Repairing The Breach



Today I am going to talk about one of the many lies that are found in the false religions within Christianity.

A man wrote me the other day and told me that I had blasphemed our Creator because I spoke that He has sent forth a decree that He wants us to offer up an offering of righteousness to Him at this time.

You scoffers who continue to take your jabs should open up the scriptures instead of opening up your mouths and posting your blathering comments.

What I spoke that this man was reacting to was a prophesy in Malachi where our Creator tells Malachi to record that He will one day send forth His messenger and this messenger will restore the tithes and offerings with a an offering of righteousness to Him.

He said that we will have reached a point that all will have stolen from Him.

And His messenger would come forward and declare an offering of righteousness to Him.

We find this in;

Mal 3:3 And he (His messenger) will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to YEHWEH AN OFFERING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

This is a prophesy for the last days and it is being fulfilled.

I have spoken in several of these videos how our righteousness is as filthy rags if it is not our Creator’s righteousness that we are to bear.

Isaiah records this same thing in chapter 64.

We are to bear our Creator’s righteousness and in order to bear it; we must learn it and it must become our righteousness.

This offering of righteousness that our Creator has brought forward at this time is one of returning to Him and declaring His righteousness to the world.

It is an offering of ourselves to become His light and let His light shine in this dark world as He prepares to knock down the walls of darkness.

It is an offering of joining in with His battle cry to mankind to return to Him and to warn them of His coming wrath.

It is an offering of turning to being in agreement with Him and what He is purposing.

The man that wrote me told me that we have no righteousness to offer and I agree with this if it is our own righteousness that we are trying to offer up to Him.

The offering of righteousness that we must offer up to Him is His righteousness.

The only way that we can bear His righteousness is if we are in agreement with Him and His righteousness.

We are to become as He is, and as we do, His righteousness becomes ours, and His ways become our ways, and His thoughts become our thoughts.

He created us to bear His righteousness. Two cannot walk together unless they are agreed.

A false belief in Christianity that comes from the abominable lies of Saul of Tarsus is that we do not need to obtain our Creator’s righteousness because it is already imputed to us through His Son’s blood.

This is what this man referred to when he wrote me.

This is the blasphemous lie, what I have spoken is not the blaspheme. What I spoke was prophesy.

Yehshua shed His blood so that we could have the price of our sins paid for if we turned from our ways to His Father’s narrow path.

Then, when walking with them both on His narrow path, He sends us His 7 spirits to guide us to teach us His righteousness.

It is a blasphemous and damnable lie to say Yehshua died so that we can have His righteousness given to us without us turning from our ways to our Creator’s ways.

And this lie denies why we were created.

We are accredited with His righteousness when we believe Him.

Believing Him is action affirmative; it is believing His word and His instructions.

This man referred me to Deuteronomy 9:4 to try to prove His point;

Deut 9:4

4 Do not speak in your hearts saying that it is BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS that YEHWEH Elohiym has cast them out from before you and brought you into this land to possess it, but it is BECAUSE OF THE WICKEDNESS OF THESE NATIONS that YEHWEH drives them out from before you.

I am not sure what this man’s point is by sending me this verse?

The children of Israel had not become His righteousness; reading on to the next two verses shows this.

And our Creator does not just reward us for learning His righteousness anyway.

He rewards us or blesses us to show Himself strong for many reasons.

Sometimes we are the benefactor because He has stripped something away from another for their wickedness or for other reasons.

But in no way is this verse saying that we are not to hunger and thirst for His righteousness and in no way is it saying that we cannot obtain His righteousness.

In the very next verse He adds that Israel receiving this land was not only because of the wickedness of these nations, but also because of promises that He made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

He said in the next 2 verses that they were receiving this land from Him even though they were a stiff-necked people and rebellious people.

But He was still working with them and calling some out of them to Him, but the majority of them had rebellious hearts towards Him.

This no different than the scattered nations of Israel today, He continued to bless them as He called a people out to Him from them.

This is why the scattered tribes have remained the most blessed nations in the world.

These tribes became the United States and her allies.

But Him blessing these nations is no way because of their own righteousness like most of them think.

There are many within the borders of these nations that think that they have been blessed because of their righteousness before their Creator.

And their righteousness has been filthy rags to Him.

The fact is that they have remained stiff-necked and rebellious to Him, yet He has blessed them for His purpose because He continued to call a people out of them to Him.

But this still does not change the fact that we were created to learn to be as our Creator is. We were created to flee from our righteousness and to obtain His righteousness.

Yehshua said;

Matt 5:6

6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst AFTER HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS because they will be filled.

Matt 6:33

33 But seek first the kingdom of Elohiym AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; and all these things will be added unto you.

Why is He telling us to seek His Father’s righteousness if it was going to be imputed upon us through His blood?

He told His disciples that unless their righteousness exceeded the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees that they would not enter into His Father’s kingdom.

Are you going to continue to believe the blasphemous lies of Saul instead of believing our Messiah?

You are an arrogant people indeed and stiff-necked just like your ancestors.

You will believe Satan’s servants but you will not believe your Creator’s servants, including His only begotten Son.

And why is it that you believe Saul anyway?

It is because you want to remain in your blasphemous lies going your own way not obeying your Creator.

This man that wrote me said that I had blasphemed our Creator.

No, I am merely obeying His voice and seeking His righteousness to become mine while restoring His truth that He is giving me to restore.

It is this man and the billions of you like him that are blaspheming our Creator and His Son by perverting them in the image of your blasphemous beliefs.

His word tells us who His saints are, they are those who do His commandments and have the same belief as His Son.

His Son believes that we must live by His Father’s every word.

He believes that we have to be in agreement with our Creator and in agreement with His design for us.

His Son believes that we have to hunger and thirst for His Father’s righteousness and He knew that His commandments teach us His righteousness.

This is why He said that the Torah would remain until heaven and earth pass away.

This is why some of His last words in His revelations to the apostle John included that those WHO WASH IN THE COMMANDMENTS will be those who are given access to the tree of life and enter through the gates.

You are a stiff-necked and arrogant people to do away with the words that He spoke and form your religions that are based on your rebellious hearts.

And how arrogant of you was it to change His Father who changes not into who you wanted Him to be?

His wrath is going to consume you if you will not come down off of your high horses and believe Him and return to Him.

The offering of righteousness that He has placed before you this day is real.

It ties together several prophesies about returning to His covering wings of protection and crying aloud and sparing not that His long overdue wrath is at the door.

If you want to keep blathering satan’s’ lies to one another while skipping joyfully down the path to the lake of fire, this is your choice.

If you do, prepare to find out what 5 months of torment is all about.

You will cry out to Him and He will not hear you because of the obstinacy of your rebellious hearts.

He has sent me to cry out to you to turn from your rebellion and return to Him.

In order to do this, you are going to have to start believing Him and He will impute His righteousness to you.

If you believe Him, what you believe will be set forth in your actions.

And you will believe what I have spoken is His words because His word testifies that He has sent me to you.

And you will believe His Son who said that you must wash in His Father’s commandments which were also His commandments and become one with Him and His Father as He became one with Him and with His righteousness.

And you will start to follow Him instead of following the abominable Saul of Tarsus.