Repairing The Breach



I have been amazed at the lack of response that has come forth from the two videos that our Creator had me post last week on tithes and offerings and on the cry to arms.

And I have been amazed at the continued rebellion of most to what He is restoring and instructing.

What is it going to take to get you to shout?

What is it going to take to get those of you who are full of pride to step down off of your high horses?

Can you really be that stiff necked to continue to reject what He is saying with all of the proof that He has given us in His word?

I realize that not even 50 people have watched the tithes and offerings video and not quite 70 have watched the video on the cry to arms.

But how can nearly every one of the 50-70 people that have watched them still reject His charge to cry aloud His truth?

How can this be?

His instruction to do so is yet another irrefutable sign in His word as to where we are at in time.

If just 50 people would begin to shout, the truth would begin to be broadcasted and the shout would begin to grow like a mustard seed.

Has there ever been anyone else who has brought forth even a form of this command before in lieu of the prophesy in Malachi 3?

How can this command not be from our Creator?

Please write me and tell me if someone else has ever made this declaration before because I have never heard of it.

This command falls right in line with the other prophesies that are being fulfilled in regards to “what are the odds” that this has not happened until now.

What are the odds that no one has brought forth this command before if it had not been reserved until this time?

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, I am talking about the offering of righteousness that our Creator has declared at this time.

He is commanding that those who will come to Him raise up to Him an offering of righteousness.

This command is outlined in Malachi 3 and it is defined in other prophesies.

Of course we know that satan’s false religions in Christianity and Judaism love to use verses 8 and 9 in Malachi 3 in order to line their pockets and get rich from tithes and offerings.

Mal 3:8-9

8 Will Man steal from Elohiym? Yet you have stolen from me, He says.

But you say, how have we stolen from you, Elohiym?

HIS ANSWER: In tithes and offerings.

9 Therefore I WILL CURSE YOU WITH A BITTER CURSE because “ALL OF THE PEOPLE”, they have stolen from me.

These religious imposters of the day have used these verses to bring the tithes and offerings into their storehouses but there is a problem with them having done this.

These verses were meant for a specific time and this specific time is revealed in the preceding verses.

This is a prophesy for the time of the end when His messenger would be sent forth to restore the tithes and offerings.

In the time leading up to this time, YEHWEH is clear that all have stolen from Him.

Verse 9 says this plainly.

He is saying that man was to reach a point in time that all of which they offered up to Him was not to Him.

The tithes and offerings of men have been offered up in recent years in vein, therefore all have stolen from Him by not offering them up to do His service.

They were to be given to the Levites to do His service but they have not been.

And since they have not been offered up to do His service, the whole world has stolen from Him.

The whole world went away from His truth and they have not offered up to Him as they were commanded.

This falls right in line with prophesies like Revelations 12:9;

Rev 12:9

9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and satan, WHICH DECEIVES THE WHOLE WORLD: he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him.

Satan is allowed to deceive us when we leave our Creator’s protection.

The world was to come to a point when all would go astray and be deceived by satan because all would turn from their Creator’s protective wings.

I know that many of you do not want to believe this and you think that you are good to go with your Creator in your different false beliefs.

But measure yourself against His measuring rod that He gave us and see if you stand with His truth.

You do not; His word testifies that you are deceived.

And His word testifies that all would go astray;

Ps 14:2-4

2 YEHWEH looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any that are wise to pursue Elohiym.

3 They have ALL TURNED AWAY and are together in corruption: THERE IS NONE that does good, NOT EVEN ONE.

4 Is there no knowledge? ALL OF THE PEOPLE DO EAT INIQUITY AS THEY EAT BREAD, and do not call upon YEHWEH.

Why is this so hard to believe?

It is because you are self-righteous, you say, no not me, I’m not deceived.

Or you say; surely all of Christianity cannot be deceived.

Yet you have no problem believing that the billions in other religions are deceived, it is just that you think that it can’t be you.

Don’t you think that they think the same things towards you and your beliefs?

We should not marvel that the whole world became deceived; we turned away from His instructions.

This was prophesied to happen.

What do you think happens when you turn from master potter’s instructions?

Do you think that you can stay on His narrow path without His roadmap?

But there is a very small flock that He has called back to Him in these last days to finish off His temple, but they are scattered.

And now His temple is built and He is calling a people to be delivered by Him into a new era of time.

If you read on in this Psalm, David speaks of this.

If you don’t think that this Psalm applies to right now, then my Father is not going to be able to call you because you will not listen to His call.

You are too full of pride and you are too stiff-necked to even consider that you might be wrong and that you might be deceived.

The last verse of this Psalm reads;

Ps 14:7

Who will give to Zion? YEHWEH WILL DELIVER ISRAEL WHEN THEY TURN BACK FROM THE CAPTIVITY and the people of Jacob will rejoice and Israel will be glad.

He plans to deliver those who will turn from the captivity.

The captivity is mystery Babylon.

It is the religious confusion of the satan’s perversions of His truth.

He has sent me to cry out to you and to bear witness to His truth.

All of this was prophesied to happen, just as the coming 2nd Exodus has been prophesied to happen.

And this all ties in with the offering of righteousness that He is crying out for you to make to Him at this time if you will return to Him.

This offering will be a sweet smelling savor to Him.

In just a few days is His appointed time that is to be a memento of acclamations.

Many people erroneously call this the feast of trumpets.

This High day was to be a memorial of His past deliverances of Israel when they shouted and He delivered them and to point us to the days that we live in when His battle cry is to go out.

This day of shouting is symbolism for the shout that we are to make at this time.

How will people turn back from Babylon if there are not a people who are hearing the truth shouting His battle cry for them to hear?

The shout will magnify but it has to start with those who begin to hear.

Are you that big of cowards that you have to wait for somebody next to you to shout?

Or are you that rebellious that you want to shout your own warning and your own truth?

Part of the Ezekiel 24 sign that has gone out from His mouth includes us not covering our lips.

He has spoken that this means that we are to cry aloud.

We have the record of the walls of Jericho coming down when Israel shouted after the trumpets sounded.

I have spoken that this is symbolic of the walls of darkness coming down at this time.

We have the account of Gideon and their torches that were hid under the pitchers and their trumpets and their shout.

They broke the pitchers and cried aloud “the sword of YEHWEH and Gideon” when they blew the trumpets.

Gideon was bearing the sword of Elohiym as it has been given to Zerubbabel this day to bear.

I have said that their torches are representative of our lights shining brightly at this time burning brightly with His oil which is His 7 spirits.

Go and buy His oil and stop eating the bread of men so that His light can shine through you.

Most of you know that the sword is representative of His word which is the truth that will deliver those who turn to it.

I have been sent bearing His sword.

I marvel at how I have witnessed how so many have rejected this in spite of the proof in His word that He has sent me.

There have been people who have written me and said that they agree with everything that I have spoken and even have said that they know that I am His prophet.

Yet when I have told them to cry out with me, they have turned on me.

It is amazing how they will not accept the truth unless they can put their own two cents in with it.

It is pride run wild.

A few days ago one man said to me;

I agree with everything you have said. Your BATTLE CRY video was ALL CONFIRMATION as to what I have been FEELING.

He also said;

you have Blessed me more than you can Imagine.

This man had also spoken that he can see that I am our Creator’s prophet, but he could not handle the correction when I told him that his focus on the darkness was not focusing on the light like we need to.

I told him that his offering that he was putting forth was not in agreement with the charge that our Creator is putting forth.

And even though he knew without any doubt that I have been raised up to be a prophet, his Creator’s charge sent him into a tail spin.

If He could not serve Him his way, then he wanted to rebel like a spoiled child.

He wrote back on a rant about how now all of the sudden I am not YEHWEH’s servant and now he came forth with his twist on why he now thinks I am wrong about this and wrong about that.

Just the day before, he openly agreed with “everything that I had said” according to his own words.

This is sad and I keep witnessing this same type of thing over and over again.

Everybody thinks that their own offerings are righteousness to our Creator even though His word spells out that they are a stench to Him.

I am amazed at the switch that people can have in their minds when they are told that they are wrong.

I have witnessed some who have watched every video, or at least they say that they have and they are in total agreement and they are like, wow, this has to be from Elohiym and they acknowledge that I am His prophet.

But then I tell them to take down their false teachings or to remove their distractions to the truth that is going out and to shout with me.

And when I do, they turn on me in a nanosecond and produce videos on how now I am a false prophet even though just the day before they were excited to come in contact with His prophet.

Is this crazy?

They would rather continue to steal from their Creator than admit that they have been deceived and that they are wrong.

They would rather return to their vomit than to continue to come to the light at the cost of having a man tell them that they are wrong, even though they previously acknowledged that this man was sent from Elohiym.

And what am I telling each of you to do anyway by telling you to take down what is not from Him?

I am telling you to cry aloud His truth that He is restoring.

The truth was lost and it is being restored, how is this bad to tell you to join in with Him in restoring it?

How could this upset people?

And these men that I speak of acknowledged that it is His truth that I speak, yet it was still too much for them because they could not admit that they did not have all of the truth themselves.

Yes, they could admit that they had things wrong, but something entered into them when they were told that they were wrong about something that was a hot spot to them.

The problem for them is no lie is of the truth and they want to hold onto lies.

He wants His truth to go out to the world as an offering of righteousness to Him without the lies from satan.

He is restoring His truth in order to call a people to live into a new era of time.

The lies are not going to be allowed to continue.

The rebellious just don’t get that their offerings are a stench in His nostrils if they contain lies.

This is crazy to see happen; do all of you who are refusing to shout with me really think that you know better than your Creator?

He says that all have stolen from Him, this includes each of you.

This included me.

His word testifies that the man that I just referred to is in error.

It testifies that his focus and his teachings on the darkness are not in line with our Creator’s will.

But this man’s pride was too much; he did not want to be told that he was wrong, even by someone who the day before he knew without any doubt in his mind (according to his own words) was a prophet.

He could not even handle correction from one who he said himself was a prophet, this should amaze you yet it continues to happen.

It is all pride run wild.

He could not admit that he was wrong so he turned away from what was being given to him.

I want to add one more thing, this man, along with every other situation that has happened like him, insists that he is also representing the light as well, therefore he, and those like him think that they are in the truth.

But in addition to his obsession with the darkness that I was trying to talk to him about, I looked at his recommended channels.

At the top of the list, below recommending his backup channel, was a recommending link to a channel that is the main cohort to one of the false witnesses who proclaims the Saturday Sabbath.

The Saturday Sabbath is outright rebellion to our Creator, so how is this representing the light?

The light is the truth, it is not lies.

No lie is of the truth.

This is why our Creator wants those who will come to Him all of one accord shouting His truth together.

He has placed His word in one stone just as He said He would.

Why not believe Him on this?

If you want to continue to go tell the world what you think His truth is when He has a prophet on the ground declaring His truth, go right ahead.

You will be purged out with the rest of the rebellious hearts who will not hearken to Him.

I see this over and over again, many are writing me and saying, wow, this is incredible, the truth that is being restored is awesome, I have never heard anything like this before and they are excited.

Yet they go on and continue to represent the swill and they will not shout with their Creator in what He is restoring.

Why is this?

So when I say that the whole world is in captivity except the very small flock who was already drug out of it, should any of you marvel when you yourselves will not even come all of the way out of the darkness and join forces with His light?

Folks, it past time for you get off of your high horses and admit that you have been deceived and offer up to your Creator and offering of righteousness to Him, and cry out to Him to deliver you.

And cry out His truth so that others can hear it so that they can turn to it to be delivered.

He has even told you what the offering is to be.

If you want to continue to steal from Him, you have less than 300 days maximum to live.

And you are about ready to find out what 5 months of torment is all about as well.

His truth will go out without you anyway, but He is crying out for you to cry aloud His truth that He is restoring.

I’ll share with you yet another example in scripture that says we are to shout in the last days.

Zeph 1:14-18

14 The great day of YEHWEH is near, it is near, VEHEMENTLY MAKE HASTE THE THUNDER OF THE DAY OF YEHWEH: the mighty man will roar bitterly.

15 This day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and affliction, a day of devastation and desolation, a day of darkness and misfortune, a day of thunder clouds and gloom,

16 A day of the trumpet and SHOUTS against the fenced cities, and against the high towers.

The word for Hebrew word for shout used here is the same word that I have been using in the other examples.

It means a shout or an acclamation.

Is this not what I have been saying about shouting the truth so that the walls of darkness come tumbling down?

We are to proclaim the day of His vengeance.

It has been given.

Praise be to His name for sending forth His warning so that people can return to Him.

It is exciting that He is going to continue to build His family.

And what are you doing with His warning?

Folks, I have no idea how you could be so stiff-necked.

What will you say to your neighbor when they find out that you had the truth given to you but you set on it?

How can you continue to not believe Him with all of the proof that He has given us in His word that this is happening?

17 And I will bring distress upon men, that they will walk like blind men, BECAUSE THEY HAVE SINNED AGAINST YEHWEH: and their blood will be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.

Do you think that you are not sinning against Him by rebelling to what He is restoring and stealing from Him?

Why do you think that these verses do not apply to you?

Maybe you think that you can reject His truth and offer up to Him as you see fit and you will be okay, you will soon find out differently.

18 Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them in the day of YEHWEH’s wrath; all of the land will be devoured by the fire of His jealousy because He will surely make a haste destruction of all that remain in the land.

If your pride is too much to accept that you have been deceived, then you will not be able to hear His battle cry.

And the day will come upon you as a thief in the night.

I am just amazed out how stiff-necked most of you are.

I am amazed that His word is not good enough for you.

I am amazed at how you have no shame and you don’t even love the people enough to warn them.

And those of you who think that you are warning them and you are not pointing them to the truth that will deliver them, how is that warning them?

And those of you who are warning them but you are pointing them to what you say is true, shame on you.

You have all come in your own name if you are out there doing your own thing.

The ones that I am speaking to now know that I am speaking to them because they have heard the prophesies that He has given that prove that He has sent me but their pride is consuming them.

Well buckle up.

As for the rest of you, flee from listening to these ravening wolves.

They do like Saul of Tarsus did and they listen to the truth from their Creator’s servants and then they hijack it and mix in their lies.

I am telling you that no lie is of the truth.

These are wicked and evil men that have crept into to the truth that our Creator is restoring but they have rebellious hearts.

Like I said, what they are doing is no different than what Saul of Tarsus did, mixing in the truth with their lies.

Now maybe you can see why our Creator is restoring His truth through one stone.

This way everyone who believes His word can turn to His one stone for what He is restoring.

But sadly, most of you cannot see this and you think these wolves have something to offer you so you keep listening to them.

And they do have something to offer you; it is called a path to the lake of fire.

I suggest that you flee from the bread of men and start offering up the offering that your Creator has proclaimed and put before you.

And join in with His servant in the acclamation of the day of His vengeance and the shout of the truth that He is restoring.