Repairing The Breach




Last night Yehshua led me to issue forth a challenge to all of you who are holding onto the false teachings of Saul of Tarsus.

The challenge is very simple.

He reminded me that our Father told us that He would reveal His secrets or His hidden counsel to His servants the prophets.

So since this is the case, there ought to be something that was spoken in advance of Saul’s nailing of the Torah to the cross don’t you think?
His challenge to all of you is this;


The rules are simple, you cannot use the false writings of Saul of Tarsus or his disciples because they are not true scripture.

It really is irrelevant that the mother whore of Babylon says that they were inspired and put them into the book that people call the holy bible.
Saying something is from Elohiym does not make it from Him.

The whore’s doing so certainly does not make Saul or his follower’s writings to be true.

True scripture proves that Saul is false because the mark of a false prophet or dreamer of dreams is anyone who seeks to take you to a different version of Elohiym or to a different path than His.

The dreamer of dreams Saul of Tarsus accomplished both of these and his lies have continued to flourish to this day and have continued to make the truth desolate.

So all of you loud mouths who want to write me and tell me how I am false because I proclaim that the obvious liar Saul is false, Yehshua has a reverse challenge for you as well.

Prove that I am false with the same criteria.

The criteria is the word of Elohiym through His servants the prophets which includes my brother Yehshua.

Show me how I have pointed one person to a different path than what was given to us to walk on.

You will not be able to so I suggest that you crawl into your holes and shut your traps and stop your yapping.

The scriptures foretell of both me and Saul.

It is just that they prove Saul to be false and prove what I speak to be true.

They foretell that I would be raised up by my Father out of the captivity to cry out to you to make straight your paths and to turn to His path.

His path is His Torah.

Yehshua spoke clearly that not one punctuation mark from His Father’s torah would fall away from it until it accomplished its purpose.

You are a bunch of liars and hypocrites for esteeming an imposter while rejecting the words of your Messiah.

You call Him Lord with your mouth but your actions blaspheme His name.

You have the nerve to call me false when I speak the same words that He spoke.

Well, guess what, He is giving His words to me to speak, just as His Father gave His words to Him to speak.

The prophesies about the end times say that His wrath is coming to the scattered tribes of Israel because they have forsaken His Torah.

What part of this don’t you understand?

I’ll read one of these prophesies for you;

Hos 4:6

6 My people will be destroyed without knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, and you have rejected being priests to me and you have forgotten the TORAH of YOUR ELOHIYM, I will also forget the children.

He is speaking about right now and about the children of Israel.

All of you who have rejected His knowledge and rejected being set apart by Him to become a priest to Him and all of you who have laid aside His Torah, He is going to lay you aside in the coming days.

He gave you life to be made in His image and you went your own way, whoring after everything but the truth that would have given you the keys to His Kingdom.

He sent His Son to pay the price for your transgressions and you trampled His blood under your feet and blasphemed the reason that it was poured to the ground.

I suggest that you turn from your wickedness before His wrath gets here.

All of you who are scoffing at the truth that your Messiah and His Father are restoring through me have no grounds to stand on except your so-called super apostle Saul of tarsus.

He was a blasphemous liar and he and his lies are being revealed at this time as the abomination of desolation.

You put his lies in with your Creator’s word and then you follow Saul while full well rejecting that which YEHWEH Elohiym and His Son spoke.

You have rejected His servants the prophets, just as you are rejecting one of His servants now.

You replaced the truth with lies and now you are about ready to be recompensed for your folly.

So spare me your rhetoric, I assure you that if you are following your boy Saul, you are blaspheming my Father’s name.

And if you are rejecting or perverting His Torah, you are blaspheming His name because He gave it to us to teach us what His name represents.

By rejecting it, you are also blaspheming the blood of His Son as well because He shed it so that His Father’s Torah could be written in your inward parts.

Wake up Israel and turn from your wicked ways, turn from your blasphemous religion that you call Christianity.

As for the rest of you who are not in the abominations of Christianity or Judaism, the same applies to you.

His truth is being restored, lay siege to it.

The challenge has been placed before you, prove Saul to be true from the written words of the prophets or close your mouths.

Prove that he is true from the words of your Messiah or close your mouths.

If you think that the one that you call god is Elohiym, you will soon find out differently when you cry out to him and there is no deliverance.

The true Elohiym will answer your cries with His wrath.

I suggest that you learn who He is so you can cry out to the true Creator of all things and not your make believe image of Him.

If you want to use Peter to validate your boy Saul, you might want to listen to the II Peter video before opening your trap.

Yehshua and the prophets prophesied that Saul would come with his blasphemes just they spoke that I would be sent forth in His name.

As I said, I suggest that you turn from your abominations and turn to the truth that will deliver you.