Today I was going to identify a couple more false prophets and as I reflected on what I was going to speak, I realized that what identifies them as false is really more of the same that identifies all who are false.

These false teachers need to be exposed to warn others, but more importantly people need to know what is true so that they will know for themselves who are our Creator’s true servants and who is false.

So I was led to post a summary video to simplify the exposure of who is false.

Our Creator told us that anyone who leads another to a different version of Him is false.

It is all about who He is because we were created to become who He is.

So anyone that leads another to a different set of instructions than His instructions is false because His instructions were given to us to lead us to His character (His righteousness).

So the first order of business must be to identify what His instructions are.

I have spoken about this in previous videos before.

His creation testifies to the writings of the Old Testament and the writings of the Old Testament testify that Saul of Tarsus is false.

If you can accept this to be true, then you can rule out anyone who uses Saul’s writings to uphold their doctrines.

This separates almost the entire Christian faith as being false, therefore their teachers are false.

It really is this simple.

Some have a hard time believing that this could be possible.

But these same people do not have a hard time believing that all of Islam is false, or that all of Buddhism is false.

Yet they have a hard time believing that their own kind is false.

The truth is, you should not marvel at this because the Apostle John recorded that satan deceives the whole world. (revelation 12:9)

The word “whole” is in the text, it means all or complete.

This would include you and me.

I know that I was deceived when I was living the lies of Christianity, I was buried in them.

So why is it difficult for each of you to admit that you are wrong?

It is because of your pride.

I have been saying in these videos that it is important to understand why satan was allowed to deceive all of the world and why he was placed here in the first place.

Our Creator gave us life to be instructed by Him and nobody else.

He gave us the choice to receive His instructions or to go our own way.

He placed the adversary here to present a different way and he allowed him to paint the different way into many counterfeits to the truth.

This is because He wants us to choose to believe Him and to turn to Him for our instructions.

Satan and his crew are pawns that have helped our Creator build His temple.

As we yield to His instructions, He gives us protection from satan and his counterfeits.

His temple was built from those who chose to hearken to Him to be molded in His image and chose not to hearken to the counterfeits.

This is why Yehshua said; “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me”

They do not follow the voice of an imposter.

This is why things like knowing when our Creator’s appointed times are and showing up for them are so important.

He gave us His instructions for when His appointed times are and we must hearken to those instructions.

So if another comes along with a different set of instructions like Saturday worship or Sunday worship or any other fixed day on man’s calendar, we can know that they are false because their instructions are false.

Knowing this truth identifies this group of teachers to be false.

This group even includes many who understand that Saul’s writings are false.

Additionally, you should not marvel that the deceiver would be able to foresee that some would navigate through the maze and come to a point of understanding that both Saul is false and the truth about our Creator’s calendar and when His Sabbaths are.

And he did, because there are individuals out there that have come to accept these two truths that have fallen into other snares.

I do not know of any of them yet in this group who are calling themselves prophets or apostles, but they are acting in the office of such by instructing people what they think is true mixing in their lies.

They might even be teaching the need for us to keep the Torah which we must, but they have other error.

So what identifies these people as being false?

They are omitting the weightier matters of the Torah; our Creator’s righteous judgment, and brokenness over the abominations done in their lives and in their midst and/ or they are omitting the true faith of Yehshua or the true faith of the Logos or the character of Elohiym.

These three things are so important in our Creator’s plan to mold us in His image.

They are essential because they program our minds to hunger for His righteousness to bring us to a point where we become His righteousness step by step.

So the people who hide behind keeping the Torah but are omitting these three paradigm shifts remain in the deception as well.

If they are teaching their lies that all that we need to do is obey our Creator, then they are false whether they call themselves prophets or not.

They can sometimes be identified by a fascination or a focus on the darkness.

This brings up another point, as I witness people beginning to leave the lies, I am seeing some of them get hung up on focusing on prophesies associated with where we are at in time instead of focusing on the light.

The prophesies will define themselves as we move forward.

Our focus must be on our Creator’s righteousness and on His kingdom.

Our eyes must be single.

Knowing exacting details of the prophesies is not what molds us in His image.

Yes, we must believe the prophesies because they are His word and they will come to pass, but our focus must be on learning His will and yielding to it.

If you don’t, the prophesies will overtake you and consume you.

The truth is what sets us free but just knowing it is not the complete picture either, it is also doing it in spirit and in truth.

I will give you an example, knowing when the Sabbath is and setting it aside can be empty in and of itself.

It is setting it aside in both spirit and in truth that makes it real.

Going back to the two easiest things that you can use to identify a false teacher or prophet with, you might ask why these two are so important.

It is because they are foundational.

Ex 31:16-17

16 Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations FOR A PERPETUAL COVENANT.


You can say whatever you want, but having His appointed time on the wrong day is serious.

In the past few days I have spoken that at least two of the duos who are calling themselves the two witnesses uphold a Saturday Sabbath.

These are Ron and Laura Weinland and a man that goes by the name witness to the 144,000 and three other aliases and another man that he says is Elijah.

And there are many others who are calling themselves prophets and apostles who make the Saturday claim as well such as a lady calling herself Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah and a man called Timothy and others.

Most of these uphold the teachings of Saul who has been identified as the abomination of desolation.

But the man calling himself the witness to the 144,000 knows that Saul is false, yet he holds onto some of the perversions of Judaism such as the Saturday Sabbath.

Hopefully you can see how abominable that these two things are because if you start off with the wrong foundation, you are on a wrong path from the get go.

You do not even have to worry about the detour signs from then on because from there, every turn that you make, except back to the truth, leads to the lake of fire.

You cannot mix in Saul’s lies with the truth and still have the truth; any combination of truth and lies is a different image of our Elohiym and His Son and it is a different path.

And having His Sabbaths correct is also foundational because it is a core instruction that leads to His other instructions and it is His sign of who His children are.

Of course we can still bear this sign in vein by omitting the weightier matters as well.

I speak of these two identifying tools in this summary because of the simplicity of spotting them and the simplicity of proving them.

The truth of both of these subjects is easy to prove with His scriptures if you genuinely believe His word.

These two are easy to identify and they are easy to prove, however, identifying the omission of the weightier matters of the Torah is more difficult because these things can be more subtle.

The good thing is we can know them by their fruits.

An example is, if their focus is on the destruction instead of why the destruction is coming, this is a good indication.

They are not focused the weightier matters of the Torah but instead are focused on the surface and things on a physical plain.

They feast on the bread of men.

If this is you, examine yourself and ask if you are really hungering and thirsting for your thoughts to become at one with His thoughts or are you just focusing on escaping the coming wrath?

It is important to understand this summary that I have given you today.

We need to understand why having the Sabbath day correct is important.

We need to understand what Saul’s teaching have accomplished and understand the evil of them.

We need to understand why he and his writings are the abomination of desolation.

We need to understand the weightier matter of the Torah.

There are more each day who say that we have to keep the Torah and this is good, but people are being grounded in the physical aspects of it and not on what it was given to accomplish.

If you teach keeping the Torah and you do not even have the Sabbath day right, there is a problem.

Obviously you are teaching a false version of the Torah.

If even if you teach keeping the Torah and you even have the Sabbath day correct and all of the physical statutes and such correct but you have omitted the weightier matters of it, what good are you to His kingdom?

The scribes and the Pharisees taught to keep the Torah and they had the correct timing of the Sabbath back then, yet Yehshua called them snakes and vipers and hypocrites.

I have met some of you snakes and vipers and hypocrites today because I have witnessed that you have omitted these weightier matters.

You are still focused on the darkness because its allure is more appealing to you than the light.

Maybe the light bores you.

You are interested in saving your necks but your focus is not on the transformation of your minds.

Your focus might even be on the do’s and the don’ts but not on the why.

The world is full of false teachings and each of you is going to have to flee from them but some of you are not seeing the exceeding wickedness of them.

You are still friends with the darkness.

Maybe you think that there is good in Christianity instead of seeing how it has led billions to a false path that leads to the lake of fire.

It is important that we measure things against why we were created and not by man’s standard of good.

The summary that I have given today identifies who is walking in the truth and who is not; at least it is a good preliminary tool to separate most who are false.

We need to understand the weightier matter of the Torah to identify the rest of them.

What is not of the truth is evil no matter how good it appears on the surface because anything that is not of the truth is a different version of Him and His Son.

And all other versions of His identity are false.

Some of the snakes and vipers have called me false, yet the truth that I have been sent to bear witness to proves that I am of the light.
But they are not of the light; therefore they cannot hear the truth.

Some of them might have been coming to the light but they fell prey to letting their pre-conceived ideas stop them and therefore they were led astray.

The problem is, if they continue to teach with the new understanding that they were given but they also teach their error as being truth, they are just promoting another false belief because no lie is of the truth.

And they become just another ambassador of satan added to his confusing cesspool.

All of these groups quote the bible so do not let that be your barometer.

Satan quotes the bible.

Folks, this is serious, it always has been but now we are entering into a time like the world has never known before, nor ever will know again.

Come out of the lies and turn to the truth.

He is restoring so much to prepare a people to be delivered into a new era of time.

Lay siege to it and turn to the paths of old that He gave us to mold us in His image.

Embrace His offer of forgiveness and let His Son’s blood atone for your transgressing His path by returning to His path.

Forgiveness has a price, and the price is genuine repentance.