Today I am going to talk about the topic of tithes and offerings.

It has been said by many, show me a man’s check book and I’ll show him where his heart is or some other variation of this statement.

This is so true.

Our Creator set up His system of tithes and offerings to test us and to prove us just as He did with so many of His instructions.

Lev 27:30-32

30 And all of the tithe (or 10%) of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the trees is YEHWEH’s: it is holy to YEHWEH.

31 And if a man wants to redeem any of his tithes, he shall add a fifth part or 20% to it.

He is saying that if you want to hold back the prize bull for your herd, then you need to add 20% of its value to it and give that to the Levites.

32 And concerning the tithe of the herd, or of the flock, even of whatsoever passes under the rod, the tenth shall be holy to YEHWEH.

Back then it was every tenth animal.

You could not choose the best 9 and give Him the inferior stock.

It was an agricultural culture so the tithes were the produce and the livestock.

Today, people work for a paycheck so it is much simpler.

We are to tithe 10% of our increase. If your increase is 0, then your tithes would be 0. If it’s a million dollars then your tithe would be $100,000.

I am not going to get into all of the specifics of this because not much of it is relevant because of where we are at in time.

I have mentioned in several of these videos that it has been decreed that we are in a 7th year annual Sabbath so the increase from our labors should be zero anyway.

You should be living off of the storehouse of what He blessed you with last year in the 6th year.

This is not the subject of this video though and I have spoken on this subject in other videos so I want to keep going with today’s subject.

But even if with no income, we are still commanded to not show up before Him empty 3 times a year at His 3 feasts.

There are still offerings that we are to bring to Him and many still have the storehouses of His blessings from previous years.

Plus back then there were temple taxes that were commanded for the families to bring.

I am not going to go into the details of all of this because of where we are at in time.

We are in a different situation with Yehshua returning next year and with the world getting ready to come unraveled.

One thing that is for sure is that the command to give tithes and offerings has not gone away.

Some might even have increase coming in from their previous years’ work or investments and such that they would need to tithe on today.

In Malachi 3 our Creator gives us a prophesy for today.

At the end of chapter 2 he is talking about the abominations done in our midst and how people are scoffing at His judgment, asking where is it while their abominations flourish.

Then He says;

Mal 3:1-3

3:1 Behold, I will send my messenger to prepare the way before me: and YEHWEH will seek you and will suddenly come to his temple. The messenger of the covenant whom I delight will come to you, says YEHWEH of hosts.

2 Who will receive (sustain) him the day of his coming? And who shall stand when he appears? Because he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

This is yet another prophesy that is being fulfilled right before our eyes.

Look at what He has been restoring with things like the 7th year Sabbath and everything else to test your resolve to see if you will hearken to Him as He restores His truth.

He has sent me to refine those who will turn to Him and to being forth the measuring rod.

So far the witness against most of you is not proving very good because so few of you are hearkening.

Listen to the videos on this site and try and say that they are not a perfect match to verses like these.

And today even more is being added in regards to tithing and offerings.

3 And he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he will purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to YEHWEH AN OFFERING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

4 Then the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasant to YEHWEH as in the days of old and as in former years.

He is saying that He is calling a people to Him and their offerings are going to be pleasant to Him.

He is crying out to you to return to Him become one of His people.

Who will stand with His servant that He has sent?

Who will receive Him? The Hebrew word that I translated as receive in verse 2 is more accurately translated as sustain.

5 Judgment will come near to you and THERE WILL BE A SWIFT WITNESS against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false promisors, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and do not fear me, says YEHWEH of hosts.

I have been sent as a witness against the scattered nations of Israel and against man-kind.

Who of you is hearkening to His witness? There are so few it is incredible.

One scoffer said yesterday that His witness is not going to appear on you tube?

Really, what other medium has proven more explosive in the world today?

And what other medium would his servant use other than a free medium when he has no resources to cry aloud any other way?

And if people had hearkened in the beginning and put forth their efforts and their money with His servant, the truth would have been broadcasted to the entire globe by now.

But there has been no fear and people do not want to hear the truth.

Now today yet another decree and another challenge is being sent forth.

And then He goes on to say;

Mal 3:6-7

6 Because I, YEHWEH, do not change; I will not make an end of the children of Jacob.

He is calling a remnant to return to Him.

7 From the days of your fathers YOU HAVE GONE AWAY FROM MY ORDINANCES AND HAVE NOT KEPT THEM. Return to me, and I will return to you, says YEHWEH of hosts. But you ask, what should we return to?

Folks, this is serious business. For over 9 months now your Creator has sent a prophet to you to cry out to you to return to His Torah as was prophesied that He would.

In these verses He is specifically pointing out tithes and offerings.

He says if you will return to His ordinances, then He will not make an end of you. If you do, His wrath will not consume you and He will deliver you.

And if you don’t, then you are going to be consumed for your rebellion.

He has restored many truths to put you to the test.

In these verses He is adding tithes and offerings to the mix.

His tithes and His offerings are commandments, they are not suggestions.

The next verse says;

Mal 3:8-9

8 Because you have stolen from Elohiym, you have stolen from me.
But you say, how have we stolen from you, Elohiym?

HIS ANSWER: In tithes and offerings.

9 Therefore I WILL CURSE YOU WITH A BITTER CURSE because you and all of the people have stolen from me.

You might be thinking how have all of the people stolen from Him?

The answer lies in who we were supposed to be tithing to.

We were supposed to be tithing to His Levitical system but we forsook His system.

His people were scattered and the Levites who we were to tithe to were scattered as well.

Is this His fault?

If it is His fault, then why is He sending His wrath upon the earth and primarily upon the scattered nations of Israel? They will receive a double portion.

No, it is our fault. We forsook His ways.

We did not seek Him in truth.

He would have restored the priesthood if we had.

And I’m not talking about the sacrificial system; Yehshua was a replacement for that system.

He would have restored the tribes of Israel and this would have included the Levites and His tithes and offerings would have been restored.

And His truth would have been lived in the lives of His people.

Of course the offerings would no longer be based on the sacrificial system, but they would be brought to a place where He has placed His name.

Today you need to find out where He has place His name.

I spoke of yesterday that there is also a 2nd tithe or a 2nd 10% that we are supposed to set aside for the 3 pilgrimage feasts each year along with our other offerings.

And we are supposed to set aside a 3rd 10% every third year for the poor and the needy.

I am not going to get into all of these details either because again, we are at a crunch time.

The Levitical system was to do Elohiym’s service.

Each of you needs to find out who is doing His service this day and hearken to His instructions for your offerings.

And I am not talking about sending them into me; I’ll expand as we go forward.

He is looking for an offering of righteousness as I read back there in verse 3.

And He is looking for us to put forth our resources for His work to be accomplished.

I am just one man; if you sent your money into me, there is no way that I could do what needs to be done by myself with it.

Matthew recorded Yehshua saying to the Pharisees that they tithed on even the mint and the cumin and He said to them that they should have done these things.

They even broke off 10 % of their spices and Yehshua validated that this should be done.

So the question is, what do we do today with our tithes and offering since He is commanding us to step up with them?

I have spoken in previous videos that He has showed me that I am a descendent of the tribe of Levi, yet I have no donate here button on the website like all of satan’s servant’s do.

Yet billions flow into these donate here buttons to help spread satan’s lies.

What I have announced though is that we are supposed to shout and cry aloud and spare not.

Since we are in the 7th year Sabbath, one thing that people have is time even if you have no money.

I marvel at how even after all of my cries for people to shout and to cry aloud and spare not, how nearly everyone who has come to this channel continues to do their own thing.

Most even agree that we are in the end yet they continue in the swill.

Some even say that they believe with all of their heart that what I speak is from Elohiym.

Yet they do nothing and they keep promoting meaningless false ministries or things that are of no importance to where we are at in time.

The world is about ready to come unglued and people keep talking about things like ELEnin or Nibiru.

Who cares? It does not matter because wormwood is coming either way.

And wormwood is just one part of His coming wrath.

Who cares if Nibiru is actually wormwood?

What matters is the truth that will deliver people.

People are caught up in the coming destruction but they are not caught up in that which will deliver them.

I see people caught up in the star of David or what they think this verse says or that verse says.

People are focused on all sorts of conspiracy theories and thousands of distractions.

These are all satan’s distractions to keep you from focusing on the truth that will deliver you.

YEHWEH has sent His prophet to plead with a people to return to His narrow path and cry aloud to warn others.

Join in with Him and His servant and stop going your own way, doing your own thing serving Him how you see fit.

If you think that I am not His prophet, what do you base your determination on?

One person wrote me yesterday and said that I am not the witness because I have declared that Saul of Tarsus is false and the abomination of desolation.

This is not true, I have not declared this, our Creator has declared that Saul is false and that he is the abomination of desolation and His word backs this claim up.

I am merely His messenger.

And it is the same word that declares that I am His servant.

Why is His word not good enough for you?

I am telling you that at this time He is telling those who will return to Him to put their money where their mouth is.

He is saying that it is time to use your offerings to cry aloud and spare not if you have them, and if you do not have anything physical to offer, do what you can do by offering your services and your time.

And I am not talking about doing it how you see fit spreading what you think the truth is. He is telling you what His truth is.

He has put His word in my mouth. This was prophesied to happen.

If I am not of the tribe of Levi and if I am not His prophet, then I suggest that find out who you need to send your tithes and offerings to because this passage in Malachi is for right now.

And if you are sending your tithes and offerings to one of satan’s many servants helping the lies spread, woe to you.

I just read that He is sending His curses because people have stolen from Him.

This is not the only reason why He is sending them but here in Malachi He makes the point to make sure that He tells us that the tithes and the offerings are a big part of the reason.

Folks, this is real.

It is not about me, it is about what He is restoring.

I know of one man in Australia who has a portable billboard that he and his family move around with the www.repairingthebreach.info web site on it and a message that Yehshua is returning next year.

I know of another man in the U.K. who makes dvd’s of the warning messages that our Creator has given and he distributes them and he sends emails to the followers of the false prophets.

These men are serving our Creator and offering themselves up to Him in doing so.

They believe His word and are acting on that belief.

There is absolutely a zero % chance that Elohiym was going to allow someone other than His true servant to bring forth His sign.

If you cannot believe this, then I cannot help you.

As I said, if I am not His servant, then I suggest that you find him quickly and start offering up your offerings in what he is telling you to do with them.

These verses in Malachi make this pretty clear unless you don’t believe them either.

He goes on;

Mal 3:10-12

10 Bring you all of the tithes into the storehouse and there will be food in my house. I beseech you to test me on this, says YEHWEH of hosts, to see if I will not open wide the windows of heaven to you, or fail to pour out blessings accordingly.

11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes and I will not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither cast the fruit of the vine from your field, says YEHWEH of hosts.

12 Because all of my people will be blessed and the land my desire, says YEHWEH of hosts.

It sounds like it is going to be a good thing to be called His people by Him.

I don’t think that it will be very good to be found not bearing His name in the coming days.

5 months of torment does not sound like fun.

I want to interject something else here.

Do any of you really think that you will be covered by His Son’s blood if you continue to steal from Him after hearing this today?

In order for His Son’s blood to be applied on your behalf, you have to repent from your ways and turn to His ways.

Have you turned to His ways if you will not even tithe to Him and bring offering to Him?

Tithes and offerings are commanded and they are being restored at this time.

You had better let His word define who you are to tithe to and bring your offerings to and who His servants are.

Scripture is pretty clear that you are to bring them to where He says and not to a place of your own choosing.

Are you really His people if you pay your tithes to whomever you want to or to satan’s ministries?

I read yesterday to you where He tells us where to bring the tithes and offerings.

They are to be brought to a place of His choosing and today this is to shout His battle cry. This is what He has chosen.

This is the work that He has set forth, and His word proves it.

But it is too much for most of you to even cover your heads or to stop eating the bread of men as he has commanded you to do.

This is not a game people; His wrath is at the door.

He then goes on with some more rebuke;

Mal 3:13-15

13 Your words have been obstinate against me, says YEHWEH. Yet you say, what have we spoken against you?

14 You have said, it is wrong to do Elohiym’s works and what profit is it that we keep His ordinances (or guard His charge), and you walk in shame before YEHWEH of hosts.

15 Yes, you call the proud blessed; they that do wicked are set up; yes, they tempt Elohiym and think that they will escape.

There are some strong warnings in these passages for those of you who know better than He does.

There are so many who think that they will be delivered, yet they reject the truth that would cause them to be delivered.

They are proud and arrogant yet they think that they are blessed.

They think that because they have their religion that they are in His will, yet they reject His instructions.

But who will be delivered? Will it be the proud who insist on telling Him how it is and how they will serve Him?

Mal 3:16-18

16 Then a man that feared YEHWEH spoke with his fellows, AND THEY HEARKENED TO YEHWEH, AND OBEYED HIS VOICE, and were written in the book of record before Him with them that feared YEHWEH, and valued or regarded His name.

17 AND THEY WILL BE MINE, says YEHWEH of hosts, in that day they will be my wealth; AND I WILL SPARE THEM, as a man spares his own children that he has served.

18 Turn and discern between the righteous and the wicked, BETWEEN HIM THAT SERVES ELOHIYM AND HIM THAT SERVES HIM NOT.

Verse 18 is telling you to discern who serves Elohiym and who does not.

Is this not what I just challenged you to do earlier?

Did I not tell you that if you do not think that I am His servant that you had better go find who is and ask them what to do with your tithes and offerings?

But if I am His servant, you had better to hearken to what He is saying through me.

He said that He would put His words in His servant’s mouth.

I have made some bold claims because I have declared that He has put his words in my mouth.

Why won’t you believe His word that is backing me up?

I do not make this claim without the proof of His word.

And the works He has sent me to declare testify that He has sent me as well.

Chapter 4:1 for behold, the day comes when all of the proud will burn in an oven; yes, all who do wickedly shall be straw: and the day that comes will burn them up, says YEHWEH of hosts, and I will leave them neither root nor branch.

You had better find out who the wicked are because the day is fast approaching. Man’s time of self-rule is about up.

I have been sent to proclaim this day.

And what am I asking you to do with your offerings, line my pockets like all of satan’s servants are doing?

No, I am telling you to put your resources forth to sound the alarm and to cry out to warn people.

It is time to shout aloud.

2 But to you that fear my name, the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in His wings; and you will go forth and grow up as calves of the stall.

Wow, the millennium is going be awesome. Rise up so that He will deliver you so that you can be a part of it.

3 And you will trample the wicked because they will be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I will do this, says YEHWEH of hosts.

Can you imagine a world where evil is purged out?

It is going to be incredible.

Satan and his cronies will be bound and the lion will lay down with the lamb and you will have nothing to fear for your children.

4 REMEMBER THE “TORAH” OF MOSES my servant, which I commanded to him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.


6 He will turn the hearts of your fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

He has sent me in the spirit of Elijah to cry out for you to make straight your paths and to turn your hearts to the hearts of the patriarchs and they will turn their hearts to you and you will be Elohiym’s children.

It is all about the family business, building His family.

Just as John the Baptist was sent forth in the spirit of Elijah, so am I.

I am telling you to turn back to His Torah and let it be your narrow path that will lead you to eternal life in His family.

If you think that these verses about tithes and offerings in Malachi do not apply to right now, you are seriously deceived.

They were still religiously tithing when John the Baptist came to announce Yehshua’s first arrival on the scene.

Yehshua testified to this.

As I said, the tithing part will be less significant anyway because it is the 7th year Sabbath yet He included it in this passage for a reason.

This is because you have not tithed to His work in the past. His work has not been made manifest for a long time.

If it is in your storehouse, then I suggest that you put it in His storehouse and let Him be your storehouse.

And for you scoffers, I am not talking about sending it to me; I am talking about it being used to cry aloud.

As I have spoken in other segments, His truth is not going to go out by the power of men anyway, but by His spirit, yet He is telling those who will come to Him to cry aloud and spare not.

He is still telling us to engage in what he is doing, to break our pitchers and shout.

As I said at the end of yesterday’s video, if you are waiting for the physical signs to prove that I am His servant because His word is not good enough for you, then you are not going to like the signs when they come.

And you do not have much longer to wait for them.

And at that time, your tithes and your offerings will be worth less than toilet paper anyway.

You will cast your gold in the streets and cry out for rocks to fall on you and you will not be delivered.

There is 5 months of torment that is coming that is not going to be much fun.

If you think that you have His seal that will protect you and you are refusing to hearken to what He is restoring, even with what is being given right now about tithes and offerings, you are sorely lie to yourself.

This is His work and your rebellion to it will prove that you have the mark of the beast.

And if you think that you are good to go with your Creator even though you will not hearken to His servant that He has sent, you are about ready to find out differently.

Look at how that worked out for others in the past with their rebellious hearts like Korah and the high and lofty that joined in with him.

This is what it is and it is real and it is happening.

His wrath is at the door and the witness against man is proving that they still love the darkness rather than the light and their hearts are rebellious.

But He is crying out to a people return to Him.

He will not put a total end to Jacob’s children, be one of those who will be delivered and choose life.