I woke up this morning reflecting on how people are not listening to the message that my Father is sending out.

It has been amazing to witness how people are refuting that I am His prophet in lieu of all of the proof that He has given to us in His scriptures.

The question you might ask is; why is it important to know who His prophet is?

The answer is because He is revealing to mankind the reason why He is going to destroy all that opposes His plan and He is restoring many things to call a people to Him.

He is doing this through His prophet.

I will do a separate video called “Proofs and Prophesies” so I will not go into them in this video.

I have discussed some of them in other videos as well such as the “Signs form Heaven’s Throne” video.

The fact is if you are denying me, you are not really denying me; you are denying your Creator’s word.

And, yes, this is a fact.

It is not what “I think” that His word says that proves that I am His servant, it is what HE SAYS that proves that He has made me His servant and the proof is irrefutable if you simply believe Him.

You cannot get around this no matter how you stack it up or slice it.

Just as those who killed our Messiah could not get around to the fact that it was His Father’s word that testified to Him as well.

The proof was staring them in the face in the scriptures yet they denied it and they killed Him anyway.

Their rebellious hearts got in the way of them seeing the obvious truth.

In the last few days I witnessed I man that was coming to the truth be ambushed by the enemy and it was all because he could not believe His Creator’s word.

He kept getting caught up in arguments within his own reasoning trying to prove that I was a real prophet or not while rejecting the proof that was given to him in the scriptures.

This video is not about this man, nor is it about me but I am going to use his example for his sake in hopes of him repenting from his errors and for other’s people sake who may get caught up in the same kind of reasoning that he did.

He says that he is all worried about drinking the Kool-Aid so he is rightfully careful that we must not follow a man with-out proof and I agree totally.

However, we had sure better be listening to our Creator’s proof because He gave it for a reason.

This man said that he is not challenging me, and I agree totally with him in this statement.

He is not; He is challenging His Creator by challenging His word.

He said in a post that he is just doing his job.

This is a lie, he is doing satan’s job.

He called me a self-proclaiming witness.

This is a lie as well, my Father’s word is my witness and it testifies that I speak His truth.

This man, however, has made himself a self-proclaiming witness.

He has witnessed that I am false in his eyes and he is bearing this witness to others.

If I am the real deal, then he is a false witness.

He is bearing his witness to others by doing a video to cast doubt against the truth; he says that he is not doing this but he has and he is.

He uses the same strategy that Saul of tarsus used. This strategy is double talk.

In one sentence he says that he is not saying that I am not the witness, but in the next sentence he says that he was “stung” by me, and led astray, and such.

He said that he might be facing off with one of satan’s followers but the reality is he is facing off with his Creator.

Satan’s strategy is to put doubt to the truth; this is what he did with Eve. He twisted the truth to accomplish his deception.

The way his servants work is not by saying out right that the truth is not the truth; they just cleverly try to discredit the parameters of it.

And I really don’t think that they do this intentionally, their minds are just under satan’s programming and under his influence.

This man said in his video that he went for a detour, implying that he was heading for the truth and then he was led astray from it by me but now that he is doing his job and trying to expose that maybe I am false.

This all started because I told him that he had to stop spreading his errors by posting videos that contain false statements because they lead others astray.

Well, he is back to his teaching his swill and yes, anything that opposes my Father’s truth is swill.

On who’s authority is this man spewing his beliefs?

It is on his own authority.

I can guarantee you on whose authority that I am speaking because my Father testified to it ahead of time in His word.

Can this man or any of the rest of you putting forth your videos or your ministries about what you believe to be true make such a claim?

Maybe some of you claim to speak on the authority of a college education from a seminary or something like this.

I make no such claim. My Father’s word testifies to me, but this is not good enough for most of you.

This man said that many would come forward making huge announcements, etc.

He is correct, but one would come forward in the name of the most High and with His stamp of authenticity.

This man has denied the stamp and so have many of you.

He heard the proof and he denied it, just as many of you listening to this have done.

You have your preconceived ideas that the witnesses will be this or that and the truth is just too far off from what you believe to be true from your pre-conceived ideas.

Part of the witness against you is that you will not believe my Father.

By not believing my Father’s word, this man and some of you have called His word a lie because it testifies to me, just as it testified to His Son.

This man might think that he is just trying to warn others about me but in actuality, he is putting forth discrediting information that is not true.

He can do it in the name of being cautious because there are many false prophets out there indeed but this is not true because he has not spoken the truth and he is discrediting my Father’s truth.

This is how satan works.

This man is adding lie to lie. I said that he lied when he called me a self-proclaiming witness when I brought forth the proof that my Father has testified to me.

Hiding behind denying His word is not going to be a good excuse for any of you who do the same.

In his video, he said that I am misquoting the scriptures when I say over and over again in these videos that we were created to be made in the image of our Creator and in His likeness.

He said this is a complete contradiction to what scripture says.

Is this true, or am I just telling you what 143,999 others have already gleaned from His word?

Do you really think that any of you are already made in His image or in His character?

Come on people. You cannot believe such a foolish doctrine just because the translators translated it this way.

Is a murderer or a rapist already made in His image?

How about a child molester? Or, how about all of you liars and adulterers? Are you already made to be in His image?

If you can look the camera straight in the face and say that you are made in your Creator’s image already, you are a liar, whether you are just lying to yourself or not.

If you people want to believe the translations of pagan men instead of His prophet, that is your choice.

This man seems to have made this choice, but I hope that he repents.

Instead of posting a video implying that His Creator’s prophet is false, maybe he should have invested in a concordance that shows the Hebrew grammatical notations.

In Genesis 1:1 it says that Elohiym “created” the heavens and the earth.

It is the same Hebrew for “created” that is used in verse 27 where it says that He created man in His image but it is used with completely different grammatical notations.

In verse one it is used with a “quality perfect” notation and in verse 27 it is used with two different grammatical notations; a “quality IMPERFECT” notation and a “waw consecutive” notation.

I have said in other videos that the Hebrew language is a reconstructed language and it was, this cannot be denied.

It is clear no matter what you make of the different notations that these two uses of the word “created” are totally different because they have totally different notations associated with them.

In verse 27 it is not past tense as it was after He had made the heavens and the earth in verse one.

If you think that you are already made in His image and call me false because I say differently then go right ahead with your rebellious heart.

I am just saying on the authority of YEHWEH Elohiym that you are a liar.

I’d like to know why any of you are here in the flesh then with all of your self-righteous wisdom if you were already created in His image.

Oh, this man will be fueled by this statement. He’ll say, “where’s the love, where’s the compassion. I don’t see Elohiym in this, do you?”

It just so happens that this man’s video might lead one astray who my Father and His saints want in His family.

His lies might lead another to the lake of fire and I am not going to let his erroneous teachings go unchecked because I do love others.

And I love this man and I hope that he returns to the path that he embarked on before his detour.

And where is his love for blabbing his lies to others to possibly lead them to the lake of fire?

I have said in other videos that we had better fear leading another astray with all of our being.

Obviously this man does not have this fear because he is quick to post his opinions.

I have gone to him alone. I told him the truth and told him to stop with his teachings and be a student and he rejected this instruction.

So now he is getting more reproof, but again, it is not about me or him.

It is about the truth that will set us free.

It is not love to teach false doctrines or to blaspheme the truth to others.

If anyone points another to a different path than the truth path, scripture says that they must be put to death for this reason, so that others will not be led astray by them.

If scripture proves that I am my Father’s servant, then rejecting those scriptures is not going to get you in His favor.

This man thinks that as long as he keeps the commandments that he will be good.

This is not true so he is spreading yet another lie by saying that this is the bottom line.

He wrote me that doing so (keeping the commandments) is the bottom line and I wrote Him back and said that love is the bottom line.

Also, as I have said in so many of these videos that the bottom line is we keep the commandments so that we can be made in His image through them.

Yes, it is a must that we keep the commandments but keeping them must be a matter of letting them make us in His image through keeping them.

I said that this man said that when I say this (about being made in His image), that I am completely contradicting the scriptures.

Is this true, or, as I said earlier, am I understanding why we are here and why we were created?

I think that I have made the point that he is not speaking the truth with his claim that I am contradicting the scriptures.

He certainly did not offer an alternative explanation for why we must keep the commandments in all of his infinite wisdom.

As I said, like Saul, he has come in his own authority with his lies and has spoken against my Father’s word and he has rejected His word.

And yes, it is love to expose this, it is love to others that might buy into his theories.

Even if he is not coming out and saying that I am false directly, he has put forth error once again in painting the picture that I am false.

As I said, this is how satan works.

It is even love to him because I hope that this admonishment will cause him to turn from satan’s snares.

He is rebelling against his creator and it is love to try and turn him.

The other place that he said that I contradicted the scriptures is that I said that the locusts that come out of the deep well are destroying angels and not demons.

Maybe he needs to read a few verses further. It says;

Rev 9:11

11 And they had a KING over them, which is “the angel” of the deep well, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddown (which means the destroyer), but in the Greek tongue his name is Apollyon (which also means the destroyer)

Is satan an angel still?

Are he and his cronies already bound in the prison that they will be bound in for a thousand years that they would need to be let loose for this 5 month period?

Was he ever referred to as the destroying angel?

No, our Creator has destroying servants that He has used in the past like on the night of the Passover and when he struck down 70,000 from the tribes of Israel.

Satan is not the king and he is already loosed. He cannot be let loose if he and his boys are already loose.

I explained this to this man in detail, yet he obviously has rejected it as he has rejected my Father’s word to verify His prophet.

He also questioned whether I have indeed turned the water into blood as well.

I will address this proof in the “Proofs and Prophesies” video.

And I have explained this proof to this man and it is irrefutable and even he cannot refute it, yet he still murmurs against it.

Wow, and he is always saying how he fears his Creator, I don’t see the fear. Nor do I see the love in that he is not afraid that he might point another away from the true path.

I am sharing this event with you to show you how easy it is to get detoured if we will not trust and believe our Creator.

We have to be so careful to guard His word.

And, it is a commandment to do so.

If we don’t, He gives us over to the enemy to be sifted.

As I said, this man is certainly not challenging me anyway, he is facing off with His Creator’s word, and therefore he is standing toe to toe with his maker in stubborn rebellion to Him.

As I said, he is thinking that as long as he is keeping the commandments, that he is in good with Him.

Well, how did that work out for Job?

Of course Job was brought to repentance and I hope that this man will be as well.

How did it work out for Korah and the 250 princes of Israel that went up against Moses and Aaron?

How was it working out for the Pharisees and the Sadducees in the time that Yehshua came the first time?

It did not sound like just keeping the Torah was going to cut it for them.

This man recently covered His head because the commandment went forward through me to cover it.

Yet even though he covered his head, this is one of the verses that he denies.

The verse says that when this commandment goes forth, that you can KNOW that it came from Him.

Would it be possible for another to bring forth this commandment apart from Him sending it?

If you say yes, then you are calling YEHWEH Elohiym a liar because He said that when it goes forth, you can know that it IS HIM.

This man will find out that his physical covering is just going to heap a much higher measure of my Father’s wrath on him for denying His word.

Unless he repents.

As I said, I am not self-proclaiming but this man is and woe to him for using this terminology on me when the opposite is true.

It is my Father’s word that proclaims that I am His servant; therefor this man is proclaiming that my Father’s word is not good enough for him.

For some reason, I do not think that this is going to work out for him or for any of you that refuse to believe Him.

He will soon find out that he was not yet made in His image after all and that he has rejected that which would have made him in His image.

He might not be rejecting the commandments, but He has made the marriage contract null and void by committing fornication with the bridegroom.

I am not sure if he was in this contract or not in the first place because his repentance was still wavering.

It appears that he was still seeking understanding from other sources and this is not what a chaste bride does.

But if he was in this contract, then he certainly has broken his vows and as is now back in the enemies influence.

The main thing to understand is, if we are not in the covenant, then we do not have His 7 spirits guiding us.

And they are what we need to learn the spiritual intent of the commandments. Keeping the commandments on just a physical plain is not all of what this testing phase that we call life is about.

We need more than the commandments; they do not mold us in His image by themselves.

We must have Him and His Son living in and through us through His 7 spirits.

And they are not going to live in a rebellious house that refuses to believe them.

So keeping the commandments will not see this man through what is ahead, nor will any of the rest of you come through what is ahead by keeping the commandments by themselves, but you certainly will need to be found doing them as well.

We must be a chaste bride that believes His word and acts on this belief by living it in purity.

Denying His word and denying what His word was sent to accomplish is not going to bring you under His wings.

As I said, 143,999 others have come to this realization and so will each of you have to if you are going to live.