Repairing The Breach



I was recently asked the question; what about the people on their death beds and all of the ones in society that are homeless and the sick and those who can’t read?

And those who are unable to keep the Torah, what way do they have to eternal life?

This man asked, didn’t Yehshua come to deliver this type of situation by sending the Holy Spirit?

He then reasoned that if we (I think he was referring to Christianity) are this far off, then many people have no chance because they are unable to keep the Torah.

I told this man that I would answer his questions in a video because others have the same questions.

I am not sure what he means by being unable to keep the Torah though because I’m not sure how someone could be unable to keep it.

I believe that this man is sincere in his questions in light of other questions that he has made.

The answers to his questions and to questions like these are found in looking at the picture from a perspective of why we were created.

If you can do this, then you can see that man’s religions do not make any sense whatsoever and the truth does.

I have spoken many times about how we were created to be made in our Creator’s image.

A simple mistranslation in Genesis chapter 1 has thrown many off course on this.

It is crazy to think that we were already made in our Creator’s image.

Man thinks that their Creator owes them eternal life.

And they think that anything else is just unfair.

He does not owe us anything, yet He offers us everything.

I want to start answering this man’s questions with Yehshua’s statement;

Matt 9:11-13

11-12 When Yehshua heard the Pharisees asking His disciples why He was eating with tax collectors and sinners, He said to them, those who prevail do not need a physician, but those that are amiss do.

13 Moreover, go and learn what this means. I will have mercy and not sacrifice: BECAUSE I HAVE NOT COME TO CALL THE RIGHTEOUS, BUT SINNERS TO REPENTANCE.

Understanding what He is saying here is so important in order to understand who He shed His blood for.

The Greek word that is translated as mercy in this verse means having brokenness over our transgressions and what they have caused and brokenness over what all of the transgressions of men have caused in the world.

Spiros Zodhiates complete word study says that this word means “a special and immediate regard to the misery which is a consequence of sin.”

Mercy in the English language is not the correct word to use here because of what most think it means.

The Apostle John said that sin is the transgression of the Torah.

The point that Yehshua was making that day is those who think that they are not led astray or those that think that they already prevail are not those whom He came to call.

Those who are righteous in their own eyes do not need to change because they are already good to go in their minds.

They think that they are already saved or they think that they already have the answers.

And they definitely do not like to be told that they are wrong.

I am seeing this first hand in a big way lately.

They will not hearken to His prophets because they think that they are prophets themselves.

Often, like their father the devil, they want to be on stage.

Those that He was eating with that day saw their brokenness.

They wanted the living water that would heal them.

The self-righteous do not; they drink of their own cup.

The same applies to each of you today, if you think that you are already good to go with your Creator and that you do not need to heed to what He is restoring, then you are no different than the religious of the day back then.

What Yehshua told them that day fits snuggly in with why we were created, just as everything that He spoke does.

Our Creator is looking for those who want His righteousness and His truth is the living water that produces His righteousness in us.

Walking with Him in His torah with His 7 spirits teaches us His truth. It defines His righteousness.

But what about those who have not heard, this man asked?

He asked; how will they be able to have eternal life if they have not heard about the Torah or how to keep it?

First, you have to understand what our Creator is building.

He is building a family that will be part of a utopia.

In order to accomplish this, He had to give us free will and He had to put satan and his cronies here.

It is a process of overcoming that molds His character in us and those who really want to overcome realize that they cannot truly overcome apart from their Creator’s intervention.

We have to be active in the process, yet we also must be dependent on Him and His protection.

If we are dependent on Him, He becomes our bread and our living water.

Both are the truth and they are given to us as we walk with Him on His path.

His path is His Torah that includes His instructions that guide us into His righteousness.

We must know that we are broken apart from His righteousness so that we hunger and thirst for it.

We have to want to be healed.

I will explain why people have not heard and why He allowed for them to not hear.

During the 1st 6,000 He was building a specific part of His family that required man not knowing the day of His visitation and it required satan to be loosed.

Those who become His first fruits had these obstacles.

It was not our Creator’s purpose to bring all of mankind into His family and especially not during this 6,000 years.

Folks, common sense should tell you this.

He let us choose to obey Him or not.

Just look at all of the religious confusion there is in the world. 

There is so much confusion even within the false religions of Christianity alone.

Why is this?

It is because He allowed us to go our own way and He made it so that we would be in captivity to satan and his schemes unless we turned to Him to be placed under His protective, nurturing wings.

He gave us life to choose Him and to choose to be made in His image and to choose what He has offered us.

He did not create us to go our own way until we are dying on a bed and see it all passing away and confess Him.

Nor does He give His spirit to rebellious people.

This is why Yehshua said that His Father will send His spirit to us if we keep the commandments.

He did not send His spirit out to those who are not choosing Him.

He told us to go to the poor and the needy and the rest of the world and teach them to obey everything that He commanded and to baptize them so that they could receive His Spirit and be healed.

Read the commission in Matthew 28, it includes teaching them to obey everything that we are commanded.

Why is it that people cannot believe Him?

In any case, His Father’s temple was built through His word just as Yehshua outlined.

Yehshua was His word in the flesh just as we must become.

And now the time of satan being let loose with his cronies is coming to an end and our Creator and His Son are restoring truth on a whole new plain as we enter into a new phase of His plan.

He has sent His witness to the world to testify to His truth.

But will each of you hearken without being brought low?

It appears not, except a very few.

As far as those who have lived and could not read or never heard of His Torah and the truth that would set them free, they will one day be resurrected to the opportunity to as long as they have not committed the unpardonable sin.

He is just and those who have not outright rejected His spirit that defines His righteousness will be resurrected to be shown what they we supposed to have already been shown when they we alive the first time.

They were not shown because those that were shown it did not take His truth to the world.

The 144,000 tried to but they were rejected and persecuted and suppressed.

If these few who did choose His ways had not been ridiculed and persecuted and if His ways had been embraced by those around them, then oh how much different the world would have been.

But men loved the darkness rather than the light.

Most all of those who were given access to the truth rejected it and did not take it to the world.

If they had received it and let it flourish, the world would have been shown the truth.

And the poor would have been fed and the needy clothed and we would have put away the poor and the needy from among us because there would have been living water flowing to all along with the hidden manna.

And the diseases would have been healed and the light would have prevailed.

But nearly all who had the truth available to them rejected it and perverted it and took lies to the world instead.

After Yehshua came the first time and shed His blood for the remission of our sins, the world would have been healed through Him if those who did hear had hearkened.

This includes all of Christianity because they did hear but they chose to believe the imposter Saul of Tarsus instead of their Messiah.

If they had believed the truth, the truth would have gone out to the world instead of the lies.

Most all who heard would not hearken and the voice of those who did hearken was suppressed by the darkness of those who would not hearken.

The false light of darkness prevailed.

This was allowed to happen for a reason and His temple was built by those who overcame the darkness by the word or the logos of their testimony and the blood of the lamb.

And now the lamb is returning but not as a lamb, He is returning as a lion.

And when He does, the darkness will be purged out and the light will prevail.

And rivers of living water will flow out of Jerusalem.

Diseases will be healed as people walk in the truth and there will not be the poor and the needy because love will be a way of life.

It will not be the utopia yet because people will still have free will but they will be taught the way that they should go.

And there will be correction and that which does not conform to the correction will be purged out.

A people will be prepared for the great white throne of judgment.

And those who are resurrected who have lived before will be resurrected to a world that is the by-product of living our Creator’s way.

It is going to be awesome.

But even these will be tested and proved because satan will be let loose for a season.

If you think that you know a better way to accomplish what He is building, you will be resurrected to tell Him all about it as you walk the plank to the lake of fire.

For those of you who are in the false religion of Christianity, why don’t you tell yourself why you are here in the flesh?

What is the purpose of people confessing the name Jesus with their mouth?

What does this build in people?

Especially with all of you who confess His name with your mouth but reject nearly everything that He said.

And what is the justice of the billions who have lived who have not even heard His name being tormented forever and ever like most of your sick beliefs teach?

For that matter, how could a loving and just Creator torment even a mosquito for ever and ever, less more a person?

And for what reason is He going to torment them, because they did not confess His Son’s name with their mouth even though most of them never heard of His name?

Common sense should tell you that there has to be more to confessing His name.

It is confessing what His name is; His name is the word of Elohiym.

It is His word that defines His righteousness.

We must confess His righteousness in our flesh.

This is what the process of being made in His image results in.

How is this accomplished by confessing His Son’s name with your mouth?

And, again, why are we here?

Man’s religions do not answer these basic questions because they are full of hypocrisy.

And now we have reached a point in time where our Creator and His Son are crying out for a people to turn to them and shout aloud for others so that they can turn to the truth that will set them free as well.

He wants us living His truth to let it deliver us.

He wants us going to the highways and by-ways with His truth.

He wants us reaching out to the poor and the needy with His truth.

He is calling for an international campaign of His truth going to the world as Yehshua commissioned it to go out nearly 2,000 years ago.

This is the offering of righteousness that He is putting forth at this time.

The prophesies prove this offering.

This offering was prophesied to be brought forth through His messenger.

He does not only want our mouths to cry aloud, He is telling those who have it, to put their money where their mouth is and cry aloud with it.

But who is hearkening to His charge?

Sadly, it is going to take His wrath for His truth to go out, otherwise nearly no one will listen, just as nearly no one has listened for nearly 6,000 years.

And why is this?

His truth is so beautiful; there is no downside to loving as we were commanded.

And those of you in Christianity who say that I do love my neighbor and I do love my Elohiym, spare me, I have been sent to bear witness that you have not.

You are full of self-righteous hypocrisy and you have trampled your Messiah’s blood underfoot.

Either repent or be purged out because your hypocrisy will not live into the 1,000 reign of our Messiah and the first fruits.

Rev 22:11-19

11 The unjust is still unjust: and the wicked is still defiled: AND THE RIGHTEOUS STILL MAKES RIGHTEOUSNESS: AND THE HOLY IS STILL SANCTIFIED.

12 Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, TO GIVE EVERY MAN ACCORDING AS HIS WORK HAS BEEN.

13 I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

He is making many things clear in these finishing verses of the book of revelation.

All who are His have been built through Him and He is the word of Elohiym.

There is no other gate into eternity.

And all will be rewarded according to their works.

If your works are lawlessness, He said that He will tell you to depart from Him no matter what else you did in His name.

14 Blessed are they THAT WASH IN HIS COMMANDMENTS, that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city.

Did you just hear me right? Did I just say blessed are they that wash in His commandments?

This is not what the King James says, they water it down with the word “do” His commandments.

Yet most of you do not even “do” them anyway in your hypocrisy.

Most of you could care less what they even are.

But John recorded Yehshua saying to wash in them as in doing your laundry.

This is awesome symbolism that He is using to say that we are to wash ourselves in the commandments because we are not washed by His blood if we are not keeping them.

His word is clear on this.

15 The dogs are without, and sorcerers (and this word means druggies), and the fornicators, and the murderers, AND THE FALSE WORSHIPPERS, and whosoever loves to make falsehood.

This sounds like an awful lot of people are going to be outside because there is an awful lot of people who worship falsely in their idolatry.

Revelations 21 includes those who won’t believe Him in this group.

If you don’t believe that I am His servant, you definitely do not believe Him because His word testifies that He has sent me.

16 I Yehshua have sent my angel to you to witness these things to the called out ones. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

17 And the Spirit and the bride says, Come. And let him that hears say, Come. AND LET HIM THAT WILL THIRST COME AND TAKE THE WATER OF LIFE FREELY.

18 I witness to all that hear the words (logos) of the prophecy of this scroll, IF ANY MAN WILL ADD UPON THEM; Elohiym will add upon him the plagues that are written in this scroll:

Some think that He is referring to the whole book that the mother whore of Babylon put together that most call the holy bible.

The prophesies of the Old Testament testify that Saul and his followers are false.

He is referring to the prophesies in the book of revelations but there is also a dual meaning within what He is saying.

In Deuteronomy 12 we read His Father telling us;

Deut 12:32


Like Father like Son indeed.

So He is also referring to all of His Father’s instructions in a dual representation of this prophesy.

If you don’t believe this, then you probably don’t believe Him when He said that we are to live by every word that proceeded forth from the mouth of His Father either.

He was quoting His Father as recorded by Moses there as well.

The next verse in Revelation’s 22 bears witness to this when He goes on to add;

19 And if any man removes from the words (logos) of the scroll of this prophecy, ELOHIYM WILL REMOVE HIS SHARE FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE, and from the holy city which is describes in this scroll.

Folks, if you want to continue to pick and choose which verses that you want to believe and stay in your religion that you have made from your selections, this is your choice.

I am just telling you in His authority that you are choosing to be purged out because His logos has no place in you.

He owes you nothing but He is offering you everything, lay siege to what he is offering.

What will it be?

Will you turn to Him in truth, or will you hold onto your make believe images of Him and die in your transgressions?

He has sent me to testify to His truth.

Do not believe me for my words sake, but believe His word that testify that He has put His word in my mouth and hearken to what He is restoring.

Repent, His kingdom is at hand.

Come thirst for the living water that will flow out from Jerusalem.

It is the same living what that has always flowed forth from the truth.

Yehshua became the word of Elohiym and the word of Elohiym is the truth that will deliver you.

It is the drink that when you drink of it, you will never thirst.

Just like if you eat of the unleavened bread of life you will never hunger.

This is what he said when He said that if you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you will have eternal life.

He is His Father’s word, just as we must become His word.

We must become as He is, this is why He created us.