On the day that the 6th trumpet began to sound, my Father led me to post a video that was titled; “THERE IS NO SHAME”

I woke up this morning to thinking how the world remains naked even after He has sent forth His warning cry.

It is incredible how His alarm has been dismissed and continues to be dismissed.

I looked and to date, only 20 people have viewed this video.

This is amazing.

This site is not very popular anyway because man does not want the truth but you can contrast these 20 views to another video that has the word ELEnin in the title that has almost 3,300 views in less time.

There are similar low numbers of views with other videos that have been posted for even a longer period of time such as “The Judge” that only has 21 views since February 1st, “The Word” only 19 views since a day later.

“Why the wrath” has only 15 views and one titled “Repent” has only 38 views.

Yet put the word ELEnin referring to the approaching comet or planet or whatever it is in the title or Nibiru and watch the numbers climb.

The truth is, people do not want to hear about what will judge them or about their shame or about His true word or the subject of repentance or about His wrath.

I started the video “THERE IS NO SHAME” on June 12th with the following verse;

Rev 3:18

18 I counsel you to buy of me GOLD TRIED IN THE FIRE, that you may be rich; AND WHITE ROBES, that you may be clothed, and that “THE SHAME OF YOUR NAKEDNESS” does not appear; AND ANOINT YOUR EYES WITH EYE SALVE so that you may see.

I have spoken in several of these videos that the eye salve is the fear of YEHWEH Elohiym.

Without it, you cannot even see your nakedness.

If you truly stood in awe of your Creator, you would give Him your complete undivided homage.

You would fear not being found in His will.

Instead, most of you are completely content not fearing being unclothed with His righteousness.

Actually, my Father had me post a video the day before on June 11th that is called “CLOTHED IN RIGHTEOUSNESS, MADE WHITE BY THE BLOOD” and this video only has 24 views to date.

I marvel at the witness that is being proven against man that they love the darkness rather than the light.

There truly is no shame and almost no one cares whether or not you are clothed in His righteousness.

Most of you choose to believe in false doctrines just so that you can say to yourselves that you are cleansed by His Son’s blood.

In order to believe in these false doctrines of men, you have to reject nearly every word that His Son and the rest of the prophets spoke.

This was all prophesied would happen but there is no fear that these prophesies might actually apply to you.

David tells us in Psalms 36;

Ps 36:1

The rebellion of the wicked is within his heart, there does not exist the FEAR OF ELOHIYM before his eyes.

Most of you will not even acknowledge your rebellion to your Creator.

You will not acknowledge that you have rejected Him across the board.

You will not acknowledge that your false worship practices are an abomination to Him even though His word says that they are.

There is no end to your idols and your false images of Him.

He has sent forth yet another prophet that you are rejecting, just as your ancestors rejected the others, including His Son.

You continue to reject His Son by not hearkening to that which He spoke.

And He is the one that is giving me what to speak today so you are rejecting Him this present day as well.

Is it not in store for His Father and my Father to destroy you?

Has He not held back His wrath long enough?

But you are being given a choice.

One, you can repent and turn to Him and agree with Him to be made in His image through His instructions.

If you do, you can be on your way to everlasting life in His Kingdom.

Or two, you can hold fast to your abominations and receive everlasting shame.

I said in that video on June 12th that I suggest that you seek after some of the eye salve before it is too late.

I also read where Jeremiah prophesied the attitude of transformation that you are going to need to embrace as part of your repentance;

Jer 3:25

25 WE LIE DOWN IN OUR SHAME AND OUR DISGRACE COVERS US: because we have sinned against YEHWEH Elohiym, we and our fathers, from our youth even to this day, and have not obeyed the voice of YEHWEH Elohiym.

4:1 If you will return, O Israel, says YEHWEH, return to me: AND IF YOU WILL PUT AWAY YOUR ABOMINATIONS OUT OF MY SIGHT AND NOT WAVER,

2 And if you will commit yourself to YEHWEH AND LIVE IN TRUTH AND IN JUDGMENT AND IN RIGHTEOUSNESS; the nations shall bless themselves in Him and in Him they will glory.

This certainly sounds like a better result than being destroyed.

Or, would you rather let Him show you the shame of your nakedness instead?

I said that day that I know what He wants you to choose.

He wants you to choose life so that you and your seed may live!

Clothe yourself in the robe of His righteousness and let His Son’s blood make it white as snow.

I marvel that He led me to poste this video on the day that His 6th trumpet began to sound.

They say that hind sight is 20/20 and this certainly is the case considering the topic that He gave for that point in time.

Here we are almost 70 days later and He has continued to hold back His wrath and He has continued to put forth His warning, only to have a few hearkening to Him.

All of this certainly is a witness against the stiff-necked evil pride that most of you have.

I have asked you all along through these videos; what is it going to take to get each of you to acknowledge that you are sinning against Him by transgressing His Torah?

Most all of you are clothed in shame and if you would just believe His word, it tells you so.

It tells you that your Sabbaths and your traditions that came from men are an abomination to Him.

It tells you that your idolatry is an abomination to Him along with your countless other abominations.

Zeph 3:5

5 YEHWEH’s justice is to be your center; you are not to do unrighteousness: morning after morning He gives light for His judgment (mishpat), it does not fail; THE UNRIGHTEOUS KNOWS NO SHAME!

In so many of these videos I speak of when Yehshua said that He judges no man, yet His judgment is true.

We must judge all things according to our Creator’s righteous judgment and in order to do so, we must know what it is.

But most of you could careless and you judge according to your own righteousness.

This is the type of judgment that Yehshua condemned.

But you have no fear so you keep judging based on your own understanding of right from wrong, full well rejecting what He told you is right and wrong.

In doing so, you are actually judging your Creator and His Son to be wrong.

Hos 9:7-13

7 The days of visitation are come, the days of recompense have come and Israel shall know it: YOUR PROPHETS ARE FOOLS, THE SPIRITUAL MAN RAVES WITH INSANITY with the abundance of their evil and great enmity.

8 The watchman of Ephraim is with Elohiym: BUT THE PROPHETS ARE ENTANGLED IN THE SNARE OF ALL OF THEIR WAYS, and are enmity to the house of Elohiym.

9 They have deeply corrupted themselves, as in the days of Gibeah: therefore He will remember their iniquity, He will visit their sins.

Who are the prophets and spiritual men that Hosea is speaking of in these verses?

They are the religious of this day.

I have spoken many times that anyone who speaks that they are defining the word of Elohiym is acting in a measure as a prophet.

This means that all pastors and preachers and most of you on you tube are acting as prophets by telling others what the word of Elohiym says.

You are saying thus saith YEHWEH by interpreting His word.

You might not call yourself a prophet, but you are speaking as one nevertheless.

Even if you are not teaching what you believe to others but you think that you are spiritual and you are practicing iniquity, Hosea includes you in these verses by adding the spiritual man.

And he also says that YEHWEH has set a watchman among you that is with Him.

This also shows that there is going to be one who He will rise up and expose that which is false.

This is spoken of in other places as well and I am this man.

10 Israel is like grapes in the wilderness; I saw your fathers as the beginning of the early figs: but they went to Baal-peor, AND SEPARATED THEMSELVES TO SHAME; AND THEY LOVED THEIR ABOMINATIONS.

11 The glory of Ephraim shall fly away like a bird with their young that they conceived in their wombs.

12 Though they bring up their children to men, they abort them, THEREFORE WOE TO THEM ALSO WHEN I DEPART FROM THEM!

He is saying that Israel was to be His first born but instead of separating themselves to be set apart from all that would defile them, they embraced baal-peor.

This is what Christianity has does.

I have spoken that Christianity is primarily made up of the scattered tribes of Israel and they have polluted the sanctuary with their abominations.

They have separated themselves to nakedness and are not covered by their Creator’s righteousness, nor His Son’s blood.

Israel was supposed to teach their children the way that they should go and to be an example of His righteousness to all of the other nations.

They were to help Him build His family by teaching their children His ways.

Instead, they taught them lies and aborted them from becoming His first fruits.

In verse 12 He says woe to you when He departs from you.

He is soon going to remove His holding back of the tides of His wrath from you.

13 I saw Ephraim as Tyrus, transplanted in a pleasant place: but Ephraim shall bring forth his children to the slaughter.

That’s right, by rejecting your Creator’s ways and teaching your children the ways of Baal and following the abomination of desolation Saul of tarsus instead of following Him and His Son; you have led them to the slaughter.

Do you have any shame for this?

No, sadly most of you will blaspheme my Father for His coming wrath instead of accepting responsibility for your abominations and crying out to Him to deliver you and your children from His wrath.

You have rejected why He created you but you have no shame for doing so.

He has blessed the scattered tribes of Israel in so many ways and continued to look after them in spite of their rebellion yet only a small flock has turned to Him.

Isa 30:1-5

30:1 Woe to the rebellious children, says YEWHEH, THAT TAKE COUNSEL, BUT NOT FROM ME; that pour out molten images but not my spirit to the end that they are consumed by sin to sin:

2 That walk down into Egypt and HAVE NOT INQUIRED MY MOUTH; that harden themselves in the fortified places of Pharaoh, and trust in the shadow of Egypt!

This is where we are at in time.

You have hardened your hearts in the fortresses of your own strength just like Pharaoh.

You will not seek the counsel of His mouth.

You trust in your own strength and in your own abilities and in your false images of Elohiym that you worship.

3 Therefore, the strength of Pharaoh WILL BE YOUR SHAME, and the trust in the shadow of Egypt WILL BE YOUR REPROACH.

4 Because your princes are at Tzoan, and your ambassadors touch Hanes.

5 All of the people will be ashamed for that which does not profit them, and will not be helped nor receive my benefits, BUT WILL RECEIVE SHAME AND ALSO REPROACH.

This ties in with other scriptures where He says that you will cry out to Him and He will not hear.

There is going to be a period of time of five months where people will not be able to die.

It is going to be a period of torment for all who do not have His seal in their foreheads.

His seal is a mark that is given to those who cry and sigh over all of the abominations that man has lived.

If you want to continue thinking that we ought to be tolerant of all of the abominations that are done in our midst, you are soon going to find out that you do not have His seal in your forehead.

He has let you go your own way up until now as He built His temple but now His temple is built.

His wrath will not be stayed much longer.

For all of you who are chasing after the rabbit trails that I spoke of a couple of days ago, I suggest that you start seeking your Elohiym while He may yet be found.

I suggest that you spend the following days seeking His righteousness to become your righteousness.

It is written that the witness will have fire proceed forth from His mouth; this is just a little smoke that is coming out today to warn you to turn from your ways.

I am telling you on His authority to look at your clothing.

Is it nakedness, or is it His righteousness, cleansed by His Son’s blood?

If you claim that Yehshua’s blood is covering you based on the false doctrines of men, you are about ready to find out what the tails of the scorpions are all about.

Like I said earlier, it is amazing that He brought forth the message that there is no shame on the day that the 6th trumpet began to sound.

He is still holding back the tide for the elect’s sake as Yehshua prophesied that He would, but this will not continue to be the case for much longer.

Repent, the Kingdom of Elohiym is at hand.