THE 666th DAY




One of the first videos that I posted was a video that revealed that the mark of beast is disobedience or rebellion to our Creator.

I was recently asked how disobedience can be a mark in our foreheads or in our right hands and how can it make it possible for us to buy and sell.

As with all things, all we need to do is let scripture define itself.

Deut 11:18

18 Therefore you shall lay up my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for A SIGN UPON YOUR HAND, that they may be AS FRONTLETS BETWEEN YOUR EYES.

Here we see the commandment to have His words always in the center of our thoughts and in our actions.

This is also recorded in Deuteronomy 6:8 in regards to keeping all of His statutes and commandments and judgments.

They make up His Torah which is His path.

YEHWEH inspired Moses to describe laying up and keeping His words or His Torah as a sign upon our hands and as frontlets between our eyes.

Between our eyes is referring to our foreheads.

What is important to catch is the sign is keeping His word or His Torah and having it in the center of our thoughts.

We must be living His word in our actions and deeds and His word must be in our thoughts from the time that we rise up in the morning until we go to bed. And we are to even meditate on them in the night watches and teach His Torah to our children.

We are to bring our every thought into subjection to His will.

This is the mark that we are to bear. It is the mark of His name and doing so makes us in His image.

The right hand is a symbol of power and what we work.

Yehshua is sitting at His Father’s right hand doing His work.

Another example of this can be found in;

Ex 13:9

9 And it shall be A ”SIGN” TO YOU UPON YOUR “HAND,” AND FOR A “MEMENTO” BETWEEN YOUR “EYES”, that YEHWEH’s “TORAH” will be in your speech:

In this verse, Moses is saying that obeying the feast of Unleavened Bread is to be a sign upon our hands and a memorial between our eyes so that we learn that His Torah is what causes our thoughts and our speech and our actions to agree with His.

All of this is symbolism, just like it is in the book of Revelations.

Unleavened bread is what we are to eat of all year long, but we are commanded to keep this feast once a year as a sign of this so that we learn and remember that it is the unleavened bread of life that must sustain us.

Now the command has went forward to stop eating the bread of men altogether as was prophesied would happen in Ezekiel 24.

You are being commanded to stop feeding off of the lies of men and turn to the unleavened bread of life for your food.

He is now tying in that if you are still feeding off of the bread of men, then you are bearing the mark of the beast because you are rebelling against this command that He has sent forth.

This command has gone out of His mouth along with His command to cover your heads and other such commands that He is restoring such as the 7th year Sabbath that we are currently in.

It should be clear to any of you that the mark of the beast is something more than the very-chip if you would just examine it against cause and effect and measure it against the rest of the scriptures.

So many of you are watching this very-chip but why would receiving it cause anyone to be punished?

For nearly 6,000 man rejects being made in his Creator’s image and then He comes along and punishes them for receiving a chip?

It just does not fit with the rest of the scriptures.

We read;

Rev 14:11

11 And the smoke of their torment ascends into the ages: and they have no rest day and night, who worship the beast and “HIS IMAGE,” and whosoever receives the mark of “HIS NAME.”

Why would this torment be going to go out to those who receive the very-chip?

What is the sin of having a chip in your hand or in your forehead?

People want to proclaim that you will be accepting man’s system by receiving this chip.

For this reason, there are some that even think that a social security card is the mark of the beast.

All of these things are just satan’s smoke screens that keep people distracted.

What is the one thing that kept getting Israel cut off from Him and punished by Him?

Was it using the gold or silver coins of other nations, or was it disobedience to His word?

Some of you might be asking how can disobedience to His word allow you to buy and sell and I will get to this but first I want to look at a verse in;

1 Kings 10:13-14

13 And King Solomon gave unto the queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked, along with this, King Solomon gave her his hand. And she and her servants turned and went to her country.


This is a pretty random place to find the number 666.

But when you consider that 666 ties in with only those who have the mark will be buying and selling with following verse talking about what Solomon took in with the merchants and trades people, it certainly should grab your attention.

The same story is recorded in 2nd chronicles 9 as well without the part about King Solomon giving her his hand.

The King James says that he gave her his royal bounty but royal is just the word for King and it should be attached in front of his name Solomon like it is in other places and bounty is the word for hand.

In both places there are some translation errors and some difficult language to translate it into our language so we have to look at this from a bigger picture and realize that the number 666 here is probably not a coincidence.

Before David died, he charged Solomon keep the charge of YEHWEH Elohiym and to walk in the Torah.

Solomon was allowed to build the first temple.

What an incredible prayer it was that Solomon lifted up to YEHWEH when the temple was finished.

And YEHWEH appeared to Him for a second time and told Him that He had heard His prayer and His petition.

He said that if he would walk before Him with the integrity of heart that his Father David had and “do” as He had commanded with His statutes and judgments, then He would establish the throne of Israel forever.

His blessings are conditional on us continuing to walk with Him in His statutes and judgments throughout the scriptures, this has not changed.

He then went on to warn Solomon;

 1 Kings 9:6-8

6 But if you turn or if your children turn from following me, and will not keep my commandments and my statutes which I have set before you, but go and serve other elohiyms, and worship them:

7 Then will I cut off Israel out of the land which I have given them; and this house, which I have set apart for my name, I WILL CAST OUT OF MY SIGHT; and Israel will be a proverb and a byword among all people:

8 And at this house, which is high, every one that passes by it will be astonished, and shall hiss; and they shall say, Why has YEHWEH done thus to this land, and to this house?

And will the answer be?

9 And they will answer, Because they forsook YEHWEH ELOHIYM, who brought forth their fathers out of the land of Egypt, and have taken hold upon other elohiyms, and have worshipped them, and served them: therefore YEHWEH has brought upon them all of this evil.

Have you ever wondered why the Muslim Dome of the Rock is still on the temple mount today?

Both of the temples were destroyed for the same reason, Israel’s rebellion, and the Dome is allowed to still be there to show the scattered tribes of Israel that they have become a by-word to their Creator.

They are not being found in His favor except the small flock who have returned to Him.

Back to Solomon, he continued in YEHWEH’s blessings and He continued to worship before Him.

But then enters into the scene the Queen of Sheba.

Something happened here. I do not know for sure what it means when I read back there that he gave her His hand.

In the next verse we read that he took in 666 talents of gold in one year’s time.

We read in revelations that we are to count the number of the beast and it the number of a man, 666.

Different languages have different numerical values associates with their letters.

A study of the different words that add up to 666 in the Hebrew and Ancient Greek languages is incredible.

I just want to share a couple of them with you;


A =     1  alpha 
P =   80 pi
O =   70  omicron 
ST =   6 stigma*
A =     1  alpha 
T = 300  tau 
E =     8  eta 
S =  200  sigma 

An apostate is anyone who has fallen away from the truth or rejects the truth.

Does this sound like a group that would receive Elohiym’s wrath or do those who receive a chip sound like the ones who will receive His wrath?

When you really think about the chip, there are so many who know about the chip who are living in complete rebellion to their Creator, yet they have no intention of taking the chip if it was to become mandatory.

So are these people who are living in rebellion to Him going to be immune from His wrath just because they do not have the chip?

To think this way is crazy.

The next word that I will show you is the Ancient Greek word paradosis.

It is the word that is translated as “traditions” in the King James as in “they keep the traditions of men while rejecting the commandments of Elohiym;”


P =   80 pi
A =     1  alpha 
R = 100 rho
A =     1 alpha
D =     4 delta
O =   70  omicron 
S =  200  sigma
I =     10 iota
S =  200  sigma 

I have been saying in these videos that the Roman Catholic Church is the mother whore of Babylon and that the churches in Christianity that came out of her are the daughter whores.

The Ancient Greek word for Church is Ekklesia and the Ancient Greek word for Italian is Italika.


I =    10 iota 
T = 300  tau 
A =     1 alpha 
L =   30 lambda 
I =     10 iota 
K =   20 kappa 
A =     1 alpha 
E =     5 epsilon 
K =   20 kappa 
K =   20 kappa 
L =   30 lambda 
E =     8 eta 
S =  200 sigma 
I =     10 iota 
A =     1 alpha 

Are these just coincidences?

How about the Ancient Greek words for the Latin kingdom?


H =      0 (transliterated) 
E =      8 eta 
L =    30 lambda 
A =     1 alpha 
T =  300 tau 
I =     10 iota 
N =   50 nu 
E =     8 eta 
B =     2 beta 
A =     1 alpha 
S =  200 sigma 
I =     10 iota 
L =    30 lambda 
E =      5 epsilon 
I =     10 iota 
A =      1 alpha 

Now I want to share with you a couple of Hebrew words;


Means the Roman Kingdom 

R =   200  resh 
O =       6  waw (vav) 
M =     40  mem 
I =       10  yod 
I =       10  yod 
TH = 400  taw 


Means the Roman Man

R = 200  resh 
O =     6  waw (vav) 
M =   40  mem 
I =     10  yod 
T = 400  taw 
I =     10  yod 

The question is; how does this tie in with what I am saying about the mark of the beast being rebellion or disobedience.

The truth that Yehshua brought was high jacked by the Roman Catholic Church and they adopted the teachings of Saul of tarsus and did away with our Creator’s Torah.

I have spoken in other videos that Saul of Tarsus and his writings have been revealed to be the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel.

It is the rebellion that has spread out of the mother whore that is the mark of the beast.

Many who understand these words that I have showed you here today add up to 666 make the claim that since Sunday worship was brought forth by the whore, that Sunday worship is the mark of the beast.

Among this group are many of those who are in the different 7th day Adventists camps.

Their claim is that the beast system will bring forth a mandatory Sunday Sabbath law that will outlaw buying and selling on Sunday.

Well, the rift is a little deeper than this.

The roman whore also had her hand in tilting the cards in Judaism and in the 4th century and helped to cause Judaism to switch their Sabbath to a fixed day on the roman calendar as well.

They switched from determining them by the New Moons each month as we are commanded to, to the fixed day of Saturday.

This is where you will see the false prophet emerge on the scene in the coming weeks making the claim that Saturday is the day.

But the mark runs much deeper than the timing of the weekly Sabbath, although this certainly is a big part of it.

My Father has restored His 7th year annual Sabbath to test the resolve of the rebellious house of Israel.

Many are claiming that they are coming to Him in these last days but they are still picking and choosing what to obey.

He has sent forth the commandment that we are in a 7th year Sabbath and has defined His rules for this Sabbath as not participating in your jobs or your trades that you produce your income from.

Buying and selling is symbolism for your trades or your businesses or your jobs.

It is a matter of converting the rules from an agronomy based culture like back then to the culture of today.

So you see, if you continue in your jobs after receiving the knowledge of this commandment, you are rebelling against Him and bearing the mark of the beast.

You might ask, how will I feed my family? How will I pay the house payment or the rent?

Well, He is telling you to obey Him and leave the consequences to Him.

It would be better to starve than to disobey and this needs to be your attitude, especially since He will rain down manna for you if need be.

You might be thinking that this commandment is coming from me and that I am just a man.

I suggest that you look at the proof that He has given in His word that He has made me His servant.

Sadly though, nearly all of you who have looked at His proof have dismissed it because you have chosen not to believe Him once again.

You want signs and wonders; His word is not good enough for you.

Going back to Solomon, he drifted away from the statutes and Judgments and his folly led Him astray.

It appears that he returned to his Elohiym at the end of His life from reading the book of Ecclesiastes, yet he did get sucked in by the pursuit of pleasure and fame and fortune.

The same is true of most today, they live their lives for their own will.

At the beginning of his apostasy, YEHWEH slipped in the symbol for us of 666 talents of gold and a year’s time.

Solomon took in 666 talents of gold in a year’s time.

I think that it is amazing that not receiving the mark of the beast includes not taking in any gold at all for a year’s time.

This should blow your mind but instead, most of you will scoff.

We are already nearly 5 months past the time that this Annual Sabbath started and I know of so few who are hearkening to it.

This is all serving as a witness against man-kind.

Is it really that hard to put your trust in the Most High?

Is His hand short that He cannot provide for you?

Of course if you decide to obey this commandment, you had better jump from your sinking ship and leave all of your false beliefs altogether and turn to Him in spirit and in truth.

Trusting without obeying is not going to make the cut.

Of course not obeying Him is not going to make the cut either so He is certainly is bringing man-kind to a cross roads.

Just ask yourselves, is He really going to torture people for receiving a chip or having a social security card?

Or is He going to punish a people for rebellion to Him?

This is the 666 dollar question.

The beast is the system that has taken away His Torah and the man that bears his mark is the apostate man, the one who will not hearken to the truth that would set them free.

This man or woman bears the image of the beast therefore they bear his name and his name is rebellion to the word of Elohiym.

The beautiful thing about the truth is it also covers a cause and effect that the word of Elohiym supports, something that all of satan’s counterfeits do not do.

They just point people to a different rebellion, like the false Sunday mark just points people to a false Saturday Sabbath.
Both are still rebellion and they both are part of the mark of the beast.

Satan sure like keeping his frogs hopping from one frying pan to the next, this is for sure.

And he is good at it.

I suggest that you go and learn what the mark in the forehead and the right hand is of those who will be delivered through what is coming instead of looking for some verichip being forced or some mandatory Sunday Sabbath law.

If you do not, the day will come upon you as a thief in the night.