Repairing The Breach



Hindsight can be 20/20 but it is not the way to go.

The good thing about having our Creator’s measuring rod is we do not need to have hindsight to know what is true.

But I sometimes reflect back on my journey out of the captivity.

It is amazing the depths of willful rebellion that our human minds will go to just to justify ourselves and our beliefs.

This is why we have to measure our thoughts and our beliefs with the measuring rod that our Creator gave us.

As those of you who are listening to these videos know, we are currently in the commanded FEAST OF TEMPORARY DWELLINGS that some in Christianity call the Feast of Tabernacles.

Of course most of them do not even know anything about this feast at all or they could care less about it.

But there are several groups that celebrate a perversion of this feast each year by going to pre-selected feast sites to worship their false image of our Creator.

One of the duos who are in the world today that call themselves our Creator’s prophets and His end time witnesses lead one of these groups.

I am sure that they would say that I am the one who is teaching a perversion of this feast and that they are doing it properly.

It is a beautiful thing that we have a measuring rod so that we can know who is false and who is walking in the truth.

These groups know that Israel of old was commanded to build these temporary huts each year so what changed?

Why are they going to hotels?

Where did the instructions change?

It is to be a statute forever throughout our generations.

Leviticus 23 says;

40 You shall take for the first day fruit from goodly trees, and the hollows of palm trees, and the branches of thick trees and willows of the brook; and you shall rejoice before YEHWEH ELOHIYM for seven days.

41 And you shall celebrate YEHWEH’s feast seven days in the year. IT SHALL BE A STATUTE FOREVER IN YOUR GENERATIONS: you shall celebrate it in the seventh month.

Who gave these organizations the authority to change this statute?

I guess that they can be like the Catholics and claim that they have binding and loosening powers, therefore they can make changes like this.

But let me ask you something; would any one whom our Creator would give binding and loosening powers to actually change His statutes that are to be forever?

The answer is no, because those whom He gives binding and loosening authority to delight in His Torah, they do not seek to change one word of it.

They desire to be in agreement with His instructions.

This is why He gives such hearts as these His binding and loosening authority.

This should be quite simple to understand if you believe that bearing the name of satan is bearing the name of disobedience and rebellion.

And the opposite of bearing satan’s name is to bear the name of our Creator which is bearing His righteousness.

The fruit of the mark of His name is found in our obedience to His word.

I started off this video saying that hindsight is 20/20 because as my Father was calling me to Him, He led me through a short season in one of the enemy’s camps that perverts this feast by going to hotels and such.

I have mentioned before that this camp was none other than the false prophet Ron Weinland’s organization.

I remember wondering why we were not building the huts that we were commanded to when he read these verses.

I remember going to an arcade with a group of the congregants in his organization and watching a group of men and boys of different ages play what I saw to be a sick game.

I think it was called deal or no deal.

It had these half dressed women come out on the screen with their emotions of joy or grief depending if the participants answered the questions correctly or not.

I felt like destroying the machine and crying out to these people what are you doing, but I was still weak and in bondage myself so I just walked away in disgust and sorrowed for them.

I remember returning from this so called feast and my wife receiving pictures from a woman who was one of this man’s so called elders in his organization.

These pictures were pictures of this elder’s granddaughter walking with a barely dressed daughter of one of his senior elder’s on the beach at one of their feast sites.

This lady sent these pictures out with no shame and she is one of the closest friends of these two so-called witnesses.

And what about this senior elder not teaching his daughter to have modesty and shame? This is shameful in itself.

These are telltale signs that people are not bringing in goodly fruit because our Creator’s righteousness is not flowing out from them.

I speak of these examples today because these organizations are leading many down one of the many paths to the lake of fire.

And they are hiding behind a form of keeping our Creator’s commandments including this very special feast of temporary dwellings.

But exposing their hypocrisy is really an easy task.

And finding the truth is an easy thing to do as well if you will simply believe our Creator’s instruction manual.

By believing Him, you can know those who are walking in the truth or not by their fruit.

They will either have rebellious fruit or obedient fruit.

This is what Yehshua described when He said you can know them by their fruit.

He went on to say that their fruit might even include driving out demons in His name or prophesying which would include preaching in His name and many good works in His name.

So they might even have a counterfeit feast in His name.

But He says that He will tell them to depart from Him because they practiced or lived lawlessness and He never knew them.

This is because the way that He and His Father live in us to know us is through walking with them in His Torah.

His Torah is the narrow path and it leads us to the narrow gate.

It is our Creator’s word that Yehshua became in the flesh and we are to follow Him.

So when someone talks about being off to celebrate the feast at some fancy hotel or some other perversion of the word, you can know that they are of their father the devil because our Creator’s word really has no place in them.

There are many other examples such as if they don’t wear blue tassels you can know that they are of their father the devil.

It really is this simple.

Are they living by every word or are they denying some of His word by picking and choosing what to obey.

I am sure that even Ron Weinland would say that we need to live by every word so why is he not building huts and teaching his followers to do so for this feast?

Why does he not obey so many of the rest of the commandments either?

Why does he trust in man to heal him, etc.?

We have a measuring rod given to us that all things must be measured against.

And we need to measure the spirit that is guiding us to this same measuring rod.

Is the spirit that is guiding you into truth teaching you to live by every word of Elohiym or is it teaching you to pick and choose what to obey and how to obey?

With my example of hind sight is 20/20, the spirit that was calling me out of the captivity was telling me that this perversion of the feast was all wrong.

This spirit was showing me Weinland’s other errors as well.

And I had a choice to make with each thing that His 7 spirits showed me.

I could either agree with a man and what he said was true or test the spirit that was calling me with the way that our Creator told us to test all spirits.

He had His servant tell us that any spirit that is in agreement with the logos of Elohiym that Yehshua became is of Elohiym and that any spirit that it not confessing this agreement in their flesh is the spirit of anti-messiah.

I chose not to believe a man but to believe the word of Elohiym.

I chose to believe the spirit that the word of Elohiym backs up.

This is the choice that each of you must make because His 7 spirits have gone out into the world but you have to hunger for them in order to receive them.

And this starts with hungering for His righteousness and His kingdom and having a fear of being not in agreement with Him.

The fear of being wrong is the eye salve that we need to have in order to receive His other 6 spirits.

If you hunger for a hotel, this is what you will get to go a whoring in.

We are commanded to build these temporary dwellings each year and sit in them for a reason.

This is just one very simple example of the adultery that these groups make with their Creator.

They commit whoredom with Him by not obeying him and worshipping false versions of Him.

Some have written me and told me that they know that they have Elohiym’s spirit living in them and guiding them but they have no interest in the Torah or they don’t think that we need to guard it and walk in it like we are commanded to.

Well, the measuring rod says that they have a different spirit guiding them.

We either believe our Creator’s word or not.

If we rely on our own understanding, we are on a sinking ship.

It is exciting what our Creator is giving us about the goodly fruit that we are to bring into our temporary dwellings.

Yesterday I spoke on how this fruit that comes from the goodly trees is symbolic of what we are to bring into our minds because we are what the temporary dwellings represent.

I also spoke on how He is tying this feast together with the two trees in the garden and with the branches of the logos of Elohiym that we must become.

And the end result of bringing in only the goodly fruit from goodly trees into our temporary dwellings will be that we will become goodly trees or trees of righteousness and we will not be temporary dwellings any longer.

This is exciting.

Did He show this to me while I was staying in a hotel?

I also discussed yesterday that the desires of our hearts are the telltale indicators of where are hearts really are at.

If your heart is to play some video game at an arcade on His set apart feast or any other time or watch sporting events, etc., it shows that your mind is not being molded by goodly fruit.

It shows that you are eating the bread of men.

Reflecting on hindsight, there were so many red flags to prove to me that this organization was false.

I was just dull on listening because I did not understand the measuring rod yet.

Why not? It was because Weinland was not teaching it.

His words are to be his follower’s measuring rod, not our Creator’s words.

It is a good thing that I chose to stop listening to his measuring rod and started listening to the one that was given to us by the source of all truth.

And now, how sweet it is to have our Creator’s measuring rod so that I never need to use the 20/20 hindsight again.

For many, the hindsight will be when they look back from their walk down the plank towards the lake of fire because they rejected His measuring rod.

This would be a bad time for hindsight, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

After a couple of days of spending time in my hut, I would not trade one minute of this time for a lifetime of resorts in what man tries to make his paradise to be.

I will spend every minute living to come out of my temporary dwelling from here on out so that I will not be a temporary dwelling any longer.

As for all of you who are still following the Weinland’s of the world or any of the other false teachers who take you away from living by every word of our Elohiym;

I suggest that you jump from their sinking ships while you still can and turn to the truth that will set you free.