In many of these videos I have been speaking about the different proofs that my Father has given to us in His word that prove that He has raised me up to be His servant.

Each time that I do so, I get this feeling of how much that I am uncomfortable talking about the proofs because it is not about me.

It is about what He is restoring and giving through me to call out a people to Him and to prepare them for a new era of time.

As much as I hate talking about the proofs, He has led me to do so, so I have.

Yesterday He began to give me more understanding why.

He showed me that this is all about believing Him.

He tied it in with how man has not believed Him for the entire time that He has put them here, all except the small flock who have become His saints.

He told me that if you would only believe Him, then you would believe what He has given to me to speak is given through His Son.

But you will not believe what He has spoken; therefore you will not believe me.

So you see, you are not rejecting me, you are rejecting Him and this is a further witness against you that you love the darkness rather than the light.

Today I will summarize some of these prophesies that prove that He has delivered me out of the captivity to be made to be His prophet.

And, I will also share some other prophesies that He has given that have not been understood by most that are also pertinent to this time.

I am confident that some of them have been understood by those who became His first fruits and probably even spoken about to others by them.

But they certainly are not mainstream in the beliefs in the world’s religions.

One of the proofs that He has given is the sign of a man coming forward and bringing forth a commandment.

EZEKIEL 24:24 As with Ezekiel, THIS IS A SIGN TO YOU: according to all that he has done you shall do: AND WHEN THIS SIGN COMES, know that I am Adonai YEHWEH.

The commandment is to be a sign to you so that you can know that it is from YEHWEH.

I have been speaking of this often in these videos because He is giving it for right now and for a reason.

The commandment is for us to cover our heads and to tell you to keep your shoes on your feet or to make yourselves ready like on the Passover night.

A second Exodus is coming.

He says that He will send one forward with this instruction along with the instruction to not mourn or lament over those who will not turn and to also no longer eat the bread of men.

He says that when this sign comes, you can know that it is from Him.

Is it possible that He would have allowed anyone to bring this sign forward without it coming from Him?

If you say yes, you are calling Him a liar because YEHWEH Elohiym says that when this sign comes, you can KNOW that it is Him who has given it.

This is His word and He is not going to let His word be fulfilled by and imposter.

Do you think that He is too weak to protect His promise?

He said when this sign comes; you can know that it is He, PERIOD.

Do you need another sign because His word is not good enough for you?

Another one of the biggest signs that He has given at this time is He has authorized me through His Son to turn the water into blood.

His word tells us that the two witnesses will be authorized to turn the water into blood.

Rev 11:6

6 These have authority to shut heaven, so that it does rain in the days of their prophecy: AND THEY HAVE AUTHORIZATION TO TURN THE WATER INTO BLOOD,

The rain has not been shut up on a grand scale yet so that this part of this verse can be proven and the plaques are not distinguishable yet for proof, but the water being turned into blood is impossible to refute.

This has happened and it is impossible to deny it, yet nearly every one of you has denied it.

Why is this? It is because you want things to unfold based on your understanding that is based on pre-conceived ideas.

I have explained this revelation in many videos and it is not the purpose of this video to go into the detail of each of these prophesies but rather to summarize them.

But briefly;

(1) Yehshua’s first recorded miracle was He turned the water into wine at the wedding in Canaan.

(2) He used the ritualistic pots that that the Jewish people of that day used for cleansing as a vehicle for this miracle.

***This is huge that He used these pots, He did nothing without symbolism. He was leading up to a future prophesy about what cleanses us.

(3) John the Baptist brought forth water baptism as an outward sign of our repentance that we are agreeing to turn from our ways and turn back to our Creator’s path.

(4) And four, the night before Yehshua was killed; He told us that the wine is a symbol of His blood.

It is now being given that the water that we are baptized in is a symbol of Yehshua’s blood.

I have been speaking this for over a year now. The very first video that was posted on this site addressed this as well but people could care less about this incredible revelation that He is giving to us.

Some have wrote me and told me that they already knew this.

This is not true; they knew that we are cleansed by His blood, but not that the water baptism is a symbol of being baptized into His blood.

Nearly everyone who knows anything about scripture knows that we are cleansed by His blood.

Therefore when we hear that the water is a symbol of His blood, we think that it is so basic that we already knew this, yet no one has.

It is so simple that a young child should have been able to see it and certainly you would think that of the millions of scholars that study the scriptures that someone should have been able to see this, but they could not.

It was hidden until this time and for a reason.

It is being given now for the fulfillment of the New Covenant that was rejected by most and for a second Exodus that’s coming.

Moses sprinkling the blood on the children of Israel after they passed through the water of the Red Sea during the first Exodus was a foreshadow of this second Exodus that is coming and this baptism of the blood.

Put your shoes on and make yourself ready.

I have challenged several now to show me where it was ever written or taught before and they cannot.

But this is not good enough for most of you; you want the physical water turned into blood instead.

Well, turning the water of the Nile into blood was not good enough for Pharaoh, nor would it be good enough for most of you either.

You’d explain it away just as Pharaoh did.

You won’t follow Yehshua even though He walked out of the tomb so why would you listen to another prophet if water was turned into blood.

You have not listened to any of His prophets so why now?

The prophesies are against you because you are a stiff-necked people and you will not believe His word.

These two proofs that I have given you should be enough because they are irrefutable if you would believe Him.

But they are not enough for you. Ask yourselves why not?

No one could see that the water baptism is symbolic for His blood until now because He is all powerful and He withheld it.

No one could come forth with the commandment for you to cover your heads until now because He was not going to allow it.

Yes, different religions cover their heads from their traditions because it has been a way of life for them as it was back then, but now it is going forth as a commandment at this time as was prophesied to happen.

Do you need more proof?

As I said, the proofs won’t do it for most of you anyway because if you believed His word, you would be obeying Him already anyway and you do not.

Also, I have spoken what the measuring rod that the temple was measured with is.

It is the same measuring rod that all you will be measured by in the coming weeks and months whether you will embark on a journey to receive it or not.

It is the character of Elohiym as defined by His word.

I often describe it in these videos using the Greek word logos to separate it from more than the spoken or the written word, but rather that which the spoken and the written word define.

He gave us life to be made in His image through His instructions.

143,999 others have yielded to this process.

He has shown me that He has given me the name Zerubbabel for this season for the work that He has placed before me.

Zerubbabel literally means to flow out from Babel or from Babylon.

Babylon or Babel is represents a place of confusion and captivity.

Our Creator called me out of Babylon to become this man.

The name carries with it the meaning of escaping or being set free from the captivity.

He is one of the two olive trees and one of the two witnesses.

Revelations 11 ties this all together with;

Zech 4:10 For who has despised the day of small things? Because they shall rejoice AND SHALL SEE THE PLUMMET IN THE HAND OF ZERUBBABEL WITH THOSE SEVEN; THEY ARE THE EYES OF YEHWEH, which run to and fro through the whole earth.

This plummet is the measuring rod. It is the reed that is spoken of in Revelations 11.

Who else has claimed to bring forth this measuring rod?

I ran into one who thinks that some drawing was given to him from above that is the reed spoken of in Revelations chapter 11 so satan does have some schemes to deceive people concerning this just as he does with so many other things.

But what does some silly drawing with ET in it have to do with measuring the temple?

It does not. This man does not even understand what the temple is.

I can back my claim up with the words of Yehshua;

John 12:48

48 He that sets me aside (and He was His Father’s logos in the flesh), and does not seize my sayings, has one that judges him: the word (LOGOS) that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

All will be judged by this measuring rod.

Others might have spoken about this verse but have they spoken of it as the measuring rod that the temple was built with?

Some even know that the temple it the 144,000 because this is pretty basic, but what do they say that it was measured with?

One man claims that it is through agreeing with 50 some truths that are mostly lies like a Saturday Sabbath.

Actually, originally this man claims that it was built through those who held on to just 3 of these supposed truths, then later believed in 18 more that were added by his pre-assessor.

And then it was finished off with a host of non-sense that he claims are the rest of his list of 50 some truths but even the first three back then included the Saturday Sabbath which can easily be proven is false if you fear going against your Creator.

This man even claims that he and his wife are the two witnesses yet he blasphemes my Father’s words by mixing in Saul’s teachings with his false doctrines.

And Saul can easily be proven to be a false apostle as well.

Just to use this man for example for a minute, can he or any of you listening to this show me where prophesy is being fulfilled through you or through him or through any other man like I am doing today?

The answer is no you cannot.

People like this man and all of the preachers and pastors and priests and such come in their own authority and you will listen to them and follow them.

This is insanity, yet it is reality because my Father’s logos has no place in you.

I just mentioned that we are created to be made in His image.

I had two people recently speak against me for saying this saying that I contradict the scriptures by saying this.

They pointed out that the bible says that He created man in His image already.


Do you really think that any of you are already made in His image or in His character?

Come on people. You cannot believe such a foolish doctrine just because the translators translated it this way.

I asked yesterday; is a murderer or a rapist already made in His image?

How about a child molester? Or, how about all of you liars and adulterers out there, are you already made to be in His image?

If you can tell me with a straight face that you are made in your Creator’s image already, you are a liar, whether you are just lying to yourself or not.

If you people want to believe the translations of pagan men instead of His prophet, this is your choice.

In Genesis 1:1 it says that Elohiym “created” the heavens and the earth.

It is the same Hebrew word for “created” that is used in verse 27 where it says that He created man in His image.

The problem is, it is used with completely different grammatical notations in these two verses.

In verse one it is used with a “quality perfect” notation and in verse 27 it is used with two different grammatical notations; a “quality IMPERFECT” notation and a “waw consecutive” notation.

I have said in other videos that the Hebrew language is a reconstructed language anyway and it is, this cannot be denied.

It is clear no matter what you make the different notations and what they mean that these two uses of the word “created” are totally different because they have totally different notations associated with them.

In verse 27 it is not speaking of a past tense as it was after He had made the heavens and the earth in verse one.

If you think that you are already made in His image and call me false because I say differently, then go right ahead with your rebellious heart.

I am just saying on the authority of YEHWEH Elohiym that you are a liar because you believe in lies and you spread them to others and your belief is false.

I’d like to know why any of you are here in the flesh then with all of your self-righteous wisdom if you were already created in His image.

Going back to;

Zech 4:10 For who has despised the day of small things? Because they shall rejoice and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel WITH THOSE SEVEN; THEY ARE THE EYES OF YEHWEH, which run to and fro through the whole earth.

Who else has explained this in relation to where we are at in time?

Listen to these videos and listen to the focus that is on His 7 spirits going out to the whole world at this time.

There have been a few who have seen that these seven eyes are His seven spirits because the book of revelations says so plainly.

Yet I am even surprised how so few even talk about them even though this is right in front of them.

But who has defined them in relation to the whole process of being baptized in Yehshua’s blood and being given them to be molded in His image?

And who has explained that the eye salve that Yehshua commanded us to anoint our eyes with is the 7th spirit which is the spirit of the fear of YEHWEH?

Yet His entire word backs this up with verses like the fear of YEHWEH is the beginning of understanding and wisdom.

This theme runs throughout the scriptures.

Even Yehshua said not to fear man but to fear His Father who can take away your eternal life.

But there is no fear, people have their make believe salvation doctrines to prop themselves up with so that they do not have to fear.

As I said, this is not about me but if you are going to get ready, you had better discern if I am speaking on His behalf or not because if things are being restored through me, you had better hearken to what He is restoring if you do not want the day to overtake you as a thief in the night.

I have given the year and the day of Yehshua’s return.

Many have falsely proclaimed this before but has there been one other that has said that he is fulfilling Isaiah 61 in doing so?

I don’t know, I have never heard of it, so like the 1st two proofs that I spoke of, I doubt it.

Isa 61:1

61:1 The Spirit of Adonay YEHWEH is upon me; because YEHWEH has anointed me to preach good tidings to the meek; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

2 TO PROCLAIM THE ACCEPTABLE YEAR OF YEHWEH, and “THE DAY” of vengeance of Elohiym; to comfort all that lament;

3 To appoint to them that lament Zion, TO GIVE TO THEM A “HEAD COVERING” FOR ASHES, the oil of joy instead of their lamentation, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of YEHWEH, that he might be beautified.

Luke records that Yehshua read this passage in the temple and that He closed the scrolls and the King James says that He then said that today this passage has been fulfilled.

Well, did Yehshua proclaim the actual day of the day and year of His Father’s vengeance one day in the temple?

No, He did not.

But He is declaring it now through His Father’s servant.

He began to fulfill what is written in verse one when He came the 1st time and He is fulfilling more of it now through me.

And all will be finished being fulfilled when He returns.

Luke was not an eye witness, nor was he an apostle.

He was a follower of the abomination of desolation; Saul of Tarsus.

Yes, that’s right, another prophesy that cannot be denied.

It has been given through me that Saul of Tarsus it the abomination of Desolation.

Many have seen that Saul is false but who has been given the prophesy that He was the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet?

And this is easy to prove as well. Watch the video on this subject.

To deny it is denying scripture as well now that it has been given.

If you cannot see this, I suggest that you go anoint your eyes with the eye salve.

This brings up the subject of turning people back to the Torah. Many are doing this as well but who is doing it in spirit and in truth?

Most are pointing people to the blasphemous ideas of Judaism and their perverted list of 613 Mitzvah.

Mal 4:4-6

4 Remember the Torah of Moses my servant, which I commanded to him in Horeb FOR ALL ISRAEL, with the statutes and judgments.

5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet BEFORE THE COMING OF THE GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY OF YEHWEH:

6 And he will turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

This is being fulfilled through His servant as well.

I have been sent in the spirit of Elijah.

Listen to these videos on this sight and ask yourself if this is not what is happening.

I am crying out for people to seek to have the hearts of the patriarchs like Abraham, Moses and David and the others.

And their hearts will be turned to you if you do because they will desire for you to be in their Father’s family with them.

These are included in the 24 elders that were resurrected after Yehshua’s death and walked here among the living back then before they went to be before the throne after Yehshua’s ascension.

Who else has spoken of who the 24 elders are with the authority of YEHWEH Elohiym’s word backing them up?

How about the subject of the Lunar Sabbaths, many have been seeing this truth because His 7 spirits have been allowing a people to see the truth of this subject.

But there is so much confusion in how they are determined.

He has given us the understanding of the restored cycles through me.

He has done this so that we can know how His system of calculating His New Moons works so that we can be right with Him.

He has given to me that the cycles will be restored when Yehshua returns.

He has also given through me when and why He altered the it in the first place, although others have certainly speculated on the when because history shows that it was in the 8th century B.C. so this ties in with Hezekiah’s time.

The point is; showing me His restored cycle has given us proof on how they are determined.

This was not given through another.

What about the subject of repentance?

Many know that it means that we must turn from our ways but who has tied turning from our ways to live by His every word as a condition of our validation of the covenant that allows for His Son’s blood to be applied on our behalf?

He is telling us that when we deviate from His Torah, which is His path, that we break the covenant because we are committing adultery with Him.

Is this taught elsewhere? I don’t know, I know that I have never heard it.

Yet it is basic when you compare it to precept upon precept with the events that are recorded in scripture.

And Yehshua’s teachings verify this; even His foot washing teaching magnifies this to show that we are to be our Brother’s keepers.

Yes, He forgives us when we go astray but only when we turn from our transgressions and bring them under His Son’s blood.

This is why Israel of old had to bring sacrifices for their transgressions, even if they were just in their minds.

The whole sacrificial system was to teach us the exceeding high price of our transgressions so that we would no longer transgress His ways.

If we learned this from reflecting on why they had the sacrifices, then we can understand the high price that was paid on our behalf so that we would not trample His Son’s blood underfoot anymore.

We would turn from our ways and desire His righteousness to become our righteousness so that we could be found in His favor.

Instead man just looks at the sacrifices as something barbaric of old.

Our Creator wants us to learn that going our own way destroys what He is building.

This whole thing that we call life is meant to be a purifying process where we are made in His image as we walk in His statutes, judgments and precepts.

They are given to test us and to prove us.

They make up His Torah which is His path.

It is what defines His righteous character or His logos and teaches it to us.

I keep receiving emails from people who are signing them shalom which means peace yet so many of them are not joining in with my Father and sounding the trumpets.

Jer 6:13-17

13 Because from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest, every one lives in lies.


15 They are not ashamed of the abominations that they have committed nor do they blush for their disgrace: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, says YEHWEH.

16 Thus says YEHWEH, Stand in the way, and see, “AND ASK FOR THE OLD PATH”, this is the good way, and walk on it and you will acquire rest for your souls. But they said; WE WILL NOT WALK THEREIN.

17 I have raised a watchmen among you, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they say; WE WILL NOT HEARKEN.

I will explain point blank, I am the watchman whom He has raised up to proclaim the trumpets.

Is this not what I am doing, along with pointing people back to the path of old?

Again, this is not about me, it is about repenting and turning to the old path, but if you will not believe my Father, then you will not believe me because He sent me.

But why not just believe Him because He spoke it anyway.

Instead of declaring me as false or scoffing at me, why not obey His other prophets and His Son?

The reason is, it is not about me, you refuse to believe Him.

I said yesterday that you are denying Him by denying me because you are denying His word that testifies to me.

Next; what about the mark of the beast? It has been given to me to give to you as well.

Can any of you claim that I am wrong on this?

You had better be careful because I have backed it up with His word and His prophesies.

The fact that almost none of you will turn to His 7th year Sabbath that He has proclaimed through me is a witness that you bear this mark.

The mark is rebellion or disobedience.

Your stiff necks and your refusal to obey Him show that you have the mark of the beast.

You are still able to buy and sell because you have this mark, referring to you are engaged in your work and not choosing to obey His 7th year Sabbath, as well as the rest of His commands.

You say, well, we did not have a 6th year to store up.

Well, this is because you were not obeying Him or you would have had the 6th year of His double provision.

Now He is putting you to the test, what are you going to do? Will you keep rebelling and wearing satan’s mark?

Is His arm short that He cannot provide for you if you will turn to Him?

Another huge revelation that has been given to me is that His Son is the first witness and this is easily proven in scriptures as well.

Yet most of you scoff because of the translation errors in Revelations 11 where it says “they” will be dead on the streets of Jerusalem, etc.

I have shown the proof of this in other videos including what is said in Zechariah 3 and I have shown the errors of the translations in Revelations 11.

There are so many other proofs and prophesies that are distributed through these videos that my Father has inspired through His Son.

But just look at how few are listening to them.

Almost no one is responding to His cry to return to Him.

For this reason you will soon be introduced to His wrath that He has held back for so long.

His wrath is coming and it will not be stopped.

However as individuals you can repent for your sake and maybe even your family’s sake depending on the ages of your children and such.

And maybe even your older children will follow your lead and your example.

If you need more proof than even the first two that I gave today, shame on you and you obviously cannot see the shame of your nakedness.

His word testifies that I am His servant; I suggest that you start to believe Him and turn from feeding off of the bread of men and cover your heads.

Turn to what He is restoring so that your covering will become His covering.

If your repentance becomes real in His eyes, then He will cover you with His wings of protection and cover you with His Son’s blood.

But it is up to you to sign the contract with Him and to walk in this agreement with Him and with His Son.