Repairing The Breach



Our life in the flesh in these temporary dwellings is a matter of choosing to desire to live for eternity in agreement with our Creator.

The choice is to either live for this or to live to die.

And it is all about the food that we take into our minds that determines the outcome.

We have to choose to hunger for the right brain food.

There is no way that we can be friends with the world and also be programmed by our Creator to become as He is.

They are opposing systems and they are opposing trees that produce opposing fruit.

We have to become separated from the swill of the world.

Yes, we remain in the world in these temporary dwellings, but we must set our minds apart to be re-programmed by Him.

If we make the choice to live to be one day changed into a spirit being into our Creator’s family, then our eyes must be single on His instructions and focused on this goal.

There are so many who say that they desire to become part of His family but have sought to become His on the terms of men or on their own terms.

When you really think about it, most of the world’s population is pursuing eternal life in one way or another.

From the two charts that I looked at when I looked it up, only 15-16% of the world considers themselves non-religious and even most of this number believes in a Creator, they just call themselves non-religious.

It should be obvious to anyone with any sense at all that if there is a Creator, then surely He would have given us instructions.

And He did, it is just that most have rejected His instructions or perverted them.

He allowed for this because He was searching out a certain kind of mind-set and a heart to choose to mold and fashion to be in His family.

This mind-set is one that desires to have His heart and their hearts want to be in agreement with Him.

And they do not want to tell Him how it is but they want to be told by Him how it is.

Yehshua told us;

Matt 6:33

33 But seek first (in order of importance or priority) the kingdom of Elohiym and His righteousness and all of these things will be added to you.

Seeking Him really is not complicated.

You only need a couple of basics to start off.

You need to fear being wrong.

You need to desire to be in His Kingdom for the right motives and the right motives need to be to want to love as He loves.

You need to desire His righteousness to become your righteousness, meaning that you need to desire to be in agreement with Him with all of your being.

And you need to believe Him and act on believing Him by turning from your ways and obeying His instructions.

So with it being this simple, why are there so many who have not found Him?

It is because they did not love His righteousness, they thought that they knew better.

They really did not genuinely desire to be called by Him because they wanted something different than His righteousness.

His righteousness is the light but they loved the darkness instead.

So they sought after Him on their own terms and it just does not work this way.

If you really want to live to live, you need to fear being wrong.

You need to fear not being in agreement with Him and need to fear losing out on eternal life with Him.

If you really wanted to be transformed into the image of our Creator, then you would hunger and thirst for His righteousness to become yours.

His creation testifies to His righteousness.

His creation testifies that He is almighty.

His creation testifies that He is love and that He wants us to become love as He is.

Evil in itself was created and given to us to teach us this.

I will pick on Christianity again today since they are the largest religion in the world and since they are going to receive a double portion of His wrath if they don’t repent because they have trampled His Son’s blood underfoot.

On what grounds did they have to get rid of and pervert His instructions?

They tote them around with them in what they call the bible, yet they reject them.

This is insanity and will-full rebellion.

They are without excuse.

And look at the abominations done in their midst, they were supposed to purge out evil, not embrace it and let it live amongst them.

They don’t even think that it is evil to worship a false image of our Creator.

This is obvious because there are 1,000’s of different images of Him within Christianity alone.

Surely they realize that we all eventually die.

So if they had any fear whatsoever about what would happen to them when they leave this temporary dwelling, then they would have questioned the lies that came from the doctrines of men.

But they have no fear.

How can anyone believe both Saul of Tarsus and our Messiah’s words?

You cannot because they are two way different gospels.

So what did they do, they found Saul’s teachings more palatable and they cherry picked a couple of Yehshua’s sentences like John 3:16 and made many different beliefs out of them.

All that anyone needs to do is believe Yehshua’s other words and combine them together for the whole truth.

But that does not fit their beliefs so they turn their cheeks to His other words.

Even in John 3:16 if they would just keep reading they would find out what Yehshua was saying about the doing the truth and children of the light being who He shed His blood for.

But they don’t fear being wrong because they like their false hopes of the eternal salvation that they gave to themselves that came from the doctrines of men.

They don’t have to fear being wrong if they believe that when they die, they’ll just go off to heaven.

But their beliefs deny why we were created and they blaspheme the word of Elohiym that Yehshua became.

It really is will-full rebellion.

We are commanded to circumcise our hearts.

He wants us to undergo a transformation process where His desires become our desires and His thoughts become our thoughts.

And He gave us instructions to make this happen.

David said;

Ps 19:7

7 YEHWEH’s Torah is perfect (without blemish) at converting our lives: YEHWEH’s testimony is steadfast in making the simple wise.

Yesterday I read in Deuteronomy where we are commanded to become perfect before His face.

In both of these verses it is the same Hebrew word that is translated as perfect.

It means without blemish.

David is saying under the inspiration of Elohiym’s spirit that His Torah is without blemish at making us without blemish.

Yehshua taught the same thing.

He magnified His Father’s Torah and He told us to become perfect or to become without blemish.

Don’t you want a heart like David’s or like our Messiah’s heart?

Don’t you want to be without blemish before your Creator’s face?

Don’t you want to be found in His favor?

His instructions like the instructions for this feast of temporary dwellings that He commanded us to observe were to teach us His righteousness.

The instructions for this particular feast direct us to have His desires become our desires and they point us to examine what we take into our temporary dwellings.

And the last day which some of you are in now is to point us to the last 1,000 years when Yehshua will return and set up the kingdom rule.

His instructions are exciting and they are dynamic and they teach us His righteousness.

Instead, what has Christianity done with His Torah?

They urinated on it and made it to be a burden in their minds even though it was to be delighted in and even though it was given to us to make us without blemish.

I received a letter last night from a man in Australia.

He said that he is finding that the narrow path is not so narrow after all.

Like David and the rest of the saints, he is delighting in learning our Creator’s righteousness.

He is delighting in learning and living His statutes, precepts, judgments and commandments.

And I can guarantee you that our Creator is delighting in him for doing so.

This man is correct that the narrow path is not a burden, but rather a delight.

It is only narrow because so few have traveled on it.

David goes on in the next verses to say;

Ps 19:8-10

8 YEHWEH’s mandates are right to make the heart rejoice: YEHWEH’s commandments are pure and enlighten the eyes.

9 The fear of YEHWEH is pureness and stands forever: YEHWEH’s judgments are truth and altogether righteous.

10 They are to be delighted in more than gold, yes, more than much fine gold: and they are sweeter than honey that drips from the honeycomb.

Is this your heart’s desire to have a heart like David’s?

Our creator is searching for hearts like this.

Do you really think that He wants rebellious children in His family to spoil eternity for Him and for those like David who sought after Him to become as He is?

This temporary dwelling that we live in is a time of testing and purifying.

If you do not choose to be purified, you will be burnt up as chaff.

He said that David was a man after His heart.

Don’t you want to be a person who is found hungering after His heart?

Or do you want to continue to be a stiff-necked rebellious brat who thinks that He owes you eternal life even though you trample His Son’s blood under your feet?

We were given life for a reason and most of you have rejected this reason and made Elohiym’s of your own fashioning.

Now prepare to be recompensed for your blasphemes if you will not repent.

He is commanding you to come out of the false religion of Christianity and out of all of the other false religions in the world and turn to His instructions.

He is telling you to choose life.

He is telling you to be no more stiff-necked and to let His Torah circumcise the foreskin of your hearts.

He is telling you to become like a tree of righteousness.

And this is accomplished by vomiting out the bread of men that you have been feeding off of and start eating from the tree of life.

The bread of men is that which comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and it is deciding right from wrong for yourselves.

He is telling you to come to His unleavened bread of life and feast off of it and become as He is and live forever with Him in His family.

Let His Torah refine you as polished gold and He will give you the crown of life.

We were created to overcome the flesh and to overcome the enemy if we are to enter into life.

This is accomplished by believing our Creator and obeying Him.

What a marvelous opportunity He has given to us to become His people forever.

The third of the world that call themselves Christianity think that they have their Creator’s spirit guiding them apart from His Torah.

They are liars and hypocrites, just like all of the rest of man’s religions are.

Yehshua said plainly that His father will send us His spirit to us if we obey Him.

Who is lying, all of you in Christianity or Yehshua?

For some reason I think that Yehshua just might have had it correct and think that just maybe the rest of you are in captivity to satan and his lies that he served to you through his servants like Saul of Tarsus.

I like my chances in siding with our Messiah’s words.

Deut 27:26

26 Cursed is he THAT DOES NOT ESTABLISH THE WORDS OF THIS TORAH AND DO THEM. And all the people said, Amen.

Who had it right, you who are denying the Torah or Moses?

I think that just maybe Moses might have had a more direct line than you do, especially since Moses spoke to YEHWEH Elohiym directly.

And Yehshua backed up the words of Moses so I’ll go with Moses.

You can go with your boy Saul if you want.

Yehshua and some of the other prophets prophesied against Saul directly, they gave some irrefutable proof that Saul would come forward with his lies.

Our Creator said that if any one leads you to a different path, that they need to be put to death.

If you want to continue to establish Saul’s more excellent way in your hearts and minds and do his words instead of the Torah, this is your choice.

Prepare to finally meet your Creator.

You about ready to find out what He means by 5 months of torment.

I have been speaking that this could begin as early as November 9th of this year.

This is only 21 days from today.

And if it does not, it is at the door either way.

Do you fear having wasted your time in your temporary dwelling chasing after the desires of your hearts?

Do you fear that you rejected the truth that would have set you free?

Why do you even have the writings of the prophets in your bibles anyway if you will not hearken to them?

What were the instructions given for?

Why did Yehshua say to keep them and teach them?

Why have those who delighted in them and kept them found favor in YEHWEH’s eyes?

Noah was delivered because he found favor in YEHWEH’s eyes.

He said;

Gen 6:9

Noah was a just man and was (perfect) “WITHOUT BLEMISH” in his age, and Noah walked with Elohiym.

Did Yehshua die so that you do not have to become just and without blemish?

Did He die so that you could walk on the wide path deciding right from wrong for yourself?

Did He die so that you do not have to walk with His Father on His less traveled narrow path of righteousness and become as He is?

Did He die so that you do not have to lose your life for Elohiym’s kingdom’s sake?

Did He die so that you do not have to overcome the flesh and the enemy?

Did He shed His blood so that you could be a generation of liars and hypocrites and workers of lawlessness?

He said that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees that in no way will you enter into the kingdom.

Did He lie when He said this?

How about when He said many will come to Him who confess His name and did many wonderful works in His name and He will tell them to depart from Him because He never knew them because they worked lawlessness, was He lying when He said this?

How about what He said after the verse that most love the most in John 3:16 that I mentioned a bit ago when He said;

John 3:21

21 BUT HE THAT “DOES TRUTH” comes to the light so that his deeds will be made manifest that they are worked in Elohiym.

He said in the preceding verses that if you do not “do” truth, that you are children of the darkness.

He said that truth is His Father’s word or His Logos.

Don’t you believe Him? Maybe He was lying here to?

How do you think that John 3:16 is being applied to you if you are not doing the word of Elohiym?

Believing is doing. Our actions reflect our beliefs.

How do you think that you have His spirit guiding you if you are not keeping the commandments when He said that you have to keep them in order to have His spirits given to you?

You obviously do not believe Him when He said that you have to keep the commandments in order to receive His 7 spirits.

If you really wanted His 7 spirits and you believed Him, then you would keep the commandments so that you could have them given to you.

So you see, He died for whosoever would believe Him just like He said.

But you don’t believe Him.

You are dead men walking and you are not walking with your Elohiym.

You are full of hypocrisy and you are treading the blood of Your Creator’s Son underfoot.

If you think that His blood was shed so that you do not have to become without blemish, you lie to yourself.

Repenting is agreeing to enter into a contract with your Creator to become without blemish and repentance is required in order for Yehshua’s blood to be applied on your behalf.

His blood was shed so that we could be forgiven so that we could return to or enter into a covenant with our Creator to be made in His image.

Genuine repentance is required in order for our signature on the contract to be valid.

He did not shed His blood so that you could blaspheme His Father and blaspheme why you were created.

We were put in these temporary dwellings for a reason.

He did not die to eliminate this reason.

Let me ask those of you who refuse to walk in His torah a couple of questions; why are all of the prophesies about His wrath one day coming because Israel departed from His Torah?

Why are these prophesies about the remnant returning to His Torah in the end days in order to be delivered?

Maybe all of the prophets were liars to along with our Messiah?

Maybe Saul and his followers Luke and Mark were the only ones that did not lie?

Why is it that Yehshua told us to “wash in the commandments” in some of His last words to the apostle John that he recorded in the book of revelations?

He must have lied there as well.

Why is it that He says that the saints are those who have His same faith and keep His Father’s commandments?

Was His faith or His belief that we need to keep the commandments or not?

He must have been lying here too to say these things just so Saul could come along and change the complete word of Elohiym.

Why did Yehshua say that He did not come to get rid of one punctuation mark from the Torah until heaven and earth pass away?

Was He lying here as well?

Why is it that you don’t want to keep the Torah if our Creator said that He gave it to us to perfect us?

Why is it that all of His saints delighted in His Torah and were found in His favor for doing so but it is a burden to you yet you still think that you will be found in His favor?

Tell me why you think that you will be found in His favor when you will not even obey the simplest of His commandments like His Sabbaths when He says they are to be?

Why did Abraham find favor with Elohiym?

Gen 26:5

5 Because Abraham obeyed my voice, AND KEPT MY TORAH, and guarded my commandments and my statutes.

Did Yehshua not live by His Father’s every word?

Did He not command us to follow Him?

Did He not tell us to live by every word of Elohiym?

He said that in order to be covered by His blood and forgiven that we need to repent.

Repentance is required.

Why don’t you believe Him?

What does repent mean to you anyway?

It means to turn form our ways to our Creator’s way.

His way is His Torah.

If you think that you are being covered by His blood without repentance, you are sorely off of the mark.

The whole baptism process of be cleansed by His blood is conditional on repentance.

In other words, a third of the earth’s population is about ready to experience a double portion of their Creator’s wrath because they claimed His Son’s blood without the condition to have it applied to them.

They made this choice because they chose to believe in the lies of Saul of Tarsus instead of their Messiah’s words.

Our Creator is telling you that you had better consider that you are merely a temporary dwelling and if you will not obey His instructions and delight in them, He has no use for you in His eternal family.

In the song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32 He says; oh that you would have considered your latter end.

You were commanded to know this song because it was to be a witness against you in the last days.

Do you know this song? He suggests that you consider it quickly.

You had better turn to Him and start living to live instead of living to die.

And if you do, He will turn the water into His Son’s blood and cleanse you.

And He will deliver you into the last 1,000 years that the last day of this feast represents.

What an awesome time this will be with satan and his cronies bound and YEHWEH’s way being a way of life for all.

There will be much rejoicing; this is for sure as He prepares a people to become part of His latter harvest.