to help families become happy in living lies and this is outright evil.

Their works are founded on lawlessness.

Lending ears to organizations like this is adultery to our Creator.

Soon their headquarters in Colorado Springs will be consumed in an earthquake and those fancy buildings will be a heap of rubble just as all of man’s blasphemes of our Creator’s word will be consumed in one way or another by His wrath.

If I were you, I would not so much as want to walk by any of satan’s many houses of worship that are found on so many street corners and streets today.

I recently was asked what if I cannot flee to the mountains, what about me?

I am not sure what this person’s reasons are for not being able to flee but there certainly could be a variety of reasons why this might be the case for some.

They might be all alone and elderly and not physically able to flee or they might be a woman that is all alone with children and no resources to flee.

Of course there are others that really do have the resources if they sold what they have but they are too cowardly to believe their Creator and flee.

But my response to the people who cannot flee for whatever reason is; trust and obey our Elohiym and leave the consequences to Him.

He is merciful and He is just and He searches out the hearts of those who want to be in agreement with Him.

But our eyes need to be single on Him and on His focus to build His family.

We need to be focused on doing His will.

Yehshua said;

Matt 6:22-23

22 The light of the body is the eye: therefore if your eye is single (focused on the light), then your whole body will be full of light.

23 But if your eye is evil (not single on the light), then your whole body will be full of darkness. Therefore if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

Children of the light live in the light; they do not want anything to do with the darkness except to let His light shine upon it.

Children of the light focus on keeping their lamps full of the right oil and not on the conspiracy theories or on what the enemy is doing.

A conspiracy theory of a dam breaking is not going to point someone to the light when it breaks.

It will point them to the darkness because they might think that is was the forces behind the conspiracy that caused it to break instead of our Creator and His wrath.

Do you think that satan did not know that a dam like the Hoover Dam would one day be brought to ruins since he knows bible prophesy as well?

So don’t you think that he would set up a distraction to this event like he has with everything else?

Someone just sent something to me that says that the latest scoop of swill is that the ancient “gods” are returning to us as aliens or something like that.

It is amazing how many beds of distractions that the enemy has set up for people to choose to go a whoring after.

This has been allowed to happen because our Creator is testing and trying us to search out those who will be found living to be in His favor by believing Him.

This is why He put the enemy here.

It is all part of His testing and refining process.

Our eyes must be single on the truth and becoming it and nothing else if we want to pass the testing process and be found in His favor.

It is the truth that we must become a chaste virgin to, not the enemy’s beds of confusion that take our eyes away from the truth that sets us free.

If it is our Elohiym’s will to join in with Him in warning the people that His wrath is coming and why, then we need to be “all in” with what He is restoring and what He is telling us to do.

People are all worried about things like the Hoover Dam conspiracies and other distractions and these conspiracy theories will lead people away from the truth when they do happen.

And focus on things like this are leading people from the focus on the truth now because they consume the mind.

Who cares about these things, they do not matter.

Granted, I would not want to be downstream of the Hoover Dam or any other large dam anyway because many of them will be bust loose in the coming days.

What is knowing about some Hoover Dam conspiracy or any other conspiracy going to do to point anyone to the truth that will deliver them?

What do these things have to do with the family business of our Creator building His family?

How is knowing about or studying different conspiracies helping you to draw closer to learning His righteousness so that you can become part of His family?

Learning His righteous judgment explains to us why these dams will soon break anyway along with why everything else will happen.

All of these things are part of the wine of fornication because people get intoxicated with them and all that they are is distractions.

Some are absorbed in them because of fear.

We must not fear anything except not being found in our Elohiym’s favor.

The world is drunk on the distractions and they are not becoming virgins to their Creator as has always been the case.

They are committing harlotry to Him.

So to the person that cannot flee on a physical plain, He says become a chaste virgin to Him and He will deliver you one way or another.

Even if you die, so what, will He not resurrect you in His time if He loves you and you are found loving Him with all of your being when you do die?

He is going to be in the miracle business in a great way to those who will become chaste unto Him.

But you cannot be in bed with the enemy and still be found in His favor.

And flirting with the enemy is still being in bed with them in our Creator’s eyes because He knows what flirting leads to.

It is adultery to flirt, just as it is adultery for a man to look in want of another woman who is not his wife.

You might not consider it flirting but if your eye is not single on the light, then you are flirting with the darkness.

Even if it is just because of fearing that you are doing so.

Fear shows that you do not trust Him.

Take your eyes off of the darkness and focus on that which will cast out fear.

And just as Yehshua says in this verse, how great is this darkness if your eyes are on it because He knows we have to be children of the light.

Our eyes and our ears tell on us.

They are telltale indicators of where our heart’s desires are or if we really trust in Him.

Someone might claim that they are trying to warn others about a conspiracy in order to open up a line of communication with them to later tell them about the truth.

This line of thinking comes from Saul’s teachings that he was all things to all people so that he could spread his false gospel.

This line of thinking is a lie.

We must be children of our Elohiym or children of light and nothing else.

Our eyes must be single on His will and our speech must become His speech.

Helping spread satan’s distractions is not our Maker’s will.

It has been asked of me recently, what about those who have not heard the truth.

My question to people who ask this question is what have they done to tell them the truth?

Have they lived it to be an example to others and to the world?

Is telling them about some information that comes from some false teacher like Paul Bagley or Ron Weinland or Chris White or any of the other countless blasphemous shepherds in the world today spreading the truth?

Or is it helping spread satan’s lies?

Is even a part focus on the conspiracy theories helping any of you become the truth so that you can help spread it.

Is it helping you learn the truth so that you can teach it to your children so that they can become children of the truth?

Is this divided focus helping any of you learn the truth so that you can speak of it to one another from the time that you get up until you go to bed?

Are you going to bed at night a chaste virgin so that your focus can be on His truth in the night watches so that His angels will be camped around your bed to protect you?

If you are taking in the darkness during the day, it influences your thoughts, even in the night watches and why would He send His angels to guard you if you are living in adultery to Him.

Being delivered starts with getting out of the enemies bed and becoming a chaste virgin to our Elohiym.

It is putting the cork in the bottle of fornication and not taking another sip from it.

As far as those who have not heard, they would have heard if the world was not drunk on the wine of fornication.

They would have heard if those who did hear had hearkened to their Creator and lived His truth as an example and took it to them like they were supposed to.

It was our fault that the world has not heard.

Yehshua commanded us to take the truth to the world and to teach all to obey all that was given to us and to baptize them into the contract of bearing their name.

What each of are you doing about bearing His name now is what matters.

And bearing His name includes crying aloud and sparing not at this time because He has sent forth the command for us to do so.

And if you can flee now, He has sent forth His command to do so.

But if you cannot, then you need to be focused on bearing His name and becoming as He is just as those who can flee must do.

You must not fear anything but fearing to bear His name in vein.

But if possible, I would not want to be found anywhere near Focus on the Family’s complex in Colorado Springs that I mentioned earlier or any other religious building in the coming days.

And I suggest that your focus is on YEHWEH Elohiym’s family and becoming part of it no matter if you can flee or not.

He must be our fear and then perfect love casts out fear.

I mentioned the other day how there are lots of signs that point to November 9th as being a hub of sorts, if not the beginning of the 150 days of torment itself.

I pointed out that one of the many tie-ins to this day is that it is 55 days after the 188 day earthquake pattern and showed how the 55 days is significant in all of this.

I also shared in this video how He is using both this number and the number 40 in His end-time sequence of events to tie in the dates.

For this reason I also want to point out that in a couple of days is Oct 25th and this day is 40 days from this last 188 day break.

He has not given me anything specific for this date, and there certainly is not the large number of other tie-ins like there is with November 9th but I felt I should speak of it.

All of this shows just how close we are to this unraveling.

And this urgency shows the importance of getting out of the enemies bed quickly if you are in it.

So whether you can flee or not, I would not want to be found with one toe under his sheets.

And if you really think about it, even if Yehshua’s return was years away, what are any of you doing sleeping with the enemy anyway?

You might say, I’m not really sleeping with him because I also listen to the truth and am trying to obey our Creator.

I will tell you that if one toe is in the swimming pool, then you are in the swimming pool no matter how you want to justify it.

And the enemy’s bed is a cesspool of swill.

It is not keeping your eyes single.

If any part of your focus is not on the light, then your eyes are not being single.

The enemy has many signs and lying wonders planned that he has set up to keep people in the captivity.

He has known that these things were coming so he has high jacked them and used the coming events to set up more nets to keep people snared in.

I have spoken on how one of his favorite tactics is to high jack the truth and to pervert it.

An example of this is he has done this with high jacking our Creator’s symbolism of the New Jerusalem coming down as a cube and perverting His other symbolisms as well.

This is what he did with his boy Saul of Tarsus and this is the same thing that his servants do today.

They high jack truth and mix it in with their lies and their blasphemies.

Satan knows that the natural disasters and other tribulation is coming so he has his servants speaking of these things to set up counterfeits to the truth.

This is how he works.

His servants are high-jacking what they know is coming and they are using it to add credibility to their lies and blasphemies.

There are many out there serving satan who speak of the coming time of affliction, but are they pointing people to the truth that will deliver them?

Or are they just saying confess the name of “jesus” and give your heart to Him and you will be saved?

Or maybe they are even speaking to keep the commandments like the false prophet Ron Weinland speaks of, yet they are not teaching what they are nor keeping them themselves.

Maybe they are teaching the false day of worship on the fixed day of the week on man’s calendar like Saturday or Sunday?

Or maybe they are teaching some other blasphemy.

Many of them teach some truths, this is how satan works.

False prophet Ron Weinland teaches some things correct like clean and unclean foods, who cares?

No lie is of the truth.

He also teaches many blasphemes that lead people away from the truth that would deliver them.

He and many others will be taking credit for the disasters that will be happening and people will listen to liars like this because they do not care about the truth that would set them free.

The truth identifies who is of Elohiym and who is of the enemy.

My point is, if you are listening to these teachers, you are in bed with the enemy.

If you are helping the enemy spread his distractions, you are in bed with Him.

So the most important thing that all of you need to flee from is the enemy’s bed and get in bed with the truth as a chaste virgin.

And no matter what your circumstances are, you can do this and then you can leave the consequences to Him whom created you whom you have shown your love and your allegiance to.