Repairing The Breach



Have you ever wondered why there are so many different groups who believe with all of their hearts that they are seeking their Creator, yet why there are so many different doctrines as to what is true amongst them?

So many believe that they are in agreement with Him, yet they are divided as to what is true.

How can this be?

Many understand that we need to be in agreement with Him, yet they themselves cannot even live in agreement with His word.

His word is the measuring rod that all truth must be measured against.

The world’s religions really are full of insanity and hypocrisy.

They say that they obey Him but what are they actually obeying?

They pick and choose what to obey and how to obey Him.

Herewith all lays the problem with seeking Elohiym; people are so full of pride and arrogance that they will not consider that their beliefs are wrong; therefor they cannot see that they are seeking a false image of Him.

And they do not want to obey Him so they look for ways around it.

Our Creator says that if we go away from Him and serve other images of Him that all we need to do is seek Him and He is referring to the last days.

Moses recorded this in;

Deut 4:29-31

29 But if from there you will seek YEHWEH Elohiym, you will find Him IF YOU SEEK HIM WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART AND WITH ALL OF YOUR SOUL.

Seeking Him in seeking His truth has to be a genuine desire on our parts. We have to fear being wrong.

If you are going to seek after Him, the problem is you have to know that you have gone away from Him or that you never came to Him in the first place to even embark on this journey.

And people will not hear His answer that tells them how you can tell if you are near to Him or if you are near to a false image of Him.

Most of you are stubborn and rebellious and want to tell Him how it is.

He gave us His word to measure all things with.

This is not that difficult.

I will give you an example;

If someone says that we are to worship Him on the fixed day of the week on man’s calendar of either Saturday or Sunday or any other day, they are worshipping Him in a lie and no lie is of the truth.

He gave us a calendar to use.

His measuring rod tells us that He put the luminaries in place for us to use to determine when His appointed times are that we are to come before Him.

And His measuring rod tells us that His weekly Sabbaths are His appointed times.

So it is a matter of believing His word as with all things and hearkening to it.

Some have even yielded to His calendar but still worship Him in hypocrisy with other lies.

One of these responded to a letter that I had sent them and said that if I have been sent by Elohiym that He will establish this.

And they are correct and He did establish that He sent me in His word, but His word has not been good enough for most of you.

His word defines all truth, just as it defined that Yehshua was the Messiah.

If people would have hearkened to His word, they would have known all truth because He would have given them His 7 spirits to guide them into all truth.

But they would not hearken and they would not believe Him and they would not believe His Son.

In the very next verse, He explains to us what is going to happen to you to show you that you are in error.

He says that He is going to send tribulation to you because you went away and served other images of Him.

But He also says that you can return to Him;

30 When tribulation and all of these things come upon you IN THE LATTER DAYS, IF YOU TURN TO YEHWEH ELOHIYM AND IF YOU WILL HEARKEN TO HIS VOICE;

31 He will not forsake you because YEHWEH Elohiym is a compassionate Elohiym, neither will He destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which He swore to them.

This is yet another prophesy for the end days about seeking Him and returning to Him.

But notice the condition to finding His favor, you must hearken to His voice and return to His path.

He sent me to cry this out to you but nearly everyone does not believe what He is telling you through me.

Most of you will not hear His voice.

And His truth is not going out to the world as He wants it to.

It is for this reason that He is sending great calamity upon you.

It is going to take this time of trouble for His truth to go out and this is sad.

The coming tribulation is being sent to prick your ears because you are a rebellious and stiff-necked people and you will not hear Him.

The next verses tell you what you must do;

Deut 4:32

32 INQUIRE AND BESEECH THE DAYS THAT ARE OF OLD TIMES which were before you and from the day that Elohiym created man upon the earth, from the one side of heaven to the other, and inquire whether there has ever been any such great word as this, or have you ever heard such?

He is saying that you should look upon all that has been and then you can know that His word or His cause is true.

He goes onto to tell us to remember how He spoke out of the fire to them back then and to remember how He delivered them in battles and all of the signs and wonders that He did in their presence.

But how can we remember if we were not there?

He is saying that we have to believe that these things happened and we have to believe the old path that He gave us to walk with Him on.

And He gives us the proof if you want to hunger and thirst for it.

His creation itself testifies that His word is true.

And Yehshua testified to the books of old as well so we have to believe Him as well.

All of the prophesies for the end times say the same things about returning to His path at the time of the end.

Why can’t you believe them?

Do you not believe that the events in Egypt happened?

Do you not believe that the Red Sea parted?

Do you not believe that the Jordon backed up and they crossed on dry ground and that the walls of Jericho came tumbling down shortly after this?

Do you not believe the prophesies about returning to His Torah if He is going to gather you back in His remnant that He will deliver through the tribulation?

Why not?

Because you want to put your trust in lies instead and this is why He is going to have to humble you.

Read the song that Elohiym had Moses record in Deuteronomy 32.

I have a video posted on this as well called “The Song of Moses”

This is a song that we are commanded to know because it was to be a witness against the children of Israel in the latter days.

This song explains Israel going away from Him and what will befall them for doing so.

This song ties in perfectly with these verses here in chapter 4.

He says that He is going to wipe all remembrance of you off the face of the earth if you will not return to Him.

Why do you think that you can rebel against Him and still be found in His favor?

But He is merciful and He will pardon you if you will return to Him and return to why He created you and hear Him.

Why won’t you turn to Him before He sends His calamity?

This would seem like a smarter thing to do, don’t you think?

Seek Him while He may be found.

Or do you want to continue to hold onto lies like Saul of Tarsus’s blaspheme that no one seeks after Him, no not one he said?

He is calling all who will come to Him at this time.

There are also many who claim that they are seeking after Him and they claim that they have found Him.

Yet they have not found Him.

The coming tribulation will prove to them that they worship Him in vain because they will cry out to their false images of Him and He will not hear.

So I suggest that you compare your beliefs to His measuring rod now while you still can so that you do not have to have Him show you that you are wrong with His coming wrath.

The reason that so many have found a false image of Him is because they seek Him on their terms.

They tell Him what they will believe and what they won’t believe.

It really is simple to determine if this includes you or not.

Do you wear blue tassels on the boarders of your garments to remind you of His commandments?

Why not? He commanded you to. And His Son wore them and He commanded us to follow Him.

I just give this for a simple example, you certainly can wear these tassels in hypocrisy as well, and the religious of the day back then did.

But just go down the line, are you hungering to learn and obey His commandments, judgments, precepts and ordinances?

Or do you scoff at them or do you even care about them?

Do you even care why He commanded them or care why He created you?

You had better start caring because if you don’t, you will be consumed by His indignation in the coming weeks and months.

A few verses later He reminds them;

Deut 4:40

40 HEDGE ABOUT OR GUARD HIS STATUTES AND HIS COMMANDMENTS, which I command you this day in order that it may go well with you and with your children after you, so that you will prolong your days upon the earth, which YEHWEH Elohiym gives you for all days.

His commandments and statutes and judgments and precepts are to be a way of life.

They never went away like the false religion of Christianity teaches.

You have to believe Saul of Tarsus’s lies to say that they did.

And you certainly do not believe your Messiah or His Father or His other servants if you make this claim.

Do you really want to put your eternal fate in the words of Saul instead of your Messiah’s words?

Are you that stiff-necked and arrogant just so that you do not have to obey your Creator?

For those of you preachers and missionaries that have taken your false gospels to the world, you are false prophets.

I don’t care if you call yourselves prophets or not, you have acted as such by declaring a truth that is not a truth.

You say peace, peace when there is no peace.

The truth that our Creator gave us in His word condemns your hypocrisy but you have no shame.

You have no shame for leading others down false paths that lead them to the lake of fire.

And sadly most of you will continue in your blasphemes instead of repenting because you are a rebellious house indeed.

I have no idea how any you can ignore all of the prophesies about returning to His Torah in the end days.

Your problem is that your pride will not allow you to admit that you have been deceived by the enemy.

Well guess what, the enemy is not going to be able to deliver you. And he is going away as well, at least for a season.

My Father is sending these messages out to you because He is crying out for you to return to the paths of old.

Join in with Him in rebuilding the old places that were made desolate by the rebellious house of Israel and their boy Saul of Tarsus.

And I suggest that you don’t simply jump into another frying pan by returning to Him by seeking to learn His instructions from someone who has a an approach that is more acceptable and soothing to your itching ears.

He is telling you how it is.

Hearken to what He is sending forward.

Are any of these false teachers who claim to be teaching the Torah out there keeping or teaching the 7th year Sabbath?

This should be an obvious sign that they are false because this annual Sabbath is in His Torah and we are in it right now.

Rebelling against His 7th year Sabbath is part of bearing the mark of the beast because my Father’s mouth has spoken it.

Returning to Him is returning to Him on His terms.

There is no middle ground.

If you simply want a teacher that will give you some instructions that you can live with that are more palatable to you, this is your choice.

He does not want such hearts as yours in His family anyway.

And I certainly am not the teacher either, I am a student that has been delivered out of the captivity, it is just that He has put His word in my mouth.

And I am hearkening to His voice just as each of you must.

Seeking Him is seeking His truth.

There is no way that you can seek Him and choose to learn on your own terms or choose what you will believe.

It does not work this way.

As He spoke through Moses to give Israel the truth that their ancestors had lost, so is He speaking through me to restore it.

Seek Him and His truth while He may be found.

His 7 spirits have been sent to the world and they are available to you if you will receive them through entering into His covenant with Him to have His Torah written in your hearts and in your inward parts.

And it starts with stopping trampling His Son’s blood underfoot.

Repent, His Kingdom is at hand.