Repairing The Breach



Today I am going to talk about satan’s greatest strategy for deceiving the masses.

There are many that have their focus on the obvious evils such as abortion or on the forces behind different conspiracy theories or on what the dark recesses of evil are doing and other such things.

But are these the evils that all of man-kind was deceived with?

No, most people understand that these things are evil.

Maybe they don’t understand the depths of the evil within the different conspiracy theories and such but neither do I.

I could care less about the details of what the dark is doing.

It is a full time job learning my Father’s righteousness, how could I have time to worry about the details of what satan is doing.

I want to know what my Father is doing.

It is enough to know that groups like the free masons are evil; I could care less about their symbols or their rituals or whatever else they do.

It is enough to know that there exists deep darkness in the demonic world.

And then stay away from it and focus on being made in our Creator’s image.

What more can any of us gain by gazing at the darkness?

We are to be children of the light and our eyes are to be single on the light.

Yes, we need to know how the enemy works and this is what I am talking about today.

Yehshua told us to be wise of the way of the serpent, but this does not mean to spend our time studying his ways.

Knowing his ways is simple, he always wants to take your eyes away from the truth and his ways always lead to rebellion to our Creator.

Let me give you an example; go to any channel on you tube or any other media source or ministry that is in the world that claims that they are teaching the truth.

Go to them and measure what they are talking about against the word of Elohiym.

Are they talking about the Memorial of Acclamations that is to be a holy or a set apart day that we are commanded to observe in just a few days?

Are they talking about the mark that all must have in their foreheads in order to be delivered from the coming time of affliction?

Are they talking about the 7th year Sabbath that has been restored that we are in now?

Or are they talking about the pagan origins of the star of David?

Who cares about the origins for the star of David or other distractions like this.

Is knowing about these distractions from the truth going to deliver anyone?

Even if they are based on true history, this information is not the truth that will set you free.

The truth that will set you free is the logos of Elohiym.

It is His righteousness that His word defines with His 7 spirits.

For that matter, are these false ministries telling you how to receive His 7 spirits?

And if they are, where did they hijack their teaching from?

Or maybe they are talking about the verichip being the mark of the beast or some other false doctrine like this.

These false teachings are evil because they take people away from the truth about things that we must know like the real mark of the beast.

These false teachings and meaningless distractions fit into to today’s topic, how satan accomplishes his greatest deceptions.

His greatest deceptions are not the obvious darkness.

He uses the obvious darkness as a smoke screen.

He is very big into smoke screens; this is why you see the smoke on the stage at rock concerts and such.

But His biggest deceptions come from his servants twisting the truth.

I have named this operation twist.

They walk alongside those who are speaking the truth for a season and they feed off of them and then go off and make a counterfeit to the truth and spread their counterfeit.

This is exactly what the abomination of desolation Saul of Tarsus did.

They mix in their distractions and their lies to the truth and they take their swill to the world or to those who will listen to them.

Yehshua said;

Matt 7:13-15

13 Enter through the thin or slender gate because wide is the gate and broad is the path THAT TAKES YOU TO ETERNAL DESTRUCTION, and there are many (or most) that enter through this gate.

14 Because slender is the gate and narrow is the path THAT TAKES YOU TO ETERNAL LIFE, and there are few that find this gate.

15 BE CAUTIOUS TO STAY AWAY FROM FALSE PROPHETS (imposters), which come among you in sheep's clothing, but in side they are RAVENING WOLVES.

These are very important instructions from our Messiah.

It is the impersonators of the truth that we are to stay clear of.

Obviously we stay clear of the obvious evils, this is simple.

But satan’s servants that slither into our midst with sheep’s clothing are the real danger.

They bring in their poison and slip it into your drink.

Your drink is what you are consuming.

If you give ears to their perversions to the truth, they poison your minds.

Yesterday I made a reference to one man who accepted the importance of covering our heads, but how he is now spreading his evil with his head covered.

Now he is out there telling people to cover their heads but he is mixing in this truth with his perversions to the truth and his lies and his distractions.

I speak of men like this as examples to warn you about them and to warn you that there are many out there like them.

It is not about them, but they claim to have entered into the flock so they are dangerous wolves.

They are dangerous because they are guided by their father their devil and they spill forth his poison into the truth.

The pulpits in man’s religions are full of such evil men.

They take a truth or truths that they learn from the saints or from the word and they twist in their lies to form their own cults or religious pockets.

This is what Saul of Tarsus did as well; it was the same strategy that his father taught him, operation twist.

And, over time, some of them have mushroomed into giant organizations like the mother whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church that came from Saul’s teachings.

And there are many other huge ministries that came out from this mother whore that held onto some of her false doctrines.

These are the daughter whores and the daughters produced other daughters and so on and operation twist became a web of evil filth with their perversions of the truth.

And the end result is now we have a third of the world buried in the lies that came out of the king pin of operation twist, Saul of Tarsus.

Of course his father is the real king pin but the point that I want to expose today is how the webs of evil spread.

It begins with individuals incorporating a part truth here or a truth there and they build their abominable ministries from their twist of the truth.

They have their own ideas to add to the truth.

Satan is very clever because he has his servants speaking a form of the right language even on this subject.

False prophet Ron Weinland even speaks on this subject.

He gives the example of the Baptist having the baptism part correct.

But they don’t, and neither does He.

The baptism in the water is a symbol of being baptized in Yehshua’s blood.

A man wrote me the other day to rant about how many have taught this, he is wrong.

He said that he himself had taught this and that he learned this when he was a child when he was baptized.

I wrote him back and told him to show me where this has been taught before, either by himself or any other.

He did not because he could not.

What he was referring to is that most all of Christianity knows that it is Yehshua’s blood that cleanses us from our sins.

This is very basic because the word plainly teaches this.

His connection was that when we are baptized in the water, then Yehshua’s blood is applied on our behalf.

This true but this is a long ways from saying that the water that we are baptized in is a symbol of His blood and how this is proven by Him turning the water into wine and Him saying that the wine is a symbol of His blood the night before He was killed.

Also, what is neglected by most concerning the baptism is that it is only valid if we sign the covenant by agreeing to turn from our ways to our Creator’s narrow path.

This is what repentance is.

IF we are in this covenant with His Father, then the water that we are baptized into is turned into His blood.

Man’s religions do not have the truth being given through them because they have departed from the source that would have given it to them.

They have gone their own ways and made this web of false worship by mixing in their own ideas while rebelling to the truth that would have set them free.

Since they do not have access to the truth because they rejected it, they fabricate their ministries from taking scripture and twisting it with the influence of their father the devil.

And some of these ministries grow into religions as others listen to their swill.

These religions and the small pockets of individuals on the internet are the most dangerous imposters, not the satanists.

Of course satanic groups are imposters and they are dangerous as well, but are they the wide path?

They are certainly part of the wide path but they are not the wide path.

I don’t have a clue what percentage of the population is caught up in the deep darkness but I imagine it is quite small.

The bulk of the wide path is all of the false religions and the widest of these religions is the combination of all that make up the spider web of Christianity.

But these false religions and sects always start with one man perverting the truth and then others listening to them.

I remember instructing the man that I spoke of earlier about the need to cover our heads at this time.

Teaching him this and nearly everything thing else that I was telling him was like pulling teeth with him.

My Father let me see that this man was still bound by the dark but I pleaded with him to come to the light and to drop the dark.

I was trying to snatch him out of the fire but there was a hold on him.

He sent volumes of emails with questions about wanting to know the truth, yet he struggled with letting go of being a teacher himself.

I pleaded with him to become a student of truth instead of wanting to be a teacher.

Now I see why he was asking these volumes of questions and why he would not let go of his teacheritis.

It was his pride that still had a hold of him.

He never was going to come to the truth because his pride was too much and He would not fight to get rid of it.

I use him for an example because I see this happening with others of you to varying degrees.

He and many others like him will walk along side with the truth for a season and glean from it and then go their own ways with yet another counterfeit to truth.

Is this what you want to do, build another spider web for satan?

I spoke yesterday how you should all be seeing why our Creator is now restoring His truth through one stone like He said that He would.

The only way that we can return to Him is through what He is restoring.

It is His truth that will deliver you.

And His truth was lost and now it is being restored through His one stone that He has sent with it.

This has nothing to do with me except I am His messenger that He said He would send.

I am not the way, Yehshua is the way and He is His Father’s word and His Father’s word is truth and it is once again being restored.

It is His word that is flowing out through me.

Marvel not at this, it was prophesied to happen.

If you receive His word that He is restoring and embrace it and live it, then you will receive His 7 spirits that will guide you into all truths.

This man that I speak of today is probably wondering why I called him evil.

If anyone of you is pointing another away from where the truth is being restored through or distracting another from the truth that will deliver them, you are evil.

This includes any of you if you are engaging in distracting others by promoting satan’s smoke screens, your actions are evil.

And he has many smoke screens in place and he has many promoting his smoke screens.

Maybe you are coming to the truth and this is good, but if you are out there mixing in the truth that you are receiving with lies or distractions, this is evil.

It is all part of satan’s operation twist.

And this is his greatest tool of deception.

Do you want to serve satan or do you want to serve YEHWEH Elohiym?

Serving YEHWEH Elohiym is a very narrow path but it carries you to an awesome reward package.

I can assure you that if you choose to serve Him that you will be of the minority but you will be found standing in His favor when the dust settles.

If you want to remain on the broad path teaching and promoting the distractions and lies, you will be consumed.

And if your focus is on the distractions, you will be consumed.

Your eyes must be single on the light, not on satan’s smoke screens.

The light is the truth that will set you free.

Let me ask all of you who are listening to these wolves in sheep’s clothing something.

What are they really going to be able to teach you? What can you learn from them?

Maybe some even accept that Saul is false and maybe they even accept our Creator’s calendar or even that we are to cover our heads like the example of the man that I gave today.

But what else can they teach you except the pieces that they hijacked from the truth?

And what is there to glean from the pieces truth anyway because covering our heads by itself means nothing if it is not combined with living the truth that will set you free and these men and the false ministries of the world do not have the truth.

Keeping the Sabbath on the correct day is not going to deliver you either if you are not living the rest of the truth, nor will simply knowing that Saul is false deliver you.

Maybe some of these wolves even continue to listen in to the truth and pick up another truth here and there.

But even if they do, they slip in their own bend to it so why would you subject your ears to their filth?

This is how all of the false religions were built, people listened to the wolves.

Can’t you see that this is what happened with Saul’s followers?

They listened to him instead of the Messiah.

People write me and they say, yeah but Saul also taught many very good things.

Really, billions have followed him on a wide path that leads to destruction.

How is this good?

It is not, it is evil at its greatest level.

The evils of the distractors and the impersonators of the truth are no different than the evils of the satanists because they all have the same end result, the lake of fire.

It is just that the distractors and the impersonators of truth have led way more people to the lake of fire than the satanists have.

So which is more evil?

There is a reason why Christianity is going to receive a double portion of my Father’s wrath if they won’t come out of her.

Our Creator does not separate the unbelieving into a more acceptable group that the fornicators and the sorcerers.

They are all grouped together by Him, and they are all abominable to Him.

I want to add something else here; some of you might wonder why I am referencing people on you tube so often.

You tube is the vehicle that our Creator has started His cry to go out from because of the explosive potential that it has, and the servant that He has raised out of the captivity has no money and you tube is a free resource.

This is by design so that you will prove yourself to Him by joining in with Him in what He is restoring and helping Him send forth His truth to the world.

Like all things, this is to test us.

He wants you not only turning to His truth but also offering up to Him and offering of righteousness.

You have stolen from Him your whole lives, so now give your life to Him.

And just think if the 5,000 people who have come to this channel in the last almost 10 months had joined in in declaring that our Creator has sent

His prophet to the world instead of rejecting him or sitting on this information?

His truth would have been worldwide news in the first month if those in the beginning had hearkened.

And instead of just being on you tube, maybe I’d be in the one they call the pope’s face by now.

But instead, most of you have either rejected the truth or set on it.

For those of you who are sitting on it, is this not evil as well to do so?

If it is possible that the 5 months of torment might start in just 40 days from the memorial of Acclamations that is just a few days away, is it not evil to sit on information that would deliver another person from this torment?

Forget the 5 months, and forget July 19th of next year for a moment, is it not evil to refuse to tell all others that we can about our Creator’s mark that we must each have in our foreheads to deliver us?

What has been taught on this site that is not right down the center line with the rest of His word?

Please people, somebody send me a link to a ministry that is speaking His truth in the world today.

Show me where else His truth is going out from if it is not here, please.

Surely there must be other places that you folks are getting the truth from since most of you will not spread the truth that is flowing out through me.

Please help me out here and show me where else He is restoring His truth.

My point is, if you believe what I am saying is true, wouldn’t you want to pour yourself into it so that His warning cry goes out to others?

Satan’s servants certainly pour themselves into his work.

And like I said, one of their biggest tools is to hijack the truth and mix in their distractions and their lies with it.

And, as I pointed out today, they range in size from the two-bit you tuber to the mother whore of Babylon but they all produce the same fruit.

And they do it using their father’s favorite weapon; operation twist.