Yehshua warned His disciples;

Matt 16:6

6 Then Yehshua said to them, Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.

What was He talking about?

He certainly was not saying that keeping the commandments was the leavening because He taught that we must keep the commandments and that we must live by His Father’s every word.

He was saying that they were wise in their understanding because of their pride.

They had made a religion out of do’s and don’ts.

They liked to be seen and heard by others.

They liked to teach and let others know what they thought was true.

You can contrast this with being a student instead.

They were not students of the Torah, they were teachers of it.

They took the commandments on a physical plain and made a religion out of them and appointed their own thoughts to them instead of seeking their meaning from the one who gave them to them in the first place.

This is why Yehshua said that they omitted the weightier matters of the Torah.

It is easy to fall into this trap and there is a brand new group of modern day Pharisees and Sadducees that are emerging onto the scene who are falling into this trap.

They see the coming wrath so they are trying to save their necks by turning to His commandments and they have become lifted up with themselves for doing so.

They are turning to the commandments as they see them but they are not seeking the spiritual intent of why they were given, and they are omitting the weightier matters of the Torah.

And many of them want to be seen and heard for what they believe to be true.

They are becoming teachers but they have left out the student part, just as the Pharisees and Sadducees of old did.

Their bottom line is keeping the commandments instead of seeking their Creator’s righteousness through keeping them.

I know of some who are out there teaching that we need to keep the commandments that do not even have a clue themselves what the most basic of them are like what His Feasts are about.

Ask yourself how can someone be teaching about keeping the commandments when they do not even know what they are?

This is hypocrisy.

Why don’t they spend their time being a student instead of posting videos that are empty and hollow?

It is because they want to be seen and heard so they persist.

And what is the result of their endeavors?

They are a bunch of blind guides and hypocrites acting as teachers instead of joining in with their Creator in taking His truth to the world and telling people why His wrath is coming.

Yehshua said;

Matt 23:24-26

24 You blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.


26 You blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is “within the cup and platter” so that the outside of them may be clean as well.

He is telling them they look good on the surface but inside they are full of filth and self-righteousness.

They kept the commandments on a physical plain but they did not live them with the intent to have their minds transformed by their Creator while keeping them.

Their religion was the commandments instead of what they were sent to accomplish.

You will hear these modern day Pharisees speak of keeping the commandments but seldom will there be any design accompanying their speech as to why we are to keep them and what they are to teach us.

The reason why I am addressing this today is because of where we are at in time and these hypocrites are seeking got draw others into what they think.

People are beginning to grasp the need to keep the commandments but they are omitting the weightier matters so they easily fall prey to the Pharisee types.

Many are not embracing what He is restoring in spirit and in truth so it is easy to surround themselves with others who are just talking about keeping them on a physical plain.

This way they can hide behind another religious screen and not have to truly repent.

I will give you an example.

I know of some who have hearkened to the commandment that He has sent out to cover our heads but they are not hearkening to what this means in relation to the time that we are in.

They are not taking heed to the time that we are in now because they do not believe Him.

This commandment was sent forth to precede the time of a great purging out.

If this is true, then why would anyone just hearken to the commandment and not to the sign?

This commandment was part of a 5 part commandment to identify who His servant is and to identify the timing of His coming wrath.

It was a sign for us to make straight our paths and to cry aloud by not covering our lips.

But some say, okay, I will hearken to the command to cover our heads but ignore the rest of the sign and why the sign was sent out.

Why is this?

It is because they want to continue to tell Him how it is instead of being a student and joining in with Him.

In their pride, they look for another way to be covered by His protection so that they do not have to join in with Him.

They convince themselves that they can keep the commandments or at least the ones that they pick and choose but they do not need to hearken to all of what He is giving and restoring.

They really do not believe Him because if they did, they would act on what He has said instead of just putting on a physical covering that means nothing by itself.

Maybe their egos fear being wrong instead of fearing their Creator.

Therefore they are afraid of simply believing His word and stepping out in obedience in faith to do His will.

The day and the year of Yehshua’s return has been given but people want to dismiss this so they can continue in their own thing.

This is the same thing that the Pharisees and Sadducees and the scribes did when Yehshua came the first time.

They dismissed what He said.

They had their religion and they were not interested in what their Creator was telling them through His Son.

They were wise in their understanding and they were not going to have another tell them how it is.

I am amazed that this is happening all over again because what I have spoken has been given to me to speak by Yehshua and His Father.

It is just stubborn pride and arrogance that is blinding people’s eyes at this point.

His wrath is coming, they can see this and feel it, yet they do not believe His word that proves that He has sent forth His servant.

Actually, keeping the commandments has not even their real focus when you think about it, but rather talking about keeping them has become their focus.

Folks, we are in serious times.

Our Creator has sent forth His declaration to prepare the way and to cry out to warn the people to turn from their ways to His way.

And His way is not the way of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

This means that each of you need to focus on your own steps walking on His narrow path and you need to join in with Him in crying aloud about what is coming and why it is coming.

What good is it for any of you to keep talking about what you believe to be true or what you think when we are less than 320 days from His Son’s return?

He has sent forth His servant to bear witness to what is true and to what is false and to bear witness to man-kind that they love the darkness rather than the light.

Some of you say to me, well that’s what you say.

No it is not, my Father’s word proclaims and proves that He has sent me but you do not believe Him.

The works that I have been sent to do testifies that He has sent me.

Not one of you can refute the works that He has sent me to do, yet you do not believe all of what He is restoring so remain blind guides teaching others the trap that you are in.

His word testifies that His servant would bring forth the day as well, yet some of you blaspheme this as well because you are wise in your understanding of Yehshua’s words that no man knows the day or the hour.

He knows now, and He has given it, just as scripture says that He would.

No man knew back then because it was sealed until the time of the end, just as YEHWEH told Daniel it would be.

In order to refuse this, you also have to refuse Yehshua’s other words where He said that those who are guarding and holding fast to the truth and repenting will know the day.

Some of you say that you are repenting because maybe you are keeping a form of His Sabbath and maybe you have covered your heads, but you are hypocrites if you are still living off of the bread of men.

And some of you still love the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees because it fits your comfort zone.

They are wise in their understanding but they do not have Yehshua’s faith.

He believed His Father and they do not.

Do not become like them.

Yehshua believed and taught that we are to become one with His Father and He became one with Him, just as He told us that we must do as well.

The modern day Pharisees and Sadducees are off doing their own thing telling Him how it is and how they will worship Him and how they will serve Him.

They are off doing your own thing, deeming themselves to do His will on their own terms, serving Him as they see fit in the imaginations of their rebellious hearts.

They are of their father the devil because my Father’s word has no place in them.

Do not fall into their trap, yield to what He is restoring in humility and let Him mold your mind and teach you His righteousness.

Others of you are setting on the fence waiting for a sign instead of hearkening to the signs that He has already given to us.

Maybe you say to yourself that you will join in with Him in sounding the alarm after the destruction intensifies.

Or maybe you will start to hearken to His instructions then.

You are no different than the scribes and Pharisees because you are still right in your own eyes like they are, choosing to believe what you want to believe instead of believing your Creator.

His witness against all of you who will not believe Him is incredible, yet in your pride you do not see it.

Pride is an amazing eye shutter.

It is the root of the leaven of the Sadducees and the Pharisees.

They were wise in their understanding and they did not want to hearken to His word that was given through His servants the prophets either.

And neither did their ancestors.

This is why they stoned them and why they killed Yehshua.

Some of you preach to people to keep the commandments in order to avoid His wrath, yet His wrath will be poured out on you double for your hypocrisy because you refuse why they were given to us.

And you have refused His command to cry aloud that accompanied the command to cover your heads, not to mention your refusal of the command to ready yourselves for the second Exodus and to stop eating the bread of men.

This is because you have refused who He has sent who has been sent to begin to rebuild the waste places and to send forth the decree of His Son’s return.

The religious of the day did not see that they were denying His Father by denying Yehshua.

They knew that the message that He bought was not from men.

Yet what He spoke ruffled their feathers and in their pride, they could not handle it.

Some of you knew that He had sent me when you first heard me speak; you admitted that you have never heard truth given like this before because it was not from me, yet something ruffled your feathers so you returned to your own thing, just as they did back then.

Maybe you pulled out some things like the command to cover your heads, but you went back to telling Him how it is and what you will hearken to and what you will not.

And you slid back into the cesspool, calling others false in your hypocrisy and in your self-righteousness because you learned a couple of the commandments and you think that you keep them.

The Sadducees and the Scribe and Pharisees listened to Yehshua for a season as well, but they continued in their own thing, choosing right from wrong for themselves.

You do not understand that you are rejecting my Father if you are rejecting whom He has sent.

If you are rejecting what He is restoring through me, then you are rejecting His Son all over again because it is Him living in me that you reject.

It is your pride that is keeping you from hearing Him.

If you think that you are not rejecting Him by rejecting the one whom He has sent, you lie to yourself.

If you think that keeping His commandments on a physical plain will deliver you, you are blind in your arrogance.

Matt 5:20

20 Because I say to you, that UNLESS YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS EXCEEDS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE SCRIBES AND PHARISEES, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

They kept the commandments and taught others to keep them, but they did not become that which they were sent to teach us to become.

It was all about the physical and not about their intent to transform our minds and our hearts in our Creator’s image.

Their pride blocked them from being able to see our Creator’s character through His instructions because they remained wise in their own understanding.

His commandments had a place in their lives but His logos did not, therefore Yehshua told them that they were of their father the devil.

The same applies to the modern day Pharisees and Scribes and Sadducees today, beware of their leaven, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Flee from them because their false righteousness will devour you.

Turn to what He is rebuilding and join in with Him to help Him rebuild the old waste places as He repairs the breach between Him and man.

Cry aloud and spare not.