The saga of the witness against man continues.

I have been speaking in these videos how that most all of man-kind have loved the darkness and hated the light.

Yehshua said that this is the judgment of man that they love the darkness rather than the light.

I often reflect back on the time when Yehshua came the first time.

The religious of the day found their righteousness in keeping the Torah yet they mixed in their traditions and decided right from wrong for themselves.

Today, most of the religious of the day find their righteousness in their traditions without any regard to the Torah.

But there is also a growing group of people in the world today that are hiding behind parts of the Torah who are picking and choosing what to obey.

They too are righteous in their own sight.

This group is very similar to the religious of the day back then when Yehshua came and bare His witness against them.

They are wise in their own understanding.

The source of their wisdom is coming from another source than the source that it should be coming from.

I will expose the source of their understanding today in hopes of warning others who are slipping into the same slippery slope.

And hopefully, some who have already slipped down the hill of this slope will hearken to what is being given today so that they might turn to the solid ground that leads to eternal life.

Yehshua warned His disciples;

Matt 10:16

16 Behold, I send you out in the manner of sheep in the midst of wolves: THEREFORE BE WISE (OR BE THOUGHTFUL) OF THE MANNER OF THE SERPENT, and be innocent in the manner of a dove.

The king James translated this verse;

Matt 10:16
16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Most people have understood this verse to say that we are to be wise as serpents because of this translation.

To understand what Yehshua is saying, you have to look at the context and look at the words that Matthew used to record what He said.

Matthew used the Greek word for serpent.

The Strong’s concordance says that it means a snake or a type of sly and cunningness associated with an artful, malicious person, especially satan.

So all that you need to do is ask yourself if Yehshua was instructing His disciples to be wise like the malicious person or like satan?

Or, is He instructing those who would be His disciples to be wise or thoughtful of the ways of the malicious person or satan?

There are so many who think that they have discernment when in reality; they simply have the same type of thought process as their father the devil.

They are not wise of Satan’s ways, but they are wise as he is wise.

This was the case with the wisdom of the Sadducees and the scribes and the Pharisees as well.

It all goes back to the original sin, deciding right from wrong for ourselves.

Satan does not always invent a new path, much of the time he just perverts the truth ever so slightly by tweaking it a little here or a little there.

One of his key tactics is to discredit my Father’s servants or my Father Himself.

This is what he did with Eve.

This is a sure mark of those who still have their ears bent to listening to his voice.

This is what the Sadducees and the Pharisees tried to do with Yehshua, they tried to discredit Him and He said that they were of their father the devil.

He said that they were of their father the devil because His Father’s logos had no place in them.

He exposed their hypocrisy and they did not like this so they tried to dismantle Him.

The problem for them is, even if they killed Him, which they finally did, His testimony would remain because His testimony was His Father’s logos and it cannot be destroyed by men.

Yehshua said to the religious of the day;

John 10:25-27

25 Yehshua answered them, I told you, and you do not believe me; THE WORKS THAT I DO IN MY FATHER'S NAME, THEY BEAR WITNESS OF ME.

26 But you do not believe, because you are not of my sheep, as I said to you.

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

It is no different today.

There have been many who have sought to prove that I am not His witness.

But they ignore the truth of my Father’s word that He has given to testify of me and they ignore the work that He has sent me to do and they reach for straws.

Just as the religious of the day ignored their Creator’s word that testified that Yehshua was the Messiah.

His word testified to His Son’s works, just as His word testifies to the works that He has sent me to accomplish.

I have pleaded with many of these who seek to discredit me to just believe my Father but they go searching for some proof that I am false from some other source than His word.

And their desperation is incredible.

They want to prove me to be false because my Father’s instructions stepped on their toes, just as Yehshua’s instructions stepped on their toes back then.

Recently, one person declared me to be false because I had a short season where I was listening to a false prophet.

Think how foolish this is, my Father’s word says that one will delivered out of the captivity to cry out His instructions for the end time.

I was listening to a false prophet while I was still in the captivity.

This person cannot see that everyone who is or has been in the captivity, including himself, has listened to many false prophets.

Everyone who has been under the doctrines of the abomination of desolation Saul of tarsus has been under the tutelage of a false prophet.

As a matter of fact, this man acts in a prophet’s office by proclaiming to define his Creator’s word and he himself is false.

He comes in his own name and bears witness to himself and I do not, my Father bears witness to me.

He has actually judged my Father by judging me for this because as I have spoken in other videos, He is the one who led me through the enemy camps to teach me how deep satan’s deception runs.

It was part of my training as I was coming out of the captivity, and coming to His call.

I was in the valley of the shadow of death yet He did not forsake me because I continued to cry out to Him for His understanding and He kept giving it to me.

I continued to step on that which is from satan and come to the light, this is how I learned that this man that I was listening to is false.

This is how my Father brought me out of the captivity and it was His design to prepare me for what He is giving me to do.

And this man judges me false for this?  This sounds like satan’s handiwork to me, the accuser of the brethren.

Another person has jumped on the band wagon saying that I am false because in some of these videos, I use a honey comb transition between the slides that is on the Microsoft power point program that I use.

He says that this slide transition is evil because the honey comb is made up of hexagrams.

And he ties it in with the pagan star of David and other pagan symbols that also include a form of a hexagram.

I’m sorry, I did not know that a bee’s honey comb was satanic; I must have missed something there.

The point that I am making is the desperation that some will go to just to prove that I am false is incredible.

And why do they want to prove me to be false in the first place?

Is it because I am leading others away from the Torah?

This should be their reason because the scriptures say that anyone who leads another away from the Torah is false.

But this is not their reason because all I do is point people to the need to keep my Father’s Torah.

The reason that they are so bent on proving me to be false is their toes were stepped on, plain and simple.

I have repeated over and over again that this is not about me, but it is about the truth that my Father is restoring through me.

The man who made this hexagram claim thinks that he can still be in his Creator’s favor by keeping parts of His Torah even though he is discrediting His servant that He has sent forth.

He obviously has no fear of opposing the work that His Creator has risen one up out of the captivity to accomplish.

The jump from reality that people will make to continue to decide right from wrong for themselves and to not be told how it is, is incredible.

The scribes and the Sadducees and the Pharisees did not like the correction that Yehshua brought forth either.

The same is true of those who seek to condemn me.

Their pride is just too much.

The way of the serpent is pride.

It was satan’s downfall and it has been the downfall of all who have chosen to decide right from wrong for themselves.

Yehshua was cautioning those who would be His disciples that there are ravenous wolves that would be in our midst.

He told us to be mindful of the way of the serpent.

And he has many different ways but they all have one similar characteristic, they always point to a smoother way to the one who is listening to him.

Maybe it is the 7th year Sabbath that has rocked some of your boats, or maybe it is something like you still want to eat your pork or your shell fish.

Maybe it is that you don’t like being told to take down all of your false teachings and to join in with your Creator in His work.

Maybe you don’t like being told to stop eating the bread of men, meaning that He is commanding you through me to stop looking at all of satan’s distractions and feed only on the unleavened bread of life.

Maybe you do not like being told that Saul is a liar even though I prove it with my Father’s word.

Maybe you do not like being told that the mark of the beast is rebellion, even though His word proves this as well.

Maybe you don’t like the truth about His calendar and when His Sabbaths are.

Whatever the reason, if you seek to disprove me, then you are not hearing Yehshua’s voice through me.

These people say that they have a duty to disprove me; therefore they are looking for cracks in my armor to expose me.

Well, this would be true if my Father’s word did not testify of me.

But the reality is, they really seek to disprove my Father’s word because it is His word that testifies to me.

They are so wise in their own understanding that they cannot even see that this is what they seek to do.

If they heard His Son’s voice, then they would know that He is the one who is giving me what to say.

If they believed my Father’s word, then they would know that I do not bear witness to myself but He Himself has testified to me and the works that He has sent me to do testify to me.

This is exactly what happened to Yehshua nearly 2,000 years ago.

It is the same witness against man-kind that He brought the first time and is bringing again.

I had a letter sent to me yesterday from someone who is hearing Yehshua’s voice.

He said that my armor is unbreakable.

He is correct; this is because my armor is not of myself.

It is the armor that we must each bear.

Our Creator must be our source for all things and we must not rely on our own understanding.

We must let Him tell us what is right and what is wrong and not decide for ourselves.

Those who wanted to disprove Yehshua chose not to believe His Father’s word that testified to Him as well.

And they did not like what He spoke because He stepped on their toes.

They liked the parts that they agreed with Him on, but when He rocked their boat, they sought to discredit Him and eventually to kill Him.

This is happening all over again.

The same witness that He brought the first time is being proven at this time.

It still exists nearly 2,000 years later.

I have heard over the past nearly 50 years of my life the question how could they have killed Him, it was so obvious that He was the Messiah?

I have often said that if He walked the earth today, that it would be an instant replay.

He is not walking here today in the flesh, yet His Father has risen up a servant from out of the captivity of the swill that comes with His words to cry out to a people.

Zechariah recorded that one that was clothed in filthy garments would be given a change of raiment.

It would be this brand that was plucked out of the fire who Yehshua the high priest would enter into to finish off His Father’s temple, just as He and His Father have entered into all of the stones of the temple.

But most of you are rejecting the last stone, just as you have rejected the first by falsifying Him and trampling His shed blood underfoot.

In doing so, you are still rejecting Him.

Why is this?

It is because most of you are still wise like the serpent, and you have not chosen to learn to be wise of his ways.

You have not chosen to learn to be innocent from the way of a dove.

What is the way of a dove that He was referring to anyway? Why did He use a dove for His example?

Well, as with all things, let’s let scripture define what he was saying;

John 1:32

32 And John bare record, saying, I SAW THE SPIRIT DESCENDING FROM HEAVEN LIKE A DOVE, and it abode upon Him.

Awe, so we are to be wise of the treachery of the enemy and we are to receive our innocence from receiving our instruction from His 7 spirits.

They need to be our guide.

They teach us the measuring rod that all will be judged by.

The measuring rod is the logos of Elohiym.

They teach us right from wrong; it cannot be discerned from our own understanding or intellect.

But who are His 7 spirits given to? Does keeping the commandments by themselves guarantee us receiving them?

The men who accused Yehshua of being false thought that they were being guided by Elohiym’s spirit.

And those who accuse me of being false today also claim that they are being guided by His spirit.

If we turn from our path to our Creator’s path there can still be pride that keeps us from receiving His 7 spirits.

Job was an example of this but Job repented.

If pride exists, our repentance is not genuine.

My Father’s correction that He sent to the two that I mentioned earlier was based on His measuring rod but their pride did not allow for them to see it because they were not being guided by His spirit.

They still wanted to decide right from wrong for themselves so their repentance was not complete.

His correction exposed this.

There have been so many others like this who have rebelled against what my Father is restoring for the same reason.

Just as there have been so many since He put man here who have wanted to tell Him how it is.

The reason is, they want to decide right from wrong for themselves and they just don’t like the correction of being told that they have erred.

They are wise in their own understanding; they already have the truth in their own righteousness.

This is no different than the scribes and the Pharisees of yesteryear.

The truth is, my Father’s logos has no place in them because He will not live with pride, therefore His 7 sprits are not there to teach them His logos.

This is why Yehshua told them that they were of their father the devil; they did not have His logos because they did not have His spirit to teach it to them.

Just like the religious of that day, the religious of today think that they are good to go.

Maybe they think this because they follow the abomination of desolation Saul of tarsus, or maybe because they are following the traditions of Judaism.

Or they have bought into countless other lies that satan has set up.

There are many who are of the emerging group of those who are learning that Judaism and Christianity are false who are still falling prey to the ways of satan by following after another one of his schemes.

He has brought forth a brand new group of scribes and Pharisees who are being lifted up by what they have learned.

They are wise in their pride and they lack the innocence that my Father’s spirit would have taught them because they did not completely repent, therefore they did not receive His spirit.

They made a wrong turn and it is the same wrong turn that nearly all who have ever lived have made.

It is deciding right from wrong for themselves, the original sin.