Repairing The Breach



Our Creator has sent me to declare to man-kind that He is preparing to purge out all of you who will not return to His instructions that He gave us to become as He is.

It really is arrogance and will-full ignorance that man has not sought after their Creator’s purpose for creating them.

He made the resources that we needed to determine His desire for us available to us.

The small part of His creation that He allowed us to witness and to experience testifies to His glory and to His almighty power.

When I was still in the captivity of satan’s matrix of Christianity, I remember attending a seminar that was sponsored by an organization called Focus on the Family.

It was a study called “The Truth Project”

The presenter was a man named Del Tackett and he and his team did a marvelous job producing this seminar in regards to our Creator’s almighty power.

It was a seminar that testifies to our Creator’s awe and the fact that He created everything with His perfect design.

But what is amazing is how the people who put together this seminar, along with the tens of thousands or 100’s of thousands or maybe even more people than this who saw this seminar could acknowledge this almighty Creator yet still not hearken to His instructions.

This truly is willful rebellion and it is out right arrogance.

It is incredible that man has the nerve to tell their all-powerful, all-knowing Creator who gave them life what they will obey or not obey and how they will serve Him.

But He has allowed for this to happen while He called out those who have become His temple.

He has allowed for man to go their own way and thumb their nose at Him but now the time of man’s self-rule under the helm of the father that they chose over their Creator is about up.

Nearly all who have ever lived have chosen to live under the tutelage of satan and his crew instead of hearkening to their Creator and allowing for Him to become their Father.

And now His long held back fury is at the door.

However, He is giving mankind a choice.

They can turn back to Him and He will heal them.

There are many prophesies that speak of the scattered nations of Israel turning back to our Creator’s Torah in the last days.

Today, I am just going to talk about three of these prophesies that are key concerning the days before His vengeance.

All will have to hearken to these prophesies if they are to be delivered through the coming time of calamity that He is sending.

Isa 58:13-14

13 IF YOU WILL TURN YOUR FEET TO THE SABBATH, AND DO MY DESIRE ON MY SET APART DAY; AND CALL THE SABBATH A DELIGHT, the sanctified of YEHWEH, and glorify it; and glorify His path (Torah), and attain His desire by speaking His words:

14 Then you will delight upon YEHWEH; and you will ride upon the high places of the earth and I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father: BECAUSE THE MOUTH OF YEHWEH HAS SPOKEN IT.

This passage certainly has always applied to any who would turn to His Sabbaths and delight in them and delight in His path but it is a specific prophesy for the last days.

The preceding verses speak of a time when the breach between Him and man would be repaired and the paths of old would be restored.

I have no idea how man thinks that they can justify not keeping the Sabbath or telling their Creator when it is.

And how do they think that they will still be found in His favor even though they will not obey Him?

It really is vanity gone wild.

I heard false prophet Ron Weinland actually say that if any of his congregants so much as even mention any thing about the New Moon cycles being different than he teaches, that they would be dis-fellowshipped from his organization.

Of course that would be the best thing for them but this is not my point.

My point is that this man, just like most who have ever lived, tell their Creator what they will believe and what they won’t believe.

They pick and choose what to obey and how to obey Him.

If it does not fit their preconceived ideas, they just dismiss it.

If our Creator gave us an instruction to obey Him that is so important to Him as the Sabbath, He would have had to give us instructions to determine when it is to be.

And He did.

Especially when you consider that His Sabbaths are a sign between Him and those who are His.

And He knew that He was going to one day scatter His people for their rebellion so He had to give us a way to return to His Sabbaths if He was going to command us to return to them.

Yet most of man has not feared being in disagreement with Him enough to even search after His instructions for when His Sabbaths are to be.

They just believed into satan’s systems of Saturday or Sunday worship instead of fearing their Creator enough to search out the truth.

Many have even heard the overwhelming evidence that our Creator has a calendar that He gave us to determine when His Sabbaths are and they still reject His instructions.

The self-proclaiming witness Ron Weinland and his wife who he declared is the other witness are of these people who refuse our Creator’s word on this subject even though they have heard it.

And there is another pair out there that claims that they are the two witnesses as well that have heard the evidence and still rejected it.

Well, I shouldn’t say that both of this other duo have heard the evidence, I only spoke to one of them but you would think that he would have discussed something this important with the other so-called witness.

In any case, both of these two duos who claim to be our Creator’s prophets uphold the great lie that Saturday is the day of the Sabbath that came out of Judaism.

I am not going to speak on the evidence in this video that proves that our Creator’s Sabbaths are determined from His lunar rotations.

I have spoken on this evidence in several of these videos so I will refer you to them.

Here is the list of these videos along with related Sabbath information videos;

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Rejecting His word and rejecting the evidence that He gave us to support His word is will-full rebellion to Him.

Will you return to His Sabbaths and return to them when He says that they are to be and delight in them?

Or will you choose to get purged out in the coming days of His wrath?

And returning to His Sabbaths is not all of what this is about.

He said that you must delight in them and glorify His path.

His Path is outlined in His Torah. His Torah is His instructions how to stay on His narrow path. It is the road map.

He is saying that you have to choose to delight in His instructions and the only way to delight in them fully is to become submerged in why He sent them.

They must be a hunger and a thirst because they lead us into His righteousness. And we are to hunger and thirst for His righteousness.

In the preceding verses in Isaiah 58, starting in verse one, He speaks of crying aloud and sparing not and He speaks of a particular fast that He has declared for this very time.

This particular fast is in a couple of days and it begins at sundown on the 9th day of His 7th month and lasts until sundown on the 10th day.

The 9th day on His calendar is this Friday for much of the globe and it is on Saturday at sundown for others.

It is a 24 hour period of time where we are commanded to afflict ourselves.

Do you even care about His commanded worship days?

You had better start.

This particular Day of Atonement is very special considering that it is the last one before His Son that He sent to atone for us returns.

I spoke of the instructions for this day in the 7th month High Days videos, part 2 & 3.

Will you turn to His High Days that He commanded or continue to ignore them or pervert them?

I say pervert them because some celebrate these days in hypocrisy and just celebrate them to be seen as righteous before Him instead of obeying  Him to become His righteousness.

His High days are part of His Torah and you are being commanded to return to His Torah or be purged out from before His face.

There are many prophesies that say that Israel was scattered because they departed from His instructions or His Torah.

Why don’t you believe these prophesies?

And there are many that say that “if” they will return to them, then they will be delivered and healed.

He said that He would send His messenger to tell those who would return to Him to remember the Torah of Moses with the statutes and Judgments;

Mal 4:4 REMEMBER THE “TORAH” OF MOSES my servant, which I commanded to him in Horeb for all Israel, WITH THE STATUTES AND JUDGMENTS.


6 He will turn the hearts of your fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

This is a reality that you will not be able to escape from or hide from.

You either will return to His Torah or you will face His indignation.

Not believing Him will not make His wrath go around you.

Not believing Him is not going to get you delivered.

He is not interested in you continuing to tell Him what you think is true, He is telling you what is true.

Will you hearken, or will you remain with your head buried in the sand believing satan’s lies?

Don’t you fear Him enough to even consider why He is sending His wrath?

Surely most of you believe that one day His wrath would come, so why won’t you believe why He said that He is going to send it?

He tells us why, He said that He is sending it because all have departed from His Torah.

What is so hard to understand about this?

Do you think that His servants made these prophesies up?

He is also commanding those who will return to Him to offer up an offering of righteousness to Him at this time.

This offering is what He was referring to when He had Isaiah record to cry aloud and spare not in verse 1 of Isaiah 58.

He has even declared what this offering it to be so that you do not have to guess what it is.

He described this offering in the “Tithes and Offerings” video and in the “A Cry to Arms” video.

Malachi recorded Him commanding this offering in;

Mal 3:1-3

3:1 Behold, I will send my messenger to prepare the way before my face: and YEHWEH will seek you and will suddenly come to His temple. The messenger of the covenant whom I delight will come to you, says YEHWEH of hosts.

2 Who will receive (sustain) him the day of his coming? And who will stand when he appears? Because he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

3 And he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he will purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver so that they may offer to YEHWEH AN OFFERING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

These are prophesies for these last days, it is impossible to refute this.

But go ahead and try if you want to remain stiff-necked and you will get ran over by His wrath.

But He is crying out to you to hearken to His instructions that He is giving through His servant.

Will you hearken or will you forbear?

Most who are hearing are forbearing so far.

The other thing that our Creator has been saying in regards to retuning to Him is you must return to Him with the right motive for doing so.

If you return to His path just to save your neck, He will see in your heart that you are not returning to Him because you want to become His clay and desire for Him to mold you in His likeness.

You are not going to fool Him.

You are going to have to undergo a paradigm shift in your mind and desire to be as He is.

Then He will deliver you.

Just consider the small number of people who are recorded to have found favor with Him.

It is not very many people.

144,000 people in nearly 6,000 years is not a large flock.

Yehshua said that few find the gate, why don’t you believe Him?

Why do all of you in Christianity think that you have found favor with Him even though you have trampled His Son’s blood underfoot?

He offered you His favor through His Son’s blood and you spat in His face by rejecting why He offered His Son up on your behalf.

Are you really that arrogant that you believe that you can be as you choose to be apart from His will and still be found in His favor?

Did He change?

Did His Son lie when He said that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees you will in no way enter into His Father’s kingdom?

Are you really that will-fully ignorant?

The answer is, yes, you have been.

But He is crying out to you to turn from the lies that you have embraced and return to Him.

And it starts with returning to His Sabbaths and the rest of His Torah with the intent to become His people.

Repent, His kingdom is at hand.